Best Skillet America'S Test Kitchen

Best Skillet in America’s Test Kitchen 2021: Top Brands Review


Cooking is also known as a culinary art and you need the right tools for this task. The skillet is one such cooking tool that makes a kitchen complete. Your food will never taste great without a good skillet. At the time of braising thick sauces or making spicy curries a good skillet can enhance the taste ten folds. In the market, you will find hundreds of new skillet brands.

Things to Consider when Deciding on the Evaluation of a Nonstick Pan America

Things to Consider when Deciding on a the best Nonstick Pan

Form of Nonstick Coating

The kitchenware market is filled with various fry pan advertisements, where they highlight hundreds of positive aspects of the skillet. Instead of following this branding jargon, you can check these three aspects for choosing the best skillet in America’s test kitchen. Only choose a skillet, if it passes these qualities with full marks.

  • PTFE

Most people know this material like Teflon. It can withstand high heat and doesn’t let the food stick to the cooking surface. Before purchasing any skillet, ensure the quality of Teflon. Never buy a skillet, which is covered with low-quality Teflon. Any Teflon containing GenX, PFOS, APEO, and PFBS can be harmful to your health. These low qualities Teflon easily wear off after a couple of weeks of cooking. Always choose high-quality Teflon.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic cookware can withstand more heat than Teflon. They are also more scratch-resistant and last for a long time. However, some contaminations like Cadmium, Lead, and PFOA can be toxic. Always choose a contamination-free Ceramic. However, these types of skillets cost much more than others.

  • Heat Distribution

Uneven distribution of heat is not good for cooking. It may cause brunt marks of the food. Therefore always choose high-density materials for the skillet. You will find that the best skillet is made from anodized or  heavy-gauge aluminum. These skillets cook the food evenly from all directions without burning.

Comfort and Shape

A skillet is nothing more than a tool for cooking and you need to choose it wisely. The shape of the skillet should change according to your comfort and the dish you are preparing. If you are making a large amount of food, then choosing a large skillet makes sense.

Otherwise, choose a skillet that you can move easily. Big skillets are heavy, and flipping things in them can tire your wrist quickly. However, you can choose a big skillet for thickening sauce or shimmering type tasks. Big skillets have a wider surface area for evaporation. Therefore, they can thicken the sauce better than small skillets. Most skillets weigh in-between 1.8 to 2.4 pounds. Check the weight and the shape of the skillet before choosing.

Different types of Pots and Pans

Technically you can cook everything on a single skillet. However, you won’t get the authentic taste of the dish from it. Various types of cookware had developed to enhance the optimal flavor. Here are some other cookware you can have in your kitchen.

Types of Cookware

  • Fry Pan/ Sauteuse

You will find this cookware in most European kitchens. It looks like a round pan with a lid and two small handles. Most people use it to braise or sauté different foods. You can use this pan for making stews, casseroles, or pasta.

  • Saute Pan / Sautoir

It is a type of skillet with a straight edge. It was primarily originated in France. The high heat conductivity of this pan is very efficient.

  • Wok

It is a Chinese version of the skillet. It is primarily used in Asian kitchens for preparing various types of Chinese cuisine. Most of them are round-bottomed pan with a high wall. You can use it for making Stir-Fried vegetables, Mushroom Pepper Steak, Asian Pork Linguine, Peanut Chicken Stir-Fry, etc

  • Paella Pan

It is a wide and shallow type of pan that offers a flat and wide surface for cooking. You can use it as a breakfast griddle, Stir-frying or sautéing, and Campfire cooking.

  • Brazier / Rondeau Pot

It is a shallow pan that comes with a lid. Most of them are often used on Dutch ovens. In the market, you can find them made with copper or stainless steel. These pots are good for poaching, oven-roasting, and searing.

  • Roasting Pan

It is one of the best types of skillet you can use for cooking meat in an oven. Most of these pans come with a rack, which allows the juice to drip in the pan. However, some people use it for baking dish or basin. They are comparatively inexpensive than other skillets.

  • Egg Poacher

It is a unique type of dish that is generally used for one task, poaching eggs. Most of these egg poachers use electricity to heat the surrounding water and the steam from the heated water cooks the eggs. By using this, you can cook several eggs at a single time.

  • Cast Iron Skillet

Most cast iron skillets are made with thick cast iron molding. Unfortunately, they lack non-stick coating. You can burn your food easily on a cast iron skillet if you don’t pay attention properly. However, food cooked in a cast-iron skillet tastes the best.

  • Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven

This cookware is molded by put into a cast for making this cookware. Aluminum is used in making this pot because it is a good conductor of heat. Most of the Cast Aluminum Dutch ovens are very energy efficient and they cook faster than other cookware. You can use it for roasting and baking.

  • Straight-Sided Sauce Pan

It is a convenient basic type of pan that comes with a long handle. Most of them are made from aluminum or stainless steel. They are quite cheap and durable at the same time. However, they tend to burn the food, and food particles are easily stuck to the cooking surface.

Different types of Cake Pans

For baking anything in the oven, you need different types of cookware. Let’s check out your possible options for baking.

