Best 30 Inch Gas Cooktop With Downdraft 2021: Top Brands Review


Having an issue with odor and smoke while cooking is a common issue. And while some people install a diced range vent or hood or an exhaust fan, it is possible to have a more affordable solution.

Installing an exhaust fan or a vent is a common kitchen expense. However, if you don’t have the extra money and your kitchen space is not large, this might not be a worthwhile investment. In order to battle the odor and smoke issues, you can get the best 30″ gas cooktop with downdraft that offers several benefits that you won’t get with your traditional gas cooktop. With the help of this cooktop, you will not only be saving money but also having a better cooking experience.

So, if you decide that the downdraft gas cooktop is the right investment for you, read on to find out the top brands that offer the cooktop and how you can find the right one for your kitchen.

Top Rated best downdraft gas cooktop Brands

Top Rated Best 30″ Gas Cooktop With Downdraft Brands

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1. Frigidaire RC36DG60PS 36″ Built-In Downdraft

This 36” built-in downdraft cooktop from Frigidaire comes with a downdraft ventilation system for whisking away all the smoke and odors from your kitchen without installing an overhead vent. Apart from the four sealed burners, it features the PowerPlus Boil capable of boiling water faster with the help of 17,000 BTU. Through the Pro-Select Controls, you can expect precise control right at your fingertips. Thanks to the continuous grates, you will be able to transfer heavy pans and pots easily between the burners without lifting them at all. It comes with three-speed settings to help you with big or small cooking processes. There are also several additional features that make it the right fit for your kitchen like the recessed stainless steel surface type, dishwasher-safe filter, 3 ducting options, low simmer burner, and cast metal knob.

Through this cooktop, you will be able to get the restaurant-grade performance right in your home and have a fine dining experience every time you cook.

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2. DCS CDV304N 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burners Cooktop

When it comes to matching style with performance, nothing can beat this stainless steel gas sealed burners cooktop from DCS. This drop-in cooktop works well for home chefs as well as professional chefs. It features its four patented dual flow burners that are capable of delivering the fierce 15,000 BTUs but can also let you simmer your food for hours at 140°F.

This 30” deep cooktop can be dropped into any kitchen counter easily to give you that custom-designed feel. The sealed burners on the encapsulated cooking surface ensure that the cooktop is easy to clean. The stainless steel finish and the seamless cooktop design add to its ease of use. Also, sliding larger pans and pots is easy on this cooktop, thanks to the deep-platform and full-coverage style grates. The sealed dual flow burners and the ergonomically designed metal dials give you complete control and confirmation of the cooktop temperatures. Using this cooktop will make you feel like a professional chef working at a 5-star restaurant.

3. Bosch NGM5655UC500 36″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

Bosch cooktops have been designed for delivering the best results with minimal effort. This 36” stainless steel gas sealed burner cooktop combines intuitive usability with simplicity. Using it will ensure that you can follow the recipes more efficiently, make the meals quickly, and clean the cooktop easily.

This 5 burner gas cooktop comes with a powerful 16,000 BTU burner that can be used for boiling, stir-frying, and searing. The post-to-turn and heavy-duty black metal knobs will ensure that you can adjust your heat levels easily. The OptiSim burner will help you in melting chocolates and creating delicate sauces without scorching them. The one-piece stainless steel design provides a low-profile design that is perfect for giving your kitchen an integrated appearance.

Bosch believes that cooking is supposed to bring joy, not frustration. This burner cooktop has been engineered to provide a precise performance by offering low simmer and high heat options for cooking flexibility.

4. GE Profile 30″ Built-In Gas Downdraft Cooktop-White PGP9830TJWW

This 30” built-in gas downdraft cooktop-white is sleek and easy to clean. Unlike other gas cooktops, it comes with a smooth glass finish on the surface. There is a convenient downdraft exhaust system at the center of the cooktop that will draw stem, odors, and greasy smoke down into the cooktop. There is a filter down there that can be cleaned easily using soapy water by hand. Depending on how intense your cooking is, there are low, medium, and high-speed settings on the ventilation fan.

There are Infinite Heat rotary control knobs right in front of the downward ventilation grille present on the front for the four sealed burners. The maximum power output for the front-right burner is 11,500 BTUs. This works well for high-powered cooking like boiling water for pasta. For lower-powered cooking like simmering or warming foods, you can use the back-right burner. The left-side burners offer a BTU of 9,100 that is suitable for all forms of cooking.

