Best Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Buffalo Wild Wings Flavor

Are you searching for the question of what is the best buffalo wild wings flavors? Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best wing sauces. Since wild buffalo wings first opened its doors in Columbus, Ohio, in 1982, the fast-casual titan has redefined what it means to become a chain restaurant in the USA. By mixing everything boozy and fried using a control center value of HD televisions for viewing sports, wild buffalo wings have rapidly turned into one of America’s most ubiquitous chains.

None of this would have been possible without B-Dubs wings, sauces, and seasonings. Whether your taste is spicy-sweet or anything in between, wild buffalo wings has you covered. But since the organization’s name implies, these are not your typical wings; they are wild wings. This eligibility raises the question: What if the series 22 best buffalo sauce and seasonings are the craziest? We set out to answer this particular question, establishing once and for all exactly what it means to be rampant.

How can one qualify wildness? There is, obviously, a spice element, but it is top-quality when appraising. When we speak wildness, we are taking a look at

Buffalo Wild Wings Flavor

3 Different Criteria:

1. The Flavor Level:

How much punch a seasoning or sauce packs in every snack is just one of the keys to discovering wildness. Santa wing may provide a lot of spice, but can it also bring the BBQ or curry or garlic promoted in its title?

2. Unexpected Components and Flavor Combos:

This element measures how well particular flavors in sauces go together and accounts for whatever hitting the taste buds that are either unexpectedly bad or good that was not advertised.

3. How Well Its Title Represents It:

Nobody enjoys a fallacious sauce (particularly if that sweetly branded sauce ends scorching your tongue instead), so we also included a standard for dressings and spices based on how properly they are called.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Flavor

Top 22 Best Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

Asian Zing

In comparison with teriyaki, BWW is your wilder, vaguely Asian-inspired sauce. It is tacky and packs lots of soy. It isn’t quite what you would expect from the series, but maintaining a container of it next time your broccoli and steak (or chicken wings) requires some excess sauce.

Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce (Asian Zing) 12 oz
292 Reviews

Buffalo Seasoning

We must give kudos to wild buffalo wings to carry the timeless Buffalo sauce and form it to a boil. It is an outside-the-box notion we salute it for trying. Though it will evoke the flavor of Buffalo sauce (even though being a bit garlicky), it, sadly, makes us wonder why we would settle for the dryer, grittier edition of hot sauce.

Honey BBQ

This BBQ sauce is full of color and has a beautiful smoky taste. On the other hand, the wing was overly sweet and dense for it to rank high on the wildness scale. It is almost as though the “honey” part of the title was the sole ingredient highlighted by the sauce.

Salt and Vinegar

If it comes to vinegar and salt, it is vital your wings are adequately pitched and that every snack ensures a hearty serving of this seasoning. The saltiness and acidity function off each other nicely, and the mix of both will force you to reconsider ordering sauced-up wings. But receive a poorly pitched batch, where you alternate between snacks of vinegar and salt and nothing, and you are going to be asking for your cash. It is a delicate, balancing act.

Bourbon Honey Mustard

Like the Buffalo seasoning, dig the idea behind bourbon honey, as it functions as a twist on a traditionally sweet chicken wing coat. Nonetheless, what keeps it from being at the course’s peak is it’s a too mustardy snack, which obscures the bourbon that is supposedly contained.

Bourbon Honey Mustard
4 Reviews
Bourbon Honey Mustard
  • Bourbon Honey Mustard
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup


The greatest thing to understand about wild buffalo wings’ take on teriyaki is the title is accurate. Once it strikes the fundamental flavor factors, teriyaki obsessives (we are looking at you, Seattle) will probably be disappointed that this iteration is not the platonic ideal of this sauce: it packs an excessive amount of sweetness and ginger when skimping on the sesame and umami.


Although this sauce has a fantastic odor (someone, please make this into a candle), there is a definite dissonance involving the titular “Hot” and “BBQ.” These tastes should dance together, not permitting the spiciness to suffocate all of the barbecue goodness, which occurs. It is a good sauce, not the cream of this crop.

Desert Heat

So far as names go, this sauce may only have the best one. You can certainly hear Robert Duvall crying, “I like the smell of Desert Heat in the afternoon” in Apocalypse Now, or this may be the name of Sting’s newest single. Regrettably, that is not how we are grading this poor boy. It rates highly about taste combos, smokey and rich, but as for how yummy it’s, it is a little too sour, which subsequently hides all of the fantastic stuff.


