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Cuban Coffee: Best Brand Reviews


Cuban coffee has had the reputation of being one of the most spoken-about international coffees. While all people may not be fond of it, many who are more adventurous in their tastes swear by this coffee. 

Cuban espresso or Café Cubano is a form of espresso, which has originated in Cubano. Demerara sugar sweetens the coffee during the brewing process. This coffee is typically made with finely ground dark roasted coffee beans. 

Some may find it slightly tough to prepare this coffee at their homes. However, it can happen because of being ignorant of the proper flavor or techniques of the beans. 

In case you are fond of Cuban coffee, you will be also a great fan of the culture of Cuba. Cuban coffee is the output of a legacy of passionate coffee drinkers and coffee makers. 

It is a sweet and creamy coffee that people who have sweet tooth will simply fall in love with. We have done some homework about the best Cuban coffee brand review so that you will not feel overwhelmed with the available choices on the market.

In case you do not find Cuban coffee easily accessible to you, so do not worry. Try out these top brands of Cuban coffee so that you can make an informed choice. Get set for an aromatic cup of Cuban coffee!

Best Cuban Coffee Brands

·        Mayorga Cafe Cubano Whole Bean Coffee (ASIN: B00HSRNHHG)

·        Bustelo Supreme Whole Bean Espresso Coffee (ASIN : B00BL85P6Y)

·        Café La Llave Cuban Espresso (ASIN : B07NGX56ZV)

·        Café Bustelo Cuban Espresso Coffee (ASIN : B001E95KLK)

·        Naviera Cuban Style Coffee (ASIN : B00AS1JZOS)

·        Pilon Cuban Coffee/Espresso Blend (ASIN : B0091JN1QQ)

·        Mayorga Full o’Nuts Cuban Roast

·        Don Pablo Café Cubano (ASIN : B086VS373N)

·        Gavina Old Havana Espresso (ASIN : B007ZN4H5O)

·        Immortal Coffee Roasted Whole Bean (ASIN : B07TFJYGGY)

Reviews of all the best Cuban coffee brands.
Choose from whole bean, Espresso, or other Cuban coffee types while buying top coffee brands.

1. Mayorga Cafe Cubano Whole Bean Coffee (4.6 out of 5-customer review rating)

Here is a Cuban coffee that has a special syrup-like texture. . Mayorga Cafe Cubano Whole Bean Coffee has a full-bodied flavor. Choosing it is a great way to initiate yourself into the world of Cuban coffee. While purchasing a pound pack can be on the expensive side, when you purchase more, the cost decreases. However, you should try one for sure. 

The product exudes a full-bodied flavor. It possesses a robust flavor, rich, dark beans, and a rich profile, and is not excessively oily. So, you should not shirk from savoring this Latin style sweet flavored coffee. Also, Café Cubano is always famous for its super-rich flavors. It is for this reason that the coffee is regarded as a signature blend. If you love coffee, you should not think of trying this special blend of coffee. It is created with 100 percent organic materials. 

So, get ready for a Cuban coffee with a superb taste. However, the best news about this product is the kind of money you need to pay for purchasing it. You have to simply make fair payment for this coffee procured directly from the farms so that the hardworking farmers are rewarded suitably. After all, these farmers provide consumers with an unadulterated and pure coffee. 

When you order this particular brand of coffee, you can receive fresh beans, which not only possess a lovely rich taste but also looks bright. It is contrary to many other common coffee beans, which possibly dry out by the time they are received. 

However, it can be a very strong choice when you are not used to Cuban coffee with a dark roast. In case you are a beginner in the world of Cuban coffee, take it easy while trying out this one. 


·        The coffee tastes delicious

·        100 percent USDA organic

·        Definite signature Latin roast

·        Direct trade

·        Non-GMO


·        More expensive when bought in small size

·        Beginners may find the coffee strong

2. Bustelo Supreme Whole Bean Espresso Coffee (4.6 out of 5-customer review rating)

The brand received lots of acclaims for making excellent variants of coffee. However, Supreme Whole Bean Espresso Coffee happens to be certainly one of the leading ones. The coffee has a dark, rich bean, which enables the user to have control over the grinds’ density so that they get their desired flavor. The coffee has roasted dark and is one of the leading options for a valid reason. The reason is that it is slightly weaker as opposed to Cuban coffee. However, it is an excellent choice for all those beginners who wish to savor something similar. To cut it short, it is a great way to start liking Cuban coffee. 

However, in case you are a veteran Cuban coffee lover, you may find the flavor not strong enough for your liking. This Cuban coffee is from a brand, which is there in the market for about a century or so. You will like the coffee even more by adding sugar and cream and start your day with full energy and vitality. 


