How Long To Cook Favorite Foods In Air Fryer

Air Fryer Cheat Sheet: A Guide On How Long To Cook Your Favorite Foods


Air fryers are getting all the hype these days, and we must admit, their reputation is well-deserved. Who would have thought that you could effortlessly cook your favorite frozen foods to a crisp without deep frying them, which can cause chronic disease and have fewer calories? Yes, you have read that correctly. 

According to Stratview Research, the global market for air fryers is estimated to increase by $1,150.9 million at a CAGR of 7.39% by 2026. While there’s no denying that these kitchen equipment are game changers in the kitchen, thanks to the availability of air fryer models with high-end features like touch screen panels, faster preheating, and temperature settings, you’ve probably wondered how long and at what temperature you should cook things for.

Don’t worry; we at DaDongNY have you covered with a guide to air fryer cooking durations and temperatures so you can stop the guesswork and say hello to perfectly cooked food every time!

Why Do People Use Air Fryers In The First Place?

  1. Budget-Friendly

Given how versatile air fryers are, there are surprisingly affordable air fryers suitable for families of four. There are high-end air fryers with a plethora of features that may cost you a bit more.

Furthermore, air fryers require little to no oil, so you can still experience the thrill of munching on delicious fried foods on a shoestring budget.

  1. Time-Saver

We love preparing wonderful meals for our family, but our busy schedules sometimes prevent us from doing so. Fortunately, air fryers have provided a faster cooking method that shortens the cooking time of many foods, including 23 of our simple and delicious air fryer recipes, thanks to its rapid air circulation technology.

  1. Lower Calorie Intake

If you want to lose a few pounds while nibbling on finger-licking good chicken wings, an air fryer is an ideal partner in crime. This piece of equipment cooks a variety of tasty dishes with 80% fewer calories than typical frying methods.

  1. Tastier Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are good for us, providing proper nutrition to our bodies, but it doesn’t necessarily excite some of us who are a little fussy about veggies; until now. With an air fryer microwave combo, you can toss them in and cook them until crisp to enhance the flavor.

  1. Safer Cooking Method

Deep frying requires a large amount of cooking oil, which is not the safest thing in the world when you think about it. On the other hand, air fryers minimize the likelihood of hot oil splattering from you and anybody else in your home.

  1. Better Post-Cooking Environment

In contrast to a traditional oven, an air fryer does not heat your kitchen, especially during the summer heat. So you won’t have to crank up your air conditioner every time you prepare food for your family. Furthermore, because of its odor removal feature, air frying does not overwhelm your home with unpleasant odors from the foods you are cooking.

Why This Cheat Sheet Works

Whether you’re new to air frying or experienced, this cheat sheet will be so helpful as it provides you with the correct cooking time and duration for some of the common foods you can air fry. From meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and fan-favorite frozen foods, you can use this guide as a printable cheat sheet to keep on hand whenever you are craving for some comfort food. 

Important Notes On Cooking Times

People often realize that some air fryer recipes could work better for them for various reasons. So, when you start experimenting with a recipe, keep the following things in mind to adjust the time and temperature appropriately.

  1. Wattages for air fryers vary. A 140-watt air fryer will likely cook food slowly and not get as crispy as an 1800-watt air frying.
  1. Air fryer sizes also vary. The amount of space inside the equipment will influence how it cooks. They will likely cook slightly differently if you have a little or large fryer.
  1. Cooking times can also vary with basket and toaster oven air fryers. These two types circulate hot air into your food in different ways.

What Can You Cook And How To Air Fry

The ability to cook everything from bite-sized donuts to everyday staple, frozen family dinners is one of the joys of an air fryer. Here are some tips for air frying meats, vegetables, frozen foods, and other foods you may learn to fully master kitchen equipment.

Just keep in mind that cooking times vary depending on the size and quantity of food placed in the air fryer. You can also check on the food in your air fryer from time to time, unlike an oven, which will drastically reduce its temperature.

Meat And Poultry

You can cook any type of meat in an air fryer and get the best results. Just keep in mind that cooking times for meats vary depending on thickness and desired level of doneness. That is why it is recommended to use a food thermometer, which is one of our must-have accessories to maximize your kitchen equipment.

