The best canned chicken dish for your diet.
Canned chicken can be made to prepare tasty dishes. Use the best brand while cooking.

Canned Chicken: Best Brand Reviews & Recipes


Chicken is an important part of a diet in many parts of the planet. However, there are occasions when it is tricky to access grocery stores while you have a strong craving for some chicken.

On the other hand, you will be better off when you purchase and store canned chicken at your home. Doing so can simplify your entire cooking process. Canned products have become incredibly popular these days as they can be accessed easily and are easy to cook.

The entire cooking process using canned chicken is extremely convenient, particularly in the fast-paced world. Before we take a look at some of the best canned chicken brands and their recipes, let us know how to select the best products.

Best Rated Canned Chicken Brands

·        Swanson Chicken A La King  (ASIN: B007YJVEHS)

·        Swanson, Canned Chicken  (ASIN: B00ILWO5D2)

·        Kirkland Signature Chicken Breast (ASIN: B004YPJKBC)

·        Hormel Premium No Salt Added Canned Chunk Chicken Breast (ASIN: B000FIUQAQ)

·        Keystone Meats All Natural Canned Chicken  (ASIN: B092MLVPVS)

·        Wild Planet Organic Roasted Chicken Breast (ASIN: B019QD714Y)

·        Nutristore Freeze Dried Chicken  (ASIN: B07D6WM1HQ)

·        Mountain House Cooked Diced Chicken  (ASIN: B07GRHYZ6P)

·        Kosher Club Canned Chicken  (ASIN: B01E9FGNNO)

1. Swanson Chicken A La King (4.4 out of 5-customer reviews rating)

The best part of this canned chicken is that it is already cooked. Your job will be just to add a little spice or eat it. Also, the can has chunks of premium meat from chicken where antibiotic is not used for its growth. It also contains no artificial additives and preservatives.

The product also has no artificial flavors and MSG. Consumers will love this canned product as it can be used as a sandwich and consumed for dinner or lunch. It is different from many such chicken pieces where the meat is very little. You will relish a chunk with your every bite.

It is easy to open the lid of this can and store it as well. Additionally, the product is easily available in many stores in the nation. You can try out different types of recipes with this food item.

2. Swanson, Canned Chicken (4.7 out of 5-customer reviews rating)

Another reason why the sale of this product is so high is that it is gluten-free, as well as, contains no additives. It is one of the premium and finest chunks, which is easily available on the market. The added park is its affordable price tag. The black/white chicken chunks are perfect for all those people who are not fond of fatty foods. There are no artificial flavors and preservatives in the product.

Many people like it to have it in their sandwiches and salads. The product can mix well with other items of your meal. It has sodium, food starch, and is extremely rich in proteins. This canned chicken is among the market’s top brands.

You can store the item easily and open it quickly as well. The chicken inside is tender and very soft. Too many additives are not there in it so that it is suitable for use with different kinds of recipes. The flesh will retain its perfect shapes even after mixing with other food items.

The chicken will be fluffy and fresh until its expiry date. Its chicken breast is of high quality making it further unique. It is truly amazing to find it retaining its authenticity and flavors.

3. Kirkland Signature Chicken Breast (4.5 out of 5-customer reviews rating)

 If you are one of those people who are worried about the canned chicken’s quality standards, you can safely opt for the Kirkland product. It has been inspected, as well as, certified by the USDA. The product is available in bigger tins of six-packs.

This canned chicken constitutes cornstarch making it not a suitable product for all those people who are not tolerant to gluten. The brand is synonymous with offering canned chicken with the most superior quality.

The chicken is not soggy or fluffy in the package while its flesh retains the perfect shape. You will feel as if you are consuming freshly purchased chicken whenever you eat it. Preservative water is used to pack this chicken. As the piece is very common among customers, it is easily available in many of your neighboring supermarkets.

The company has packaged it carefully by keeping the safety of its consumers in mind. The product is pure and there are no artificial products to serve as preservatives. The chicken can be used for cooking many favorite dishes. No matter what recipe you select, the original flavors and taste can be retained.