·        The coffee has a rich body

·        The product has a distinct flavor

·        The coffee is known for its enticing aroma 


·        Slightly on the expensive side 

3. Café La Llave Cuban Espresso (4.8 out of 5-customer review rating)

The brand is now in its fourth generation and its story started in the southern part of Cuba. However, today they continue their business in the city of Los Angeles. Here is a Cuban coffee, which is finely grounded. The coffee has a chocolaty, sweet aroma alone with a unique boldness so that you can begin your day fully energized. 

It is a ready-to-make and is a special dark roast form of coffee. The variant is highly delicious. At the same time, it is imperative to point out that starters may not like the coffee much. The good news of this Cuban coffee is that it is budget-friendly. That also means consumers can easily make up their minds to buy it. 

Gavina & Sons has been in the market for around 150 years now. The brand launched this particular product in 192. It continues the tradition with the unique Latin-styled espresso.


·        The coffee has an intense aroma

·        It is reasonably priced

·        100 percent pure coffee

·        The coffee has a robust profile

·        The product has a full body 


·        The coffee has a smoky aftertaste

·        The coffee has a non-resealable packaging

4. Café Bustelo Cuban Espresso Coffee (4.8 out of 5-customer review rating)

It is a preferred option for the pre-ground Cuban variant. The dark roast is particularly great for espresso. The coffee works well in different types of brewing techniques and tastes great with sugar and cream. Coffee experts describe the product as less robust as compared to classic espressos. However, you will still feel a bitter taste. Frothed milk, sugar, and cream can be added to make the taste less bitter.

The product was created simply for espresso. Although it is a medium roast seeker, you may enjoy its rich flavor nevertheless. The product is also a reasonably priced one when you have budget limitations. It is also versatile as you can have it however you would like to have the brew. 


·        The product has a rich flavor

·        The brew is extremely versatile

·        It is reasonably priced 

·        It is a pre-ground variant

·        You can have espresso-style coffee


·        The product has a weak aroma

·        It leaves a bitter taste


5. Naviera Cuban Style Coffee (4.6 out of 5-customer review rating)

Here is a brand, which has been operational for around 955 years now. They run their operations from Tampa, Florida. Naviera Coffee previously operated a plush coffee shop but they had to close it down. Fortunately for coffee lovers, their coffee products are easily available online. The Cuban-style coffee has a chicory hint and is strong. The coffee has many staunch followers who still love it even after so many years. 

You can opt for this particular coffee in case you are in pursuit of a product that has no fillers or additives. It creates a smooth texture and yet, you can relish the authentic Cuban taste if it is prepared in a genuine French press. 

The dark roast is not liked by people who are not fans of the chicory flavor. Incidentally, Chicory happens to be a flowery plant’s ground root. The plant belongs to the dandelion group. It possesses a definite woody flavor. In case you did not have it ever, there is a possibility of you not liking it. However, its caffeine content is lower, which means you can be less jittery in case you are sensitive to caffeine. 

You can relish a delightful cold coffee using this Cuban coffee product. It is important to note that all coffee beans cannot offer the same wonderful taste while they are used for preparing cold coffee. You will not be disillusioned by this Cuban-style coffee because of its rich taste and highly concentrated flavors although you attempt to have a cold coffee with it. 

This Cuban-style coffee has the original Colombian taste. In case you have savored the original Columbia brew already or directly from tamps, this coffee can surely make you feel nostalgic about that taste. Its rich texture and authentic original flavor will bowl you over. 


·        The product is robust

·        It is smooth and rich

·        The coffee has a clean state

·        The product is reasonably priced 


·        The coffee has a definitive woody taste

6. Pilon Cuban Coffee/Espresso Blend (4.5 out of 5-customer review rating)

Do you want to include some strong punch in your drink? If that is the case, go for this Cuban-style coffee. It is a dark and rich Cuban-style java. At the same time, you will feel a bitter taste afterward, which may repulse you when you do not prefer it. The coffee can be also quite expensive. 

This espresso blend Cuban coffee from Pilon can be consumed as straight or one can also opt for an authentic sweet Cuban-style brew. However, as we said, you need to have a fondness towards a bitter bite in your coffee. Since this coffee is usually used in eateries and cafes in South Florida, you will add a little touch of Miami to your kitchen by opting for it.


·        The coffee is freshly roasted

·        It is creamy 

·        Tastes well with cream and sugar

·        It is robust 


·        It is only available in packages of 16 oz. only

·        The coffee leaves a bitter taste afterward

·        It is pricey 

7. Mayorga Full o’Nuts Cuban Roast

This particular coffee variant is an excellent ground coffee variant. It is known for its bright aroma and sweet hints, which will make you fall for this coffee. Chock Full o’Nuts Cuban Roast is Kosher-certified and prepared from premium quality Columbian beans. 

