Best Wines At Walmart 2020: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Wines At Walmart 2021: Top Brands Review


What are the best wines at Walmart in 2021? Picking top wine brands at Walmart might seem like an unlikely thing to do but the supermarket carries some fantastic wine bottles that you must try out. In an effort to distinguish the showy and cheap from the actual good ones, we asked Belinda Chang, the James Beard Award-winning sommelier to pick her favorites and list down the best wines at Walmart.

Belinda Chang believes in Walmart’s high potential of selling the choicest bottles of wines and also the fact that wine doesn’t necessarily have to be super expensive to be good. Here are Chang’s top wine picks from Walmart she would not just drink herself but also hand out as gifts.

Top Rated 18 Best Wine Brands At Walmart

Top Rated 18 Best Wine Brands At Walmart

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1. 2017 Grenache Rosé

The 2017 Grenache Rosé is a fresh and crisp wine that carries delicate aromas of honeydew lemon, tropical fruits, pomegranates and strawberries. One of the top wines at Walmart, the invigorating natural acidity of this wine sets it apart from cheap rosés that are usually stinkingly sweet. Its fresh body and invigorating flavors make this one of the best wines at Walmart that you can get your hands on at a cost-effective rate.

2. 2016 Grenache Pays d’Oc

One of the best wines at Walmart as well as top wine brands at Walmart, the 2016 Grenache Pays d’Oc is a medium sweet bottle of wine that carries tight scents of German chocolate cake, underripe black cherry and black currant leaf. It also comes with earthy and spicy notes of smoke and pepper because of which this wine pairs very well with pasta, lamb and poultry.

3. 2015 Sangiovese Sanguis Jovis

Made with the Sangiovese grapes from the rolling hills of Tuscany, the 2015 Sangiovese Sanguis Jovis is bold and tannic that goes superbly with beef, lamb, veal and poultry. Made by the Buracchi winery, this wine is strong and full-bodied and can easily be called not just the top wines at Walmart but also one of the best wines at Walmart.

4. 2017 Cabernet Franc

The 2017 Cabernet Franc is an oaky and earthy wine with black cherry and plum notes. This one is an easy sipper wine that has medium acidity and medium body. With a mild tannic flavor and fruity character, the 2017 Cabernet Franc also carries distinct notes of vanilla. What’s better? You can find this at Walmart for just $10.

5. Alamos Malbec

One of the best wines at Walmart, this dark cherry and blackberry flavored wine hails from Argentina. Most well known for its fresh style, the Alamos Malbec offers a velvety mouthfeel with sharp hints of the sweet vanilla and earthy brown spices. This wine is also famous owing to its enhanced red color and powerful acidic concentration.

6. Joel Gott California Cabernet Sauvignon

The dark, concentrated and textured Joel Gott California Cabernet Sauvignon is a favorite. This stunning bottle of wine comes with bright aromas of concentrated black cherries, red fruit and sweet and juicy raspberries. When sipping this Joel Gott California Cabernet Sauvignon, you can enjoy a balanced tannic flavor in your mid palate. It also comes with aromatic notes of cedar, white pepper and vanilla.

7. Chateau Ste Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon

This okay, earthy and spicy wine is not just one of the best wines at Walmart but also a top wine in all the world. Made in the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in Washington, the Chateau Ste Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon comes with fruit-forward flavors such as cherries, raspberries, plums, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries and black currant. The velvety texture of this wine allows it to pair beautifully with beef, lamb, poultry winter vegetables and ribs.

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8. 7 Deadly Zins Zinfandel

This seductive and berry-heapful wine comes with strong aromas of oak, leather and spice. With a spicy finish, flavors of black currants, dark red fruits and toffee linger on your palate for a long time. One of the top wine brands at Walmart, you must pick up a bottle of the 7 Deadly Zins Zinfandel wine if you are looking for something heavy and oaky.

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9. Meiomi Pinot Noir

If you are looking for a bold, smooth, dry and acidic bottle of wine, the Meiomi Pinot Noir is one of the best wines at Walmart to go for. It carries strong oaky notes of vanilla and chocolate as well as flavorful red fruit and aromatic notes of red cherries, raspberries, cranberries and strawberries. You can also taste a hint of yeasty notes such as cheese and cream. The other aromas include pepper, cinnamon, smoke plums and blackberries. All of these flavorful notes come together harmoniously to create one of the best wines. This wine pairs phenomenally with veal and poultry.

10. Chandon Brut Classic

Chandon Brut Classic is a go-to purchase that you won’t regret. This bold, acidic and incredibly fizzy wine radiates majorly of tree fruit notes such as apple, green apple, peach, pear and apricot. One of the best wines at Walmart, the Chandon Brut Classic also serenades your palate with ageing tones of almond and nutty tones. You can also get hints of aromatic citrus notes such as orange, grapefruit and lemon. Lastly, the Chandon Brut Classic also offers slight hints of oaky, earthy and red fruit notes.

11. Franciscan Estate Cuvee Sauvage Chardonnay

If you are looking for one of the best wines at Walmart which pairs well with not just pork, fish and poultry but also vegetarian dishes, you must get the Franciscan Estate Cuvee Sauvage Chardonnay wine. With heavy notes of oak, tree fruit and cream, the Franciscan Estate Cuvee Sauvage Chardonnay is a heavy bodied, dry and mostly sweet wine. The added fragrant notes of honeysuckle and honeydew melon make this a favorite.

12. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

The Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc is considered to be one of the top wine brands at Walmart. This extremely light, dry and acidic wine was also featured in Vivino’s 2019 Wine Style Awards. One of the best wines at Walmart, the Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc pairs extremely well with shellfish, goat cheese and vegetarian dishes owing to its heavy citrus notes of lime, lime zest, grapefruit, lemon and pink grapefruit. This wine also comes with tropical notes of pineapple, kiwi and passion fruit as well as vegetal notes of grass, gooseberry and asparagus.

13. Yellow Tail & Barefoot Wine

One of the best wines at Walmart, the Yellow Tail Wine is incredibly famous in Australia. Walmart carries a wide variety of these wines and you can pick from their range of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Moscato. If you are looking for oaky notes, we recommend you pick the Yellow Tail Shiraz or Chardonnay. You can also pick the Barefoot Moscato wine which has heavy tones of peach, apricot and apple along with subtle aromatic whiffs of lemon, orange, cantaloupe, honeydew and white flowers.

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14. Carlo Rossi Jugs

An incredibly bold and fizzy wine with mildly acidic flavors, the Carlo Rossi Jugs are one of the best wines at Walmartto be paired with dishes such as shellfish, lean fish and aperitif. The Carlo Rossi Jugs will also go incredibly well with scallops or charred squid. This wine comes with beautiful and aromatic notes of tropical fruits, strong citrus, sweet brioche and fragrant orchard. So if you are a fan of seafood and looking to pair them with a wholesome glass of wine, the Carlo Rossi Jugs should be the way to go for you.

15. Italian Red Blend

The Italian Red Blend is one of the options if you are looking for a wine that pairs superbly well with beef, lamb, venison, deer and pasta. This Italian Red Blend is full-bodied, slightly tannic, incredibly dry and a sweet wine that leaves whiffs of blueberry, black currant and nectarines. If you are looking to cheer up your Italian dishes, the Italian Red Blend is one of the best wines at Walmart.

16. Chianti Classico

A great wine for you to pair with dishes such as veal, poultry and beef, the Chianti Classico is a medium-bodied tannic wine. The Chianti Classico is an incredibly dry wine that is quite acidic and comes with heavy aromatic tones of red fruits such as red cherries, raspberries and strawberries. It also comes with subtle okay tones of cedar, oak, vanilla, tobacco and chocolate. One glass of the Chianti Classico leaves you lingering with earthy, black fruit, spicy and vegetal notes. If you wish to go back to the Italian countryside and enjoy a hearty glass of red wine, the Chianti Classico is one of the best wines at Walmart to pick up.

17. California Roots Cabernet Sauvignon

Made in the California Roots winery, the California Roots Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best wines at Walmart to try if you are looking to pair it with beef, lamb or poultry. This incredibly bold and slightly dry wine comes with strong aromatic notes of red fruits such as cherries, strawberries and raspberries. You can also indulge in subtle oaky tones such as chocolate, vanilla, cedar, caramel and black fruit notes of blackberries, black cherries, blueberries and plums.

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18. Chianti Riserva

Made with Sangiovese grapes, the Chianti riserva is one of the best wines at Walmart originating from the regions of Chianti and Toscana. The Chianti Riserva is lightly bold but incredibly dry. Plus, the mildly tannic and slightly acidic wine pairs very well with dishes such as veal, poultry and beef. One of the top wines at Walmart, the Chianti Riserva boasts heavily of oaky notes of clove, cigar, chocolate, cedar and vanilla. It also gives aromatic whiffs of flavors of blackberries, cherries, smoke, cheese, tomato and pepper.

And that’s it! These are the 18 top wine brands at Walmart that are incredibly rich in taste and easy on the pockets. Enjoy them with a wide variety of dishes or simply have them one glass at a time! Lastly, here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding your precious glass of wine.

Wines At Walmart FAQs


1. Which Wine is better, barefoot or yellowtail?

Wines by Barefoot are brewed in California and are targeted towards a youthful market that enjoys lighter and sweeter types of wines. They are made using the barefoot grape squashing technique which adds a certain fermented taste to the wine.

On the other hand, Yellow Tail wines carry heavier and richer tones of black cherries, raspberries and plums. Yellow Tail wines pair incredibly well with heavier dishes however, if you are looking for something lighter than goes well with poultry or beef dishes, we recommend picking out the Barefoot Moscato.

2. Why do people swirl Wine?

Wine is mainly tasted together with the nose.

When it comes to enjoying the complete flavors of any glass of wine, you don’t just sip and taste it but also look at its color and density and then smell its aromatic whiffs. Plus, every wine also had multiple levels of notes. You enjoy the strongest notes in the first go and then the aftertaste of subtle notes linger on your middle palate.

Swirling allows you to enjoy bringing out all of these flavors and take them in wholeheartedly. Since alcohol is a solvent, swirling a glass of wine allows the alcohol to lift all the flavors in the wine and bring them up to your nose. You can then not just taste the most subtle flavors of the wine but also enjoy its aromatic fragrances.

3. Is Pinot Noir sweeter than Merlot?

Both the Pinot Noir and Merlot carry very similar tastes however, identifying their individual strengths can make all the difference in enjoying a glass of wine according to your tastes and preferences. If you are looking to enjoy incredibly strong flavors of raspberries and cherries, then Pinot Noir is the way to go for you.

On the other hand, if you enjoy pairing your food with aromatic tones of plums, blueberries and blackberries, then you must pick your favorite bottle of Merlot. You might also want to pick a bottle of Merlot if you are looking for something that has a sweeter taste. If you are looking to pair your wine with sushi rolls or grilled salmon, Pinot Noir is the way to go for you.