How To Remove Refrigerator Doors


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If you’re planning to move your kitchen stuff or relocate, it may become necessary to remove your refrigerator door. Sometimes you may have to remove the door if you’re going to repair the fridge. It will also be easier to move a large refrigerator through narrow doorways, if you remove the refrigerator door. Similarly, the door will have to be removed and replaced to fit the refrigerator into a cramped space. Refrigerators nowadays are fitted with several advanced features. This is also a reason the refrigerator door will have to be removed and replaced whenever necessary. This is an easy task that can be completed single-handedly. But you can always do better with a little assistance and some useful information.

To remove the refrigerator doors, you will require a few tools like a screwdriver and a socket Wrench. Follow the right steps and technique to get the door off in minimum time. Even though you can hire an expert to get the door removed for you, it is very easy to do it yourself. You can learn how to remove the refrigerator doors armed with some basic knowledge and a few tools.

● Where to start?

First things first. Disconnect the power before you start. This is necessary if you have a refrigerator door with an ice maker. Some refrigerators have a water dispenser in the door. If you find that the dispenser isn’t working too, disconnect the water line. Then you can remove the electric cable before you start removing the refrigerator door. If there is a water valve at the back, you may turn that off as well to be on the safe side.

Now try pulling the front grille and remove it from the bottom. Depending upon the refrigerator model, you can pull out the grill with the doors closed. With refrigerators, you can remove the grill by opening the door wide up to a certain degree. You can easily disconnect the water line behind the grille, by pulling the supply duct out of the connector.

The exact location of the electricity cable also varies according to the brand you buy. In most refrigerators, the cable is found next to the water line, and you can easily disconnect it. Some refrigerator models have a cap covering the top hinge and the electricity cable is located beneath it. Simply unscrew the cap and pull the connector apart to disconnect.

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● Taking Off the Door

Once you’re done with emptying refrigerator and disconnecting the electrical cable, start with the next steps to remove the door. Use a simple screwdriver to remove the hinge bracket on the top of the door. This will depend on the model you have. At the most, you will have to remove 3 screws to lift off the bracket. After you’re done with it, you can lift the door off the bottom. You will need a little assistance while you do this because the refrigerator door is quite heavy. It is better to place a cloth on the floor and lay the door on it instead of leaning it against a wall. If there are 2 doors, remove the other door in the same way.

● Side-by-Side Refrigerator Door Removal

Most people prefer side-by-side refrigerators since they have comparatively larger freezers. Traditional refrigerators have smaller freezers at the top of the refrigerated. Modern refrigerators have removable doors that make it easier to move out of the home. They also offer extra space inside. To remove the refrigerator doors of modern refrigerators, first go through the user’s manual and follow the directions.

Disconnect the power supply and remove foodstuffs from the racks. Grip the ends of the grille to remove it from the bottom of the fridge. To do this faster, press on the latches with your thumbs and pull up the grille. If your fridge has a water and ice dispenser built in the door, disconnect the water tube located at the back of the grille. You must take care to check the refrigerator model you have and go through the instructions carefully if you’re doing it for the first time.

● To Remove the right refrigerator door:

Remove the top hinge screw right after you open the door. You can use a flat-head screwdriver to open out the hooks on the hinge cover at the top of the refrigerator’s cabinet and lift the cover. Disconnect all the wiring harnesses and remove the grounding screw. Move the hinge lever in the clockwise direction and lift the hinge away. Be careful to support the door while you do this. Lift the door off the lower hinge pin and pull the water lines through at the same time.

Some side-by-side refrigerator doors can be found resting on a connecting stem. This stem is usually attached to the bottom hinges. With this mechanism, you only have to remove the top hinge on each door. This will be sufficient to remove both the doors. Going to the first door, locate the main screw. It is pretty easy to locate. Remove the main screw that you’ll find on the hinge cover. Then you can take off the cover off the hinge and remove the hinge from the door. You will need a screwdriver because the hinge will have a few screws, in addition to ground wires and a wiring plug.

After you take off the screws from the hinge, disconnect and pull out the wiring plug. Pull out the ground wires as well. Thereafter, lift the first door from the bottom hinges and keep it aside. Repeat the same process to remove the next door by following the same steps.

● Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Door Removal

How to remove the left door: unplug the refrigerator and shift it away the wall, Press the fitting release ring after you disconnect the water supply. Pull the water tube out of the connector fitting. Remove the top hinge cover screw to open the left door to remove the hinge cover. Pull out the tube as you disconnect the wire harnesses. Remove the grounding screw and rotate the hinge lever counter-clockwise. Be careful to support the door so that it doesn’t fall forward. Now you can remove the door by lifting it off the hinge pin.

How to remove the right door: remove the top hinge cover screw after opening the door. Lift the cover and remove it. Lift the top hinge away from its lever latch. Be careful to support the door while you lift it from hinge pin and remove it.

In case you’re shifting your household appliances, including your refrigerator, remove the hinges at the bottom first. You can remove the hinge cover by opening the screws on the hinge covers. They don’t have electric wires at the bottom so you can remove the screws at the base and slide off the hinges.

● Laws pertaining to Refrigerator Door Removal

Old discarded refrigerators with their doors still on can get people locked inside by mistake. This can be very dangerous, especially, for children. Taking this into account the states of California and New York have laws against abandonment of old refrigerators in place. Those who do so can land in jail for a period of up to 6 months along with a fine. It is more feasible to exchange your refrigerator for a new model or have the right people take away your old refrigerator and dispose it in the right way.

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