Best 1 Gallon Water Jug 2021: Top Brands Review


Water is the most essential part of life and no life on this planet can survive without it. It is a scientific fact that 60 % of the human body contains water. Throughout the day our body loses around 15% to 20% of water. Therefore, we need to replenish it with fresh water. Unfortunately, most people forget this essential need of the body. They only drink water, when they are thirsty for it. This way of lifestyle is not healthy in long run. Water deprivation causes various diseases. In some people, water deprivation cause stone formation in the kidney.

Drinking a gallon of water is a healthy choice. Aside from avoiding various diseases, it conserves your youth and makes you look younger. However, we all forget to drink the appropriate amount of water on time. 1 gallon water jug is the perfect solution to this problem. These jugs come with measurement marks that indicate how much water you should drink at what time. Let’s check out some of the best 1 gallon water jug brands available in the market.

Plastic Vs. Stainless Steel

Materials: Plastic Vs. Stainless Steel

The primary difference between plastic vs. stainless steel water jugs is the price. Most plastic jugs are very inexpensive. For this reason, choosing a plastic water jug make sense if your budget is low. However, the problem with plastic jug is durability. Although a few water jug brands make durable products, most of them only last for a year or two. After that, they start getting micro-scratch and lose their premium look.

On the other hand, most stainless steel water jugs are quite expensive and durable. They are designed to last a lifetime. Most stainless steel jugs are well insulated and they keep the water cold for a long time. They are more suitable for hiking and camping trips, while plastic jugs are suitable for gym and everyday workplace.

Things To Remember

At the time of purchasing a 1 gallon water jug, you need to understand a few aspects. The first thing you need to understand is where are you taking this jug? If you are a fitness conscious person and take it to the gym, then some inspirational quote on the jug would be better. If you are going to take this jug on a hiking trip, then durability should be the priority. You also need to remember your water drinking preference at the time of purchase. Many people can drink directly from a big mouth jug, while some prefer to sip it through the straw. As yourself, which way you like to drink your water.

1-gallon water bottle

1-Gallon Water Bottle Buying Guide

In the market, you will find hundreds of water jug brands. They use different substances for their jugs. These jugs are all different in style, price, mouth opening, and insulating properties. Here is a simple buying guide you can follow for the best purchase.


At the time of choosing a 1 gallon water jug, the substance of the jug is more important than you think. A jug made from plastic is comparatively lighter than stainless steel. As a result, carrying them everywhere is much easier. However, stainless steel is a much stronger material. A jug made from durable plastic can crack open if it drops from a significant height. On the other hand, a jug made from stainless steel will never break.

Insulated Body

If you have decided to purchase a stainless steel jug, make sure it is from one of the trusted water jug brands. Many companies sell iron jug with nickel coating on them. From the first appearance, they may look like stainless steel but after a few days of use the nickel erodes and the jug catches corrosion easily. Similarly, many companies use toxic plastics for water jugs. Usually, the water stinks in these types of bottles.

Thermal insulation is an important aspect for 1 gallon water jugs if you prefer cold water to quench your thirst. Coldwater also enhances metabolism and helps you manage weight better. Most stainless steel water jugs sell in the market are insulated, while only a few top brands sell plastic insulated jugs. Generally, plastic jugs use foam insulation, while stainless steel jugs use vacuum seal insulation. Stainless steel jugs can hold both hot and cold water. On the other hand, most plastic insulated jugs are for cold water only. You can also buy individual jug insulation sleeve or cover for ordinary water jugs. It is an inexpensive way to insulate any water vessel.

Mouth Opening

Some people prefer to chug water through a big mouth bottle, while many people prefer to drink water through a straw. For this reason, before buying a 1 gallon water jug, understand which way you would prefer to drink the water. You won’t be able to put ice in it if the mouth opening is too small.


At the time of purchase, you should remember that you also have to carry it everywhere. So, you should be comfortable with the jug’s overall dimension. Every company has its unique type of handle. Check the type of handle of the water jug and see whether you would be comfortable carrying it or not.


If you are purchasing a 1 gallon water jug to improve your water consumption level then ensure that the jug contains some inspirational quotes for motivation. Time marker and inspirational quote will encourage you to gulp appropriate amounts of water on time. So you can reach your goal of drinking 1 gallon of water every day.

FDA Approval

FDA is a governing body that ensures public health and safety. They check every product and only approve them if they are safe for humans. Hence, ensure that the water jug you are purchasing is FDA approved or not. If it is not approved then the jug might be containing BPA, which is a harmful chemical for the human body.

