Best Otf Knife 2021: Top Brands Review

Best OTF Knives

The expression “pocket knife,” particularly at this time, is costly. It may mean anything from a simple, functional, Boy Scout-friendly Swiss Army Knife into an ultra-high-end Damascus steel and ceramic cutting instrument more of a showpiece than a pragmatic blade. Therefore, you will find several sub-categories well-suited to quite a few applications, fashions, and levels of advantage.

One of these subcategories is OTF knives. These knives are an offshoot of the best automatic switchblades (also made) are fast, easy, and honestly pretty cool. And if they are much fewer few regarding available choices as the state, flipper knives, there are still quite a few out there to select from. Are you searching for the question of what is the best OTF knife brand? Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best OTF knives.

What Are OTF Knives?

OTF stands for “Out-The-Front,” which is a useful descriptor for these knives are. Whereas folding blades (as their name implies) folds in half, OTF knives do not wrap in any way. Instead, the edge (when dropped) is housed inside the grip itself. When setting up, the module is extended outward and open via an automated mechanism (also placed within the manage), typically using a slider or button.

Next, when the consumer is finished with their cutting job, the blade slides straight to the safety and security grip to carry till the knife is necessary. As an example, OTF knives are also occasionally called telescoping or sliding knives.

Top Best OTF Knives Brands

Top 24 Best OTF Knife Brands

1. Hogue Knives Compound

The Compound from Hogue Knives has many things going for this, which help set it apart. For starters and enjoy all Hogue offerings, it is entirely made in the united states.

Secondly, it gains in the aggressively-angled tanto-style, black-finished CPM-S30V steel blade that, although not entirely unheard of, is somewhat odd to discover in OTF knives.

Third, the G10 handle boasts a distinctive hexagonal geometric handle that will double duty functioning to appear intriguing and give up a few additional grips. Complete with a duplicate-action spine-mounted slider, tip-down reversible pocket clip, and an all-black look, it is relatively straightforward why this automatic knife is among the very best OTF blades round.

Hogue 34170 Knives EX-01 Folder 3.5' Drop Point Blade, Matte Black
6 Reviews
Hogue 34170 Knives EX-01 Folder 3.5" Drop Point Blade, Matte Black
  • 3.5" tumbled finish drop point blade
  • Matte black aluminum frame

2. Microtech Ultratech

Among the most popular OTF knives round and, so, a business staple Microtech Ultratech is a superb blend of quality and affordability in a class where a lot of this competition occasionally starts tens of thousands of dollars more.

This specific version comes outfitted with a double-edge dagger CTS-204P steel blade attached into some 6061-T6 aluminum handle finish with a glass-breaker tip (ideal for emergency survival scenarios). Additionally, it features an exact action mechanism using a spine-mounted slider-a little manage jumping for more excellent traction, and much more.

3. Microtech Exocet

California has some of the strictest legislation in the nation concerning the legality of carrying automatic knives. In reality, most of them are only banned entirely, particularly when it has to do with OTF knives. Microtech’s Exocet, nevertheless, jumps throughout the loopholes by being exceedingly tiny. Crafted from high-end CTS-204P steel, the blade steps up at only 1.98 inches length making for an entire period, such as an aluminum grip, of 5.625 inches.

This double-action OTF knife also includes a reversible pocket clip that will double-duty as a money clip and consists of a double-edge on its dagger blade. If you’re searching for an out-the-front knife that is both discreet and sturdy, you can not fail with all the Microtech Exocet and its numerous color choices.

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4. Guardian Tactical Recon-035

In the event you have not previously discovered, many OTF knives comprise a somewhat similar shape. Meaning it’s the smaller details that must function to put notable ones aside visually. Luckily, in the event of this Guardia Tactical RECON-035, there are loads of those little details to relish. Although most of this handle is made of black-anodized aluminum, it contains carbon fiber inlays to get a tiny modern strategic touch.

Additionally, the high-end Elmax drop point blade features a distinctive black-and-silver complete that gives it a near sci-fi look. It also includes lots of unique features that you can not see, such as an advanced friction-eliminating deployment mechanism, a ceramic and steel ball-bearing controller slider system, and much more.

