Best Steak Sauce To Buy 2021: Top Brands Review


Just who doesn’t love steak? It’s delicious, full of protein, and gives away the most beautiful texture no other meat can. It makes steak way popular and in-demand than any other meat in the market. It’s undoubtedly a treat for all non-veg lovers out there.

Wait! Before you rush yourselves towards the supermarket, know the steak sauce is there to make your experience even better. The steak sauce, in this case, serves as a cherry on the cake. The best steak sauce will make your steak way more delicious than it already is. That said, if you’ve been eating your steak without a steak sauce, you’re doing it all wrong.

Mainly used for beef steak,  steak sauce is a condiment made from blending tomatoes, vinegar, spices, and raisins. It’s not that hard to make it at home by yourself. However, for the best quality and therefore the best experience, we recommend you getting yourself one from either of the top steak sauce brands. We’ll be discussing all this throughout this blog.

Top best steak sauce brands

Top Best Flavored Steak Sauce Brands 2021

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You can use this 4-ingredient steak sauce for your tasty, crispy, mouth-watering steak. What makes peppercorn steak sauce special is its unique yet visually satisfying creamy texture. It’s known as sauce Au poivre in French which may sound fancy but don’t get fooled by that- the preparation of this steak sauce is a piece of cake.

This cream sauce is, well obviously, prepared with peppercorn. It’s the reduction of the heavy cream used in its preparation that gives this sauce its creamy texture. The peppercorn sauce namely requires 1-2 tablespoons peppercorn, 30g butter, 30ml double cream, half a shallot, and optional brandy. This sauce tastes terrific with grilled steak.

Peppercorn, at first, doesn’t sound very delicious but when combined with other ingredients, the result is worth the efforts. Very few sauces can beat the richness, warmth, and flavor that the peppercorn sauce packs in it. It’s a wonderful way to amplify the deliciousness of your steak by serving it with peppercorn sauce.

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The Bearnaise steak sauce is often called the king of steak sauces, it’s the best steak sauce you can use as an accompaniment for your steak. It makes your rich and delicious steak even richer. Bearnaise is a butter sauce with egg yolks to make it thicker and tastier. This steak sauce is best used with beef-steak which is already marvelously delicious and no other type of steak can come closer to it with Bearnaise steak sauce added. After all, some call it the king of steak sauces for a reason.

The ingredients are 1 stick of salted butter, 1 egg yolk, 3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, half a shallot, 1 bay leaf, 1 tablespoon chopped tarragon, and salt and pepper. Preparing this sauce won’t be a tedious task for you either, just don’t get confused with this many ingredients.

Add vinegar, minced shallots, tarragon sprig, bay leaf, and pepper to a saucepan and gently boil them with low flame or heat. Melt the butter for 15 seconds in the microwave and drip it into the egg-vinegar bowl and whisk it. Unfortunately, you can’t store it in the fridge, serve it as soon as possible as it doesn’t store well.

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Diane’s steak sauce has made its way to our list because of its beautiful texture and unique taste. It’s a pan sauce with mustard, Worcestershire, cognac, and cream as its key ingredients. The best part of all is that it gets ready in less than 30 minutes which makes it a great sauce to quickly amplify your steak’s deliciousness.

Diane refers to the Greco-Roman goddess “Diana”, therefore it has been used for centuries. Preparing this steak sauce is going to be a piece of cake for you. After that, you’ll have a steak sauce that no other sauce can beat in terms of texture, taste, or anything. However, the steak sauce is also available for purchase in your nearest supermarket if you find cooking tedious. All this makes Sauce Diane one of the best steak sauces to buy.


The Chimichurri steak sauce is undoubtedly one of the best accompaniments you can get for your steak, it’s a perfect match. It is so good that you can consume it raw but when you do combine it with steak, what you get is out of this world.

Unlike those steak sauces with modern taste and texture, this one will give you a classic feel. This classic version uses dried red chili instead of a fresh one. This reduces the vibrancy of its red color but gives it an even better texture and a classic taste.