4. Hormel Premium No Salt Added Canned Chunk Chicken Breast (4.5 out of 5-customer reviews rating) 

Are you interested in consuming the finest chicken breasts? Look no further as Hormel can offer that to you with this can. It is easily available as it can be ordered online or bought from your nearest supermarkets. It is a perfect mix of quantity and quality.

It is undoubtedly one of the finest brands for chicken breasts when you are looking for a canned product devoid of fat. It is important as many people today are conscious about the number of carbs and fat they consume.

The good news is that it is available without the extra salt. You can get around nine grams of proteins with each serving. You will find the chicken breast tender and soft. As such, it can be easily sued for preparing different types of dishes. Such cans have made your life simpler to cook regular chicken.

Additionally, the fact remains that the product retains the packages do not alter its texture. The only value addition it does is to improve the taste of the chicken. It has cooked meat, which is not lumpy or fluffy like many other pieces.

If you are one of those numerous people who are worried about the consumption of gluten, it can be your most suitable option for gluten-free chicken. Its shelf-life is a higher meaning that the cans can be stores on the counter for as long as two years.

5. Keystone Meats All Natural Canned Chicken (No customer reviews rating)

Here is another quality fully cooked canned chicken product. Are you worried about your fat consumption while eating chicken? Relax as you can have fun unlimited while consuming it. After all, the product is 98 percent fat-free.

The product contains no preservatives or added water. It has been certified by the USDA and is available with only sea salt and chicken pieces. The product retains the rich taste and aroma of the chicken. Plus, the pieces are easily accessible.

As your most important interest will be eating the proper chicken pieces, you can relish tender and soft chicken pieces, which are also all-natural. The white meat pieces can be used with other ingredients for preparing your sandwich, dinner, and lunch.

This canned chicken boasts making nutrients such as high-quality protein. Also, when the meats are mixed with vegetables, they create bold flavors. The brand has come up with excellent packaging, which can be easily opened with the help of a screw.

Keystone creates healthy and the safest chicken, which is enjoyed by all family members. The product takes pride in having a longer shelf-life in comparison to many other pieces.

6. Wild Planet Organic Roasted Chicken Breast (4.2 out of 5-customer reviews rating)

 The brand is synonymous with making superior quality canned chicken and other canned products. There are only chicken breasts in this chicken without any preservatives and additives that change the taste. The cans use chicken, which is grown without any kind of pesticides to influence their growth.

Typically, Wild Planet uses chicken that has been organically produced. It is an environmental-friendly product and is USDA certified. Before the chicken is put in the can, it is properly roasted without adding any type of liquid including water.

In this case, the chicken is delicious and savory so that you can relish it in any recipe. The chicken is skinless, as well as, boneless here so that consumption of unnecessary fats and cholesterol can be reduced.

It can be also used in your salads or soups, and also in the burritos. The chicken will retain its moisture and original flavors so that the actual texture and shapes can be maintained. Naturally, the brand does not include fillers so that the protein content can be enjoyed in the roast chicken.

7. Nutristore Freeze Dried Chicken (4.7 out of 5-customer reviews rating)

If you are in pursuit of a top-notch quality chicken, you have made the right choice. The chicken is of premium quality as tests for microbes have been carried out. There is hardly anyone who will not savor this freeze-dried chicken.

The canned chicken is versatile and ideal as it can be used when you will be out for camping and emergency food when there are emergencies. This canned chicken has a lifespan of 25 years, which is the longest.

The chicken in this case is ready to use and prepped so that you can use it in your preferred recipe. This canned product is ideal for your favorite Do-It-Yourself meals.

Although it has such a long lifespan, you can relish the taste of natural chicken in only a few minutes. At the same time, the meat retains its original texture. The neat pieces can be even used in your preferred family recipes. The chicken is free of cholesterol and gluten as it has no additives.

8. Mountain House Cooked Diced Chicken (4.7 out of 5-customer reviews rating)

If you thought that freeze-dried food is boring, think again. This canned food makes it so easy to savor all the flavors available in your kitchen although it is packed in a can. Mountain House retains the fresh aromas and the cans are very light, which is an added advantage.

Thus, it is easy to enjoy this canned product as your emergency food. So it acts as your survival kit. A trick to purchasing this canned chicken is to purchase them in bulk particularly because it has a very long shelf-life as compared to many other canned foods.