Top Best 1 Gallon Water Jug Brands

Top One Gallon Water Bottles

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1. Life Bottle One Gallon Water Bottle

This beautiful jug comes in six different colors. Five of them are completely transparent and one of them is semi-transparent. You can fill it up in the morning and follow the time marker to drink on time. This water jug will always be there to replenish your body’s water requirement. Throughout the day, it will never let you be thirsty for a moment. With this jug, you get two options for carrying it around. It has an easy carriage strap and a beautiful inbuilt handle.

The jug is just 11.6 inches tall and its diameter is just 6.2 inches wide. It is made from Polyethylene terephthalate glycol commonly known as PET-G Plastic. Life Bottle is one of the trusted brands. This jug does not contain any BPA or DEHP element. It is quite durable and it won’t break easily if you drop it from a small height.

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2. Venture Pal Water Bottle

This beautiful water jug is available in 15 different colors. All the time marker points have a motivational quote written on them. These quotes will encourage you to drink the appropriate amount of water on time. This jug is made from eco-friendly plastic that is leak proof. This food-grade PETG material does not have any odor and it doesn’t allow bacteria incubation in the water.

It has a wide mouth on the top so that you can easily fill it with water and insert ice cubes easily. For ease of drinking, this bottle comes with a straw. On the top, there is a flip-top cap present, which also prevents dust contamination. The jug is just 5.9 inches wide and 13 inches tall. Venture Pal is one of the best brands in America.  They have designed the jug in such a way that you can take it everywhere with you.

Available colors: 15

3. SLUXKE Gallon Water Bottle

SLUXKE is one of the famous brands in the athletic world. Whether you spend a lot of your time at the office, gym, or outdoor, you can easily make this jug a part of your life. The 1 gallon water jug has a sturdy anti-skid handle for ease of drinking and a durable strap for carrying it around long distances. Filling this jug with water is very easy and you can include some ice cubes on summer days. This jug is available in seven different colors and according to your personality; you get to choose from them. It is also available in two different sizes. You can choose either full gallon or half-gallon. The half-gallon jug is best for those people who are always on the move. PETG plastic is the primary material of this jug and the FDA approves it for healthy drinking habits.

4. YETI Rambler Gallon Jug With MagCap

In the world of drink-ware Yeti is the undisputed king. High-quality build materials and durability gave them this reputation. If you are a brand conscious person and want to be an owner of Yeti drink-ware then you can choose this jug. This sturdy jug is made from 18/8 stainless steel. For better grip, it is covered with an anti-sweat coating.

You must be wondering why anti-sweat coating is so important. It is because, when we put cold water in a vessel, it starts condensing and creates water droplets outside. Over a period it makes the vessel slippery. The anti-sweat coating on the Yeti 1 gallon water jug prevents water droplet formation outside of the bottle and the coating will keep the jug dry all the time. For ease of carriage, Yeti included a sturdy stainless steel handle on this jug. This handle also has a rubber grip on it. You can carry it all day long without any stress.

The double-wall vacuumed seal insulation keeps the hot water hot and the cold water cold for a couple of days. In a test, it has been found that in a day the jug only loses around 2 to 3-degree temperature. For a hiker, it is one of the best water jugs available in the market. It is available in three colors, black, navy, and stainless steel finish. The cup of this jug has a magnet, which helps it close easily. It is also dishwasher safe for cleaning.

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5. RTIC 1-Gallon Vacuum Insulated Jug

This sleek-looking 1 gallon water jug is made from kitchen-grade steel. For this reason, it can handle any harsh condition with ease. The jug has an airtight lead, which also keeps the exterior elements away from the water. You can keep hot or cold water in this jug. The double-wall vacuum insulation maintains the temperature of the water for a long time.

We have noticed that the jug holds ice-cubes intact inside for more than 24 hours. The 18/8 Stainless Steel used in this jug is very durable and passed the drop test with full marks. The jug also has a special coating outside, which prevents sweating. This matt finish coating also enhances its looks and gives a premium appearance. The jug comes in five different colors. These colors are white, stainless, black, graphite, and navy.

The jug has a very strong stainless steel handle. This handle is permanently attached to the jug’s body. A large part of this handle is covered with a soft rubber grip. This grip does not put pressure on your finger and makes it carrying everywhere loaded very easy. For all of these reasons, we have listed it among some of the best 1 gallon water jugs.

6. Coleman One-Gallon Jug

Coleman is a famous brand among the outdoor adventure community. They have some of the best products including tents, sleeping bags, camping accessories, and hard coolers. Thanks to their focus on the details, they have also become one of the successful brands. For the manufacturing of water jugs, they have chosen a different approach. Instead of stainless steel, they have used high-grade polymer for their water jugs.

