How to Replace Refrigerator Door Gasket


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A faulty refrigerator can be a huge issue to deal with in any household. It is one of the essential gadgets in your house, and it’s tough to carry out daily chores without a refrigerator in today’s time. There can be several issues that affect your refrigerator. But, one of the most serious of them can be when your refrigerator door starts to leak. If your refrigerator door seal is damaged, it can lead to many problems – it puts enormous stress on the gadget and wastes energy that directly makes you pay for your electricity consumption.

So, you have to find a solution to fix the refrigerator door’s seal at the earliest. How are you going to do so? If you are confused, then this blog is going to help you. We are going to discuss how you can replace the refrigerator door seal or gasket is broken.

Step 1. Identify the Problem First

Before jumping to any conclusions, it is critical to identify what the real problem is. If you have never dealt with a gasket problem before, then understand what it is and how it works. Every refrigerator has a gasket made of molded rubber, which helps keep the cold within itself. It does not let the cold air come out or outside air squeeze into the gadget. The primary reason why a broken seal can be a very severe problem is that the cold air is going to leak out, and warm air will come in.

That is why the gadget will not be able to keep your food items cold and fresh anymore. Also, with time, the refrigerator is going to be faulty. When this continues for a long time, the entire machine is going to break down for sure. If you don’t find any problem with the seal, then consult with a mechanic or company expert.

Step 2. Do You Need to Repair?

If you see that the gasket is not going to work despite your efforts, you have to replace or repair it immediately. The best way to identify if your gaskets need a change or not is to look for gaps between the seal on the door and the door is not sealing correctly. Over time, these seals tend to corrode, and therefore you have to keep a close check on them. Inspect the door and check if there is any formation of mold on the gaskets. If you see any mold, then it is also an indication that the gaskets are damaged.

Whenever you feel that therefrigerator door seal is cranky or the machine is running longer to reach lower temperatures, you must call for an expert or replace the gaskets yourself. You can repair the gaskets yourself if you know the right way to do so. Keep reading our blog to learn the proper steps that will help you.

Step 3. Buying the New Refrigerator Gaskets

It is always a wise decision to completely change your refrigerator’s gaskets than to repair them at a lower cost. It ensures that the fridge will get better efficiency and no risk of significant faults for now. There have been many instances where people faced the same issue despite repairing the gaskets and putting them back into the door. So, it would be best if you shopped for new refrigerator gaskets.

However, you must do ample research before selecting the right gaskets for your refrigerator. First things first, you must be well aware of the refrigerator model number and other aspects. Since every machine is quite different from the other, you have to choose the right ones. Visit a reputed local store or brand’s service center to find suitable gaskets at a reasonable price.

Step 4. Preparing the Refrigerator Gaskets

Since you will be replacing the gaskets all by yourself, you have to be careful at every step. Before fixing the gaskets, put them into warm water for a few minutes. It will help the rubber to become more flexible. Thus, you can fix it in the right position more quickly. Remember to shut down the refrigerator beforehand. You must maintain all safety procedures while improving the gaskets. So, check the balance of the fridge as well. Level it correctly if you think that it is off proportion to avoid any injury.

To fix therefrigerator door seal, you won’t be needing much equipment but one. It is known as the hex head screwdriver. If you don’t have one at your home, then get it from a local hardware shop. If you don’t know precisely, search for it on the web, and you will quickly understand. This tool will help you fix the screws and gaskets with better efficiency.

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Step 5. Replacing the Refrigerator Gaskets

Once you have carefully followed all the instructions mentioned above, remove the old gaskets from your refrigerator door. Follow these steps to replace the gaskets with maximum safety.

● Hold the bottom of the gaskets firmly on the inside and pull them back. As they come off, you will be able to see the metal gasket retainer. Now, use the hex head screwdriver to loosen the screws of the refrigerator. But don’t remove them altogether. These screws hold the door against the fridge. If you take them off, the door will come out.

● Slowly lift therefrigerator door seal’s edges to trace the screws present below, which hold the door seal against the plastic liner. After you have used the hex head screwdriver to loosen the screws, pull the old gaskets out. Be gentle while doing this because any sudden burst of force can break or damage the fridge’s plastic liner.

● Keep the old gaskets aside and take the new ones. Position them precisely on their corners on the top of the door. Steadily push the lip of the gasket right above the metal retainer. Now, slide them behind the retainer. Start from the top corners for better convenience.

● Use the screwdriver to tighten all the screws back to the metal retainer. But, avoid shrinking them too much since you want them to be snug. If they are too tight, they won’t be flexible. To prevent sticking, use powder.

● After you have fixed all the gaskets into their position and tightened the screws, it is time to inspect the door. Open and close the door several times to check if the gaskets are placed correctly or not. Look for any warped areas or weird sounds around the door.

● Use some petroleum jelly to reduce the friction imparted on the refrigerator door seal. It helps them to last for a longer time. If there are any cracks on the gaskets after a few days, use the same jelly to cover them up. You can also choose to use premium quality silicone grease to keep the gaskets in a much better shape.

Final Words

The overall task of replacing and fixing the refrigerator door seals is relatively easy. You have to follow the proper instructions. A broken refrigerator gasket can be problematic in the long run. So, you would want to change them as soon as possible when you find them damaged. Visit a local store, brand service center, or online websites to shop for your refrigerator model’s best quality refrigerator gaskets. Make sure to read our blog carefully and fix the refrigerator door seal in the most efficient and secured manner. You can follow us to stay updated on more of such useful hacks and advice to ease up your daily chores.

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