How To Reset LG Refrigerator


Is your LG refrigerator not working as it should? Do you want to learn how to reset a LG refrigerator? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Many LG owners don’t know how to reset a LG refrigerator. They prefer to hire professionals to take a look, if something is wrong with their fridge.

But here’s the thing. Not knowing how to reset a LG refrigerator can be detrimental to you. As one of the most-bought fridge brands, LG’s customer service is inundated with requests. Your LG repairman may not get to you in time to prevent the loss of hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries you’ve stored in your fridge.

On the other hand, if you do know how to reset a LG refrigerator, you can do what’s necessary and set things straight before your fridge’s condition worsens.

How To Reset LG Refrigerator

How To Reset LG Refrigerator?

Most LG refrigerators come with a wi-fi smart diagnosis feature, which you can use to identify the cause of the problem. But if your LG fridge is not a smart model, here’s what you need to do:

  • If the freezer is malfunctioning, open the freezer door and find the freezer switch. Long press the switch until your freezer is reactivated.
  • If you have changed your LG water filter, look for the water filter icon on the display panel. It will be blinking to indicate a problem. Long press the icon until the blinking stops. Your water filter settings will be reset.
  • If the fault is with your LG control panel, the DEMO mode may be on. To reset this mode, long press the REFRIGERATOR and ICE PLUS buttons simultaneously.

Refrigerator Does Not Cool Properly

The sole objective of purchasing a refrigerator is to keep your food items and beverages in good condition for long periods of time. The cold temperature slows down the growth of microbes in your food and stops it from spoiling.

For your food to be fresh, safe and healthy to consume, the temperature inside the fridge should be 40° F (4° C). Your freezer should be significantly colder, at 0° F (-18° C). If the temperatures are much higher or lower than this, it is a sign that something’s wrong with your LG fridge.

Just knowing how to reset a LG refrigerator when the machine is struggling to work, isn’t enough. You need to be able to recognize the signs which show the onset of refrigeration problems, i.e., before the real trouble sets in.

Some of the signs which show that your LG refrigerator isn’t cooling properly are:

  • The lights in the fridge are turned off.
  • The thermostat number indicates a wrong temperature.
  • The air vents have been blocked by vessels and packages (or have ice covering them).
  • The control panel and coils are full of grime and dust.
  • Your freezer’s condenser has frost.
  • The condenser fan has stopped spinning.

Here, we discuss how to address these problems and how to reset your LG refrigerator.

Common Reasons Why Your LG Refrigerator is Leaking Water

1. Condenser Coils is Dirty

Condenser coils condense the refrigerant in your fridge, ensuring your fridge doesn’t overheat. Usually, dirt, debris and dust bunnies clog-up the condenser coils, causing the compressor to overheat. This can cause your LG refrigerator’s temperature to drop.

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So, how to reset your LG refrigerator’s condenser coils?

Switch-off the fridge and access the condenser coils located at the back, by detaching the panel. Then take a long-bristled brush and use it to clean the inside of the filter vent properly. Move the brush back-and-forth and side-to-side to pull out the dust. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles.

2. Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor helps evaporate the refrigerant in the condenser coils, keeping your LG fridge cool.

When your condenser coils are clogged with dust, even the blades of the condenser fan motor too will be coated with dirt and dust. This debris can restrict the movement of the fan motor blades, slowing the fan down considerably and overheating your LG refrigerator.

If you’re wondering how to reset your LG refrigerator’s condenser fan motor so it works properly, disconnect your fridge from power and locate the condenser fan motor. Use a brush or a cloth to clean the debris off the fan’s blades. Vacuum the dust, close the back panel and switch on the LG fridge.

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3. Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor is designed to help throw out heat from the fridge. The evaporator fan circulates the cooled air around the fridge and the freezer, keeping your LG fridge at the right temperature.

Here’s how to reset a LG refrigerator’s evaporator fan motor. First press the freezer door switch for 60 seconds. Do this 2-3 times continuously. The freezer light should switch on and your evaporator fan motor should start working.

If this doesn’t work, unplug the refrigerator from power and take out the electronic control panel from behind the fridge. Open the panel on the inside wall of the freezer and unplug the evaporator fan. Check for signs of frost and clean it up. Remove any debris, reconnect the evaporator fan and switch on the fridge.

If neither technique works, you’ll need to check the wiring of the evaporator fan by using a meter lead. This will tell you if you need to contact a LG repairman or not.

4. Start Relay

Your LG refrigerator doesn’t stay on at all times. It goes into a sleep mode when the temperature is correct and starts the compressor back up with the help of the start relay, when the temperature within the fridge starts to heat up.