5. Piranha Rated-R

If you have never heard of Piranha earlier, it is probably because you are not intimately familiar with automatic knives, as that is the style that this brand concentrates on. And while they do not only make OTF blades, their layouts for your sub-category are a few of the best. Pick out the Rated-R, for instance.

For starters, the long-and thin tanto style edge created from 154CM steel mated into some black-finished aluminum handle marginally looks like a samurai sword, which is accurate we can not envision was accidental.

This distinct automated OTF knife also has a slider to the upper-front quarter, making for simple, ergonomic accessibility when deploying it. At length, the handle can be textured and has chamfered edges to make sure you can grip it firmly in almost any circumstances. Finished off with a titanium pocket clip, this quick-deploying samurai sword is guaranteed to rights reserved you nicely day-in and day-out.

BUCKNBEAR KNIVES Piranha Tactical 3.6in Knife, Army Green
7 Reviews
BUCKNBEAR KNIVES Piranha Tactical 3.6in Knife, Army Green
  • The fixed blade tactical knife is made of D2 stainless steel
  • The fixed blade knife comprises 3. 6" blade length and 8. 5" overall length

6. Benchmade Phaeton

Among our favorite regular carry knife making manufacturers, Benchmade is no stranger to the OTF style of cutting edge instrument. In reality, they craft many, which are amongst the very best out there. Take their Phaeton loved ones of OTF knives, for instance. Subtle within their styling and unique in their construction, Phaeton knives can be bought with a drop point CPM-S30V steel blade raw or black DLC-finished, and the choice of a black or black Earth anodized aluminum handle.

Whatever you select, your knife may even arrive with a spine-mounted double-action slider mechanism, a profound handle pocket clip, and exceptional handle texturing that functions both to improve its traction and supply several styling. On top of that, but these knives are manufactured entirely in the united states.

7. Benchmade Autocrat

Like its Phaeton brethren, Benchmade’s Autocrat household of OTF knives was created entirely from the USA from high-grade materials. And if they share a few features, there is also a good deal to place this alternative apart as a standalone OTF well-deserving of a place on this listing.

For example, although the blade of the Autocrat can also be crafted from black or raw DLC-finished S30V steel, this one features a distinctly-different double-edged dagger contour, which makes it only a little more strategic than functional.

Similarly, the Autocrats are also extended using G10 handle scales in your choice of black, OD green, or Coyote Brown. Additionally, it features a deep-carry Malice pocket clip that is MOLLE compatible, which means it is possible to add this offering to a strategic layout.

8. Microtech Combat Troodon

When there’s a Holy Grail of this OTF knife universe, it might need to function as the Microtech Combat Troodon. While pricey, this mythical version can also be extended in plenty of distinct versions that range in color, finish, and substances. In reality, there is probably a choice out there for everybody.

This one is outfitted with an ultra-high-end CTS-204P steel blade with complete serrations and a two-tone black and silver full. A spine mounted double-action slider, a durable textured anodized aluminum handle, and a hefty glass-breaker tip onto the buttocks.

It is worth noting that the “combat” designation signifies that this is the biggest of this Troodon household, measuring cup in a whopping 9.5″ at complete. It is a hefty and costly OTF knife, but it is certainly not going to forgive anybody courageous enough to wield it.

9. Benchmade Infidel

The Benchmade 3300 Infidel is among the best-known OTF around Earth and possibly among the best considered. It comes in 2 sizes: the whole fat 3300 Infidel using it’s 3.95″ blade and 8.95″ entire length and the newer Infidel Mini using a 3.10″ knife along with a 7.10″ overall length. Weights are 5.00 oz and 3.40 oz, respectively.

There is also a Gold Course Infidel, which has been produced in minimal amounts, using an acid-etched stainless Damasteel drop point blade, heat-anodized hardware and handle, and even a suitably hefty price tag. If you prefer the Infidel, you will probably also enjoy the Pagan; that will be just another fantastic OTF but is much like the Infidel. It does not warrant another entry on this listing.