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5. KitchenAid KCGD500GSS 30″ 4-Burner

The KitchenAid’s 30” gas cooktop comes with the Downdraft integrated ventilation system so that you don’t have to get a separate hood. It also features a professional burner capable of 17,000 BTUs that have low simmer settings as well as the high heat settings needed for searing. The even-heat simmer burner with 5,000 BTU power enables precise melting and simmering. Rest assured that the cooktop can handle all the venting, thanks to the 300 CFM exhaust.

The cooktop comes with a 3-speed fan control that is capable of matching your cooking needs precisely and removing odors, grease, and steam from the air effectively. The cast-iron grates beautify the cooktop and also allow easy cookware movement around the cooking surface. The automatic re-ignition lights burners and electronic ignition have been provided with the cooktop. You will also get an LP Conversion Kit with this cooktop so that you can convert the cooktop to be used with LP gas.

6. GE PP9830DJBB

This downdraft cooktop model from GE includes a multitude of features that will ease the cooking process for you. There are four radiant cooking elements so that your food cooks quickly and evenly on the sleek, glass surface. Next is the 9″/6″ Power Boil element that allows you to use pans of different sizes on the simple, 3000 W flexible element capable of producing rapid powerful heat. You can also combine cooking elements into one cooking area with the bridge element.

The cooktop comes with a powerful downdraft exhaust system that can pull steam and smoke out of the kitchen effectively. There is also control lock capability on the cooktop to protect against unintended activation. For safety purposes, there are hot surface indicator lights so that you know what the elements are hot. This cooktop has a black glass surface with knob controls that make it convenient to use and give it a clean, modern look.

7. KitchenAid KCED600GBL

With KitchenAid 30” electric cooktop, you will have an integrated ventilation system so that you don’t need a separate hood. This way, all the odors, and smoke will be either filtered and circulated inside or removed and taken outside. The 10-inch Even-Heat Ultra element and multiple simmer settings offer versatility for low and high-temperature cooking. It also ensures that there is a constant power supply to the cooktop. There is also the 6” Even-Heat element with a melt setting so that you can melt butter or chocolate without scorching it.

Combining the ventilation system and the 3-speed fan offering a 300 CFM exhaust rating, you get ventilation that can keep up with your culinary adventures. You can use the duct-free conversion kit for placing the downdraft cooktop anywhere in the kitchen. This way, the air will be filtered and recirculated without running ductwork. This is ideal for kitchens that have ducting limitations or installation restrictions. The CookShield finish protects the glass surface of the cooktop from scratches so that it looks pristine for a long time.

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8. KitchenAid Architect Series II KECD807XBL

This Architect series model from KitchenAid is perfect for a peninsula or an island as the downdraft cooktop can remove odors, steam, and smoke without the help of an overhead hood. Each double-ring round element of the cooktop has two distinct sizes. This way, you can choose which element to use on the basis of the size of your cookware. The cooktop has an exhaust rating of 400 CFM that is capable of handling the different ventilation requirements for different forms of cooking techniques like stir-frying and pan searing. Also, the 3-speed fan control ensures that the cooktop matches the ventilation power required for different recipes.

There is a hot-surface indicator on the cooktop that indicates if the cooking surface is still hot or on. A warm zone element has been provided with the cooktop where you can keep your food warm for about one hour. The ceramic glass surface wipes easily and offers a stylish appearance.

9. GE Profile 30″ Built-In Gas Downdraft Cooktop PGP9830DJBB

The GE Profile 30” downdraft gas cooktop is sleek and easy to use and clean. Unlike other gas cooktops, its surface has a smooth glass finish. There is a downdraft exhaust system at the center of the cooktop that draws all the steam, odors, and greasy smoke down into the cooktop. There is a filter that you can clean easily using water and soap. Also, the ventilation has been provided with a low, medium, and high speed setting so that you can have the right heat intensity for different types of cooking.

GE has also provided the Infinite Heat rotary control knobs in the downward ventilation grille for the four sealed burners. For high powered cooking, you can use the front-right burner that gives 11,500 BTUs of power output. A maximum BTU of 91,00 is available in the left-side burners for different types of cooking.

10. KitchenAid KCGD506GSS

This downdraft cooktop from KitchenAid will replace your exhaust hood. The downdraft element is capable of pulling odors, smoke, and grease out of the air immediately after they have broken free from the food. With three distinct fan speeds and an exhaust rating of 300 CFM, the cooktop can effectively clean the area regardless of what you are cooking. If your kitchen doesn’t have a venting option, Kitchen Aid has a duct-free conversion kit so that you can use the cooktop for filtering the contaminated air and recycling it to the kitchen after clearing it.

It features five burners of different power and has enough space for cooking the whole meal at once. From the mighty 17,000 BTU professional burner to the 5,000 BTU Even-Heat simmer burner, all five elements have different capabilities. If you want the control and power required for making your culinary fantasies come true, you should bring this cooktop from KitchenAid home.

