Best Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces 2021: Top Brands Review


Buffalo Wild Wings is undoubtedly one of the top food and sports bar chains around and what makes it even better are the multiple sauces available to choose from. Each sauce tastes unique and enhances the wing flavor according to your mood. Having so many options to choose from is always a plus when it comes to food, but it might also get a bit overwhelming sometimes. You’ve stumbled across the right place if you’ve ever felt confused about picking a sauce.

Our Best Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces list ranks the top sauces they’ve got, so you don’t have to. The next time you hit a Buffalo Wild Wings, you’ll know exactly what sauce to order so you can get on with enjoying sports. No matter how crazy taste buds you’ve got, whether you like something tangy or sweet, they’ve got it all covered.

For the Top Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces Brands, the sauces have been judged on three different criteria and the best tastes have made it to the top. Let’s take a look at how we evaluated the flavors.

3 Different Criteria:

1. The Flavor Level:

Does the Asian Zing deliver what it promises? Is the Carribean Jerk flavorful enough? These are just some of the questions we asked ourselves before rating the flavor punch offered by each sauce. Flavoring is one of the most important aspects of a good sauce and you can bet we aren’t taking it lightly.

2. Unexpected Components and Flavor Combos:

The second criterion determines how well the different flavors in a single sauce go together. Do they complement each other or does it just complicate the taste without any positive enhancement? We also look for any unexpected bursts of a different flavor and decide if the surprise was pleasant or not.

3. How Well Its Title Represents It:

No one likes it when you take a bite of your food expecting it to feel hot on your tongue but it simply turns out to be bland. So of course we had to include an element that evaluated the sauce’s names and whether the christening was accurate. We don’t put up with deceptions when it comes to food.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Flavor

Top 22 Best Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

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Asian Zing

One of the few Asian-inspired sauces on the Buffalo Wild Wings’ roster, Asian Zing offers the ‘zing’ with heaps of soy sauce added to its mix. Soy delivers its Asian feel while the chili peppers and ginger make for a good flavor combo. Not only that, it also has a hint of sweetness to go well with the sticky texture this sauce is known for. If your preference is to have wings loaded with sticky sauce, you might want to hold on to a bottle of Asian Zing.

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Buffalo Seasoning

As the name suggests, Buffalo Seasoning is indeed a dry seasoning and not a sauce. Being a dry rub, it does deliver on the ‘heat’ aspect, albeit a bit mildly, but not so much on the ‘buttery feel’. It feels like a dry hot sauce with no particular flavoring that stands out. If the wings aren’t already dry enough, the dry Buffalo Seasoning makes it even more gritty… Definitely makes us miss the multiple sauces we could use instead.

Honey BBQ

The Buffalo Wild Wings menu states that the Honey BBQ sauce is ‘sweet with gentle heat’ and that is quite honestly exactly what the sauce offers. The base ingredient is honey, whose sweetness dominates the sauce. Its barbecue sauce feel comes with the smokeyness and it has just enough spice to call the resulting heat ‘gentle’. The greatest plus point of this sauce is its consistency which makes it ideal for covering the entire wing and still be left with extra sauce.

Salt and Vinegar

Just like salt and vinegar chips, Buffalo Wild Wings’ Salt and Vinegar Seasoning is a classic flavor that makes the most of this salty and acidic combination. A batch of wings is tossed in the seasoning until it coats every wing equally, bringing out the unique balance of flavor that it is based on. This particular seasoning might be the farthest from other traditional BWW sauces but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you’re craving something different. Its uniqueness is also what earned its place in our Best Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces 2021 list- so it’s definitely worth a try.

Bourbon Honey Mustard

Another combination sauce, the Bourbon Honey Mustard is a fresh twist to traditional sweet sauce. The sauce does have a hint of Bourbon but it gets overpowered by the mustard present in it. Of the three main ingredients, mustard is the most prominent while Bourbon is hidden somewhere in the background. Mustard enthusiasts are sure to love this sauce, however if you’re expecting to taste more Bourbon- you’ll be disappointed.

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Much like Asian Zing, the Teriyaki sauce is another Americanized version of Asian flavors. However, unlike Asian Zing, Teriyaki wings don’t really offer anything more than soy sauce and sugar. Buffalo Wild Wings did try to create an all-out umami bomb with this one, but it was pretty much a miss. On the other hand, it might be a good option for a sweet and sticky sauce, the type usually preferred by children. It might not be all ‘savory’ as BWW claims but its texture did help it secure a place as one of the best Buffalo Wings sauces.


‘Hot’ and ‘BBQ’, the Hot BBQ sauce, to put it simply, is not very hot. At least, not the kind of hot someone would expect of a sauce with this name. It does, however, have a beautiful smokey odor which checks right on the ‘barbecue’ in its name. If wings clad in rich smokiness is your thing, Hot BBQ sauce might be the one for you. If you’re looking for more ‘hot’ in the mix, there certainly are better alternates on the menu.

Desert Heat

Dry rubs are an ideal preference for those who like to deviate from regular sauces every once in a while. One of Buffalo Wild Wings trademark dry rubs, the desert heat rub is made up of multiple spices mixed together. It gives a bold flavor with an intense spice hit. However, every dry-rubbed wing batch is different and poorly tossed wings might be a huge let down. Though the smokey and spicy mix is abundant in flavor, it usually gets overshadowed by its heavy saltiness.