10. BTI Tools Schrade Viper OTF Knife

Benchmade Fixed Fidel Spear Point OTK Knife is a remarkably popular knife among people who increase or camp regularly, and also, the knife is fantastic for searching and self-defense. The blade is quite durable, well balanced despite its vast dimensions, and amazingly affordable to get a knife of this caliber.

The blade is made of durable stainless steel that’s 0.6 inches broad; moreover, it’s a complete tang that’s a small rugged to have the ability to manage hard responsibility work. What’s more, the blade is not difficult to wash, sharpen, and shop in the cloth sheath.

But, clients have reported that the knife is tough to sharpen mainly because it wasn’t supposed for a high precision knife. The deal is made from a wood material that has been painted grey for a contemporary and sleek appearance. The clients have reported that the blade to be somewhat balanced and comfortable to grasp.

Schrade SCHF27 11.5in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife and Tool with 6.6in Drop Point Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor Survival, Camping and Bushcraft
378 Reviews
Schrade SCHF27 11.5in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife and Tool with 6.6in Drop Point Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor Survival, Camping and Bushcraft
  • DIMENSIONS: 11.5 inch (29.2 cm) overall length with a blade length of 6.6 inches (16.7 cm) and a weight of 9.9 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV Titanium Coated High Carbon S.S. with a black, textured thermoplastic elastomer handle

11. Asheville Steel Para-X

The Asheville Steel Paragon Para-X is odd since it is just one act OTF, meaning that the installation is powered although the retraction is not, such as old-school OTF was. But then again, Asheville Steel is an old-school firm.

Even if it’s just existed since 2007, Asheville Steel produces small heaps of new knives such as the eccentric Warlock and the more modern Phoenix, that can be gravity knives having the fascinating opening mechanism I have ever seen watching this movie to get a fantastic illustration of both in the activity.

Each of Para-X and XD versions possess the single-action OTF, and 6061-T6 aluminum handle having a CPM-S30V blade, together with an ideal hand tip-down carry pocket clip.

12. Benchmade Precipice

This best double-action knife-Contrary to Benchmade’s Infidel and Pagan string OTF, the Precipice utilizes a back-mounted slider button to trigger the double action OTF mechanism. The Precipice blade is shorter than the Infidel and Pagan in 3.46″, a timeless spearpoint shape using one sharpened edge made from Crucible CPM-S30V stainless steel. It is offered in two variations, one using a satin finished blade or to get a second $20 a DLC-coated black edge.

13. Protect Dark Angel

Who does not love Pro-Tech? Everything they create is slick, smooth, and impeccably finished. The Dark Angel is not the same sort of OTF, employing a dip lock (button) to discharge the blade and what seems like a flipper tab onto the knife’s stomach side to retract the module manually.

There is also a security switch at the end of the handle that locks the blade closed. There are several variations of this Dark Angel, divided into two groups: production and habit. Show Dark Angels run between $200 and $250 depending on design and configuration aluminum grips with a 3.7″ 154CM blade, using a level floor dual-edge dagger grind and a fuller groove in the center.

14. G&G Hawk Deadlock

What is the weakness of (nearly) all of OTF knives? Blade play with. It is the nature of the monster. OTF needs a great deal of open space within the body for the spring mechanism and the blade to maneuver out and in, even with the tightest of tolerances when they are free.

The edge is a pendulum using the pivot function as the end of the grip. It’s possible to create the tolerances as tight as possible, but wear out of the hard-firing character makes $400 Microtechs and Benchmades wiggly following usage.

Grant and Gavin Hawk spent decades technology a solution for the problem, and the outcome is that the Deadlock. It employs a secondary lock mechanism built into the framework that from the open place puts pressure upward and into the side, and also, the central lock holds it set up ahead, eliminating drama in all three axes.

In contrast, a conventional OTF has the blade in place from the trunk preventing it from shutting. To get a demo of the distinction between a Deadlock along with a Normal OTF, check out this video comparison using a Benchmade Infidel plus a Deadlock both at a vise.

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15. Mod/Harkins Triton

The Triton was a collaboration between custom knifemaker J.A. Harkins and experts of defense, currently called Blackhawk! Knives also is a subsidiary of shooting and outdoor sports conglomerate Vista Outdoor. The Triton had an on-screen cameo from the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, obviously in a poor man’s hands.

