Best Slip Joint Knives 2021: Top Brands Review


A simple handle, 2 springs and torx screws and a folding blade, maybe a few more, is all it took to create one of the most omnipresent knives in the world. A classy yet useful addition to your persona if chosen correctly. The traditional pocket knife that stood the test of time. To help with an easy and quick selection process, a list is developed with the best slip joint knives of 2021. The top slip joint knives brands are as follows to ensure you get the knife that suits your needs.

Best Slip Joint Knives Brands

Best Slip Joint Knife Brands

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Buck Knives Solo

Known for its durability, elegant simplicity and reliability this model is a bestseller and continues to be so. A family run business passed down 4 generations that understands quality control, which reflects in the Buck Knives Solo. An extra bonus is the promise of a life long warranty, or forever warranty as the makers call it. A perfect option for first timers and a timeless classic with a well-made wood handle for everyone else. Easily one of the best slip joint knives in the market.

CRKT Quill

A beautiful compact metallic piece with no extra frills and machinery to hide behind. A petite blade snaps open on a spring bar and loved by users all around the world. This is a slip joint knife with finesse albeit slightly delicate. The dainty structure is not made for heavy-duty use but works as an adequate sleek accessory. The perfect “gentlemen’s” knife with its fine lines and minimal size that makes for easy concealment. Users have also praised its understated charm and half-stop safety features.

Spyderco Tern

The Spyderco Tern offers a legal blade length, great wire clip and thin width at an affordable rate. The knife also offers a slip-it lock, which means the knife is never locked. It can be looked at as an advantage or disadvantage depending on use. Either way, a prominent click sound alerts the user that the knife is open. An edgy looking lightweight blade that retains its sharpness despite heavy use is a front-runner in the market.

Case Sod Buster

A full-length skinner blade and a curved handle for a sure grip has made it one of the top slip joint knives in 2021. Ideal for hunting and outdoor activities the knife has been termed the workhorse of slip joint knives. A relentless hardy option for hard core users with an aggressive cut. One of the most prolific slip joints in knife history, this hard-working multi-purpose blade is made to take on any task you throw at it.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer

The Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer has 8 functions and high grade Axol scales. A compact companion for all heavy-duty outdoor adventures. The classic soldiers knife inspired model has taken users through many a tough spot. A mini tool-kit to keep on you at all times. A knife with a promise that comes with it that ensures a seamless function.

SOG Terminus

A razor-sharp blade and easy to handle. The SOG Terminus has potential to be one of the best EDC or every day carry knives available in the market. It is compact, durable and lightweight. Something you can pack along with your phone and wallet. The best stain and edge retention this kind of money can buy along with added toughness means it can be used for outdoor purposes as well. The reliable S35VN steel blade completes the knife.

Spyderco Pingo

The slip joint knife that is the best example of less is more. A tiny blade of a mere 2.35 inches (ca. 6 cm) but surprisingly immense cutting power bringing to light a form of unique minimalism. It is a regular sized EDC but with a shorter blade and a bright orange handle with an easy grip means you’ll either love it or hate it. The blade is designed keeping in mind Denmark knife laws as knives u can open with 1 hand is not permitted. Though customers say they have no trouble doing so with one hand, sorry Denmark.

Boker Plus Chad Los Banos XS

Slip joint construction and a satin finished 440C stainless steel matte black blade that is easily deployable deserves a spot in the list of top slip joint knives. A textured ergonomic handle with reversible pocket clips makes it convenient for left and right-handers. A sleek design that locks in place to ensure safety. There is also a choil that will not allow you to cut your index finger. But it is an intimidating blade that snaps shut with force that can cut you. Difficult to open with the thumb stud but highly recommended for expert knife users.

Quiet Carry The West

Armed with an impressive titanium tip and quality materials compressed into a 6-inch body, The West is a modern minimal knife made to last. The width isn’t suitable for getting through food but has proved useful as a package and letter opener thanks to its fine swept up tip. Futuristic and minimal design, perfect for novice users who don’t plan on heavy-duty use. The most stand-out feature is the dis-assembly. Held together with only 2 Torx screws, maintenance becomes twice as easy.

Fallkniven U1

Like all the others on the list of top slip joint knives, the Fallkniven U1 doesn’t lock which means it is legal to carry it. A classic build and small frame are ideal for early users. Though the size requires you to have a part of your hand on the blade itself, it is compensated for with a thicker blade. The tip is a drop-point and is in no way delicate. Dark cocobolo wood handles lie in contrast with satin steel beautifully. A little too easy to close means users have to be careful, but all in all a worthy choice as an EDC blade.

Benchmade 319 Proper

The foldable knife design had been around for hundreds of years, and the Benchmade 319 Proper is a beautiful modern take on the same. This knife comes with a well-crafted micarta handle in a few color options and even 2 classic options for the blade. The clip-point and sheepsfoot blade both have proven their functionality and stood the test of time. CPM-S30V steel is used, is not as sturdy but cost-effective and performs well. The weight may mislead you but don’t be fooled, this is a knife for gentlemen with a classy old soul.

The James Brand County Knife

A flawless finish makes it less of an essential tool and more of a work of art. A deliberate classic that users have sworn by in terms of solid functionality. A little slower than other slip joints in the market in terms of practicality as you have to open using your fingernail and there is no delicate blade tip. An initial tightness in the mechanism evolves into a beautifully comfortable firmness with use. One of the best-looking knives you’ll come across. It is for those who value craftsmanship and a process involving time.


The classic single blade isn’t your only option when it comes to the best slip joint knives. Unique shapes and exquisite collectors’ items are also available if you plan on expanding your collection beyond functionality. The most sought after is the double-edged slip joint knives. If you plan on investing, read further to know what exactly you’re getting.