This high-grade polymer is comparatively much durable than stainless steel. A drop from medium height won’t cause any dent or deformation. It has a big opening on the top, which makes filling and cleaning very easy. For drinking, you can use the flip-top spout. The size of the water jug is just 12.8 inches high and 8.5 inches wide. It is available in only two colors red and blue. A big bail handle is present on the top for ease of carriage.

7. Koverz Neoprene Water Bottle Carrier

This is not a jug or water bottle. It is a bottle sleeve that you can put on any bottle and make it stylish and functional at the same time. This bottle sleeve comes in various sizes and most of them will fit any 1 gallon water jugs. This sleeve is made from 3.5mm thick Neoprene. It is an insulating material that helps you maintain the temperature of the water. This material is a little stretchable. As a result, it will grip the jug tightly and it won’t budge from its position. This sleeve comes with a durable two-point carrier strap.

You can easily carry your bottle in this sleeve everywhere. It is 100 % wash proof and you can clean it in your washing machine. These sleeves come with various design patterns. Some of the popular design patterns are Carbon Fiber, Vintage USA, Buffalo Plaid, Midnight Mums, Purple Orange, Tres Chic, etc

8. Rubbermaid Victory

If you are looking for an incredibly good 1 gallon water jug at an affordable price, then you can consider this one. The Polyethylene jacket on the outside of the jug is very durable and scratch resistance. At the same time, the thick urethane-based foam insulation maintains the temperature of the water. You can carry both hot and cold water in it. This jug is 100% BPA free and certified by the FDA. You can enjoy the freshness of the water without any lingering taste.

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9. Gallon Guard Cover

It is a Swiss-Army Knife of jug insulation. This insulated cover has a dedicated phone pocket, metal keychain clip, and a flexible elastic strap for versatile usage. The company has used thick neoprene material for insulation. It is fitted with YKK Zipper for easy installation on any water jugs. This cover comes with five different design patterns, which will match your style profile.

10. NFL Tailgate Keg

This keg shaped 1 gallon water jugs is for NFL fans. This keg shaped jug is built with heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel materials. The stainless steel band in the middle features the favorite NLF team logo. The push-button spout at the bottom helps you pour water easily. As an ultimate tailgating accessory, it expresses your passion for your favorite NFL team.

11. The Coldest Jug

It is one of the most premium brands for water. The jug is made from stainless steel and is thermally insulated. The powder coat finish gives it a premium look. The jug is very durable and so does its handle. The 10.4 inches height and 5 inches diameter make it a perfect travel companion. The jug weighs around 4.9 lbs without any water. The patented flip-top opening on the top eases the water drinking process.

12. Hydro Flask Oasis

This water jug comes with a lifetime warranty. It is one of the few 1 gallon water jugs with a simple design. The jug is available in three colors. These are black, olive, and cobalt. The company has used food-grade stainless steel for manufacturing its body. It is thermally insulated and you can carry both hot and cold water in it. Proper insulation inside maintains the temperature of the water for a long time. The jug is 9.8 inches high and 5.8 inches wide and it will blend in your life easily.

13. Isolator Fitness Isojug Combo

It is a rugged-looking jug holder that you can use to carry your water everywhere. It is available in 15 different variants. This holder has a strong strap, which helps you carry the water on your shoulder. If you like, you can purchase the combo jug with it. Both holder and the jug are very strong and insulate the water better. The size of the jug is 10.75 inches and the width is only 5.75 inches.

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14. Stanley Rugged

It is one of the few rugged jug brands available in the market. This jug has a big top lead from where you can pour water and ice in. However, you need to use the spigot at the bottom for pouring water out. The insulation of this jug is very good and it keeps the water cold for a long time.

15. Coleman Water Jug

It is a beautifully designed 1-gallon water jug that you can use both indoor and outdoor. Most people take this jug to various games and sporting events. It is made out of BPA free plastic and doesn’t have any foul odor in it. Thick foam insulates the water well for a long duration. The polyethylene exterior is very rugged and does not get scratch easily. The hinged bail handle is very comfortable for carriage.

16. New Wave Enviro BpA Free 1 Gallon Water Bottle

This water jug took design inspiration from the dairy jug and the company has constructed an easy to grip handle beside the water jug. The building material used for this jug is eco-friendly plastic. It is safe for human health and the environment as well. The plastic is 100% BPA free and does not cause any harm to human health.

The smart design element and strong plastic make it very durable. You can use it in everyday life without worrying about it. The jug is designed in such a way that it blends in well with the regular environment and you won’t get unfamiliar stares from others. The jug is translucent and you can easily see the water level inside. However, the jug does not have any time marks or inspirational quotes on it. It is a simple water jug that does the job of replenishing you without making any fuss about it.

