Air Fryer Lifespan

Air Fryer Lifespan: How Long Does It Last Before It Needs Replacing


Do you have an air fryer at home, or are you thinking about heading into your local store to buy the right air fryer for your household? Chances are, you have a lot of questions on your mind right now, including one of the most common: “how long does an air fryer last?”

An air fryer usually has a guaranteed lifespan of only 2.5 years before it needs replacement. While the top-of-the-line air fryer toaster oven combos might last longer, cheaply made ones can last only for over six months.

In this post, we at DaDongNY will cover everything you need to know about the lifespan of your kitchen appliance and the factors that wear out your air fryer.

How Long Does Air Fryers Last?

Air fryers generally have a two to three years life expectancy, but you can get the most out of your equipment if you use them less often and take care of them. However, if you invest in a high-end air fryer like Cuisinart, you can expect it to last for 5 years or more. Doing so will be worth your time if you plan on keeping it for the next coming years to try our simple and tasty air fryer recipes.

Air fryers typically have a life expectancy of two to three years, but you can get the most out of your equipment by using it less frequently and taking care of it.

If you get a high-quality air fryer like the Cuisinart, you can expect it to last for 5 years or more. Doing so will be worth your time, especially if you plan on keeping it for the next few years to try our simple and tasty air fryer recipes.

However, some air fryers do not last quite as long, with some barely lasting six months when used frequently. That is why you must thoroughly research all products before purchasing the best air fryer.

Can My Air Fryer Be Repaired?

Having an air fryer repaired may appear a pain, but if the damage is minor and only requires a simple repair or replacement, and the cost is not outrageously expensive, we recommend it.

Also, pulling out and changing all of the parts in an air fryer isn’t all that difficult. This should be a piece of cake if you’re even a tinkerer. Having it repaired at a local service center shouldn’t be too expensive if you aren’t.

What Factors Influence the Longevity of an Air Fryer?

Here are some of the probable factors that can affect the longevity of your appliance: 

  • Brand

Before releasing a high-quality air fryer to the market, manufacturers have to carry out extensive quality testing. Unfortunately, because lesser-known brands lacked a reputation, some of them might use cheap components to save cost, prompting an air fryer to wear out and break easily.

Some of the best reliable air fryers are as follows:

  1. Philips Air Fryer
  2. GoWise Air Fryer
  3. Nuwave Brio Air Fryer
  • Use frequency

If you use your air fryer frequently, it will gradually wear down its parts and will shorten its lifespan. Utilizing it less often increases its capacity to perform its work in the long run.

  • Maintenance and Care

It’s important to follow your air fryer’s instruction manual on using and maintaining its parts that work together to cook your food from stressing out. Your parts are well-cleaned and maintained; it will give the air fryer a longer life.

Here are some of the air fryer parts that need to be maintained:

  1. Power cord
  2. Air fryer’s exterior body
  3. Air fryer’s control pad
  4. Air fryer’s non-stick components
  5. Heating element
  6. Thermostat
  7. Motor

Signs That Your Air Fryer Needs to Be Replaced

  • Your Air Fryer Is Frequently Breaking Down

If your air fryer is breaking down, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to replace it with a new one. The malfunction of your equipment indicates that its internal structure isn’t working properly. With this, it’s advisable to get a new air fryer microwave combo rather than spend a fortune trying to repair your air fryer over and over.

  • Your Air Fryer Does Not Heat Up Properly

If your air fryer takes a long time to achieve the desired temperature levels, it’s time to replace it with a new one. There are several reasons for this. However, there are a few simple and low-cost fixes that are all covered in the video:

  • The Nonstick Coating On Your Air Fryer Is Peeling Away

One of the most typical issues concerning an air fryer is the peeling of its non-stick component. As the non-stick coating on your equipment begins to peel, your food will stick, and rust will form inside.

Unfortunately, the only way to avoid a mess on your basket is to replace it with a new one or use silicone air fryer accessories.

  • When You Operate Your Air Fryer, It Generates Smoke

If you detect smoke from your air fryer whenever you use it, it indicates an electronic defect. If it does, turn off your appliance and contact customer service right away. 

If your air fryer is still under warranty, the repair will cost you little to nothing. Otherwise,  the most logical option is to get a new air fryer rather than replace the internal parts of your equipment, which could break your bank depending on the severity of the malfunction.