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11. KitchenAid 4-Burner

If you love cooking outdoors, this newly designed and exclusive 4-burner gas grill from KitchenAid is the right one for you. It has been exquisitely manufactured for using the highest quality workmanship and materials. With all the power and capabilities it comes with, it will surely make your next outdoor meal a culinary experience for you. Featuring a large cooking area along with a side burner, this gas grill will help you in preparing any kind of grilled delicacy. The total cooking area is 689 sq. inches and there are 304 stainless steel cooking grids.

The stainless steel side burner provides a power of 12,000 BTU to help with boils, simmers, and sautés. That is why it is perfect for side dishes and sauces. Lastly, the cast aluminum lid end caps ensure that you have added durability and corrosion resistance.

The Frigidaire Gallery Series built-in gas cooktop comes with five sealed burners. It’s a sleek gas cooktop that is bold in performance as well as the appearance and can cook even the most delicate of sauces or confections. Whether it is rapid boiling or frying of savory foods and snacks, this cooktop has got it covered.

The center burner is the largest that has a versatile BTU rating ranging from 459 to 18,000. When required, you can either lower the heat or move your pans and pots to gentler burners using the continuous cast-iron grates of the cooktop. Overall, it is a quite smooth transition across the surface of the cooktop. The seamless recessed burners ensure that you can cooktop easily. Also, the cooktop has spillovers to further ease up the cleaning process. Other features include the liquid propane kit and how the cooktop can be complemented with the electric single wall oven from Frigidaire.

13. Electrolux Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS

This 30” gas cooktop is from the bold Professional Series of Frigidaire. The center PowerPlus burner is capable of powering at 18,200 BTU that can be used for a fast boil or for the high-heat cook. There are professional-style PrecisionPro control knobs that are not only easy to use, but also provide you with optimum flame control. Thanks to the continuous cast-iron cooking grates, you can transfer your pots and pans easily without any interruption. After they have cooled down, they can be washed in the dishwasher. Lastly, the entire cooktop surface is made from stainless steel so that it can blend easily with other kitchen appliances.

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Most Problems Folks Have with Downdraft Cooktops?

Problems Folks Face with Downdraft Cooktops

Utilizing tall pots – Downdraft cooktops have limited capabilities in terms of tall pots. The exhaust fan system used in the cooktops is extremely powerful so if you use tall baskets, the fumes might not get squeezed down.

Cooking disposition – A small kitchen doesn’t have enough airflow for countering the natural smoke flow. In such cases, the downdraft cooktop won’t work as well as you hope. But, if your kitchen is small but has proper ventilation, there won’t be any issues with the downdraft cooktop.

Grueling setup – Placing a downdraft cooktop in your kitchen is easy. However, you have to address a lot of concerns before buying one. For the cooktop to work, the ductwork in your house should be able to accommodate the piping and vent the smoke out of the house. All that extra construction can get expensive.

Features Of the Best Downdraft Gas Cooktops

Purchasing a downdraft cooktop requires a lot of research or else you will end up with something that doesn’t satisfy your requirements. To help you make the right choice, here are some features that you should consider before buying a downdraft gas cooktop.

High BTU Rating

This feature is what determines the amount of heat a cooktop can produce. It is measured using the British Thermal Unit (BTU) that determines the low or high heat units. If the cooktop has a higher BTU rating, it will produce more heat. Also, high BTU units are able to cook your food much quicker.

Some cooktops come with both low and high BTU ratings to ensure that you have all the different heat levels for preparing a wide range of foods. Cooktops with 5,000 BTU will produce low heat while units with more than 10,000 BTU will produce more heat.

Convenient Power Source

Cooktops can be fueled using gas or electricity. Most people have been using gas-powered cooktops for decades. However, the induction models are known to provide great performance. Both of them are great power sources. However, you need to select the option that suits your priorities.

If you want high heat, the downdraft gas cooktop is the right option for you. So, if you usually prepare foods that need a high-temperature gas model would be food. However, there will be some compromise on the safety features. Electric downdraft cooktops are known for producing consistent heat that can cook your food evenly.

Fits Your Counter Space

In the above list, most of the cooktops are of the 30” size. This is the perfect size for medium or large families. Also, if you host lunches or dinners regularly, this size will be able to suffice your needs. These cooktops can be used for regular 6 inches pans along with the 9 inches ones. Depending on the number of the burners and the size of your cooktop, you can use 4 to 6 cookwares at the same time. In some models, you can accommodate larger cookware with no trouble.

