Garage-Ready Refrigerators

Garage-Ready Refrigerators That Will Take Cool To A Whole New Level


Whether you have a large family or love to host parties, sometimes, a 30-inch refrigerator is not enough to provide you room to store that cool and refreshing brew. Since most households don’t have enough room for another refrigerator or a bigger one, the garage is the logical place to put it.

Upon buying a refrigerator for your garage, you have to consider many factors that differ from those you considered while purchasing one for your kitchen.

Typically, a standard refrigerator operated in a climate-controlled space where the temperature should never fall below 50 °F or skyrocket further into triple figures. Nonetheless, garages can attain extreme temperatures on both ends of the temperature scale. Garage-ready refrigerators can operate in temperatures as low as 32 °F and as high as 100 °F. These refrigerators range in size from small 4-cubic-foot mini-fridges to full-size 21-cubic-foot refrigerators. 

Following that, we here at DaDongNY will go through the aspects to consider when shopping for a garage-ready fridge and look at some of the best brands currently available.

Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for a garage-ready fridge to add to your house, here’s a list of the best brands on the market right now:

Top 7 Garage-Ready Refrigerator

Product Review

Ge 19.1-Cubic-Foot Top Freezer Refrigerator (Editor’s Pick: Best Overall)

With its ability to handle high temperatures at a low price, the Ge 19.1-Cubic-Foot Top Freezer Refrigerator is an excellent choice for adding cold food storage to the garage. This garage-ready unit can withstand temperatures ranging from 38°F to 110°F. The total volume of the basement refrigerator and top freezer portion is 19.1 cubic feet.

This product has temperature controls that are easily accessible, allowing the user to adjust the temperature in both the freezer and the refrigerator. Its modular bins provide flexible storage space that can accommodate huge platters of hors d’oeuvres, tall bottles of wine, or cases of soda. 

Furthermore, the Ge 19.1-Cubic-Foot Top Freezer Refrigerator has adjustable edge-to-edge glass shelves and LED illumination, which are essential features.

SpecificationsSabbath Mode: Yes
Refrigerator Capacity: 13.59 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Capacity: 5.57 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity: 19.2 Cu. Ft.
Width: 29 3/4 Inch
Depth: 34 1/2 Inch
Depth with Door at 90°: 60 1/2 Inch
Height: 66 3/8 Inch
WiFi: No
Stainless Steel Interior: No
Fingerprint Resistant: No
No. of Shelves: 3
Gallon Door Storage: Yes
ADA Compliant: Yes
Water Dispenser: No
Ice Maker: Optional
Pros✅ Has a wide variety of temperature ranges, perfect for garage
✅ Its ample storage capacity with modular bins provides versatility
✅ Comes with extra feature such as edge-to-edge glass shelving and LED lighting 
✅ Budget-friendly
Cons✖️ It is slightly smaller than other full-size refrigerator models.

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Frigidaire Apartment-Size Refrigerator With Freezer (Best Garage-Ready Refrigerator On A Budget)

The Frigidaire Apartment-Size Refrigerator With Freezer offers a compact design that is suitable for finished, climate-controlled garages, and it is also reasonably priced. Three sizes are available: 3.2 cubic feet, 4.6 cubic feet, and 7.5 cubic feet with the freezer section.

This product has a vintage appearance thanks to old brass knobs, a stainless steel front, and the Frigidaire name stamped on its front. Its lower refrigerator section contains three adjustable glass slide-out shelves, a vegetable crisper, and four-door shelves. Ice and frozen desserts can be stored in the upper freezer section.

SpecificationsBrand: Frigidaire
Capacity: 7.5 Cu. Ft.
Configuration: Freezer-on-Top
Energy Star: No
Color: Stainless Steel
Installation Type: Freestanding
Number of Doors: 2
Defrost System: Manual
Product Dimensions: 21.5″ x 22.4″ x 55.5″
Voltage: 120 Volts
Pros✅ An affordable option for a second food and beverage storage
✅ Ideal garage or gaming room fridge because of its slick design
✅ Comes with 3 size variations to accommodate various space requirements
Cons✖️ Smaller than some garage refrigerators
✖️ Only works in a climate-controlled garage

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Ge 21.9-Cubic-Foot Top Freezer Refrigerator (Best Garage-Ready Refrigerator With Large Capacity)

Ge 21.9-Cubic-Foot Top Freezer Refrigerator’s stainless steel fridge is one of the biggest garage-ready refrigerators on the market, with a nearly 22 cubic feet capacity. Its spacious design includes huge vegetable bins and deep in-door storage bins for large drink containers such as full-gallon jugs and tall wine bottles.

This product has several amazing features, such as LED lighting, glass shelves with spill-proof edges, and a rating for ambient temperatures ranging from 38 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. But keep in mind that at 66.375 inches tall, 32.75 inches wide, and 34.5 inches deep, this model has a wider footprint than other garage-ready versions.