  • Angel Food Cake Pan

If you want to make a cake with a hole inside, then you have to choose this cake pan. The main feature of this pan is a cylinder inside the cake pan. Most of these pans are made from aluminum. This pan bakes the cake from all directions. As a result, you will find an evenly cooked cake for dessert.

  • Bread Loaf Pan

If you want to bake soft fresh bread in the kitchen, then you have to use this pan. It is a square-shaped pan that comes in various sizes. The most common size for this type of pan is 25.5 cm by 13 cm. The depth of most pans is around 6 cm. Different companies use different materials for their making. Some companies use aluminum, while others use carbon steel. Most of them easily fit in regular ovens.

  • Sheet Pan

This cookware is also known as a baking tray. It is a shallow rectangular tray generally made from aluminum or carbon steel. Most of these trays are available in the market at an inexpensive price. These inexpensive baking trays are not coated with any non-stick coating. However, expensive baking trays do contain Teflon coating. You can use a sheet pan for baking pizzas, cookies, Swiss rolls, and sheet cakes.

  • Cake Pan

This is a general pan with a straight wall for making cakes. People also call these pans cake tin. It is a mold for cake. The size and shape of a cake are determined by its cake pan. If you want a round cake, then you need a round cake pan. For heart shape cake, it is better to use a heart-shaped cake pan. Only expensive cake pans come with Teflon coating. General cake pans are made from aluminum and they are pretty inexpensive.

  • Muffin Pan

It is similar to a cake pan, but the size of it is substantially small. This cake pan is for only making cupcakes and muffins. The size of a muffin pan is similar to a bowl. By using these pans you can easily make a couple of muffin cakes for children.

  • Springform Cake Pan

Pulling out a cake from the cake pan can be a difficult job sometimes. The cake might break into several pieces if you put extra pressure in this process. A Springform cake pan alleviates this risk. These types of cake pans have a spring or hook mechanism in the outer wall. By pressing a liver you can remove the pan wall from its position and reveal the cake safely. Teflon covered cake pans cost a bit more than regular cake pans.

  • Tart Pan

It is a flat pan with wavy edges on the side. This type of pan is good for making Quiche, Tart, and Pie. The bottom of this type of pan is removable. Generally, they are made from aluminum or carbon steel. The expensive version of tart pans comes with a Teflon coating.

Best Skillet America's Test Kitchen Brands

Best America’s Test Kitchen Brands

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Cuisinart 622-30G Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Skillet

Cuisinart has used anodized material in the construction of the skillet to improve the durability. Anodized is one such material that surpasses stainless steel in density and hardness. As a result, this skillet soaks heat very efficiently and radiates very evenly.

Cuisinart has used Quantanium non-stick coating with titanium which lasts for years. The skillet has a tapered rim, so you can pour the sauces without dripping. It comes with a glass cover that lets you check the food while cooking. The glass cover helps the food simmer properly.


  • Made from durable anodized material, which is very dense.
  • The skillet distributes heat to the food more evenly
  • The Quantanium non-stick coating does not allow food particles to stick to the skillet.
  • Heat resistant handle allows you to handle it effortlessly.
  • The skillet is suitable for both induction and gas stoves.


  • The price is a bit expensive.

· Many people reported that the handle detaches from the skillet very easily

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Ozeri 10″ Stone Earth Frying Pan, Non-Stick Coating

Ozeri is a very popular. For this frying pan/skillet, they have used heavy-gauge aluminum. You can use it on both regular and induction stoves. It weighs only 2.4 pounds. The magnetized base allows rapid heat transfer through this frying pan.

The cooking surface of this frying pan is covered with a stone-derived coating. It is 100% eco-friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals like GenX, PFOS, APEO, PFBS, etc. Thanks to this coating, cleaning this frying pan is very easy. It is available in 7 different colors.


  • The company has used heavy-gauge aluminum for its manufacturing.
  • The skillet is dent-proof and very durable for kitchen usage.
  • The stone-derived non-stick coating is 100% eco-friendly and does not cause any harm to the health.
  • You can wash this skillet in a dishwasher.
  • It is available in multiple trendy colors.


  • It is a bit heavy to use in a day to day kitchen activity.
  • The skillet transfers the heat very quickly and burns the food when the stove remains high.
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OXO Good Grips Non-Stick 12″ Open Frypan

In the world of kitchenware, OXO is famous. For the making of this skillet, the company has used hard-anodized aluminum in the skillet body and durable stainless steel in the handle. It weighs only 2.7 pounds.

The skillet is so durable that you can put it in both the oven and dishwasher daily. It can withstand high temperatures up to 430°F. The cooking surface of this skillet is covered with a three-layered non-stick coating. This coating is free of toxic elements including PFOA. The rolled edges of this skillet make pouring foods to the plates an easy task.


  • Hard-anodized aluminum alloy makes this skillet very durable and dent-proof.
  • The skillet can endure high temperatures up to 430°F.
  • You will find three layers of non-stick coating on the cooking surface.
  • Thanks to the rolled edge, pouring food to the plate is very easy.
  • The stainless steel handle is very strong.


