Best Panel Ready Dishwashers

Best Panel Ready Dishwashers for 2023


Considering buying a dishwasher? However, you are contemplating destroying your newly renovated kitchen. Fortunately, there are several dishwashers on the market that will match your cabinetry.

But, with so many dishwasher brands and models, how do you know which suits you? To save you hours of internet surfing, we’ve compiled a list of the finest panel-ready dishwashers you should consider purchasing. Our favorite? It’s none other than Bosch’s own 800 Series CrystalDry White. Keep reading to find out what could be best for you!

What is a Panel Ready Dishwasher?

A panel-ready dishwasher is similar to a standard dishwasher, except instead of stainless steel, it usually has an unfinished exterior where you may install a cover and panel to match your cabinets perfectly.

They are becoming increasingly popular since they offer a customizable and high-end dishwasher design that will remain exquisite over time. 

Too Busy to Read the Whole Thing?

Save as much time as possible while acquiring the necessary information on the best dishwashers because we’ve just summarized our list for you!

Our Top Picks

  • Bosch 800 Series CrystalDry White (Editor’s Pick: Best Overall)
  • Frigidaire Gallery 24
  • KitchenAid Built-In Dishwasher
  • Monogram Built-In Dishwasher
  • Thermador Custom Panel Dishwasher

Products Comparison Charts

Bosch 800 Series CrystalDry WhiteIncludes CrystalDry technology, which uses Zeolite, a mineral element that absorbs water and converts it into heat, drying your dishes effectively.
Frigidaire Gallery 24This dishwasher boasts a superb cleaning system that removes sticky stains, caked-on foods, and hazardous bacteria.
KitchenAid Built-In DishwasherEnergy star certified that saves you money on utility bills. It also has three wash arms and forty spray jets to completely clean your dishes.
Monogram Built-In DishwasherThis dishwasher is ideal for removing water stains created by hard water. The NSF-certified sanitizing rinse kills 99.99% of bacteria.
Thermador Custom Panel DishwasherBudget-friendly dishwasher with a high-quality finish and features including a 24-hour delay start and additional dry settings.

Top 5 Best Panel Ready Dishwashers

Bosch 800 Series CrystalDry White

With 42 dB, the Bosch 800 series CrystalDry White is our pick for the quietest panel-ready dishwasher on the list. It has CrystalDry technology, which heats and absorbs water from the tub using Zeolite to provide a peak drying performance. It also contains a four-part leak protection system that detects leaks and prevents them before they cause a large mess, as well as a 24-hour delay start that allows you to delay your washing time for a maximum of 24 hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

SpecificationsType: Built-in, Top control, Custom panel ready
Finishes: Stainless steel
Racks: 3
Place Settings: 16
Noise: 42 dB
Energy Use: 269 kWH
Features: Half-Load wash, Delicate wash, Normal wash, Auto, rinse, Eco wash, Heavy wash, Sanitary wash, 1 hour wash, CrystalDry option
App Control: No
Pros ✅ 24 hr delay start system
✅ Dries dishes effectively
✅ 24/7 leak protection
Cons✖️ Too hot for plasticwares
✖️ hird rack is not too spacious

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If you’re searching for a sleek dishwasher, look no further. Our pick for the best-designed panel-ready dishwasher is the Frigidaire Gallery 24. This model has a stainless steel appearance that will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. It boasts an outstanding cleaning and drying performance thanks to the Dual OrbitClean wash technology, which removes food gunks and eliminates 99.99% of harmful germs. It also has a lot of storage space owing to the SpaceWise technology, which allows you to store tall and bulky dishes.

SpecificationsType: Built-in, top control
Finishes: Custom panel ready
Racks: 2
Place Settings:  14
Noise: 49 dB
Energy Use: 268 kWH
Features: Energy save wash, Quick wash, Normal wash, Upper-rack only wash, Rinse wash, China/Crystal wash, Heavy wash, Hi-Temp wash, Favorite cycle
App Control: No
Pros ✅ Flexible loading
✅ Dual OrbitClean wash cycle that eradicates caked-on foods and stains
Cons✖️ Tub is a bit compact for 14 place settings
✖️ Noisy

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KitchenAid Built-In Dishwasher

The KitchenAid Built-In Dishwasher is our pick for the best eco-friendly panel-ready dishwasher, owing to its Energy Star certification and CEE tier-one rating. This kitchen appliance combines energy efficiency and elegance. It has several wash cycles, including the ProWash cycle, which changes cleaning power depending on the quantity of food debris on your plates. Furthermore, it has a huge storage capacity that can accommodate everything from cooking tools to giant dishware.