SpecificationsSabbath Mode: Yes
Refrigerator Capacity: 15.25 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Capacity: 6.68 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity: 21.9 Cu. Ft.
Width: 32 3/4 Inch
Depth: 34 1/2 Inch
Height: 66 3/8 Inch
WiFi: No
No. of Shelves: 2
ADA Compliant: No
Water Dispenser: No
Ice Maker: Optional
Pros✅ The large capacity outperforms many other garage fridges.
✅ Stainless steel finish that is both classic and timeless
✅ Plenty of door storage and large produce bins
Cons✖️ When compared to other garage-ready fridge choices, it is pricey.

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Gladiator Garageworks 17.8-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator

The Gladiator Garageworks 17.8-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator thrives in the garage thanks to its durable structure and excellent storage space. Oversized casters make it easy to move the refrigerator, and a hands-free step opening makes putting away groceries and other items a pleasure.

Inside the product are metal trays and big door shelves that carry bulk food products and large bottles. There are also sturdy glass shelves that can withstand large loads of numerous 12 packs. Lastly, this fridge has an industrial design with a black matte finish and a diamond tread pattern on the door.

Brand: Gladiator
Type: Freestanding
Refrigerator Capacity: 17.8 Cu. Ft.
Type of Shelves: Glass
No. of Shelves: 3
No. of Door Bins: 6
Adjustable Door Bins: Yes
Keurig Brewing System: No
Touch Screen: No
Freezer: No
Hinge Side: Right
Door Finish: Textured
Accepts Custom Panels: No
Door Color: Matte Black
Leveling Legs: Yes
Energy Star Rated: Yes
Pros✅ Sturdy structure withstands workshop and garage conditions
✅ If necessary, large casters enable easy transportation
✅ Hands-free access makes it easier to open even if your hands are full
Cons✖️ More expensive than some comparable garage-ready refrigerator models

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Black + Decker Compact Mini Fridge With Freezer

Its 4.3 cubic foot size, handy six-can dispenser, and door shelves supporting a 2-liter bottle make it ideal for storing various drinks and snacks. This tiny fridge, measuring 34 inches tall by 21 inches wide and 20 inches deep, fits perfectly inside a workshop without taking up a valuable workspace. The Black+Decker mini fridge is available in white, black, and silver.

SpecificationsBrand: BLACK+DECKER
Capacity: 3.2 Cu. Ft.
Configuration: Compact Internal Freezer
Color: Black
Installation Type: Freestanding
Number of Doors: 1
Defrost System: Manual
Product Dimensions: 17.52″ x 19.29″ x 32.72″
Voltage: 110 Volts
Finish Type: Glossy
Pros✅ Excellent for both food and beverage storage
✅ It has a built-in can dispenser, which is a unique feature among garage-ready refrigerators
✅ Its wide temperature range enables it to withstand harsher climate conditions
Cons✖️ Most people would find this useful because of the limited freezer space

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Danby 11-Cubic-Foot All Refrigerator

The Danby All Refrigerator has 11 cubic feet of fridge space but no freezer space. The product, which is 59 inches tall by 24 inches wide and 26 inches deep, has many open shelves for food and beverages. It has a vegetable-crisper drawer ideal for storing vegetables, and retractable door shelves accommodate larger bottles.

Because it is Energy Star certified, running this fridge will not break the bank. Its stainless steel finish makes it an excellent choice for garage workshops or man caves where aesthetics are important.

SpecificationsRefrigerator Capacity: 11 Cu. Ft.
Width: 23 15/16 Inch
Depth: 26 1/16 Inch
Height: 58 3/4 Inch
WiFi: No
Stainless Steel Interior: No
Fingerprint Resistant: Yes
No. of Shelves: 5
Gallon Door Storage: Yes
Water Dispenser: No
Ice Maker: No
Pros✅ Ideal for drink storage, including larger bottles
✅ Small footprint fully devoted to refrigerator space
✅ Slick stainless finish that compliments your garage
Energy Star® certified
Cons✖️ As compared to other options and their size, it is expensive

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Danby Classic Retro 4.4-Cubic-Foot Mini Fridge

This Danby Vintage Retro 4.4-Cubic-Foot Small Fridge is a perfect finishing touch for individuals who regard their garage workshop as art. It has a stylish stainless steel door with retro contours complimenting a well-designed home workshop.

This product provides enough space for an assortment of beverages and snacks in its modest footprint of 33 inches tall, 21 inches wide, and 21 inches deep. It also comes with a special door rack that can hold eight canned beverages, and tempered glass shelves large enough to store a 2-liter bottle are among the storage options. Because of its Energy Star rating, this refrigerator will not significantly increase your electric bill.

