Best Slip Joint Knives 2021: Top Brands Review

best slip joint knives

There’s a chance to seek something with a traditional feel with a bit of contemporary. How do you think about Best Slip Joint Knives? Those modern knives will contain high-end substances from slide joints to friction folders, such as carbon fiber, ceramic, etc. You will make sure to make Grandpa proud by beginning a new convention.

Best Slip Joint Knives Brands

Best Slip Joint Knife Brands

Buck Knives Solo

An American manufacturer producing quality searching blades for more than a century, buck Knives is behind one of the slip joints available on the marketplace. Called the Solo, this single-blade knife features a construction of timber and carbon steel.

It is not fancy, but it will consistently get the work done and maybe depended on as an exceptional go-to non-locking folding knife – provided that you treat it.

CRKT Quill

Small enough to fit in the palm if set up, this offering from Columbia River Knife and Tool is a gentleman’s folder. Enrolling at 5.15 inches total, the Quill features a stainless steel blade – deployable using a nail Nick – which folds to stainless steel and a black bone handle.

It’s simple to use, slick, and an assortment of scenarios where a knife is not appropriate. You can put it with your money clip to get a combination.

Spyderco Tern

Produced by Spyderco’s low-cost sub-brand, Byrd, the Tern features the organization’s signature styling in a non-locking format. With the iconic thumb hole and the brand leaf form, the blade can be conducive to a mild and durable G10 and has been made of stainless steel handle. It is also fitted with a useful easy-carry tip so that you may keep it stable and willing to go at any time.

Case Sod Buster

Among the earliest knife-making brands from the USA, the W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company creates a significant number of excellent folding, searching, and fixed blade knives.

So it is not surprising that their foray into slipping joints would not be successful and among the best examples on the market. Called the Sod Buster, this non-locking folder has a Tru-Sharp surgical steel blade and can be made here in the USA. Additionally, it weighs only 3.4 ounces and measures up at just 4.63 inches when closed.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer

It must come as no surprise for some hardcore EDC fanatics, which Victorinox is accountable for you (or many) of the very best slip joint knives ever envisioned.

This edition of the Swiss Army Knife is popularly known as the Pioneer and is outfitted with a large stainless steel blade. It comes with some other useful functions such as a can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, and wire stripper. So it is more of a pocket multi-tool than only a slip joint knife, but it falls within our standards.

SOG Terminus

Please leave it to the people to choose a style folding knife and then give it an edge. The Terminus comes equipped with a BD1 steel clip point blade with a nail Nick for a G10 knife and installation grip for exceptional grip in most states.

It also benefits from an entire weight of just 2.9 oz, which is remarkable once you consider its total length is 7 inches in total. It falls within the guidelines for nations with non-locking knife legislation and is an offering from a brand.

Spyderco Pingo

Cooperation involving Jens Anso and knife designers Jesper Voxnaes has been exactly what the set came up with when attempting to handle the home state of Denmark’s transport laws.

We love it, aside from the fact that it’s more legal than other EDC knives because the design does not sacrifice quality or design. The blade consists of N690Co steel, and the grip is manufactured from fiberglass reinforced nylon and features a reversible tip-up pocket clip.

Boker Plus Chad Los Banos XS

What you may not know about Chad Los Banos, the knife’s developer, is that he is a Corrections Officer by commerce. But with thoughts such as this knife, we are thankful he has taken the time from his profession. This knife features a satin-finished 440C stainless steel blade, a G10 handle, weighs 4 ounces, and includes a pocket clip for transport alternatives.

Quiet Carry The West

Quiet Carry remained under the radar in the knife and carried worlds though we’re unsure just how. No matter the reason, we are also happy; the West is the perfect illustration of why they made it.

This trendy slip joint folder steps up at only 3.9″ when closed and can comprise a D2 steel satin-finished clip tip shaped blade (with nail Nick for installation) and a standard five titanium body. Across the board, this 3.2 oz urban-style carry blade is excellent.

Fallkniven U1

Fallkniven is among the brands which have garnered a great deal of respect but do not have. This slip joint knife will help change this. The U1 that features a nail Nick installation steps up at 3 3/8″ closed and features a laminated powder 3G steel fall tip blade.

And it’s mated into a handle with infrequent and stunning wood scales. Should you require a pocket knife and put somewhere in-between needing a gentleman’s style blade and a hunting knife, this is the one for you.

Benchmade 319 Proper

It was just a matter of time before that Benchmade took a swing among the pocket knife manufacturers. And, we must say for work well done to them.

The 319 Proper is slick and easy but does not lie in which it counts just like in its CPM-S30V 2.86″ blade or gently textured Micarta handle. And all that in a bundle that falls within the guidelines of a small-form non-locking pocket knife exceptional.

The James Brand County Knife

Your preferences are now somewhat more elegant, although Should you feel that longing for your childhood’s boy scout knives, then this offering in The James Brand should be right up your street.

Produced from a mixture of walnut, 416 stainless steel, and Sandvik steel, this knife is a workhorse and showpiece. And, measuring up at 6″ set up and just 3.5″ once closed, it is more than modest enough to match with almost any present regular carry loadout.