As soon as it’s not in production, it is considered by several OTF fans to be among the very best production OTF out there. There are a few similarities to the well-regarded MoD/Blackhawk! CQD automated folder, for example, black anodized aluminum handles with inset track-tec grip folds and the blacked-out layout.

Buck Knives 0027RDS Clearwater 9-Inch Fishing Fillet Knife
45 Reviews
Buck Knives 0027RDS Clearwater 9-Inch Fishing Fillet Knife
  • Life time warranty
  • Built with precision and quality

16. Tac Force Assisted Opening Tactical Knife

TAC Force Opening Tactical Black Coated top OTF knife is made of straight edge clip point stainless steel blade modeled off-the-shelf versions utilized by the British army during the Vietnam War. Also, the stainless steel used in the production of this blade is made in Australia. It can be coated in a thin coating of Titanium Nitride for extra durability and contemporary appearance.

Additionally, the TAC knife features a complete tang that spreads throughout the whole anti-slip handle wrapped in lovely brown leather for perfect traction. Further, the packaging box includes a sharpening stone that is simple to sharpen the blade after it begins to wear.

17. HX Outdoors Tactical Knives

HX Outdoors Anti-slip Manage has a rocky surface reported to be entirely trustworthy and relentless. The blade is quite large with exceptionally sharp Japanese produced razor; consequently, this Bowie knife is suitable for chopping, cutting cutting-edge. The blade is wrapped in a rubberized handle that’s balanced and quite comfortable, and the sword could be secured to a belt or a backpack.

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18. OG Rapid Fire Collection Knife

A sturdy Off-Grid pocket knife produced in the USA using the superior stainless steel blade is highly resistant to rust and rust. Additionally, this knife is often suggested for enthusiastic survivalists and outdoor fans. It’s a durable and balanced handle created with anti-slip material. That’s easy to clean and does not slide in moist weather.

19. Schrade Viper Assisted Opening Knife

This Schrade OTF knife has a rather appealing and intimidating appearance using a balanced and comfortable handle despite its vast dimensions and heavyweight. The belt sheath was also quite durable because it created a high-quality nylon material that can perfectly protect the blade once the knife isn’t being used.

The knife is held in place by a hook and loop strap, and you will find grommet holes and holes for straps to provide lots of additional lashing options. The blade is made from titanium coated carbon stainless steel blade that’s a bit more than 3 inches. What’s more, the grip is coated with an anti-slip coating, which will keep the knife from slipping during use irrespective of weather conditions.

20. Kershaw Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

Kershaw AM-5 Pocket, 3.5 inches knife, includes a durable lengthy clip tip on the blade used to open jars and other tiny items, making it quite helpful during trekking or camping trips. The blade itself is very thick and, as mentioned, includes a top-level grind using a black powder nitride coating for extra durability.

The coat is thick, so perfectly protects the knife from rusting or corrosion, particularly during rainy weather. Nevertheless, the skin was reported to wear off time in addition to the blade isn’t sharp; thus, don’t rely on using it to prepare foods or cut timber.

Kershaw Clash (1605); Multi-Function; 3.1 Inch 3Cr13MoV Steel Blade; Bead-Blasted; Glass-Filled Synthetic Polymer Handle; SpeedSafe Assisted Opening; Liner Lock; Flipper; Reversible Pocketclip; 4.3 oz
1,394 Reviews
Kershaw Clash (1605); Multi-Function; 3.1 Inch 3Cr13MoV Steel Blade; Bead-Blasted; Glass-Filled Synthetic Polymer Handle; SpeedSafe Assisted Opening; Liner Lock; Flipper; Reversible Pocketclip; 4.3 oz
  • Clash has handsome contrast: blade, pocketclip and flipper are gray matte; handle scales and screws are black matte
  • Pre-drilled holes allow user to change tip position or side on which knife carries

21. Watch Buckshot Pocket Knife

An extremely compact knife that may be taken on your keychain for urgent care requirements and potential self-defense. It’s made from a durable stainless steel blade that also contains a firm anti-slip plastic grip that doesn’t scratch or scratch. Customers who have purchased this knife have stated it’s incredibly lightweight and makes a fantastic gift on a budget.