17. Under Armour Sideline 64-Ounce Water Jug

This beefy water jug is very popular among the athletic community. The double-wall foam insulation keeps the drink cold for more than 12 hours straight. The flip-top lid easily opens with a button press and close down with a tap. A big lid on this water jug makes the filling process effortless. So, you can pour ice in the water easily at the time of filling. The big lid on the top gives easy access inside for cleaning.

It is one of the best water jug brands because of its unique handle design. The Fold-down carrying handle does not flap around. The water jug handle has an inbuilt hook. So it can be mounted on the fence easily. You won’t find this feature on any other water jug. However, this water jug has one drawback. It cannot be used for hot water. It is designed for carrying cold water only.

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18. Geo Sports Bottles 1 Gallon Leak-Proof Water Bottle

It is one of the best 1 gallon water jugs that you can take everywhere with you. Believe it or not, the simple design of this jug does not attract unwanted looks from others. Many people take it to the gym at the time of the workout session. The stainless steel cap on the top closes tightly and make it 100% leak proof. This cap is tied to a strap on the neck of the jug. So you don’t lose it by accident. The bottle is just 11 inches high and 6.5 inches wide. The perforated patterns on the bottle make it easy to grip. For carrying purposes, you can use the dedicated handle on the side.

19. Hydr-8 Gallon 32oz Insulated Time Marked Water Resistant

It is not a 1 gallon water jug, but it can help you consume one-gallon water every day. The bottle only holds a quarter gallon of water and you need to fill it four times a day to meet your one-gallon water consumption target. The bottle is marked with a time marker, which helps you understand how much water you need to consume. The bottle is air-insulated well. For this reason, it maintains the cold temperature of the water for a long period.

The water bottle is made in America by using BPA free plastic. As a result, it is 100% safe for your health. The plastic material is transparent and lets you see the water level inside. The straw in the bottle let you sip the water easily. It also prevents splashdown by mistake. It is an affordable water bottle that does the job of some of the few expensive 1 gallon water jug brands.

20. Aqua Nation 1 Gallon BPA Free Reusable Plastic Drinking Water

At a $16.99 price tag, it is an affordable investment you can do to improve your water consumption habit. These are some of the most affordable water jugs you can buy. It is a square type water jug. The base of this jug is 5 inches X 5.5 inches, while the height of this jug is 10.5 inches. A big 48 mm cap tightly seals the top. The ridged handle on the side is for carrying it around and you can use it for drinking.

The water jug is not made from any ordinary plastic. The company has used BPA free Tritan material for its build. This material does not have any lingering odor. The BPA free Tritan material is 100% safe for health and the FDA approves it. It is also translucent and lets you see the water level inside. The jug comes in 16 different color variants.

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21. EliteMailers BPA Free New Plastic Reusable H2O Water Bottle

The problem with plastic is that most of them contain Bisphenol (BPA). It is a harmful chemical agent that can harm our bodies. For this reason, if you are going to buy a water bottle, ensure that it doesn’t contain any BPA. EliteMailers is one of the trusted brands that do not use these plastics. Instead, they have chosen Tritan material for their 1 gallon water jugs. These jugs look beautiful in design and you can easily include them in your life. This jug is a perfect choice for changing hydration habits at an affordable price.

water jug


How can you wash a plastic water jug?

Washing a plastic water jug is a simple task. For this, you need some soapy water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. At first, pour out the remaining water from the jug and empty it. Then fill it half with soapy water and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Now close the lid and vigorously shake the bottle in all directions, do it for two minutes. Then drain the liquid out of the bottle and rinse it two or three times with fresh water. Then flip up the jug for drying.

Are water bottles dishwasher-safe?

Yes, some water jugs are dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, most of them are not and you need to wash them only by hand. For more information, you should read the description of the jug. If any company does not disclose that it is dishwasher safe, then you need to presume that you have to wash it by hand.

Can all of the water bottles hold cold and hot water?

All 1 gallon water jugs can hold cold water in them without any problem. However, most of the plastic jugs cannot hold hot water in them. Pouring hot water in these jugs can deform their shape. On the other hand, Stainless steel jugs can hold both hot and cold water without any problem.


Drinking an appropriate amount of water is very necessary to remain healthy and fit. Water helps your kidney flush out toxic elements from your blood. Proper hydration also encourages your cells to rejuvenate properly. For this reason, buying a 1 gallon water jug is not a bad decision. These types of jugs help you track your water consumption level properly.

In the above article, we have reviewed most of the trusted brands available in the market. Some of these brands use plastic and some of them use stainless steel as the primary material. Both of these materials have some positive and negative aspects. Some of these water jugs are more durable than others, while some of them are more inexpensive than others. One thing is certain about all of these jugs that the FDA approves them all. So you can have them without worrying about your health.

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