Bosch 300 Vs 500 Vs 800 Dishwasher 2021: Top Full Guide

Bosch 300 vs 500 vs 800 Dishwasher Comparison [ NEW 2020]

Which should you choose between Bosch 300 vs 500 vs 800 Dishwasher? Follow our post below to know better.

Bosch arguably creates the best grills on earth. The finest Bosch dishwasher is silent and energy-efficient. This guide will examine the features we enjoy and why specific features make Bosch dishwashers a top-of-the-line selection for most households.

Unlike its rivals, Bosch delivers distinct dishwasher product lines to deal with its clients’ distinctive needs. While reaching this, Bosch does not compromise its legendary German high-quality criteria.

Just as most folks were fond of Bosch’s outstanding cleaning ability, some have complained before about its drying operation. Bosch listened to these comments and published two new and advanced technologies. Bosch dishwashers with AutoAir Dry and CrystalDry are considered the top drying dishwashers in the business.

AutoAir Dry versions will open the door and leave it ajar if the wash cycle is finished. This may allow fresh air in and improve drying. The revolutionary CrystalDry is much more impressive. CrystalDry takes the inner temperature to 176F (a whopping 14F growth over the preceding ExtraDry attribute and all without extra energy consumption).

Bosch 300 vs 500 vs 800 Dishwasher Comparison

Bosch 300 vs 500 vs 800 Dishwasher

Bosch (SHX863WD5N) 300 Series Dishwasher

  • 24 Inch Fully Integrated Built-In Dishwasher
  • 3rd Rack
  • RackMatic® flexible height racks
  • FlexSpace™ Folding Tines
  • 16 Place Setting Capacity
  • Silence Rating of 44 dBA
  • Speed60®
  • InfoLight®
  • 24/7 AquaStop®
  • NSF® Sanitize
  • ENERGY STAR® Ranked

Bosch (SHP865ZD5N) 500 Series Dishwasher

  • 24 Inch Fully Integrated Built-In Dishwasher
  • 3rd Rack
  • RackMatic® flexible height racks
  • FlexSpace™Folding Tines
  • 16 Place Settings
  • Silence Rating of 44 dBA
  • Speed60®
  • InfoLight®
  • 24/7 AquaStop®
  • NSF® Sanitize
  • AutoAir™
  • Extra Dry Option
  • EasyGlide™
  • Adaptive 3rd Rack
  • Adaptive Silverware Basket

Bosch (SHX878ZD5N) 800 Series CrystalDry

  • 24 Inch Fully Integrated Built-In Dishwasher
  • InfoLight®
  • 24/7 AquaStop®
  • NSF® Sanitize
  • ENERGY STAR® Ranked
  • Wifi
  • Supremely silent at 42 dB.
  • EasyGlide racks.
  • Controls are touch-sensitive and lavish.
  • 6 Cycles would be the norm on the 800 Series.

CrystalDry is a wonderful characteristic that actually gets “bone-dry” dishes like the functionality we see in grills using a heating component. A significant advantage of CrystalDry is the fact that it won’t melt down your energy.

Common Between Bosch 300 vs. 500 vs 800 Series dishwashers

All Bosch dishwashers have a couple of things in common: they may be mounted flush with cabinetry for a built-in appearance, and they have got a detergent dispenser created for tablets. Even the 300, 500, and 800 Series grills all utilize the same wash system. The only real differences are what choices and features they include.

Each 300, 500, 800 dishwasher includes RackMatic, which permits users to easily adjust the top rack’s elevation among 3 elevation degrees and 9 tilt places to match additional objects. (Some Ascenta versions also provide RackMatic).

Models with concealed controls comprise Bosch’s InfoLight-a light, which beams down on the ground to allow you to know when the dishwasher is still functioning. A few Benchmark Series dishwashers have TimeLight, which projects the true time staying on the ground underneath the dishwasher.

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What is the distinction between the Bosch 300, 500, and 800 Series dishwashers?

Bosch 300 series dishwashers are silent at 44 dB – so much so that Bosch projects a discreet red light beam onto the ground to allow you to know it’s operational. The 300 series is where Bosch begins providing all-stainless steel inside and an elastic 3rd rack. You’ll come across multiple layout types inside the 300 series to meet your style.