The best part of all is that you can match it with any steak in the market. However, the flat iron beef steak works best with this steak, this steak is soft and has that legit beefy texture and flavor. Like most steak sauces, don’t think the chimichurri sauce can only be used with steak, you can use it with chicken, turkey, fish, prawns, and vegetables too. It makes all these proteins taste terrific.

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Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde and grilled steak are arguably a match made from heaven. This garlic and oil-based sauce with fresh herbs loaded come in the category of best steak sauce available in the market. The saltiness that briny caper and anchovies provide to this steak sauce is just perfect. The vinegar gives it a tangy taste that pairs with the grilled steak perfectly.

Salsa Verde is of 2 types: Mexican and Italian, both are known to work best with beef steak but using it with another steak won’t be an issue either. The deliciousness that it packs is liked by many non-veg lovers around the world. It arguably makes your steak taste absurdly great. Moreover, you can also use it with salad and other vegetables.

Black Bean & Sour 

This 15-min black bean sauce recipe works wonders with beef steak. Originated in China, this steak sauce works terrific with other Asian-inspired dishes too and its texture makes it one of the best Chinese foods on the planet. The 15-min that you spend preparing this sauce is worth your time and tastes way better than the store-bought sauces. The black bean sauce is one of the most famous recipes China has offered to the world, making it a great condiment for your favorite food: Steak.

Steak, as if it didn’t taste marvelous enough, amplifies its deliciousness drastically when paired with black bean steak sauce. The original black texture of this sauce is what makes it one of the most liked condiments used with beef steak and loved by many. The best part is that it gets ready in just 15 minutes, how convenient is that? You can satisfy your hunger in the best way possible anytime and anywhere as long as you have the required ingredients for this sauce.

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Spicy Chimichurri

The spicy chimichurri sauce pairs magically with meat, fish, prawns, and even vegetables. This green chili sauce, as the name suggests, is not for everyone but only those who can tolerate the spicy flavor of this sauce, are advised to use it with their steak.

The spicy chimichurri sauce’s green color makes it look different from any other steak sauce that can be prepared at home or is available in the market. The taste is also not so ordinary, the spiciness it packs is not for the faint-hearted but still, it will make you want more of it.

This green chili sauce doesn’t require cooking (What a relief). That’s a great thing for those not-so-active(lazy) bachelors and for those whose hunger strikes untimely. This no-cook recipe only requires you to blend the ingredients in a blender or food processor. What more can you expect? It has a spicy yet wonderful taste, a great texture, and it doesn’t require cooking, making it the best steak sauce to buy in people in love with spices.

Quick Crimson Wine Sauce

The quick crimson wine sauce contains brandy as one of the key ingredients. After all, that’s why it got its name. Brandy, in this case, not only gives away its flavor to the sauce but also the alcohol and the acidic content helps to extract the flavor from other ingredients.

Preparing this steak isn’t much of a problem either and it will taste way better than those you purchase from the supermarket. With kosher salt, cognac brandy, and red wine as its main ingredients, it’s destined to provide a sour yet mouth-watering taste and texture to your steak.

The high alcohol content in this sauce is what makes it stand out. It gives it the texture, deliciousness, and aroma for which it is well-known. The preparation time of this sauce ranges from 30 minutes to 40 minutes which can be pretty annoying for some people. However, the result is worth the time and effort undoubtedly.

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The steak paired with teriyaki sauce has been gaining popularity since the first time it was introduced as a dish. It hasn’t lost any of that popularity since then. The teriyaki steak is one of the favorite meals of people when it comes to family treats and partying with friends. This is mainly because of its mouth-watering texture and spicy taste.