You can open the can easily and do not require the screw. Simply take out the oxygen absorber after opening it. You have to add little water and then stir it. Give some time so that it can reconstitute itself. You can enjoy a delicious meal within just 10 minutes.

As the meat has been precooked, it is ready to eat. The product’s shelf-life is around 30 years. The meat is an ideal solution when you go out camping or trekking for days.

9. Kosher Club Canned Chicken (4 out of 5-customer reviews rating)

Opt for this canned chicken if you wish to savor the finest quality of white chicken. Not only is the meat delicious, but it is an excellent source of protein. This canned chicken is also good for Passover feasts. You can, however, buy it throughout the year.

When you eat these chicken pieces, it is simple to complete the 26 percent of your daily protein requirement. Hence, it is a perfect option when your requirement for a protein diet is high. There is every reason for you to relish the meal without any worries as there are no additives.

Its preservation does not constitute any type of wheat product including corn. Thus, it is suitable for people who are resistant to gluten. Whenever you are famished, and there is a requirement to fix a quick meal, you can easily use this canned product. After all, it is already pre-cooked.

The chicken pieces here will retain their perfect shapes and are not fluffy. You can also pre-heat this canned chicken and start enjoying your meal. The chicken is flexible, which means it can be used in a variety of meals. The meat here can be used in different tasty dishes and salads soups.

How to select the best canned chicken?

Always buy canned chicken from a top brand.
Buy from any of the best rated canned chicken brands to prepare your favorite dishes.

You must conduct some research before choosing any canned chicken piece. Here are some easy tips to do so:

1. Check its nutritional value 

The most important reason why you are purchasing canned chicken is to get the required protein nutrients fast. Thus, it is better to opt for a canned chicken product, which does not compromise with the chicken’s natural nutrient.

2. Check the package

You need to check whether the can is resistant to corrosion or not as the canned chicken is often eaten directly from it. You should only opt for products, which are packaged or stored in containers that are capable of increasing their shelf life. For instance, you should make sure whether the meat is FDA approved and BPA-free or not when a plastic container is used for packaging it.

3. Check whether it is easy to cook or not 

The basic objective of buying canned chicken is that you should be able to cook quickly and easily. As the chicken is pre-cooked on a majority of occasions, you do not have to spend plenty of time cooking. Additionally, you do not have to wash many utensils after cooking.

4. Flexibility 

When the canned chicken has any additives, it should enable you to use the product in any recipe you choose.

5. Shelf life of the product 

Very often, canned chicken is similar to other canned products available on the market. They tend to offer a choice to you if you are uncertain about what to prepare for your meal. Thus, you should be looking for a canned chicken product, which can stay good for a minimum of six months in your home’s pantry.

Using your canned chicken 

You should use canned chicken the same way fresh chicken is used. The advantage of canned chicken is that you can cook it fast. A liquid is typically used for preservation. You may use it as a stock and then add the same to the casserole or soup. You can also make sandwiches using your canned chicken. We will cover some of the best recipes using canned chicken in a later section.

Some cautions you should apply while using canned chicken 

· Proper hygiene should be maintained while you handle the cooked chicken so that diseases can be avoided. You should wash your hands at regular intervals and cover the leftover before storing them in the fridge.

· While canned chicken is almost cooked, there is a lesser possibility of microbes causing food poisoning. Yet, you must apply caution.

· The cans should be stored in a dry and cool place.

· Stay away from cans with deep dents on their seams. When the containers have such dents, bacteria can enter easily.

· Discard your can when you find it swollen. After all, there is a possibility of it having bacterial contamination.

· At times, there is a high possibility of the cans getting rusted. It is advisable to throw away cans that are heavily rusted because they can be hazardous for your health.

Best Canned Chicken Recipes

Check out some of these delicious canned chicken recipes below:

Potpie with chicken in cast iron skillet

Enjoy delicious, crunchy and tasty canned chicken potpie.
Potpie with chicken is a Southern recipe that can be easily made from canned chicken.