News flash: Blazin’ is hot. Wild buffalo wings’ approximately 350,000 Scoville-unit scorchers can provide you bubble bowels just by huffing it. This sauce is not one that you’d lightly consume. It will not only knock you on your bum, but it tastes just as bloated and smoky as it smells. However, it is accurately termed if you’re searching for some, uh, pleasing taste, another seasoning or sauce is your very best option.


The golden-hued skin is paper-thin but crispy, while the meat is moist and salty. It is a great wing, and probably one of those more excellent straight wings that you can float in a fast-food series. It should not be as fantastic as it is, and that’s what makes it rampant.

Sweet BBQ

Similar to the teriyaki, the approximation of a sweet sauce is present here, but it is not quite curved. It is somewhat watery and too sweet. It will satiate any barbecue pangs clients may need. However, cue specialists will abandon less than happy.


Hot is your utility player of the wild buffalo wings sauce line-up. It is spicy, somewhat sweet, and yummy (the vinegar and pepper balancing out themselves). As the allegedly fourth latest sauce in the menu, the one thing that works against it is not quite as hot as wild buffalo wings’ spice scale could cause one to think.

Spicy Garlic

If there’s one thing that sauce is, it is garlicky. If there’s one thing this sauce is not, it is hot. The naming aside, this sauce is healthy; it is similar to an amped-up variant of wild buffalo wings’ Mild sauce (more on that in a little). We don’t suggest leading a meeting after having a 14-piece order that is coated with the substance.

Parmesan Garlic

Wild wing sauce does exactly the taste right by changing it into a sauce. Their iteration is too cheesy or overly garlicky but gives a big, bold flavor. It is the standard-bearer for many things parmesan and garlic at the sphere of fast-casual chicken wings and will leave your breath kickin’ (as it should).

Caribbean Jerk

It is sweet, gentle, and ginger-packed and the ideal replacement for anyone craving a candy wing sauce, not BBQ. For those comfortable with genuine temptations, this sauce is not, but it still hits the area.


Believe Hot but stripped of any spiciness. Here is the sauce you become drizzled on a celebration bunch of wings to deliver into another shindig to please everybody. It is the denim coat of this wild buffalo wings sauce line-up: It works nicely for anybody.

Lemon Pepper

Let’s thank Atlanta and Rick Ross for injecting the seasoning into the pop-culture zeitgeist. Though the lemon-pepper wing was a staple in Atlanta for decades, it has finally gone entirely mainstream with its inclusion on the menus of chains such as wild buffalo wings. The series’s variant is insanely yummy, and it gets bonus points for pairing nicely with just about any sauce on the menu.

Lemon Pepper Wing Sauce, 12 fl oz
5 Reviews


An individual would believe that wild buffalo wings’ venerable Wild sauce could be a shoo-in for the best place in a wildness position, but, alas, here we are. The title prevents this sauce from positioned high: For the series’s next hottest sauce, you would expect it to be only a tiny bit wilder. However, it does not quite feel like a lit firecracker going off on your mouth. But it compensates with an intricate flavor profile. Vinegar? Check. Smoke? Check. A surprising flavor mouth texture? You bet.

Thai Curry

Incredibly flavorful, hot, and pleasantly gritty, this Asian’s curry is a next-level taste. It requires everything out of sweet chilies into coconuts to make a sauce that strikes you chili quickly from many distinct angles that can be a very, very great thing.

Chipotle BBQ

Only getting a whiff of the seasoning verifies that it is correctly termed: that the mesquite smokiness is current, as is the spice of chipotle peppers. Unlike many other herbs, you can taste everything that is supposed to be here, mostly the chipotle and BBQ flavoring, and it’s coated to perfection.

Mango Habana. Also, between the smart accuracy of the title and the ass-kicking taste, mango habanero is the wildest condiment at wild buffalo wings’ arsenal. It is the kind of sauce at which you can certainly down 14 tails coated inside and come away drenched in sweat from the heat.

Everything works perfectly in tandem, by the mango-induced front notes into the back end, habanero-fueled rear end. The yin and yang of this mango habanero make a complete wrecker of a sauce and one that is more rampant than a Friday night at a frat party.

Foster Farms Crispy Wings, Sweet Chipotle Bbq, 16oz.
6 Reviews
Foster Farms Crispy Wings, Sweet Chipotle Bbq, 16oz.
  • Chicken raised with no growth-promoting antibiotics
  • Chicken raised with no hormones or steroids


Moderate is the platonic ideal of buffalo sauce. However, what makes it unique is its own body: it is dense and thick, adding a component to rip through because you gnaw into the bone. It has also got a lick spice tempered out, having an unexpected acidity in the trunk. Overall, you’re going to want to bring the Moderate sauce to what you purchase at buffalo sauce, possibly even the dessert (just kidding… but perhaps not).

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