How to Adjust Refrigerator Door to Close


There is no doubt that a fridge is the most crucial kitchen appliance in every home. It is possible to survive without hot water or air conditioning, even in the worst case. You can even do without a microwave. However, the preservation of your food is one of the most important needs of modern life. So, it is really alarming when the door of your refrigerator does not close properly. It is possible that there is an issue with sealing or its feet are not balanced properly, among other reasons.

Irrespective of what problem your refrigerator door is having, the article will assist you in identifying the correct cause and getting a solution. We will also see what to do when the Frigidaire refrigerator door not closing properly. However, let us first see the causes of the fridge door not closing properly and the remedies to take.

1. Shelves have to be rearranged

There are times when the issue is simple, as some item could be blocking the fridge door. However, it may happen so frequently that you have to think of these blockages as a problem that needs to be repaired. It is possible that when you make optimum use of fridge shelves, there is occlusion of the seal and constant door blocking. So, make a note of the complete space you require and where the trays of the fridge door are sticking out.

2. The seal needs to be replaced

Is your gasket damaged or is it considerably old? If that is the case, you may need to change it and get a good seal for your fridge door. You can refer to your refrigerator model and make to choose a proper new gasket before you start.

First, apply caution while removing the damaged or old gasket and make sure to follow the refrigerator manual. Make sure to clean the groove of the gasket and follow the installation instructions for fitting the new gasket. You should test the seal after completing the procedure to make sure that the work was finished successfully.

3. Try reattaching the gasket

If your gasket is old and has witnessed innumerable refrigerator openings, it can get detached or twisted in certain places. It can lead to a fridge not closing properly as the seal is not full. In case your gasket has become twisted or unattached, it is possible to repair it without purchasing a new gasket. You need to reattach the old gasket properly.

The proper technique will depend on the model of your refrigerator. Adhesive tape is used to connect some gaskets, while gasket cement is another way to connect it. The latter is a kind of glue for the door gaskets of a refrigerator.

4. The feet of your fridge has to be balanced

There are times when a refrigerator stops sealing when its door hangs unevenly so that the gasket does not get lined up properly. When the feet or floor of your refrigerator is uneven, such a problem can occur. In case the floor is uneven or your refrigerator stands on something uneven such as a rug, certain adjustments have to be made to the fridge feet. You may use a laser level or a bubble to make sure that its bottom is even. In case a floor is level, make sure that the fridge’s feet are of equal height.

5. The gasket has to be cleaned

A majority of problems related to a fridge door are related to the gasket. It is the rubber seal, which you can see all the way outside the freezer and fridge door. When the gasket is hardened, detached, warped, or dirty with age, it is unable to make sure that the seal keeps your refrigerator firmly closed to retain the cold air inside.

The simplest way is to clean off the sail that may have accumulated due to a layer of grit and grime over time. Use a washcloth or a damp sponge to wipe clean the rubber casket’s entire length on all sides. You may also use a bar of mild dish soap or white vinegar to clear the residue and grease. Additionally, a thin Vaseline layer can get back some effectiveness and softness to an old seal.

6. Remove items from the fridge door

Another issue could be that there are too many bulky objects in front of the fridge door. The hinge is tight but you are still not able to seal the door properly. The issue can be that your fridge door is out of alignment because of heavy items such as gallons of milk in the refrigerator door.

7. Damaged hinges should be replaced

There is also a possibility that your fridge door is not sealing and aligning because its hinges have got damaged. If the door is heavy for a prolonged time, the hinges can get warped and hit the fridge. It might lead the door to go out of shape. In case the hinges are rusting, damaged, or bent through, you may not have to replace the fridge. New inches may screw in precisely where the earlier hinges are installed. These can hold the refrigerator door properly with new reliability and vigor.

8. The hinges have to be tightened

When there are heavy milk gallons stored in the fridge door and too many closings and openings, it can start sagging at the hinges. Luckily, the issue can be fixed quite easily. When the hinges are in proper working order, you simply have to tighten them. However, you may have to also tighten the bottom hinges so that proper balance can be maintained.

9. Check the frost buildup in your freezer

You should check the freezer to find out whether there is any frost buildup or not. The freezer compartments’ ice could be stopping the door from closing properly. When that is the case, the freezer compartment has to be manually defrosted. You may consult the owner’s manual in case there is any query related to defrosting the freezer.

Why is the Frigidaire refrigerator door not closing properly?

You may notice that the doors of your Frigidaire fridge are not aligned properly while installing it. When the door of the fridge is misaligned, it can become an eyesore, as well as not close correctly. If the door of your Frigidaire fridge is not closed properly, its motor will run continuously and increase the electricity bill. The lifespan of the fridge will also be limited.

Check out the steps below to close the door of your Frigidaire refrigerator properly:

  1. Both doors of the fridge have to be opened first. Then the base grill has to be removed by pulling it away. Put the grill to one side.
  2. Locate the wheels placed on both sides of your fridge. You will find an adjustment bolt on both wheels’ top.
  3. Try lowering the refrigerator door by using your wrench to turn the adjustment bolt. Try lifting the door of your fridge by moving the adjustment bolt to the right side.
  4. Continue making adjustments to both its doors until they become uniform.
  5. The base grill has to be now replaced before closing the doors of your refrigerator.

When the door(s) of your refrigerator does not seal properly or shut tightly, cold air may come out of the fridge. It will also let warm air enter the compartment. It can eventually lead to the building up of condensation inside your fridge. As a result, the compressor is overloaded and has to function overtime.

You should also see that there are no crisper drawers open, misaligned shelves, and food containers, which are preventing the door from closing properly. You also know the answer to the issue of Frigidaire refrigerator door not closing properly and how to take care of such an issue.

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