Bacon350-177 °F8-12 mins
Chicken (Whole)350-177 °F45-65 mins
Chicken Breast (Bone-in)375-190 °F25-35 mins
Chicken Breast (Boneless)350-177 °F15-20 mins
Chicken Tenders350-177 °F8-12 mins
Chicken Thighs (Bone-in)400-204 °F15-22 mins
Chicken Thighs (Boneless)375-190 °F16-21 mins
Chicken Wings375-190 °F18-28 mins
Lamb (Leg)350-177 °F17-30 mins
Lamb (Rack)350-177 °F10-17 mins
NY Strip Steak400-204 °F8-14 mins
Pork Chops350-177  °F10-15 mins
Pork Tenderloin375-190 °F15-25 mins
Ribeye/T-Bone400-204 °F15-25 mins


Just like what Gordon Ramsay always does in his show, make sure you don’t overcrowd your air fryer basket to get that crispy and flaky fish texture. If there isn’t enough room for hot air to move between each piece of seafood, they may come out more like they were steamed. Additionally, shake the basket every 5 to 10 minutes, especially if you are cooking smaller foods like shrimp, calamari, or scallop, to get them evenly cooked. 

Salmon375-190 °F8-13 mins
White Fish400-204 °F8-12 mins
Shrimp350-177 °F5-8 mins
Calamari400-204 °F4-8 mins
Scallops400-204 °F5-7 mins


Yes, you can cook almost any vegetable in an air fryer, and the texture will be similar to roasting but crispier on the outside. Any soft veggies will cook quickly, whilst rough and tough vegetables will take a little longer. Simply follow the cheat sheet below to make vegetables on any night of the week. Furthermore, we recommend spraying a little oil with the Misto Oil Sprayer to make your dish more flavorful and, according to WebMD, absorb all of the good carotenoids from the vegetable.

Asparagus400-204 °F6-10 mins
Beets (Sliced)350-177 °F15-25 mins
Beets (Whole)400-204 °F30-40 mins
Bell Peppers (Sliced)350-177 °F7-10 mins
Bok Choy350-177 °F5-6 mins
Broccoli400-204 °F5-9 mins
Brussels Sprouts (Sliced)375-190 °F9-16 mins
Butternut Squash (Chopped)400-204 °F16-20 mins
Carrots (Chopped)400-204 °F10-15 mins
Cauliflower (Whole)350-177 °F15-20 mins
Cauliflower (Chopped)400-204 °F10-15 mins
Corn on the Cob400-204 °F8-10 mins
Eggplant (Sliced or Cubed)400-204 °F15-18 mins
Green Beans400-204 °F8-10 mins
Kale Leaves375-190 °F4-10 mins
Mushroom (Button)375-190 °F8-12 mins
Mushroom (Portobellos)350-177 °F15-30 mins
Okra350-177 °F12-14 mins
Onions (Sliced)400-204 °F8-10 mins
Parsnips (Chopped or Halved)375-190 °F10-16 mins
Peppers 400-204 °F4-8 mins
Potatoes (Chopped)375-190 °F15-30 mins
Potatoes (Whole)400-204 °F30-45 mins
Sweet Potatoes (Chopped)400-204 °F30-35 mins
Sweet Potatoes (Whole)375-190 °F8-15 mins
Tomatoes (Halved)350-177 °F6-12 mins
Tomatoes (Cherry)350-177 °F5-8 mins
Zucchini (Chopped)350-177 °F10-20 mins
Zucchini (Noodles)400-204 °F8-12 mins

Frozen Foods

After a long day at work, you may not have time to cook food for your family. Good thing your trusty air fryer will save your day in the form of prepackaged frozen foods. You’ll get a gratifying amount of crispness and flavor in everything from chicken tenders to lasagna. If you need to turn any food halfway through, use silicone-tipped tongs to avoid scratching the bottom of your fryer.