SpecificationsType: Built-in, Top control
Finishes: Custom panel ready
Racks: 3
Place Settings: 14
Noise: 46 dB
Energy Use: 270 kWH
Features: Express wash, Light/China wash, Normal wash, ProWash, Rinse only wash, Tough wash, 4 hr delay wash, Control lock, Heated Dry, Hi-Temp Wash, ProScrub, SaniRinse
App Control: No
Pros ✅ Perfect for various kind of dishes
✅ Very good cleaning performance
Cons✖️ Top rack doesn’t dry well
✖️ Several tall dishes will not fit well

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Monogram Built-In Dishwasher

This is the one for you if you’re having difficulty with hard water due to mineral buildup. The Monogram Built-In Dishwasher provides excellent cleaning and drying performance owing to its multiple wash cycles, which include a powerful steam cycle that removes watermarks and an NSF-certified sanitization rinse cycle that eliminates hazardous germs. It also has a spacious exterior and a third additional dishware, glassware, and kitchenware rack.

SpecificationsType: Built-in, Top control
Finishes: Custom panel ready
Racks: 3
Place Settings: 16
Noise: 42 dB
Energy Use: 270 kWH
Features: 30 Min wash, Auto wash, Delicate wash, Eco wash, Intense Normal Rinse, Bottle wash, Child lock, Delay start 1 hr wash, Heated Dry, Pre-Soak wash, NSF-certified sanitize rinse, Start/Reset, TempBoost, Wash zone (Lower Only), Wash zone (Upper Only)
App Control: No
Pros ✅ Loads a lot of dishes thanks to 16 place settings
✅ 3 extra features (TempBoost, Zone wash, Pre-Soak)
Cons✖️ The interior design is too much
✖️ Third rack limits the upper rack’s space

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Thermador 24 Inch Custom Panel Dishwasher

If you’re looking for a low-cost panel-ready dishwasher, check out the Thermador 24 Inch Custom Panel Dishwasher. At a sensible price, you will get reliable equipment that will make cleaning your dishes easier. It also has a remarkable drying performance and a large exterior to accommodate many objects in your dishwasher.

SpecificationsType: Built-in, Front control
Finishes: Custom panel ready
Racks:  2
Place Settings: 15
Noise: 48 dB
Energy Use: 279 kWH
Features: Sensor wash, Extra dry, PowerBoost
App Control: No
Pros ✅ Loads a lot of dishes thanks to 15 place settings
✅ 24 hr delay start system
✅ Extra dry options
Cons✖️ 2 wash cycles only
✖️ Installation kit sold separately

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Buying Guide: Best Panel Dishwashers

On purchasing a panel-ready dishwasher for your kitchen, consider the following suggestions to help you find the best one.


Check that the size of your chosen dishwasher will fit in your cabinet space.


When purchasing a dishwasher, you must consider your budget. Your budget may take into account the dishwasher’s capability as well as any other features that may be useful to you. Your budget may take into account the dishwasher’s capability as well as any other features that may be useful to you.

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Your dishwasher should be dependable and convenient for your family.


While the design of a panel-ready dishwasher can be customized, ensure that it will complement your kitchen and provide elegance.


Extra functions on your panel-ready dishwasher are beneficial since they may give you excellent cleaning and drying performance.


When you choose a panel-ready dishwasher, you get something that will look great in your kitchen. Aside from the feature mentioned above, these panel-ready dishwashers have a few other amazing features. With this, we aim to help you choose the best one for you.

To learn everything there is to know about everyone’s favorite kitchen partner-in-crime, click here to read the definitive dishwasher guide.

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