How To Remove A Refrigerator Door Like A Pro (Guide)


Most refrigerators today have a lot of handy features, and sometimes, you may need to remove the doors to fit your equipment through a narrow space, replace your broken door with a new one, or finally, get rid of your big old appliance for once especially since the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended removing refrigerator doors before discarding or storing to reduce the likelihood of kids crawling in and becoming trapped inside of the refrigerator.

But, before you begin this type of work, you must check your refrigerator’s user manual, especially if you are unfamiliar with your equipment. And if you need more confidence about uninstalling your fridge door, we’ve got your back, brother! We here at DaDongNy will show you step-by-step how to remove them, even if you have little knowledge or tools, so you don’t have to seek an expert and spend a few bucks on services. 

We will also share a few tips on how to maintain your refrigerator door, so you won’t have to replace your doors often.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Removing and Replacing the Refrigerator Door

Removing a refrigerator door is easier than you would think. Adhering to the instructions below can make the procedure go much more smoothly. With this, You remove and replace a refrigerator door without inflicting harm to the nearby cabinets or harming yourselves with the right tools and proper precautions.

It is optional to worry that this will be time-consuming since our instructions are intended to make your work as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Keep reading to find out how to remove and replace the fridge door without breaking a sweat.

Tools Required

How to Remove a Refrigerator Door

The following are the procedures on how to unscrew the door from your refrigerator:

  1. Turn The Refrigerator Off And Unplug It

When working on your refrigerator or any other type of electrical appliance, make sure that you always turn it off and unplug it from the power source. This reduces the probability of electrocution or other incidents that might occur.

  1. Remove Anything From The Door Compartments Of The Unit

If any food items are stored in your refrigerator’s door compartments, you should unload them before you try removing the door.

As you do this, it minimizes the weight and protects the contents from spilling out and making a massive mess when the door is stripped away. Instead, place these foods on the main refrigerator shelves or in a portable cooler.

  1. Find And Remove The Hinge Cover

The hinge covers your refrigerator’s door hinge and the nuts, bolts, and wiring. It keeps things from dangling outside and looking shabby.

Several refrigerator models don’t come with this cover, although if present, this covering can typically be found in the upper corner of the door and could be screwed into place or popped down over the hinge.

If the cover is somehow fastened in, use a screwdriver to remove it; if it is capped, use a flathead screwdriver to remove the cover. You can also use a  putty knife to remove a cap. Just remember to store the screws and place them in a safe location so that you may reconnect them afterward when you are done.

  1. Disconnect The Wire Connector

Several refrigerator models have an electrical cable at the top of the hinge. Remove the wiring with caution before advancing to the next step.

  1. Remove The Hinge

Remove the screws that hold the hinge to the refrigerator with a screwdriver of the right size. All these hinges are connected to bolts and nuts instead of screws. Use a wrench with the correct size to remove these.

Please do this for each of the hinges you’re trying to remove, and keep in mind to strip away the hinge pins by also trying to pull them out.

  1. Remove The Door

And once screws and pins are already out, use both hands to secure the refrigerator door on each end. Then carefully lift the door off of the refrigerator. Carefully tilt the door to remove them much easier.

Additionally, by delicately setting the door on the floor, you can avoid accidentally scratching or damaging it.

Looking for specific instructions regarding how to unscrew the door of a top-freezer refrigerator? Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial:

How to Replace a Refrigerator Door

The following are the procedures on how to replace your refrigerator door with a new one:

  1. Check The Dispenser Tube

When you’ve finished removing your refrigerator, it’s time to replace it with a new one. The first step is to ensure that the water dispenser tube is properly placed so that it can be linked to the waterline underneath. Check if the connection is tight and if there’s no possibility of water leakage.

  1. Attach The New Refrigerator Door

After the water dispenser underneath is secured, reattach the base of the refrigerator door towards the hinge and tighten the screws using a screwdriver. Before placing the hinge firmly on the top, guarantee that the refrigerator door is leveled.

  1. Reattach The Kick Plate

The last step is to reattach the kick plate, and your refrigerator door replacement is now complete.

Key Points To Remember

It is important to remember that for some refrigerator types and models, uninstalling the refrigerator doors may require additional measures, such as removing the wirings, water supply, and leg grills, before proceeding with the above instructions.

The user’s manual that came with your refrigerator is something we recommend you read thoroughly to note any oddities. You can also Ask a person who might know how to remove the refrigerator door. If you still need help, ask a technician or the refrigerator manufacturer’s customer service staff for assistance.

What If There’s A Freezer Compartment On The Top Shelf 

If your equipment has the freezer compartment on top and the refrigerator compartment underneath, you must remove the freezer door first. There will only be one top door hinge and cover on these models. After removing the cover and top hinge, the freezer door can be removed right away from the middle hinge. Before you can raise the refrigerator door off the bottom hinge, unthread the screws holding the center hinge.

When replacing the two doors, make sure first that the screws are properly positioned on the hinge pins. Then make sure the refrigerator and freezer panels are even before tightening the screws that secure the center and top hinges.

When To Seek Professional Help

A simple DIY job will only sometimes suffice, especially if you need to learn how to remove and replace your refrigerator door with a new one. And we can’t risk working on our dependable cooling pal because it might cause more problems than it solves.

And it is at this point that we seek the assistance of a professional technician such as FIXr to help relieve our stress.

What Is The Average Cost Of Refrigerator Repair

The average cost of refrigerator repair is somewhere around $400. Nevertheless, take into account that price varies in accordance with the nature of the refrigerator problem. A minor repair, such as having to replace a drip pan or extracting a small crack inside a stainless-steel refrigerator door, may cost you roughly $60, whereas a major repair, such as replacing the entire compressor, may cost $1,000 or more.

People may end up footing the bill somewhere around $50 to $1,200. You could already buy a new refrigerator for this fee, so many individuals prefer that instead of wads of cash for several repairs that aren’t worth it.

What Does That Cost Include

After you receive the invoice, it is going to include a detailed breakdown of the charges. Before anything else, there is a cost that comes with the evaluation of your equipment, that you pay for someone with expertise to attend and assess the problem at hand. According to Thumbtack, the diagnosis charge extends between $40 and $100. A lot of companies might waive the cost if you hire them specifically to conduct maintenance.

Following that is the cost of labor. Others are going to charge a set price for each typical employee, while some companies charge labor per hour.

Last but not least, there’s the cost of the components required for repair. Some parts, such as connectors or hosing, can be universal as well as cheap. However, if you require a brand-name part, prepare to pay a few dollars more.

Typical Refrigerator Repair Services

The cost of refrigerator repairs can vary considerably depending on what repair you need. Here’s how much you might pay, according to Bob Vila, for dealing with some of the most typical problems:

Refrigerator ProblemsPrice
Refrigerant Gas LeakRanges between $150 to $400
Dented Refrigerator DoorsRanges between $100 to $200
Frozen MotorRanges between $100 to $440
Malfunctioning ThermostatRanges between $100 to $440
Malfunctioning Control BoardRanges between $500 to $800
Frozen CoilsRanges between $100 to $440
Broken CompressorRanges between $250 to $650
Ice Maker RepairAround $600


And those are the step-by-step guidelines for removing the door on your Whirlpool refrigerator. If you’re acquainted with the parts of your fridge, taking the doors out should be a quick and easy job. But even if you don’t, this post will help you finish the task quickly.

You must understand that the main components connecting the doors to your refrigerator are the screws, wirings, water supply lines, and hinges. Ensure you remove all the parts before pulling the fridge door from the frame.

To learn more about refrigerators and how this valuable piece of equipment chills the food and beverages inside, check out the post here.

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