The Bosch 300 series dishwashers’ sale prices vary from $670 to $990, New for 2017, all of them come standard with third racks and RackMatic.

The Bosch 500 series has the same quietness evaluation as the 300 series. On the other hand, the inside is updated with much more flexible tines and a gliding upper rack for simple loading and unloading.

The essential update on the Bosch 500 show is that the recessed handle layout. This produces the 500 show a natural substitute for the old dishwasher since it fits in almost any kitchen.

The 500 Series range from $805 to get pocket-handle versions to $855 for its single bar-handle version.

This is where the actual 800 Series quality becomes evident, Responsive controllers, 39-42 dBA quiet rates, more elastic inside, MyWay Rack on select versions, ADA compliant versions, 18-inch choice, HomeConnect Wifi.

The Bosch 800 Series is the flagship of the Bosch family of grills. CrystalDry is a wonderful characteristic that actually receives “bone-dry” dishes like the performance we view at heating component dishwashers.

The Bosch 800 Series dishwashers will be the flagship layout for Bosch. Considering seasonally available rebates, these dishwashers begin at a high $800’s cost point.

If you’re searching for the best drying occupation, undoubtedly consider the 800 Series Bosch dishwasher with CrystalDry.

We must also notice the Bosch 300 series where the business houses its own distinctive application dishwashers like the slender 18-inch products and ADA-compliant units. Bosch’s panel-ready dishwasher choice also begins at this version collection.


Where are Bosch dishwashers created?

Though Bosch is a German firm, it makes nearly all its dishwasher products in North Carolina. Just a few versions inside the Benchmark Series are created in Germany.

Which Bosch dishwashers dry that the very best?

Bosch dishwashers with CrystalDry possess the very best drying functionality in the business. CrystalDry even outperforms dishwashers with heating components, and it will not melt down your own plastics. Bosch provides CrystalDry in its own 800 Series and Benchmark dishwashers.

AutoAir dry is just another technology that Bosch uses in its 500 Series dishwasher. We like this feature since it opens the dishwasher door and leaves it ajar after the cycle is finished to allow the atmosphere in, so if you do your dishes at night, you’ll be guaranteed a new batch of dishes in the morning.

Lower-tier Bosch dishwashers, such as the 100 and 300 series, include all the “Extra Dry” cycle. This cycle uses marginally higher-temperature water at the last rinse to improve condensation-drying activity.

I’ve got a little kitchen. Can Bosch create 18-inch dishwashers?

Bosch makes 18-inch dishwashers inside its 300 and 800 series. These dishwashers are fully-featured and incredibly silent at 44 dbA. Most versions have built-in water softeners and therefore are ADA-compliant.

What is a panel-ready dishwasher? Can Bosch create panel-ready dishwashers?

A panel-ready dishwasher permits you to personalize the doorway to meet your cabinets. Bosch has a fantastic choice of fully-featured panel-ready dishwashers.

Does Bosch create Black Stainless Steel shade dishwashers?

Yes, Bosch makes black stainless steel grills match your kitchen layout. This contemporary end is either fingerprint resistant and durable against scrapes.

How does the Bosch dishwasher version number construction function?

Bosch dishwashers follow a reasonable version number construction. Here’s a good illustration. Let us break it down to Bosch dishwasher SHXM65Z55N:

  • S- racks for dishwasher.
  • H- signifies 24-inch width tall bathtub product.
  • X- denotes manage kind, in this instance, the bar manager.
  • M- exclusive updated line or mainline product.
  • 6- decibel score 44-45db quietness.
  • 5- string in this case 500 series.
  • Z- intro year, in this instance, 2019. 5-version control.
  • 5- shade, in this stainless steel.
  • N- North America.

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Whichever Bosch dishwasher you choose, we are confident you will be pleased with your selection. Bosch makes great beers, and after the afternoon, either choice will wash your dishes and be quite quiet. It actually comes down to if drying operation, better stands, and LED time display are significant for you.

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