Additionally, the blade has sharpened; hence you do not need to consider locating a sharpener. The blade installation mechanism is fast and almost fault-proof; the consumer will only need to oil the mechanism once every so often.

22. DH Benchmade Infidel Greatest Otf Knife

Mini Infidels is created out of razor-sharp American stainless steel blades with strong border retention and is coated in an anti-corrosion coating to make sure this knife will serve you for many years to come. The handle is created out of black colored anti-slip material that’s been curved to get good palm swells so your clasp will feel comfy. Additionally, the grip will help keep the knife nicely balanced and add to its total attractiveness.

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23. Oerla Tactical Outdoor Duty Knife

Oerla was a long-time producer of military and marine knives; consequently, they’ve gained a loyal client following around the world. The blade consists of a single part tang stainless steel bit reported to be super durable and suitable for cutting and cutting. The handle includes an over-molded rubber that’s anti-slip and is particularly useful during the weather.

24. Benchmade Tactical Fixed Knife

Smith and Wesson are a 9.21 inches OTF, and it’s a slick and strategic, specially designed knife using a glass-filled nylon handle that’s ergonomic and comfortable. It’s made of superior and robust stainless steel, which makes this knife among the very best in the marketplace of open assisted knives. The blade was reported to be quite durable because it’s made from black oxide, whereas the grip includes Trac-Tec inserts.

What’s more, it’s fast to start and has an extremely simple to pocket clip in addition to a rule knob. The handle was also designed and quite comfortable to use for cutting little firewood or other sound objects that aren’t tough to cut. What’s more, it’s incredibly convenient to carry due to its pocket clips, which may be employed to attach the knife onto either side or upwards.

Benchmade Fixed Infidel Black Class Knife
  • BUILT TO PERFORM: Simplicity and style meets unmatched function, no matter the application; An ideal tactical tool capable of countless tasks in the field. Slim profile, compact size and lightweight design make it perfect to take anywhere.
  • AMERICAN MADE D2 TOOL STEEL: Provides fantastic toughness (it's made to cut through steel) and edge retention; Built for hard-use applications.

OTF Knives

Buying Guide


While cost should be a deciding factor in almost any knife buy, the beginning range is particularly essential for OTF knives. Their inner mechanics are sophisticated devices that require sound engineering plus a sturdy construction both in how they operate and in their materials. Therefore, OTF knives usually are on the pricier side of this spectrum.

In reality, we would suggest staying away from anything which falls under a 150 stage since there’s a pretty good likelihood that those knives aren’t well-built, verging on being harmful to you, the consumer. It is worth noting that a little cost isn’t necessarily a symptom of bad quality, but the dangers (in this instance) far outweigh the advantages. The last thing you need is for your own OTF knife to neglect or break if you need it most.


There are just two things to search for in the installation mechanism of OTF knives. The first is whether or not a specified knife features a “double-action” mechanism meaning that the slider or button will either set up the blade to the open place and retracting the blade into the closed position if you are done using it. Not all OTF knives are duplicate action; a few will set up the edge but require manual retraction to shut it.

This doesn’t necessarily impact an OTF knife’s total worth, but it will make a difference in how it works. Second, you will want to search for the job of the installation mechanism. This can be a much more personal preference than anything else, but a few OTF knives possess the installation mechanism around the grip’s front. In contrast, many others have a slider onto the backbone or side of the grip. You’ll discover, however, that nearly all OTF knives feature a spine-mounted slider.

Edge Type

You’d need to keep your eye on any knife’s advantages where you are interested. Nonetheless, in the example of OTF knives, we are primarily searching for if a specified knife features a single-edge or a double-edge (instead: S/E or D/E).

Single-edged OTF knives are more well-suited to EDC use, as users may put a thumb on the backbone of the blade to boost pressure in the border, which can be useful for pragmatic cutting jobs. D/E daggers are better for penetration and slashing, making them aligned with fighting and combat knives and functioning higher for self-defense usage.

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