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The cleanest house can have dust and dirt. After all, there are certain places that are tough to see. However, just because these places are out of sight does not essentially mean that they are out of your mind. For instance, while dirt and dust accumulating under your refrigerator are not visible, you need to take out time to clean them. At the same time, it is not a Herculean task to clean under a big kitchen appliance like your refrigerator.

You have to clean the trinkets, cat toys, lint, hair, and dust under the fridge. It is imperative to point out the space between the floor and your refrigerator becomes a magnet to attract small trinkets, food crumbs, dust, and pet hair. If you do not clean under your fridge for a long time, it can allure different types of pests including ants.

Are you wondering how to clean under refrigerator? To ensure that the task is less tough, you may use a tool called drain cleaning zip or hair trap cleaner. It is easily available at different home improvement stores. Such a tool would ensure that your floor does not have scratches. It can also reach further as compared to the attachment of a vacuum cleaner.

The faster way to clean under appliances

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If you want to clean under an appliance without shifting it, take a yardstick and cover its one end with a piece of clean cloth tied with a rubber band. Alternatively, you can also use a tube sock. Move your DIY tool several times under the appliance you want to clean. Sweep up or vacuum whatever you unearthed.

How to clean under refrigerator more thoroughly?

Check out these steps to clean under your fridge thoroughly and properly:

1. The grill has to be removed first

Ensure that any rugs or mats, which are lying in front of your refrigerator’s front grill are moved before you start your cleaning process. Open the doors of the fridge and grab the grill firmly on both sides. Try to shift it off gently. Typically, you should be able to unhook it on both sides so that it can be pulled outwards.

Open the refrigerator doors, firmly grab the grill on both sides with your hands, and then gently wiggle it off. It should easily unhook on both sides, allowing you to pull it outwards.

2. A coil cleaning brush can be used for dust removal from underneath the fridge

Now that the doors are closed, you can use a coil cleaning brush to begin loosening the dust from the coils. Use the brush to clean as far back as possible with your brush.

3. A vacuum can be used to clean what the coil brush was unable to pick up

Vacuum clean the dust and dirt are taken out using the coil brush. Pick up everything you loosened up with the brush. Ensure that the coils are covered thoroughly- cover the crannies and corners where some dust could have fallen.

4. The removed grill can be washed in a bathtub before moving it back onto the refrigerator

You should wash the grill in a bathtub as it is big. However, a sink can be also used to clean it. Rinse the grill properly and then use some bleaching powder or cleaning solution to clean it up. Make sure you clean both sides. Let the solution be on it for some minutes before using a sponge to scrub it. You can also use a piece of clean cloth to scrub it and then rinse. Let it dry in the air or you may also use a cloth to dry it off.

Last, move the grill back to its original place once you are done. The step is easy, fast, and can make your refrigerator perform better.

Cleaning the refrigerator coils

If you want to maintain your fridge regularly, you should vacuum its condenser coils to clean the gunk and dust at least twice a year. These coils are placed on the bottom or the back of the refrigerator.

Are you interested to know the process of cleaning refrigerator coils? To do so, you will require the following:

  • A vacuum cleaner with crevice and brush attachments
  • Rag
  • A small brush such as a paintbrush

Once you have all these tools ready with you, you may begin cleaning. Follow the steps listed below to clean the coils properly:

1. Pull your fridge gently away from the wall

There is a possibility that your fridge has small wheels under it. If that is the case, you can pull it quite easily. However, move it slowly to make sure that your kitchen floor does not get damaged. However, you do not have to do it when the coils are placed on the fridge’s bottom.

2. The fridge has to be unplugged

It is important to unplug your refrigerator. The power source should be always disconnected before conducting any kind of maintenance activity on an appliance. While it is unlikely that things will go wrong, the chances of electrocution cannot be ruled out entirely. You would not wish to take such a risk while cleaning the fridge.

3. The coils have to be located

Your refrigerator’s coils can be located either on the bottom or on the back.

i) On the bottom: If the coils are located on the bottom, it can become tricky. Coils on your fridge’s bottom typically have a grate right in the front so that these can be removed and the attachment of the vacuum cleaner can be positioned there for cleaning. Check for the availability of the grate before removing it gently. In case you face any issues, consult the owner’s manual to get more specific instructions.

ii) On the back: These should be simpler to locate. Check out for a metal grid, which is attached to your fridge’s back.

4. Begin the process of vacuum cleaning

You have to use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to vacuum clean. You may also use the crevice tool to do so. There are a few vacuum attachments that are manufactured particularly for fridge coils. You may search for them in the market. You need to be firm yet careful at the same time. Your aim should be to get off as much dust and dirt as possible off the electric coils without getting them damaged. So, go easy and do not be in haste.

When you are cleaning the coils, you can also clean the areas around the refrigerator, which are otherwise inaccessible. To do so, you may vacuum the floor above which the refrigerator usually sits. Also, wipe clean the back/sides of the refrigerator itself. As you have to move the fridge from its original location for cleaning the coils, you may take leverage of the situation as well.

5. Use your paintbrush so that any stubborn dirt can be also removed

Use your cleaning session to clean all the crannies and nooks as much as possible.

6. Vacuum clean all the dirt that is lying onto the floor

Your kitchen floor is likely to be in a real mess after all that brushing. You need to clean all that up next.

7. In case the coils become loose off the bottom, the front plate has to be replaced

In case the coils were placed on the back, the fridge has to be plugged in and pushed back to its original position.

Cleaning frequency

According to experts, you should clean under the refrigerator and behind it once every 90 days. Doing so will keep the dust and grime to a minimum. That in turn can lower the occurrence of allergies and harmful pests. Plus, in case the area has any dampness, mold might begin to grow. Finally, to practice good housekeeping, it is imperative to cover everything possible. Know the entire space you would be cleaning, as well as, the kind of cleaning agents to be used. Regular maintenance of your kitchen appliance would ensure its durability and efficiency in functioning. Now that you are aware of how to clean under refrigerator, you can try it out and see all the difference.

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