A Quick ‘n Easy Guide On How To Reset Your LG Refrigerator (Top Full Guide 2023)


LG is one of the most popular 30-inch refrigerator manufacturers across the globe. After all, they are the premium standard for high-quality and reliable cooling equipment thanks to the years of expertise and plethora of state-of-the-art parts and features they add to their fridge.

However, small issues with your LG refrigerator could arise and require a system reset. That being said, we here at DaDongNY will provide a simple guide on how you can fix your fridge without giving you much stress.

How To Reset An LG Refrigerator

To reset your under-counter refrigerator, turn off the power first, unplug the power line from the outlet, or turn off the circuit breaker. Wait for around thirty seconds to one minute before plugging the appliance back. Lastly, adjust the temperature based on your desire and let it be for a few minutes before checking its cooling capacity.

But there are more parts (and errors) in your LG refrigerator that will require a reset than you realize…

Air Filter

Here’s how to reset your LG refrigerator’s air filter in steps:

Step #1Clean off the top shelf of your refrigerator.
Step #2Spin the air filter holder counterclockwise.
Step #3Remove the old filter and replace it in the filter holder.
Step #4Turn it clockwise into the air filter compartment.
Step #5Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to reset the fresh air filter.

Water Filter

Here’s how to reset your LG refrigerator’s Water filter in steps:

Step #1Cut off the water supply inside your refrigerator and remove the filter case.
Step #2Remove the old filter and insert the new filter completely.
Step #3Lift the filter casing to cover the new filter.
Step #4Turn on the water supply.
Step #5Examine the water casing compartment for leaks.
Step #6Press the water filter reset button until the warning light turns off.
Step #7Fill the dispenser with water for 6 to 8 minutes at about 3 to 4 gallons. Continue until you get clean drinking water.

Ice Maker

Here’s how to reset your LG refrigerator’s ice maker in steps:

Step #1Remove the lid from the ice maker compartment.
Step #2Take out the ice bucket.
Step #3Find the ice maker’s switch and check it is switched on.
Step #4Put a cloth on the ice room floor to collect any water or ice that falls while you test it.
Step #5For about 3 seconds, press and hold the test mode button, so the ice maker starts making ice. If water or ice spills from the tray, put a towel to wipe it off.
Step #6Restock the ice bucket and let the ice maker create ice after 24 hours. If it starts making ice after this time, you’ve successfully reset it. However, it indicates that it needs to be fixed or replaced if it does not.

Important Note

The reset button for the ice maker is located on the left side of your LG refrigerator, beneath the ice maker. Carefully look under the ice maker, toward the left, to find it. However, keep in mind that not every ice maker has a reset button.

If your refrigerator doesn’t have any button, try to search for a little hole to the left that faces outward. Press it with the sharp end of a straightened paper clip for three seconds until the ejector’s arms turn.


Here’s how to reset your LG refrigerator’s temperature in steps:

Step #1To reset the temperature, hold the refrigerator button to pick the desired refrigerator temperature of your appliance. The button could be located on the refrigerator’s display panel. The ideal temperature for your LG refrigerator is 37 °F, while the freezer temperature goes from -6 to 8 °F.
Step #2Wait 24 hours after changing the temperature before making any further modifications. If the temperature in either compartment is too cold or warm, gradually increase or decrease the temperature again.


Here’s how to reset your LG refrigerator’s W-Fi in steps:

Step #1Check your router’s connectivity and the refrigerator’s Wi-Fi settings to determine whether it is connected.
Step #2If it is connected, it will appear as “connected” on your router.
Step #3If the router’s status indicates “not in range,” you must move the router to receive the signal. You can also use a repeater to increase Wi-Fi connectivity.

LG Refrigerator Error Code (Er-1F)

Here’s how to reset your LG refrigerator’s in steps if you see a (Er-1F) error:

Step #1Remove the refrigerator’s power cord from the outlet and empty it.
Step #2Let it thaw for 8 hours before plugging it back in to see if the error code will be removed.

Important Note

Er-1F error can be avoided by ensuring that air vents are not blocked, and your refrigerator door is always properly closed. Check the video below to give you more insight into the error (Er-1F).

LG Refrigerator Error Code (Er-FF)

Here’s how to reset your LG refrigerator’s in steps if you see a (Er-FF) error:

Step #1Unplug the refrigerator from the outlet and empty the ice bin of all food and ice cubes.
Step #2Let the fridge defrost for at least 8 hours with the doors open. The error code will be cleared when you switch it back on.

LG French Door Refrigerator

Step #1Open the right section door and hold down the energy saver and refrigerator buttons for 5 seconds.
Step #2The screen will shift from FF to a temperature, often 37 °F.


  • Why Isn’t My LG Refrigerator Cooling Down?

For a variety of reasons, your refrigerator could be broken. The most frequent reason your fridge is not cooling down is that the doors need to be properly closed. Another reason could be that the refrigerator’s air vents are blocked and do not allow cold air to circulate. If not, there might be an issue with the compressor.

  • Can You Disconnect And Reconnect A Refrigerator Right Away?

To say it, no. If you unplug your refrigerator, wait at least 10 minutes before plugging it back into the outlet. Immediately connecting to an outlet increases the chance of short-circuiting your fridge’s fuses. Thus, damaging your appliance.

  • How Long Does It Take To Reset A Compressor?

Your refrigerator’s compressor usually takes about 30 minutes to reset. Since it serves as the fridge’s cooling component, it must lower its temperature before chilling. As a result, it requires some time.

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And with that, you can finally reset your LG refrigerator without breaking a sweat. With the steps and processes discussed above, we hope that we have answered all your questions and helped you solve the issue you are currently experiencing. 

If the problem has been more complicated than expected, we recommend you contact your nearby repair shop and get professional help.

To learn more about refrigerators and how this valuable piece of equipment chills the food and beverages inside, check out the post here.

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