  • When you put the skillet in an oven the stainless steel handle will get hot and it can burn your hand if you forget to put on gloves.
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Greatest Black Pan Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan by T-fal

T-fal is one of the best skillet companies famous for their innovation. This frying pan/skillet features a Thermo-Spot in the middle, which changes color and becomes red when it is ready for cooking. The company used a double Titanium non-stick coating on the cooking surface. This coating is very durable and scratch-resistant.

The main body of this frying pan is made from heavy-gauge aluminum alloy. This alloy soaks heat faster and distributes it evenly through the cooking surface. The frying pan is designed to handle tough conditions in the kitchen. The Riveted Silicone handle makes it safe for both dishwasher and oven. The magnetic bottom of this frying pan is also suitable for induction stoves.


  • The unique Thermo-Spot in the middle indicates when the skillet is ready for cooking.
  • It is very easy to clean the skillet, thanks to the Titanium non-stick coating.
  • The skillet is suitable for oven, gas, and induction stoves.
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum alloy is the main body of this skillet.
  • The Silicone handle always remains in touchable temperature.


  • It is very expensive cookware for its brand name.
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Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan

You would be surprised to know that just like Teflon diamonds are also non-stick. It is possible due to the unique surface structure of the diamond. This Swiss company understood this effect and recreated it on the cooking surface. This frying pan/skillet incorporates the latest Swiss technology. Heavy-gauge aluminum alloy is used for the making of this frying pan. In this frying pan, you get around 9.5 inches in diameter for cooking. It weighs only 1.81 pounds.

The diamond coating of this frying pan can withstand heat up to 500°F. It is scratch proof and you can put it in the dishwasher for cleaning. The silicone handle does not catch fire and remains cool all the time. As a result, you can put it in the oven too. This frying pan works on the ceramic, radiant ring, halogen, electric, and gas stoves.


  • This skillet has PFOA-free non-stick coating, which is safe for health.
  • It is quite lightweight and weighs only 1.81 pounds.
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures up to 500°F.
  • You can use this skillet on gas, electric, halogen, and radiant ring.
  • The silicone handle is soft to the touch.


  • Many people complained that the rivet on the handle is not durable.
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T-Fal E93808 Professional Nonstick Fry Pan

When it comes to the inclusion of new technologies in cookware, T-Fal has proven that they are among the best options. They have successfully incorporated the Thermo-Spot in the middle of the frying pan/skillet. This unique technology turns the middle of the skillet red when it becomes hot. This way it tells you that the skillet is ready for cooking.

Thanks to this technology, you don’t have to guess anymore. The cooking surface of this skillet is 12 inches in diameter and it is good for a variety of food preparation. The non-stick surface of this skillet is very durable and lasts for years. It has a silicone handle, which never gets hot at high-temperature.


  • It is easy to understand when is the skillet is ready for cooking by observing the color change of Thermo-Spot.
  • The skillet is very durable against scratch from kitchen utensils.
  • The cooking surface of this skillet is quite large.
  • It is safe for both manual and dishwasher wash.
  • The heat radiates evenly in this skillet.


  • It is a premium quality skillet. Therefore it is a bit expensive.
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Best apartment skillet griddle Ecolution EVRE-3228 Non-Stick Griddle Pan

If you are bored with a normal round shaped skillet, then you can try this griddle pan/skillet for cooking. Ecolution is one of the top brands of the world. This  skillet gives you 11 square inches for cooking and weighs only 1.98 pounds. It is available in two colors, black and red.

The skillet is not only stylish but effective too. Its heavy-duty aluminum construction spread heat evenly to the food. The Hydrolon non-stick covering doesn’t let the food stick to the cooking surface. Cleaning this skillet both manually and in a dishwasher is very easy and you don’t need to put extra effort into it.


  • Despite its big size, it is a very lightweight skillet that you can use every day in the kitchen.
  • Three different colors give you the choice to pick the trendy one.
  • The heavy-duty aluminum construction of this skillet makes it dent-proof.
  • It is safe for the dishwasher.


  • The non-stick covering is not very durable and it can easily get scratch from sharp utensils.


1. Can I use a frying pan instead of a skillet?

The problem with a frying pan is its build material. They are made from less dense material. As a result, the frying pan transfers heat quickly but unevenly. On the other hand, the best skillet America’s test kitchen is made from dense material and radiates heat evenly to the food.

2. Is a skillet of good quality?

Build quality of a skillet is excellent. Therefore, it can help you recreate authentic recopies. The dense properties of this skillet help you cook the food evenly from all directions. It enhances the flavor and encourages the spices to make the food better.


Cooking is not just a way of making food. For many people, it is more than a passion. It helps them connect with the food and create some excellent culinary art. Every artist needs a brush. Similarly, every cook needs one of the skillets from America’s test kitchen. By using the skillet properly he can recreate thousands of authentic dishes with optimum flavor.

If you love cooking and enjoy the appreciation of others, then you should buy the best skillet for your kitchen. It will last for ages and help you accomplish your passion for cooking. A good skillet will help you in so many tasks that you will fall in love with it.