Going to the restaurant every weekend for a beefy meal is fun but cooking one at home has its own sense of pleasure. The teriyaki sauce is easy and fun to make. That said, it gets ready in less than 20 minutes which is a great thing for all those hungry souls out there. With sugar and soy sauce serving as the base ingredient for Teriyaki sauce, it’s an ideal choice for people to make Teriyaki steak, a weeknight favorite dish. The sweet and salty flavor of this sauce is what makes it way popular and different from other steak sauces.

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Super-swift Mustard Sauce

This 3-ingredient recipe is quick and gives your steak the flavor that it needs to satisfy the hype. This sauce, unlike others, is not made exclusively for steaks. You can use it with roasted chicken, lamb, baked salmon, or anything non-veg. However, it does taste best with steak.

The super-swift mustard sauce has a creamy texture mainly because of butter and heavy cream as its main ingredients. Anyway, it looks great and packs in the deliciousness that only some steak sauces can provide. The sauce is quite dense and rich because of the same reason. So, only two or three tablespoons are required per serve.

This creamy sauce gets ready in less than 20 minutes. However, it needs to be served immediately or as soon as possible. It’s definitely not a good idea to store this sauce for later use.

Blue Cheese Sauce

Blue cheese and steak, what a match! It’s a match from heaven. The blue cheese sauce is there to make your favorite dish even better in taste. The blue cheese and steak blend in each other’s flavor like these two things are made for each other, leaving a delicious marvel behind.

Since it has a creamy and rich texture, it melts pretty quickly. You have to take extra care when serving it with hot steak or any other dish, you don’t want this sauce to melt completely. Still, you have to cook this sauce until it gains a creamy and rich texture.

This steak sauce can be found in most of the grocery stores near you because of its insane popularity. However, it’s always advisable to prepare it by yourself, that way, you’ll be able to control its texture and flavor according to your liking.

Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms have been the crowd’s favorite for a very long time. Who in the world won’t love the sauce made of it then? No one. The mushroom is not limited only to be paired with steak or any other non-veg meal. It can be paired with any dish, even vegetables for an instance. This simple yet delicious sauce will make you want more of it again and again.

The mushroom sauce is known for its wide range of dishes that it can be paired with like baked potatoes, steak, chicken, omelets, etc. Apart from all that, the creamy texture and mouth-watering deliciousness that it packs is something extraordinary.

If you love eating steak with a sauce but doesn’t like to experiment with your taste buds. The mushroom sauce is the one sauce you can use as a delicious condiment with your steak every day and you won’t get bored.



Even if the steak sauce can be stored in the fridge, it’s not advisable to do so, use it immediately after preparing.

  • Different sauces suit different steaks and meats, choose your steak sauce carefully for the best experience.
  • It’s best to prepare the steak sauce at home by yourself if you want the best quality and experience.

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What Sauces Should You Pair With Steak?


Rosemary butter sauce: It’s a simple mix of rosemary and butter. Just pour some of it on a just-cooked filet and let it melt so that the filet Mignon perfectly captures the sauce’s flavor.

  • Peppercorn sauce: Cooked with minced shallots and a bit of cognac, it’s a perfect and probably the most traditional match for a filet Mignon.
  • Blue cheese sauce: The most popular yet delicious match for filet Mignon, this steak sauce resonates its flavor with the taste buds of all the meat lovers.


Chimichurri: Chimichurri sauce is known for its perfectly rich texture and spicy flavor. It’s undoubtedly the best steak sauce for rib eye steak.

  • Red wine reduction sauce: This steak sauce has perfect thickness and texture. The flavor that it provides because of the high alcohol content makes it an ideal choice for rib eye steak.
  • Mushroom sauce: This universal sauce can be paired with any steak, and pairs even better with rib eye steak.

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Red wine sauce: The perfect texture and mouth-watering deliciousness of red wine sauce are ideal for porterhouse steak.

  • Mushroom and garlic sauce: A sauce made from a perfect blend of garlic and mushroom is a great choice to be paired with a porterhouse steak.
  • Bearnaise sauce: The king of steak sauces is here to amplify the deliciousness of your porterhouse steak.

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