Best Juice Brands 2021: Top Brands Review & Guide


Mornings are made only when you have a big glass full of juice with breakfast. If you’re like us and you love your juice, then you’ll definitely love our listing of the top juice brands of 2021.

All of the juice brands on our list have been chosen keeping in mind these five metrics:

  • Brand popularity in the market
  • Product range
  • Taste profile
  • Availability
  • Price

This type of analysis has allowed us to create a list of those iconic juice brands which are tasty, healthy and perfect for all budgets. So, if you’re looking to purchase and bring home the best juice brands, look no further. Take out your grocery list and make note of these brands.

Global Juices Market Analysis

Global Juices Market Analysis

Before we head on to our listing, let’s explore the worldwide juice industry in detail.

The juice industry is segregated depending on the type of juice being sold and consumed. Today, you have different types of juices, such as:

  • 100% fresh fruit
  • Nectar
  • Juice-flavoured beverages
  • Powdered juice
  • Concentrates
  • Mixed fruit juices
  • Carbonated fruit juices
  • Sugar-free juices

In 2020, juice consumption reached an all-time high, at 44.12 billion litres. European customers account for the highest number of juice consumers, followed by North America, APAC, South America, Middle East and Africa.

The coronavirus pandemic had a positive effect on branded juice consumption, as the top juice brands touted the healing benefits of their beverages. Although the list of best juice brands keeps changing each year, brands like Coca Cola and PepsiCo have remained in the top spot for a long time. They also make the list of our top juice brands of 2021.

Top Best Juice Brands

Top 19 Best Juice Brands of 2021

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Fresh Del Monte Produce

One of the biggest and most-popular juice brands in the world, Del Monte Foods Inc is the parent company that owns Fresh Del Monte Produce. With an expansive line of 100% freshly squeezed juices, nectars and mixes to its name, Del Monte offers wholesome and flavourful options to customers. It’s no wonder that its been consistently ranked as one of the best juice brands in history.

The company sources its produce from reputed local, organic farms from around the world, ensuring only the healthiest fruits and vegetables are used to make their juices. While classic flavours like Apple, Orange and Mango are still the most-bought products, Fresh Del Monte Produce has speciality blends such as pineapple mojito, orchard zest and spicy tomato in their range.

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Keurig Dr. Pepper

In early 2018, Keurig Green Mountain announced its plans to acquire iconic carbonated beverages brand Dr Pepper Snapple Group for $18.7 billion. This acquisition brought the company’s brand portfolio to a total of 125 brands and counting. These brands include a variety of juices, mixers and carbonated beverages.

Some of the juice brands that Keurig Dr Pepper owns include RealLemon, Mystic, Hawaian Punch, Nantucket Nectars, Rose’s and more. They also have a range of carbonated juice brands such as Cplus Orange Burst, Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch, Cactus Cooler and Crush to name a few.

No matter what type of juice you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it with Keurig Dr Pepper.

The Coca-Cola Company

One of the best juice brands of all time and definitely one of the top juice brands in 2021, the Coca Cola Company offers an extensive product range that consists of:

  • Carbonated juices like Appletiser, Fanta, Barq & Sprite
  • Pulpy beverages like Minute Maid & Fresca
  • Blended juice brands like AdeS

The wide range of fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables used to make these juices and blends are made using locally sourced organic produce and bottled in recycled glass bottles, cans or paper containers.

Given how far-reaching Coca Cola’s distribution network is, you’ll get these juice brands in your closest mom-and-pop store, at the most budget-friendly prices. Plus, the company is highly inventive and is currently moving towards sustainable and healthy beverage options. We might even get a new juice on their line before the year is out.


Nestle is a company that believes that good food can lead to a good life and this philosophy extends to their juices as well.

Nestle is extremely famous for its chocolate-based powdered drinks for kids, such as Milo and Nesquik. Although not technically juices in the traditional sense of the word, these two beverages are formulated using essential vitamins, minerals and fruit extracts that make breakfast an absolute delight for kids and parents. The ingredients in Milo and Nesquik are chosen to facilitate bone and muscle development, making them great for growing kids.

Apart from these juices, Nestle Vitality is the company’s newest juice brand that contains a large flavour profile, including, orange, pineapple, apple, mango etc. Vitality is also the name of the cutting-edge juice dispensing machine that Nestle has started marketing recently for commercial use.


No list of the top juice brands in 2021 can be complete without mentioning PepsiCo. This global behemoth has a wide range of delicious and budget-friendly carbonated and non-carbonated juices to its name.