Frozen Chicken Tenders375-190 °F14-16 mins
Frozen Dumplings400-204 °F6-10 mins
Frozen Egg Rolls350-177 °F8-14 mins
Frozen Fish Sticks350-177 °F8-12 mins
Frozen French Fries400-204 °F14-17 mins
Frozen Hash Browns400-204 °F6-9 mins
Frozen Pizzas325-163 °F8-15 mins
Frozen Mozzarella Sticks375-190 °F7-10 mins
Frozen Onion Rings400-204 °F8-10 mins
Frozen Tater Tots400-204 °F10-15 mins


We’ve only scratched the surface of what an air fryer can cook. So let’s go through some more interesting foods you can try. From a quick batch of air-fried bananas to make an ordinary bowl of ice cream special! In addition, an air fryer is a great option if you want to add crispy tofu to any Meatless Monday meal. Just be sure to squeeze out any excess water before putting it in the fryer.

Bananas (Sliced)375-190 °F6-8 mins
Chickpeas400-204 °F12-17 mins
Tofu (Cubed)375-190 °F12-17 mins
Taco Chips/ Taco Shells350-177 °F3-8 mins
Pizza375-190 °F7-12 mins

What Can’t An Air Fryer Cook

  1. Battered Foods

Avoid cooking wet batter in an air fryer to avoid making a mess. Furthermore, a wet batter will not be set the way it does when submerged in the oil that provides the crispy exterior. 

  1. Fresh Greens

Leafy Greens such as spinach don’t cook well evenly in an air fryer because of the rapid hot air that burns foods that don’t stay put. When choosing vegetables to cook, ensure they have some weight, such as broccoli or zucchini. You may also make Kale chips by coating the leaves in enough oil to weigh them down.

  1. Whole Roast

When using an air fryer to cook a whole roast, one of the biggest issues is whether or not it will properly fit in the basket. Even if the meat fits, there is no guarantee that it will be cooked evenly. That is why we recommend slicing them into pieces before placing huge roasts in the basket. 

  1. Cheese

Who doesn’t enjoy making fried cheese snacks? But we hate to be the bearer of bad news because your air fryer can’t cook cheese without it melting into a puddle and making a mess. Unless you use frozen mozzarella sticks, your air fryer will not produce fried cheese.

  1. Grains

Raw grains like rice and pasta can be cooked in an air fryer, but they must first be cooked on the stovetop because air fryers are designed to dry cook food, and attempting to prepare something that requires immersion in water throughout the cooking process will fail.

  1. Hamburger

Air fryers are made for something other than grilling red meat, especially if you prefer your burgers medium-rare. Though an air fryer cooks the middle of beef to medium rare in a relatively short time, the burger’s outside does not brown as quickly. If you prefer your meat to be red and juicy, an air fryer will not provide the char that balances it out. However, an air fryer should do if you like your burgers well done.

  1. Popcorn

Before microwaved popcorn and prepared popcorn bags, people had to make their own popcorn by mixing kernels and oil in a saucepan. Although an air fryer chamber appears comparable to a pot, an air fryer rarely becomes hot enough to pop popcorn.

Air Fryer Cooking Tips

  1. Preheat Your Air Fryer

Treat air fryer cooking like you would oven cooking. Unless you’re doing one of the extremely uncommon recipes that call for a cold-oven start, you always preheat your air fryer.

  1. Don’t Overcrowd 

This is a very common mistake. To cook food evenly, the air must circulate freely, arranging the food in a single layer and leaving some space between pieces of food. Don’t stack things too much.

  1. Shake Food Halfway Through Cooking

Every 5-10 minutes, stop the cooking process halfway through and either shake the basket vigorously or turn the food with a silicone spatula or tongs. This will help to ensure that the food is evenly cooked and crispy on all sides.

  1. Always Test Meat For Doneness With A Food Thermometer

Always use a food thermometer to ensure your meat is cooked properly. Make sure to follow USDA guidelines for safe minimum cooking temperatures for meat and seafood, and be sure your food is cooked properly.


An air fryer has been such a great tool for every household, considering that not only can it air fry, but it is also capable of other things. Despite its convenience, it isn’t easy to create an amazing dish right away. It will take several trials and errors to cook a steak or crisp your fries flawlessly. However, with this, we hope we can provide you with a cheat sheet on the preferred cooking time and temperature. It’s a lot to remember, but with this guideline, you don’t have to produce bland or burnt dishes.

To learn more about air fryers, click on the link to learn everything you need to know about this trendy kitchen equipment.