Best Compact Dishwashers

Best Compact Dishwashers (18-inch) for 2023


A dishwasher is useful in your kitchen, especially if you spend most of your day cleaning plates and cutlery after mealtime. However, if you think having a dishwasher would be troublesome due to limited space in your kitchen, various compact models would fit nicely in your house without cluttering it.

In this post, we’ll look at these few compact dishwashing machines you could add to your household, including our Editor’s Pick: Best Overall, the Bosch SPE53U55U. We searched the web to provide you with several options to assist you in deciding what is best for you.

18” Compact Dishwasher: What You Should Know

Despite their limitations, compact dishwashers can perform just as well as their larger counterparts. Many manufacturers strive to deliver the best possible experience for their customers by giving convenience in less space. If you know nothing or very little about compact dishwashers, here’s a quick overview that will show you a few things about this appliance and how it might benefit you in the long term.

FeaturesAdjustable prongs
Water softening system
Water filtration system
Noise reduction system
Towel bar handle
Wash CyclesBetween 2-7 wash cycles
Place SettingsBetween 8-12 place settings
TypesPortable / Standard (18” /24”)
Ideal SpaceSmall kitchens
Family SizeFor couples or a family of 3
Noise LevelBetween 47-54 dB
DurabilityAverage of 7-12 years lifespan

Specifications may vary depending on manufacturing brand

Our Top Picks

  • Bosch SPE53U55UC (Editor’s Pick: Best Overall)
  • GE Profile PDT145SSLSS
  • Bosch SPX68B55UC
  • Miele G4720SCI

Products Comparison Charts

DishwasherBest Selling Points
Bosch SPE53U55UCNoise level only at 46dB. Has special features such as RackMatic, EasyGlide, and AquaSensor that provide leakage in your dishwasher.
GE Profile PDT145SSLSSIncludes traditional healing elements. Has hidden top control for child protection and several features, such as a Piranha food dispenser and NSF-certified sanitized rinse.
Bosch SPX68B55UCThe quietest dishwasher, operating at only 44 dB, emits beams thanks to Infolight. Offers extra rack and several wash cycles such as Eco and Express wash.
GE QDT125SSLSSAside from 3-Level cycles, it also includes AutoSense, which adjusts the washing process depending on soil level. Also has an adjustable upper rack.
Miele G4720SCIOpens the door automatically after washing. Also includes a 3rd rack for cutlery and impressive features such as a water softener system, leak prevention system, and Quick Intense Wash system.

Top 5 18” Compact Dishwashers

Bosch SPE53U55UC

Considered one of the best, Bosch has manufactured various dishwasher models packed with superb features and an elegant layout, making them ideal for any family. Among them is the Bosch SPE53U55U, a quiet dishwasher that runs at 46 decibels. It also has a RackMatic mechanism that allows you to modify your rack into 9 different configurations and EasyGlide for smooth upper rack sliding.

What’s great about this model is the AquaSensor, which automatically stops when there’s a sign of leaks to prevent making a mess in your kitchen. Given its compact design, it doesn’t have an additional rack, which is a drawback if you prefer dishwashers with storage specifically for utensils.

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SpecificationsType: Built-in, Front control
Finishes: Stainless steel
Racks: 2
Place Settings: 9
Noise: 46 dB
Energy Use: 259 kWH
Features: Auto wash, Normal wash, Pots and Pans wash, Rinse wash, Extra Dry
App Control: No
Pros ✅ RackMatic system
✅ Fingerprint resistant
✅ Very good cleaning performance
Cons✖️Requires special type of salt to protect machine from hard water
✖️ Quite expensive

GE Profile PDT145SSLSS

The GE Profile PDT145SSLSS is a compact dishwasher with features such as GE’s normal drying cycle, a Piranha FoodTM Disposer, and an NSF-certified sanitization option that kills harmful germs and bacteria.

It includes a modern stainless steel style that matches perfectly with the décor of your kitchen, and the control is on top, protecting small children.