In case you are fond of this southern comfort delicacy, you can savor it. You have to just use the cast iron skillet to make your chicken casserole. You may then use a biscuit crust to the mixture to make it crunchy. Your dish tastes much better when the canned chicken is added to the recipe.

Low carb chicken pizza with canned alfredo sauce

Tasty low carb pizza made from canned chicken.
You would love eating this delicious chicken pizza made from canned chicken with alfredo sauce.

There are very few people who do not love to eat pizza. It has been a comfort food for so many years. You can make a gluten-free and low-carb pizza although canned alfredo sauce and canned chicken are used. You can prepare this delicious pizza within just 10 minutes.

Chicken cakes with remoulade sauce 

Canned chicken cakes with remoulade sauce added on.
Chicken cakes are delicious and can be made easily using your favorite canned chicken brand.

You need to make a mixture of the breaded chicken. You can then make small chicken cakes out of this mixture. Finally, add the sauce.

Chicken fried rice

Fried rice with chicken, stir-fry veggies, and eggs.
A filling and tasty dish to try is chicken fried rice made from canned chicken.

Who does not want to opt for shortcuts while preparing a meal? This recipe is just one of those kinds. The meal not only looks good but tastes delicious too. The meal consists of cooked rice combined with frozen colorful stir-fry veggies and chicken apart from soya sauce, and eggs. It is deliciously-tasting fried rice, which is convenient as well. You may use fresh veggies in case there are some available at home.

Apple and grilled chicken sandwiches

Delicious and filling apple canned chicken grilled sandwiches.
Grilled sandwich made from canned chicken with apple, mayo, and a host of tasty ingredients.

Your hungry kids are going to love this delicious sandwich filling after they come back from school. Swiss cheese, chopped apple, mayonnaise, chicken, chopped celery, and lemon juice introduce a special texture and flavor. The filling is then added between whole wheat bread slices. You need to them grill the sandwich until toasted.

Best Canned Chicken FAQs

1. Are canned chicken good?

Canned chicken is healthy and is a fast choice as well. Also, the good news is that it is easily accessible, reasonably priced, and as well as, constitutes all the nutrients present in fresh chicken.

2. Is it okay to eat canned chicken every day?

In case you think chicken is a healthy food choice, which you should, consider canned chicken as no different. However, it is recommended not to consume it regularly. After all, similar to a majority of other canned items, canned chicken includes more sodium as compared to fresh products.

3. Should I freeze canned chicken?

As a thumb rule, the canned chicken should not be frozen. While freezing can extend most foods’ shelf life, canning already takes care of increasing the shelf life of a product. However, if your canned chicken is accidentally frozen, you should defrost it properly before using the same.

4. How long can canned chicken stay good after I have opened it?

If you want to maximize your canned chicken’s shelf life after opening it, refrigerate it in a plastic or glass container. Opened canned chicken, which has been refrigerated continuously, should stay good for three to four days.

5. How can I store the cans?

· If the cans are unopened, you should store them in a dry and cool place in your pantry.

· Once the can is opened, you should not store its contents in the fridge for over 4 days.

· If you have already opened the cans, it is imperative for you to refrigerate their remaining contents. However, rather than using the original can, you may pour its remaining content in a glass or plastic jar. Finally, store it inside the refrigerator.

6. What cautions should I take?

· It is true that canned chicken is cooked most of the time. So, there is no possibility of microbes growing, which can usually lead to food poisoning. However, it is still important to exercise caution.

· Proper hygiene should be maintained while handling the canned chicken to stay away from diseases. So, you should wash your hands very often. Also, cover the leftover and then put them inside the fridge.

· If you think a can is swollen, discard it as soon as possible. After all, there is a possibility that the food is contaminated due to bacteria growth.

· Your cans should be kept in a dry and cool place.

· There are occasions when rusting is inevitable with the cans. So, throw away the cans that are heavily rusted to be on the safer side. They may be unsafe for you and your family.

· Do not use cans having deep dents on their seams. Bacteria might have entered through these dents and spoilt the product.

Making a sensible choice

The market is full of innumerable canned chicken products. However, if you wish to savor some delicious canned chicken, which is also healthy at the same time, we have made your job easy. Take your pick from these best canned chicken brands and prepare your favorite recipes easily and quickly. 


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