The coffee is conveniently packaged in a steel can so that the freshness can be locked, as well as, to facilitate easy storage. It is a strong and dark coffee. So you could try this coffee out in case you want your coffee bold. 


·        It boasts a complex profile

·        It is made from 100 percent premium coffee beans 

·        The coffee has a pleasing aroma

·        Gluten-free and Kosher

·        Robust, dark, and bold


·        The product has a little sour finish

·        The coffee is pricey

8. Don Pablo Café Cubano (4.7 out of 5-customer review rating)

The brand offers a rich in taste and dark roast coffee, which has a low acidic content in it. Are you in pursuit of a full bean Arabica coffee that is associated with fewer acidity problems and is non-GMO? You should then consider opting for this particular brand of coffee for sure.

You will love its rich premiere quality taste in each coffee cuppa. The brand offer beans, which can take plenty of time for getting ready. However, they are some of the finest Arabica beans. 

Additionally, since it has low acidic contents, you can be assured of your health while certain of enjoying a pleasant flavor all the time. Typically, all brands try to add on substances so that their products’ flavor enhance. It will invariably increase its acidic content as well. 

Another major feature of this Cuban-style coffee is its pleasant and intense taste. It achieves this by an absolute caramelization of available natural sugars. A rich and pleasant taste is directly added to the darkly roasted coffee beans. It leads to a reduction in the level of sourness and bitterness that is usually experienced in most coffee beans. 

Hence, you can also opt for this brand when you do not like your coffee bitter and are exhausted from experimenting with various coffee brands to avoid such bitterness. 


·        The coffee has an intense aromatic taste

·        An excellent taste along with a touch of chocolaty in the background 

·        There is no bitterness in this vibrant flavored and strong coffee

·        Fresh bean and coffee content

·        Assures contents with low-acidity


·        It is certainly not meant for bitter and extra strong coffee freaks

·        The coffee may offer total satisfaction to coffee pundits

9. Gavina Old Havana Espresso (4.6 out of 5-customer review rating)

Do you want a coffee, which is a combination of both sweet and sour taste together? Gavina Old Havana Espresso can be the one you have been looking for. This pure Cuban espresso comes with a rich, nutty taste and a smooth finish. 

This Gavina espresso has taken an excellent initiative to deliver an ideal fresh espresso while ensuring that the environment and natural resources are preserved. Thus, you can enjoy an opportunity to enjoy tasty coffee while also be responsible for the betterment of your surroundings. 

The espresso is created by a brand that regards it as their family tradition. It also denotes that the makers are aware of ensuring the maintenance of the original taste and quality. They use proven exquisite techniques of roasting all the coffee beans to create a taste of original Cuban estate in their coffee. 

There is hardly any justification in purchasing a product of a brand, which cannot offer Cuban coffee’s exact flavors and taste. 


·        Offers a signature taste of Cuban Coffee with less bitterness

·        Beans are finely grounded 

·        Its aroma flavor is from Spanish roots

·        The sweet and nutty flavor profile 


·        Its primary flavor or taste is lost when taken in cappuccino or latte form 

10. Immortal Coffee Roasted Whole Bean (4.8 out of 5-customer review rating)

Here is a premier coffee brand, which is known for its strong, rich, and bold taste of Cuban coffee. It is originally located in Miami. Enjoy some great shots of coffee in pure Cuban style with this Immortal Coffee. It has been roasted thoroughly. 

So, when you wish to relish the rich delicious taste of coffee in the Cuban style, you may choose Immortal Coffee as your preferred pick. It is a high-quality black coffee, which you would not wish to miss out on. Typically, people are fond of coffee with rich flavors and visible tasty cream. However, Immortal Coffee may coax such people also to try out a cup of black coffee.  


·        Quality is consistent irrespective of the number of purchases one makes

·        You can enjoy coffee in the traditional style of Cuba

·        Whole beans are perfectly roasted

·        Fresh and smooth relish

·        Ideal for coffee lovers


·        More on the expensive side when you compare it to many other established coffee products

·        Starters may feel that the flavor is uncomfortable

Best Recipes with Cuban Coffee

Iced Cuban Coffee

Iced coffee, try this best Cuban coffee recipe.
Enjoy cold and delicious iced coffee made from authentic Cuban coffee sweetened with brown sugar.

Add a couple of brown sugar sticks into a Lungo cup. Put one Nespresso Kazaar capsule into this cup. Use the cinnamon stick to stir well so that the brown sugar dissolves completely. Pour the ice cubes into this cup and keep stirring to cool down the Espresso. Add some light cream to the coffee. Put one extra ice cube and relish your iced Cuban coffee.