From mango-flavoured Slice to orange-championing Mirinda to freshly-squeezed beverages from Tropicana, there’s something for everyone. Tropicana in particular is a brand that houses a phenomenal number of pulpy and non-pulpy, sugary and sugar-free juices. For athletes and those who work out, Gatorade is a juice-based energy drink that combines fruit extracts with electrolytes. The natural sugars in Gatorade make it taste like authentic fruit.

PepsiCo, just like Coca Cola, is constantly innovating its beverage range and we’re sure to see more juice brands joining this list.


A family-owned juice manufacturing business, Welch’s has been one of the best juice brands for years. The company specializes in freshly crushed juice, made from organic and sustainable produce.

Welch’s juice portfolio includes 100% fresh fruits juice with no preservatives, juice drinks like punches & mocktails, refrigerated mixed fruit juices with original flavours that your young ones will love and low-sugar, low-calorie light juices ideal for those watching their weight. If you’re looking for fruit flavoured cocktails, then look no further than Welch’s. What more can you ask for from a celebrated juice brand?

Flavour profiles include black grape, white grape, grape-based mixed fruit, berry, orange and passionfruit.

Citrus World

Citrus World, despite its name, doesn’t solely focus on citrus-flavoured juices. You can find numerous juice brands in its portfolio, each of which have their own unique personality. There’s Arizona’s punches and fresh squeezed juices, the Disney-themed Mickey and Friends fruit drinks formulated just for kids, the sustainable & healthy Farmer’s Natural range of juices and Florida’s Natural line of pulpy and clear juices.

Fit & Delicious, Bluebird, Texsun and Vintage are other Citrus World offerings which have delicious juice concentrates in their range. Citrus World’s Coral Reef is a line of signature juice blends that are chockful of nutrients and perfect for customers seeking healthy juice options.

Hangzhou Wahaha Group

Considered to be one of China’s top juice brands, Hangzhou Wahaha is a company with decades of experience in the market. The company is renowned for its wide range of fresh and canned juices, concentrates, nectars and carbonated beverages.

When you purchase Hangzhou Wahaha juices, you can taste an authentic Chinese flavoured drink, made in accordance local tastes and preferences. This is why in particular, Hangzhou Wahaha juices are extremely popular in rural China, where the brand sells its wares in more than 2 million retail stores.

Apart from its huge presence in China, Hangzhou Wahaha juices are also available internationally in Chinatowns.

Suntory Holdings

Another Asian juice manufacturing brand that makes an entry into our list of top juice brands of 2021, is Suntory Holdings. This Japanese juicer has a global presence and sells a variety of ready-to-drink sugary and sugar-free juices. It’s Yasashii Mugicha brand of juices is particularly famous in Japan and is gaining traction elsewhere too.

In other parts of the world, Suntory Holdings owns a few of the local juice brands such as Orangina, Ribena, Lucozade and Just Juice to name a few. The company also has a line of fruit-flavoured water called Goodmood, which many customers enjoy. If you’re interested in a juice-like energy drink, then V Pure is a great juice to choose.

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Ocean Spray

As American agricultural cooperative, Ocean Spray provides sustainably grown, organic and fresh cranberries and grapes for juice manufacturing. When you buy an Ocean Spray juice box, your sales proceeds go towards building a better life for small and underprivileged farms in Massachusetts.

Ocean Spray’s extensive line of juices comprises of 100% fresh crushed, low-sugar and minimum preservative beverages. In 2014, the brand received the coveted ChefsBest Award for its brilliant taste, expansive flavour portfolio and healthy ingredients.

In addition to pure grape and cranberry, Ocean Spray has blended juices as well, providing a juice bottle for every palate.


Are you planning on getting on a juice cleanse? If yes, buy a bottle of BluePrint juices today. The company is one of the best juice brands of 2021, solely because it has over 20 years of experience making and bottling fresh pressed juice cleanse formulations.

BluePrint Juice Cleanses are designed specifically for weight loss. They use essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and botanical & fruit extracts to make a preservative-free and sugar-free juice cleanse that adds minimal calories. With a wide range of juice cleanses to choose from, you’ll never be left wanting for more.

Columbia Gorge Organics

More commonly called “CoGo Juice”, the beverages by Columbia Gorge Organics are one of the top juice brands in 2021, renowned for their refreshing taste and organic purity. With over 30 years’ experience making fresh pressed juices, Columbia Gorge Organics are masters of the trade.