If your fridge isn’t cooling properly, then there could be an issue with your start relay. Here’s how to reset your LG refrigerator’s start relay.

Access the back of the fridge near where the compressor is, after disconnecting the fridge from power. Give the device a shake and plug it back in. If this doesn’t work, replace the existing start relay with a new one by following the wiring instructions of your LG refrigerator model.

5. Temperature Control Thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for controlling the flow of electric current to your LG fridge’s compressor. When the fridge is cool enough, the thermostat maintains this temperature by stopping flow of electricity to the compressor. Then it restarts electric flow when the temperature in your fridge heats up.

So, how to reset your LG refrigerator’s thermostat?

Unplug the fridge from power. Turn the fridge’s temperature from its current setting to “0/Off”. Wait about 5 minutes and restart the fridge (this will prevent your compressor from experiencing very high discharge pressure). The thermostat should automatically start working to cool the refrigerator. If it doesn’t work, you may need to get the thermostat replaced.

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6. Start Capacitor

The start/run capacity stops the relay from switching on the compressor too often and for very long (which can damage your LG fridge). If you smell burning wires or if you hear random clicking noises from your fridge, there might be some issue with the start capacitor.

This is how to reset a LG refrigerator’s start/run capacitor.

Disconnect your fridge and access the start capacitor at the back of the fridge in the white or black box. Wipe/vacuum the space around it to remove any debris. Plug the fridge back on and your capacitor should work fine.

7. Temperature Control Board

Also called the PCB board, it is responsible for controlling all of the temperature sensors in your LG fridge. If there is frost, the board initiates the defrost cycle.

Here’s how to reset the LG refrigerator’s temperature control board’s various parts:

  • Defrost timer – Manually set the defrost settings and start the fridge. Defrost should start within 30 minutes and the compressor should start working.
  • Defrost heater & thermostat – Check their continuity using a multimeter. If there is continuity, give the fridge some time and switch it back on. The PCB board should work.
  • Temperature sensers – These cannot be rest and must be replaced.

8. Thermistor

The LG refrigerator thermistor carefully monitors the temperature changes and fluctuations in your refrigerator and freezer and notifies the PCB board when cooling is immediately required. If the temperature in your fridge continues to drop, you’ll need to reset your thermistor so the sensor starts to work properly again.

To check its working, take the thermistor out of the fridge and place in a cup with water and ice. Leave for 30 minutes and check its ohms reading. If it is 16.6 K ohms, it indicates the device is working. Connect the thermistor back to your fridge and restart the appliance. If you are unsure how to reset the LG refrigerator’s thermistor, consider just getting it replaced.

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9. Compressor

The compressor is designed to improve the supply of the refrigerant to the compressor coils, from where it will be evaporated through the fans and circulated throughout your LG fridge. If the compressor doesn’t work properly, there won’t be sufficient refrigerant in the coils to cool your fridge.

To avoid this from happening, you need to know how to reset the LG refrigerator’s compressor. This is what you need to do – switch off the fridge and access the compressor by removing the back panel of the appliance. Then change the temperature settings in both the fridge and freezer back to “0” or “Off”. Wait a few minutes to start the fridge. The compressor should ideally bring your fridge’s working to optimal within 24-30 hours.

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10. Main Control Board

The main control board of your LG refrigerator controls all the components and settings within your fridge. To do a factory reset of your main control board, press and hold the ICE PLUS and REFRIGERATOR together for 5 seconds. You’ll hear a few beeps and the display will show the correct temperature settings.

Knowing how to reset the LG refrigerator’s main control board can save you a lot of trouble and expenses in replacing parts very often. Try these tips today and get your LG fridge back into working order.

How To Reset a KitchenAid Refrigerator

KitchenAid is a refrigerator brand owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. The reason we’re mentioning this brand in our discussion of how to reset a LG refrigerator, is that although KitchenAid and LG are on an equal footing when it comes to product quality, LG is a better option if you want a fridge that is easy to repair and maintain.

But, if you want to know how to reset a KitchenAid refrigerator, here’s what you need to do:

  • If you see a “replace filter” warning on the display, press the water filter button until you see the water filter icon turns blue.
  • To reset the control panel, unplug the fridge and plug it back in.
  • If the KitchenAid fridge is beeping because of a power outage, tap any button on the display and this will stop the beeping.
  • If the beeping is due to an open door, close the fridge/freezer door and the beeping will stop. If your alarm rings because of an overheated fridge, you can stop the beeping by pressing the “reset alarm” button on the display panel.

If you want to do a complete factory reset, click on – “Options – Settings – Factory Reset – Yes (To continue)”.

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