Flan Café

Flan café is a great Cuban coffee recipe.
Flan Café is a great Cuban coffee recipe to try with vanilla and condensed milk.

Pour a teaspoon of brown sugar into a large cup. Include one teaspoon of water. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolves completely. You have to next add ¾ teaspoon of vanilla extract and two teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk and then stir the mixture. Finally, brew one Café de Cuba and again stir.

Tres Leches Café

Tres Leches café is an easy coffee recipe.
Tres Leches Café is an authentic Cuban coffee recipe you can try out at home.

Mix three teaspoons of evaporated milk, three teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk, half teaspoons of vanilla extract, and three oz. of while milk into a glass. Keep stirring until they all mix properly. Finally, brew one Café de Cuba.

Cane Sugar and Cinnamon Café

Cane sugar and cinnamon café Cuban coffee recipe.
A tasty and unique Cuban coffee recipe to try out with cane sugar and cinnamon.

Add one to two teaspoons of brown sugar to the glass and then add one teaspoon water. Keep stirring until the sugar is dissolved properly. Put a cinnamon stick in this mixture. Finally, brew one Café de Cuba.

Cortadito Coffee

An authentic Cuban coffee recipe you can enjoy.
A tasty and unique Cuban coffee recipe to try out with cane sugar and cinnamon.

Prepare your espresso first. Warm the evaporated milk or milk in your microwave or on the stovetop. However, make sure it is not boiling and is simply hot. Pour four teaspoons of sugar into a small bowl. Pour the espresso over this sugar and then put the pot again on the stove for complete brewing. Stir the espresso and sugar until the latter dissolves properly. After the remaining espresso is ready, take away the pot from the heat. The espresso should be poured into the coffee cup. Warm milk should be added to each coffee mug in a one is to one ratio.

FAQs About Best Cuban Coffee Brand 

1.     What are the features of Cuban coffee?

If you are a newcomer to the world of Cuban coffee, the first thing you will notice is the darker tones, thicker consistency, and strong taste. These coffee beans are cultivated primarily in Arabica. They are finely ground, roasted in the range of medium to dark texture, hand-picked, and organic. Cuban coffee is also famous for its unique taste.

There are occasions when Cuban coffee is usually ground with toasted chickpeas. It is done to increase the limited supply. The chickpeas mixed are also responsible for that signature hint of bitterness in the Cuban brew. Whipped sugar is mixed with a little coffee to get that thick and frothy cap. 

2. What are the major coffee-growing regions of Cuba?

The largest coffee-growing region of Cuba is located on the island’s eastern side. It is a fertile region with natural humus content and dark soil. The soil enables the farmers to grow their crops thoroughly organically. Other big Cuban coffee-growing regions include Sagua-Baracoa Mountains, Nipe, Guaniguanico, and the Escambray Mountains.

3. Is this coffee stronger as compared to other coffees?

There is a reason why Cuban coffee has earned the reputation of being a brash and bold coffee. That is primarily because of the way it is consumed in stark contrast to the inherent features of the beans. People of Cuba tend to usually consume their coffee short. So, the coffee is more in a concentrated form similar to an espresso. 

Now, that itself automatically adds more intensity to its flavor. Also, there is this custom of putting dark demerara sugar into their coffee before brewing it. That adds a smooth and sweet quality, as well as, a denser texture to the beverage. The thicker consistency also denotes that the coffee’s taste will linger on the palate for a longer time as compared to other coffees. 

4. How can I make proper Cuban coffee?

Did you know that drinking coffee has a significant role to play in the culture of Cuba? How the residents of Cuba usually make this beverage is a subject of national pride. It is especially true for those Cubans who work and leave outside the country.

Coffee in Cuba is usually consumed in espresso form. It has its special denomination called café Cubano. It is because of a country-specific, unique brewing practice, which differentiates the coffee from the usual espresso. The coffee is typically created with properly ground coffee and demerara sugar is added when the brewing process is underway. This unique process leads to the final product having a smooth finish, sweet taste, and syrupy texture. 

Final words 

Cuban coffee refers to the coffee bean of Cuba that exudes an extremely strong taste. The Cuban coffee bean is usually prepared in an espresso machine, finely ground, and dark roasted. It is also prepared in a Moka pot, which a coffeemaker in Cuba. This coffee has similarities with the roast coffees of Italian and Spanish style. 

Also, Cuban Coffee refers to a beverage, which is at times referred to as Café Cubano. It is a delightful drink and made using plenty of sugar and strong coffee. The mix is whipped to form a thick layer of foam. 

Finally, we hope that the discussion on Cuban coffee has given you some ideas about why so many people love this drink. Cuban coffee also has its die-hard fans all over the world. This best Cuban coffee brand review will help you to decide on which one you want to opt for. 


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