The brand has five distinct categories of concentrate-free juices classified as – Vitatrition®, Smoothies, Satisfiers, Veggies and Pure Originals – each of which have a slightly different formulation suitable to different customer groups. The company not only supplies to individual customers, but it has a commercial juice food service as well.

CoGo juices come in both single flavour bottles such as mango, ginger, celery etc. and you can also find special blends such as carrot beet, strawberry honey lemonade and apple cider.

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Lakewood Juice

Lakewood Organic Juices have been tantalizing tastebuds for years. Today, this is one of the top juice brands of 2021, because of their adherence to international food processing and quality standards.

None of Lakewood Juice’s beverages are powders or concentrates or nectars. They are also GMO-free, making them safe for children to consume as well.

They are pure pulpy or no-pulpy pressed juices that mimic the same flavour as the real fruit. Lakewood Juice’s beverages include both fruit-based and vegetable-based drinks, which both kids and adults enjoy.

R.W. Knudsen Family

If you want to stock your pantry with a juice brand that is diverse, delicious and too darn hard to resist, then R.W. Knudsen Family’s expansive line of fresh juices should be your go-to purchase. There are breakfast-fit fresh juices made from vegetables, fruits & plants and carbonated celebratory fruit juices which are perfect when you want to switch the champagne with something healthier.

The R.W. Knudsen Family also has a line of sweet nectar, made using locally available fresh produce. Both their juice blends and single fruit/vegetable juices are filled with antioxidants, low in sodium and high in taste. You also get options that are plain and spiced.

Santa Cruz Organic

The truly best juice brands are the ones that quite literally give us natural fruits or vegetables in liquid form, in a bottle. This is exactly what Santa Cruz Organic does. This company is renowned across the world for its all natural organic juices with zero hydrogenated oils and no artificial additives for preservation.

This is one of the reasons why Santa Cruz Organic deserves a spot on our best juice brands of 2021 list. Each of the juice blends and single ingredient juices produced are USDA certified. From conventional flavours like Grape, Cranberry and Apple to special flavours like tart cherry, apricot mango and pear, you’ll find juices to meet every tastebud.

If you’re a fan of lemonade, then you’ll like Santa Cruz Organic’s line of flavoured lemonade as well.

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Sol-ti is one brand that is significantly different from the other brands on our list. For one, it is a company that produces “Living Juices”. If you’re confused about what this is, don’t be. Sol-ti formulates specially-made, healthy juices containing extremely robust organisms and chemicals like:

  • Spirulina (cyanobacteria that are rich in a plant-based protein called phycocyanin)
  • Chlorophyll (plant pigments that facilitate nutrient sourcing and distribution)
  • Activated coconut charcoal (to flush out toxins)

The presence of these powerful ingredients infuses your body with essential nutrients and antioxidants, keeping you looking fresh and feeling young. In addition to these, Sol-ti’s juices and blends also contain ingredients like hemp, goji berries, ginger and more, which also significantly improve the juice’s taste.

Each of Sol-ti’s juice-based products are designed to strengthen immunity and increase vitality. This is why we’ve included it in our list of top juice brands in 2021.

Suja Juice

Suja Juice is one of the most reputed juice brands for cleansing formulations. The company has three distinct categories of juices, which target different types of customers. The first type is the cold-pressed juices which champion a variety of flavours and are perfect for kids and adults alike. The second category is the nutrient and antioxidant rich juice shots, which are perfect to build your immunity and improve your health. These shots can be purchased individually or in a variety pack with all flavours. The third category is the line of carbonated sparkling juice blends, which are perfect to have around when you expect guests at home.

Suja Juice also produces a line of organic and nutritional 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanses. These come with 7 juice bottles for daily use and 1 immunity juice shot. This is a great way to start your new diet without punishing your tastebuds.


The last juice brand on our list is also our most special. There’s a reason why we consider it to be one of the best juice brands in 2021 – and the reason is Queen B.

Backed by none other than Beyonce Knowles, WTRMLN WTR is a fresh crushed watermelon juice brand that’s reputed for its cooling drinks that are perfect as both post-workout drinks and breakfast accompaniments.

WTRMLN WTR has two lines of juices – the hydrating, low calorie cold pressed watermelon juice and the electrolyte enriched, enhanced watermelon juice. Both categories of juices are completely GMO-free and contain natural sugars with no additives. Their healing ingredients reduce pangs of hunger, boost energy levels and reduce muscle tension.

So, now that you’ve gone through our list of the top juice brands in 2021, go ahead and grab your favourite beverages right away.

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