Trapper Slip Joints

Featuring one to five blades, mainly the clip point and spey blade, it is one of the most traditional slip joint knives. Longer versions were popular among trappers to aid in skinning of animal’s post hunting. A superior and aggressive design with a rugged feel.

Muskrat knife

An unusual dual ended version of the regular slip joint which allows for a clean blade at hand while working. This unique blade, or rather blades, were specifically used to skin muskrats. The opposing but identical blades make for an intimidating style made for the great outdoors.

Stockman knife

The sheepsfoot, clip-point and spey blade all come together in this double-edged beauty. Made for everyday tasks like cutting fruit as well as skinning and cutting flesh. 3 blades and 2 springs inside allow for a seamless function in the mechanisms. The handy tool has been popular ever since it was introduced in the 1800s.

Congress Knife

Again, a double-edged blade that come in pairs of 2 or 4. Mainly used to shape quill pens and whittle and was aptly named. A crowd favorite among carpenters and woodworkers today thanks to the coping blade which makes for perfect scribes and groves. An intricate and traditional choice for everyone.


The canoe knife is symmetrical and features double-edged blades, each for a different purpose. The pen blade serves its purpose in more delicate cutting while the spear blade is responsible for heavy-duty work. An ultimate camping knife for beginners and experts alike.

Barlow Knife

A lengthened bolster that provides a smooth transition from handle to knife and an oval handle are key features of the Barlow knife. Double bladed but single edged, the traditional knives were carried by the likes of Mark Twain and George Washington.


A great blend of outdoorsy and EDC, the Sodbuster has a simple bolster-less handle and a single traditional skinner blade. Perfect for novices as the functionality is simple and the design is slim. They are great to carry as a hard-core daily knife. Something to throw in your pocket with your keys.

Elephant’s Toenail

A chunky outdoor blade that is made purely for heavy-duty activities. Not the lightest blade in the market but is a unique collector’s edition with a thin grind and wide belly for strength. Sometimes known as the Sunfish blade, it does not function as a versatile EDC unless your regular day begins with you cutting through heavy chunks of rope.


Originating from the “knife City”- Thiers- and a small village Laguiole this is the original traditional Occitan knife. Traditionally it uses a single blade, but sometimes a corkscrew or such is added. A slim and sinuous outline that dates back to 1829 but still serves its purpose effectively.

Carry a Slip Joint Folding Knife


As non-locking knives that can fold back on you with improper use, slip joint knives demand respect. A classic piece you can pass down from generation to generation accounts for human error, which a locking blade cannot. A fixed blade may seem safer but the mechanism to be released to fold the blade is quick and aggressive. In fact, doctors in the ER agree they have seen more accidents caused by a fixed blade than a foldable non-locking one.

It is also a good starter knife as it is easy to manage and maintain. Many variations are available as compiled in the list, from which you can pick which style works best for you. Modern innovations and added safety features mean it’s a knife for one and all, irrespective of your expertise in knife handling. And barring a few length restrictions, the slip joint knives are a timeless piece legal almost everywhere.

Perfect Sizes For Everyday Use

The majority of slip-joint holders are created in dimensions for 99 percent of the situations you want a knife to get.

A good deal of lock blades appear to be aimed in the Rambo wannabees and are created in absurd sizes, together with blade fashions much more suited to hand-to-hand battle with a Smilodon, or skinning a mastodon, instead of cutting series, opening boxes, shaving plastic or wood, etc…, regular tasks which compose the huge majority of folding knife use.

Anything larger than 4″ isn’t very comfy in a pickpocket typically requires a pocket clip to keep the knife out of slipping deep inside your pocket, inducing some quite uncomfortable situations, particularly when traveling in a car. Slip joints fit within a pickpocket are there if you want them.

Several Blades in 1 Knife

Locked knives have only blade at their disposal. Designers have attempted to create dual edged blades but the functionality continues to be limited. Whereas in the case of slip joint knives, one to eight blades can be used in a single piece. As seen in the list of best slip joint knives, a good example to portray multi functionality would be the Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer. It has the practicality and classiness of a non-locking knife and has 33 different uses. An entire of arsenal of blades, each serving a unique purpose is available in a compact slim form of a mere 4inches (ca. 10 cm).

All blades are individually given thought before manufacturing. We have the clip point blade for trapper style cutting. The spey blade for skinning or a congress blade for both (double-edged). Some other blades available are the spear blade, pen blade and a special blade for whittling. There is a specific blade available for each one of your unique needs. The best part is, you can own all of them in one compact structure.

Slip Joints Do Not Look Threatening

Slip joint knives have been around for years. The classic seamless design and traditionalism is something people have seen their grandfathers carry. More than a sense of fear, a sense of nostalgia and value is what washes over a passer-by. Easily concealed thanks to a slim streamlined design, slip joint knives are considered works of art or tools rather than a weapon. It’s easily distinguishable from other knives and avoid serrations and Rambo like frills usually seen on locking knives.

An iconic every day piece you can carry on you at all times, is built to be conveniently placed on your body without any restrictions. The entire idea of the charming tool stems from the functionality and practicality.

They are a Slice of History

And slide knives are like carrying a slice of history. The majority of us can recall a person from our past who had a slide pocket knife together, as I mentioned previously. We do recall that knife, although we might not remember facts about these.

Among my prized possessions is my instance jigged bone-handled Sodbuster slide joint that’s probably over 100 years of age. It belonged to my grandfather. Bones are more collectible and a keepsake than other kinds of knives. Edition series slide joints are highly desired.