Your priority will be in the quickness of installation, and if you’re unfettered by knife lock legislation, you may want to look at our selections.

Trapper Slip Joints

A medium-sized knife with a blade, a clip point, and two blades open in precisely the end. These blades are convenient for field-dressing little game. Trappers are created in tiny and big sizes.

Muskrat knife

Moderate sized starting from other ends. Just change sides If one blade becomes boring and maintain cutting. Great when you’ve got little time for waxing and a good deal of cutting to do.

Stockman knife

Size knife with a sheep foot and three blades, a clip point, a spy, and gentle scales, starting from the ends. These are useful for working across livestock.

Congress Knife

Typically sized at each end using four blades and a pair of scales. They’re created with blade mixes, but the most common is using a pen blade, a blade, a sheep’s foot, and a spear point. These are excellent for whittling and many different tasks.


As its name suggests, it’s a canoe-shaped pair of scales that nicely put in the hand and make cutting chores a joy. Includes a spear pen and tip blade, starting at ends. Very connected with boating, fishing, and also my personal favorite.

Barlow Knife

A classic. One of these designs never grows obsolete or older. A moderate to large-sized knife having a pencil and two blades, a clip point, and a bolster opening in precisely the end. Popular with outdoorsmen and farmers back in today. It has a loyal following.


Another layout is basic and straightforward. A moderate with a spear, no bolsters, and also marginally scales point blade. A no-nonsense, heavy-duty knife, and as its name implies, popular with other people and farmers who desire a folding knife.

Elephant’s Toenail

Among the bigger sized skid joints out there. The knife was scaled by A oblong with tasteful two and bolstered spear point blades. The blades permit incredible power with this particular size knife. It was also made at a moderate size, known as a Sunfish, and a tiny version known as a Peanut.


A folder with elaborate bolsters and a spare pair of scales. It sports a clipped tip that is slender that is single. In the united states, a similarly styled knife is referred to as a Toothpick. Sometimes, they are produced in smaller dimensions using an attached corkscrew and called a Lady’s Leg.

Carry a Slip Joint Folding Knife

Carry a Slip Joint Folding Knife?


Lock blade folders might seem safer to use at first impression, but slide joints are safer if utilized properly, in my own view. Lock blade knives provide a false sense of safety to people. They are contingent on the lock maintaining the blade. Locks neglect, causing injuries once the knives are used and are mistreated.

Most accidents stem from clipping in the wrong direction, improper traction, etc… Having a slip joint, so you’re aware that the knife may fold back up. Therefore many men and women exercise particular caution when using them, leading to better managing and procedure.

Perfect Sizes For Everyday Carry

The majority of slip-joint holders are created in dimensions for 99 percent of the situations you want a knife to get.

A good deal of lock blades appear to be aimed in the Rambo wannabees and are created in absurd sizes, together with blade fashions much more suited to hand-to-hand battle with a Smilodon, or skinning a mastodon, instead of cutting series, opening boxes, shaving plastic or wood, etc…, regular tasks which compose the huge majority of folding knife use.

Anything larger than 4″ isn’t very comfy in a pickpocket typically requires a pocket clip to keep the knife out of slipping deep inside your pocket, inducing some quite uncomfortable situations, particularly when traveling in a car. Slip joints fit within a pickpocket are there if you want them.

Several Blades in 1 Knife

Lock blades have one blade. Remember which pocket every is inside, and you will need to take sharp knives, Should you want more than just one blade size or style. Some producers have attempted to create multi-edged locking blades, which are 1/3rd, but it is not a solution.

On the other hand, slip joints may have 3, 2, 4, or a mind-boggling collection of tools and blades (such as my Victorinox Swiss Champion…with over 33 purposes), a single knife matches in the pocket having decent comfort.

Along with the blade mixes are extremely well thought out, like a Trapper-style using a clip point blade for cutting, plus a Spey blade for skinning, or a Congress, that has two bigger blades, a clip point, and Spey blade, and two bigger blades for detail work, such a s pencil aside, and chisel point…great for whittling.

Slip Joints Do Not Look Threatening

Slip knives are extremely non-threatening. I’ve had folks in areas like a Walmart completely freak-out once I pulled out my Cold Steel Voyager and opened it one-handed, with a rather gratifying snick since the blade secured open, generally to trim some loose ribbon on clothes or another benign undertaking.

I’ve had areas call Safety since I was sporting a 3″ neck knife, simply because somebody thought my miniature and the straight blade seemed threatening. But except for airports and government buildings, I have never once had anyone complain of me using or carrying a sliding knife in nearly 60 decades of knives.

In reality, many folks like to look at them, such as my turquoise-scaled instance Trapper. It is a work of art. Many men and women think slide joints are adorable and convenient (they’re appropriate…).

They are a Slice of History

And slide knives are like carrying a slice of history. The majority of us can recall a person from our past who had a slide pocket knife together, as I mentioned previously. We do recall that knife, although we might not remember facts about these.

Among my prized possessions is my instance jigged bone-handled Sodbuster slide joint that’s probably over 100 years of age. It belonged to my grandfather. Bones are more collectible and a keepsake than other kinds of knives. Edition series slide joints are highly desired.

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