  • There Are Sections Of Your Air Fryer That Cannot Be Cleaned

There are times when gunk or dirt accumulates in your air fryer and makes cleaning difficult. This could arise in any inaccessible or difficult-to-reach corners where bacteria can thrive. If you have trouble cleaning them, it is best to replace them.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Air Fryer

Fortunately, there are seven ways you can take follow to help prolong the life of your air fryer:

  • Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Air Fryer

Maintaining your air fryer’s cleanliness isn’t just about washing the basket. You will need to give your equipment a thorough cleaning every after use to keep it looking pristine. If you don’t, grease and another food residue can accumulate and cause unpleasant smells and burning hazards.

While learning how to clean an air fryer sounds daunting, it’s pretty straightforward once you know all the simple hacks, and it just takes a few household items to do it. Furthermore, keep in mind to never put the main housing of your air fryer in the dishwasher, and don’t use metal scouring pads as you clean the parts because this will damage the non-stick coating.

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  • Don’t Cook Non- Air Fryer Foods

While air fryers are considered to be versatile kitchen appliances, there are things that you shouldn’t cook in them. This can range from wet batter to cheeses, which can cause a mess, to lose seasonings which can be blown on your air fryer’s heating element. 

Ensure that you are cooking the right ingredients and filling the basket to the correct level; you can help your air fryer last longer. Overloading the basket will result in uneven cooking as the air can’t circulate. It’s better to cook separate batches in your air fryer to get even results.

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  • Allow Your Air Fryer To Cool

Consider where you’ll place your air fryer and ensure that it has enough room to breathe, especially after cooking. Most models have vents that cool down your air fryer and have enough space to overheat your appliance as it cooks.

Look to your air fryer’s instruction manual on how much space to provide your air fryer, and keep in mind that there should be space on all sides. The cooking surface should also be flat, even, and stable.

  • Instead Of Replacing The Entire Air Fryer, Replace The Attachments

If you’ve broken or lost your air fryer basket, remember that the accessories are sometimes replaceable. Rather than replacing your air fryer with a new one, see if the manufacturer has replacement parts that you may buy to save money.

Together with baskets, manufacturers may offer replacement racks and other accessories, so be sure to look into what’s available.

  • Keep Your Air Fryer In A Safe Place

If you casually store your air fryer on a shelf between usage, it will be bumped and scratched by other utensils and equipment.

Find a place for it on your shelf, and keep the wire from anything sharp. Or, you can just put it on display; just make sure to maintain the outside on a regular basis.

  • Check Your Power Cord

Ensure the cord is not pressed against the air fryer when in use since when cooking at high temperatures, the outside can get quite hot.

If the cable is pressed against this temperature, the casing, and internal wiring may be damaged. As a result, be certain that your cable is clear of this hazard. A cable tie can be used to keep any excess wires in place.

  • Avoid Using Metal Utensils

Because air fryer baskets are non-stick, using metal tools will damage them. The same is true when washing your equipment with metallic sponges.

The Best Long-Lasting Air Fryers

  • Philips Air Fryer

While almost all Philips air fryer models have a longer lifespan., the Philips XL air fryer is one model that stands out among the rest. It was created by a team of specialists with over ten years of experience in air fryer technology.

Although it has a one-year warranty, several good reviews stated that it still operates strong after two years.

SpecificationsDimensions: 13.1″ x 13.1″ x 13.8″
Color:  Black
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 4.1 liters
Output Wattage: 1400-watts
Special Feature: Programmable
Included Components: Detachable air fryer basket
Manufacturer: Philips Kitchen Appliances

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  • GoWise Air Fryer

GoWise air fryers are made of stainless steel, making them more durable and solid than other air fryers. Another plus is that it is manufactured in the United States and has excellent customer service. When treated properly, it can endure up to five years.

SpecificationsDimensions: 11.75″ x 11.75″ x 14″
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 6.62 liters
Output Wattage: 1700-watts
Special Feature: Programmable
Included Components: 
Detachable air fryer basket, 
Crisper tray, 
Stackable racks
Manufacturer: GoWISE USA

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  • Nuwave Brio Air Fryer

The Nuwave Brio is a stainless steel air fryer oven. Because of the lack of a non-stick coating, it lasts a very long period. Even after many uses, all that is required is tray replacement.

SpecificationsDimensions: 13″ x 15.4″ x 16.9″
Color: Black
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 14.66 liters
Output Wattage: 1800-watts
Special Feature: Programmable
Included Components: 
Non-stick drip tray, 
Steel Rotisserie Basket, 
Skewer kit, 
Reversible Ultra Non-stick grill plate
Manufacturer: NuWave

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Despite the projected lifespan of an air fryer, its longevity usually depends on the model’s quality, proper usage, and treatment. With the right approach and information we have provided above, we hope that we can help you make your air fryer your partner in crime for years and last longer than it should be. 

To learn more about air fryers, click the link to learn everything you need to know about this trendy kitchen gadget.