SpecificationsSabbath Mode: No
Refrigerator Capacity: 4.4 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity: 4.4 Cu. Ft.
Width: 20 3/4 Inch
Depth: 21 3/10 Inch
Height: 33 1/10 Inch
WiFi: No
No. of Shelves: 2
Gallon Door Storage: No
ADA Compliant: No
Water Dispenser: No
Ice Maker: No
Pros✅ Perfect for storing beverages and has an 8-can dispenser
✅ Its slick finish compliment your garage
✅ Its compact size offers sufficient storage without taking up too much room in your garage
Cons✖️ The retail price is too expensive for a mini fridge

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How Did We Choose the Best Garage Refrigerator

While storage space is important for garage-ready refrigerators, other features such as temperature, storage, and energy efficiency must also be considered. Continue reading to discover more about these and other garage refrigerator features.


There are several garage-ready refrigerators, such as a top refrigerator freezer with a large bottom refrigerator section and a smaller top freezer chamber. Certain versions act as a refrigerator and do not have a freezer chamber. On the other hand, small mini-fridges with lesser capacities can be used in a garage or even outside on a patio.

Garage Temperature

Although a regular refrigerator can be stored in a garage, it will only work properly in an area where the temperature is constant all year. Most kitchen refrigerators can withstand temperatures ranging from 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures in unfinished garages tend to exceed that range in colder and warmer months.

Temperature Control and Thermostats

Unlike standard refrigerators, garage-ready refrigerators include thermostats that monitor the outside ambient temperature to better regulate the fridge’s internal temperature. These temperature controls are usually placed in an easily accessible location.

A standard refrigerator may not be able to withstand these conditions. If the external temperature is too much, the refrigerator must work harder to keep its contents cool, which wears out the compressor. The thermostat may provide false readings if the temperature is nearly freezing, causing the freezer to defrost. In the event of a severe temperature drop below freezing, food in the refrigerator may freeze.

Refrigerators designed for garage use may withstand temperatures well below freezing or triple-digit temperatures.


Because garage-ready refrigerators will be a secondary cooler to the main fridge in the kitchen, they are typically smaller in size, with most having storage space of roughly 18 cubic feet. They have capacities ranging from 14 to 21 cubic feet, with garage-ready mini-fridges commonly having capacities of around 4 cubic feet. 

Therefore, the larger the fridge, the more space it would require in the garage. Bigger refrigerators of 19 cubic feet or more are around 66 inches tall by 33 inches wide by 34 inches deep, but smaller ones of 14 cubic feet are approximately 60 inches tall by 27 inches wide by 29 inches deep.


Because garage-ready fridges often store food and beverages in bulk, flexible storage choices are important. Both the main and door shelves in a garage fridge are usually adjustable, allowing the user to tailor the inside to their needs. Transparent glass or plastic shelves make viewing what’s within the refrigerator easy.

A garage-ready refrigerator is frequently used for drink storage. Several include storage features to meet that need, such as can dispensers and racks and huge door shelves that can handle tall wine bottles.

Energy Efficiency

While adding a garage-ready refrigerator increases a home’s capacity for storing perishable goods, it can also increase energy costs. As a result, while shopping for a second fridge for the garage, it’s critical to consider energy efficiency.

Like other appliances, the most energy-efficient garage refrigerators have Energy Star ratings. An Energy Star refrigerator uses up to 20% less energy than a regular refrigerator, which can result in savings of $260 over the 1-2 years lifetime of your equipment, depending on the cost of power. Furthermore, while an Energy Star-certified refrigerator may cost around 15% more than a standard model, consumers may expect to recuperate that expense in energy savings within a few years.


  • Is It Really Necessary To Have A Special Fridge For My Garage?

To put it simply, yes. Most refrigerators and freezers are designed to operate indoors in a controlled environment and do not function properly when the environmental temperature goes below a specific threshold. Garage-ready refrigerators are designed to endure a wider variety of weather and temperatures. It should be noted that some refrigerator manufacturers sell after-market solutions to convert an indoor fridge for use in a garage.

  • Do Refrigerators Survive In Cold Garages?

Yes, they do. Garage-ready refrigerators do not need a climate-controlled environment to function effectively; they are designed to perform in various temperature conditions.

  • Is It Necessary To Unplug My Garage Refrigerator During The Winter?

No, garage-ready refrigerators are designed to regulate temperature all year and turn on and off automatically to maintain the right temperature.

  • How Much Will It Cost Me To Run A Garage-Ready Refrigerator?

Running a refrigerator in the garage should be a little less than running one in the house, but you should still check the FTC’s EnergyGuide label for energy use and cost estimates. 


Garage-ready refrigerator models are available in various sizes, styles, and added features that you can choose from. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, the most important thing to remember when purchasing this equipment is that it should withstand and perform properly in extreme temperatures, whether extremely cold or extremely hot. 

With the selection of garage-ready refrigerators we have provided above, you can choose the right secondary fridge that you can put in your garage so you can enjoy a bottle of refreshing Bud light instantly.

To learn more about refrigerators and how this valuable piece of equipment chills the food and beverages inside, check out the post here.