SpecificationsType: Built-in, Top control
Finishes: Stainless steel
Racks: 2
Place Settings: 8
Noise: 47 dB
Energy Use:
Features: 3-Level wash, AutoSense wash, Clean sensor, Rinse aid, NSF-certified sanitize rinse
App Control: No
Pros ✅ Quiet
✅ Suffice storage capacity
Cons✖️ No heating element

Bosch SPX68B55UC

Another Bosch model is the Bosch SPX68B55UC dishwasher, which has nearly the same features as the Bosch 300 series. Despite its size, it has an extra third rack for more dish storage and Eco and Express wash cycles for superior cleaning performance.

This device runs quietly at 44 dB and produces a little beam to show its progress.

SpecificationsType: Built-in, Top control
Finishes: Stainless steel
Racks: 2
Place Settings: 10
Noise: 44 dB
Energy Use: 269 kWH
Features: Heavy wash, Auto wash, Normal wash, Express wash, Delicate wash, Favorite wash, AquaStop plus, Wi-Fi connectivity
App Control: Yes
Pros ✅ Additional 3rd rack for extra storage
✅ RackMatic system
✅ Very Quiet
Cons✖️ Not enough storage for tall glasswares


The GE QDT125SSLSS provides exceptional convenience with multiple washing cycles, including Auto Sense, Heavy, and Light wash. In addition to its traditional GE features, the GE QDT125SSLSS runs at 47 dB silence and has an adjustable top rack and an NSF-certified sanitization option to keep germs and bacteria at bay.

It also boasts a sleek stainless steel finish and an elegant pocket handle that will look great in your kitchen

SpecificationsType: Built-in, Top control
Finishes: Stainless steel
Racks: 3
Place Settings: 8
Noise: 47 dB
Energy Use: 270 kWH
Features: Wi-Fi connectivity, AutoSense wash, 3-level wash, Piranha food dispenser, NSF-certified sanitize rinse
App Control: Yes
Pros ✅ Additional 3rd rack for extra storage
✅ Piranha food dispenser
✅ Very good drying performance
Cons✖️ Quite expensive

Miele G4720SCI

Miele, one of the market’s most dependable and high-end manufacturing brands, also offers several compact dishwashers. One of them is the Miele G4720SCI. This model includes a water softener, Leak Prevention Technology, QuickIntenseWash system, and China and Crystal cycles for fragile dishes.

It also boasts Eco-Flex features, which include a third rack for utensils, saving a lot of space on your tub. It also has an AutoOpen door, which opens the dishwasher automatically, allowing your dishes to dry quickly.

SpecificationsType: Built-in, Front control
Finishes: Stainless steel
Racks: 3
Place Settings: 10
Noise: 46 dB
Energy Use: 210 kWH
Features: Normal wash, Quick intense wash, Pots and Pans wash, SaniWash, Rinse and Hold wash, China/Crystal wash, Delay start, ComfortClose, Miele`s Original Cutlery Tray, Half-Load wash, Child lock,  
App Control: No
Pros ✅ Fingerprint resistant
✅ Energy Efficient
✅ Additional 3rd rack for extra storage
Cons✖️ No quick rinse cycle
✖️ Leaves water spots sometimes

Who Benefits from Compact Dishwashers?

Annually, the demand for compact dishwashers increases. This demonstrates that this kitchen equipment is progressively being used in every household. Compact dishwashers have proved highly essential for those living in cities with little kitchen area attributed to their reliability, regardless of their limited capabilities.

How Do You Select the Best 18” Dishwasher?

To give you further info. Here are several factors to consider while choosing an 18″ dishwasher:


Make sure to examine the specs of compact dishwashers based on your budget. You don’t need such expensive equipment. You just need to invest in a dishwasher that will serve you well in the long term.

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Get a dishwasher with a heat drying and sanitation option to prevent bacterial contamination.


Choose a dishwasher made of durable materials like stainless steel. Stainless steel can fend off corrosion and mold of any type.


Ensure your washer is small and light enough to move without a sweat.


The list above is worth considering if you are considering purchasing an 18″ compact dishwasher. They will undoubtedly deliver exceptional convenience that is tailored to your specific requirements. Choosing the right dishwasher requires extensive analysis. With this in mind, this guide will assist you in selecting the ideal dishwasher for your home while saving time and money.

To learn everything there is to know about everyone’s favorite kitchen partner-in-crime, click here to read the definitive dishwasher guide.

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