The 48” size cooktop is usually used by professional chefs. If you work with large cookware, this size cooktop might be right for you.

At Least Four Burners

If you are the type of person who likes to prepare different meal portions simultaneously and can cope up with the pace, you need a cooktop that has at least four burners. Some cooktops have 5 or 6 burners, but not all of them will be of the same dimension. This way, you can place different sized pots and pans on them.

Easily Cleaned and Maintained

Buying a cooktop is like an investment. You will be using it for a few decades so you need to buy one that offers durability. Most of the cooktops are made using stainless steel. However, some of them have added reinforced materials for increased value. In the case of grates, durable cast iron materials are used. If money is no problem for you, you can go for a ceramic glass option as glass surfaces are much easier to clean. However, cleaning a stainless steel cooktop is easy as well.

If your cooktop has control knobs, you have to make sure that they are rigid and solid by touching them. Most cooktops have knobs made using high-grade plastic material as these areas are touched the most.

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best gas cooktop with downdraft buying guide

Downdraft Cooktops Buying Guide

When you are buying a cooktop, your personal tastes and customs play an important part. There are certain factors that must be considered:

Gas or Electric

Gas cooktops use natural gas or propane. With their powerful burners and commercial-style details, these cooktops give a bold look. The burners of the gas cooktops have precise heat control and can heat things up quickly. It is ideal for someone who uses high-heat cooking methods like cooking with a wok or swearing. Electric cooktops on the other hand are capable of reaching high temperatures and offer great responsiveness. Also known as radiant cooktops, electric cooktops have better flexibility than gas cooktops in terms of installation. They have smooth surfaces that are sleek and can be cleaned easily.

Cooktop Size

Every kitchen is different and there is no one size fits all in the case of cooktops. Thankfully, the kitchenware market has a wide range of sizes for accommodating your needs. The most popular sizes for cooktops are 3-”, 36”, and 48”. If you have a small kitchen, some brands sell cooktops in 15” and 24” sizes. The depth of your cooktop will depend on the fuel type and the model but the general size is somewhere between 20” and 28”. The width of the cooktop will be determined by the number of burners. In 15: cooktops, there will be one or two burners. 24” and 30” cooktops will have four to five burners. 36” and 48” cooktops have five to six or eight burners respectively. Some of the cooktops also come with a griddle or a grill.

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Top best slide in gas range with downdraft


To determine what kind of vent system works best for you, you need to consider your kitchen’s orientation as well as your personal cooking style. With downdraft, there is no need for installing an overhead hood vent. You can install them behind your cooktop and add a telescopic design that raises out of the countertop.

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Easy To Clean

If you get a complex cooktop model, cleaning it will become quite challenging. If cleanliness is a priority for you, you need a cooktop that is easy to clean and has removal parts. Most glass cooktops and downdraft inductions are easy to clean. However, gasoline grills will take a lot of effort and time. Cooktops that come with sealed grates are also hard to clean as reaching some areas will be hard.

In terms of ease to clean, induction cooktops and smooth tops are the winners. Since they are flat, wiping them down is a simple process. However, you do have to take care of spills immediately or else it will be harder to clean as they burn into the surface.


In terms of safety, the induction cooktop is your best option as it is capable of heating the food without getting the surface too hot. Gas cooktops work with open flames so you have to be extra careful about what you leave on the cooktop. If you lose attention for even a second, an oven mitt or a dishtowel might catch fire. Electric cooktops change colors when they are being used as well as when they are cooling. So, you will know when you should not touch them.


Some brands have high-end electric smooth top cooktops that have replaced the traditional knobs with digital controls. Through one-touch activation, they are offering a sleek and high-tech look and are also making it easier for the customers to clean. A cooktop with knobs is perfectly functional, but if you are looking for something that is easier to use and nicer to look at, then a cooktop with digital controls might be the right for you.


Even though they are cheaper, electric coil cooktops have better durability than electric smooth top cooktops. In general, the brand of the cooktop and the specifications is what will determine how long your cooktop will last. However, you also have to work on regular cleaning and proper maintenance.

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Extra Features

With some downdraft cooktops, you will get knobs for controlling the temperature while some others come with touch controls. Apart from that, you can also look for some other extra features that improve the functionality and convenience of the cooktop such as power boil burners, warming zones, cooking modules, and control lockout.


Downdraft cooktops can be considered as a modern as well as a functional alternative option to overhead cooktops. You can install them using the existing ventilation systems. The best part about these is that all the contaminants, fumes, and smoke will be sucked from the base of the cooktop and you will have free space on the countertop. If you want some help deciding what cooktop is right for your kitchen, you can refer to this guide.