The Hottest on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, the Blazin’ sauce is true to its name. Its fiery heat scorches one’s tongue with ‘the unrelenting heat of the ghost pepper’. Ghost pepper is rated at a much higher Scoville unit level than the average peppers… When we say much higher we mean at least a hundred times hotter. This sauce is not for your everyday chicken wings. Unless you’re specifically looking for a painful experience, complete with a runny nose and teary eyes, we advise you to steer clear of its temptation.

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Buffalo Wild Wings offers one of the best, if not the best, plain wings of all the fast food chains in America. The wing is perfectly cooked to a golden crispy skin while the inside meat is juicy and salted to perfection. BWW’s plain wing is good enough to compete with the best Buffalo Wild Wings sauces and this is quite an impressive feat in itself. Plain wings are ideal for days when you want to taste a simple wing without any particular flavor sticking out.

Sweet BBQ

The Sweet BBQ sauce doesn’t have as much smokey tang as other barbecue options by BWW, its soothing sweetness is still more than enough to make up for lesser smokiness. It has a good balance of flavor with the acidity of tomatoes and garlicky hit complemented by its sweet taste. The Sweet BBQ is rich in flavor but if you lean towards sauces that offer an ideal barbecue smokey tang, we would recommend going for other options on the list.


It is imperative for any food chain to have a classic hot sauce recipe to serve with fresh hot wings, and Bufallo Wild Wings’ Hot Sauce completely justifies its reputation. It is hot, its texture and viscosity is great and it has a surprising hit of vinegar. Another feature that works in its favor is the multi-utility of Hot sauce. It tastes just as good with onion rings as it does with classic bone-in or boneless wings. Its saltiness is perfectly balanced out with the mild sweetness which keeps the sauce from becoming too hot.

Spicy Garlic

BWW’s Spicy Garlic sauce delivers exactly what it promises. Its spicy and offers a rich garlic flavor. Though the sauce leans more towards spice than a garlicky feel, the garlic can still be tasted and the ratio actually ends up enhancing both the flavors to the max. It is undoubtedly a good quality sauce which also goes well with more than just chicken wings. With the Spicy Garlic, spiciness is the first to hit your taste buds followed by a lingering aftertaste of garlic.

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Parmesan Garlic

Another sauce for garlic lovers, the Parmesan Garlic sauce beats Spicy Garlic by a small margin. ‘Cheesy and garlicky’- the Parmesan Garlic sauce is both and when two of these highly loved flavors are combined- it’s sure to make something delicious. The cheesiness of Parmesan combined with garlic reminds us why this is such a deadly combination. It does not base its taste on heat, and is rather focused on delivering all the possible cheesy goodness packed with garlic.

Caribbean Jerk

The Caribbean Jerk sauce is not as spicy as other traditional jerk chicken but it gives something more unique. It has a very distinct flavor packed with a bit of tang and mildness to keep the taste buds happy. The texture is very sticky, which is preferred by many and it is a good alternative as a sweet sauce that is not BBQ. In addition to its flavor, the Caribbean Jerk does not miss out on gingery heat even though it is nowhere near the hottest option on BWW’s menu.


It might not sound as fancy as other BWW sauces, but the Mild sauce is quite good. So good in fact that it is rated higher than most of the other intense flavored options. The Mild sauce is rich in flavor, with just enough hint of spice to make people curious if they want more without scaring them off. The texture is very creamy and offers an almost smooth mouthfeel to the eater. Even if you like spicy sauces better, you might actually be pleasantly surprised with how good the mild sauce is.

Lemon Pepper

For a dry rub, the Lemon Pepper Seasoning is rated quite high on the Top Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces Brands 2021 list, and rightly so! It offers a fresh lemony feel while the pepper adds just enough spiciness to make it flavorful and not hot. The dry rub is by no means ‘hot’, but its flavor profile is so well-balanced with black pepper, lemon and salt that it needs nothing more. If you’re looking for a new taste in dry rubs and something other than dipping sauces, the Lemon Pepper sauce will be a pleasant surprise.

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As we tread closer to the top sauce on our list, we have the second hottest Bufallo Wild Wings sauce- aptly named ‘Wild’. It is nowhere near the scorching heat of the ghost pepper-packed Blazin’ sauce, and we’re thankful to BWW for making its second hottest sauce bearable. If you’re looking for some ‘painless’ heat in your sauce, go for the Wild sauce!

Thai Curry

BWW’s Thai Curry sauce is inspired by Thai curry but is not quite like an original Thai curry, and we don’t mean this in a negative way. The amalgamation of Thai-inspired sauce with an American twist has brought forward one of the top sauces by BWW. In addition to spices, it also has some coconut milk to bring that Thai feel and a velvety consistency.

Chipotle BBQ

Liked a bit more than the Lemon Pepper seasoning, the Chipotle BBQ dry rub offers the most accurate barbecue flavor of all the sauces and seasonings in BWW menu. The chipotle peppers of this mix are roasted to enhance its smokey flavor and the spice blend becomes even more nuanced when mixed together. Its strong BBQ factor makes it our second best pick.

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Topping our list is the Moderate Sauce, which even though might not sound as appetizing as other sauces is still arguably the best BWW sauce. The sauce has a very prominent denseness about it and that is what makes it such an ideal choice at buffalo. It also offers a backdrop of unexpected acidity and just enough heat and spice. Moderate sauce is the most well-balanced sauce here and sometimes that’s all we need.

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