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Top 11 Frozen Burrito Brands For 2023


We have tasted dozens and dozens of frozen burritos to determine which brand stands above the rest, and here is what we found. Amy’s Kitchen Burritos is what we believe is the best brand offering frozen burritos in the market for 2023. 

Not only do they taste like heaven in the mouth, but they are also more on the healthier side, giving you that comforting feeling to eat as much as you want.

Please remember that such lists are significantly impacted by personal preference. While we may put a brand that you don’t like that much in here, it does not necessarily mean that your tastes are bad or vice versa. It’s how things go, and no one could ever be the same towards everything.

Nevertheless, we consistently reevaluate our top lists and food product guides to keep up with the ever-changing market. 

Looking for the best brands offering frozen burritos you can chow on right now? Look no further than the list we have compiled below.

Our Top Pick: Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen burritos consistently pack flavor and fill you up, leaving only satisfaction and delight. If you are looking for the best yet basic and wholesome frozen burrito you can easily get your hands on, look no further than Amy’s Kitchen. 

The brand carries organic and vegetarian products but impressively appeals to meat lovers. It prides itself in assisting the USDA with setting the original organic food standards we stand by today.

The Organic Black Bean and Cheese Burrito, our favorite, is the best frozen burrito we have tasted. This authentic burrito stuffs black beans, cheese, house-made burrito sauce, and a unique mixture of mild chilies, all wrapped nicely in a sturdy yet delicious wheat flour tortilla.

Overall, we appreciate this brand most for its incredible frozen burrito products. We found ourselves delighted with everything it offers, its attention to dietary preferences, its quality of ingredients, and especially its overall taste. 

We are already looking forward to our next Amy’s burritos to chow on.

Summary Tables

Here are two tables summarizing our findings after observing several frozen burrito brands to formulate our list. 

The first one highlights our top pick, the best in quality, and the best overall frozen burrito brand, while the other is a straightforward table indicating the strengths of the brands we chose to include in our list. Have a look:

Top Choices

Top PickBest QualityBest Overall
Amy’s KitchenJose Ole’sAmy’s Kitchen
Offers a wholesome frozen burrito that packs flavor and fills anyone up. The brand carries organic and vegetarian products but impressively appeals to meat lovers. It prides itself in assisting the USDA with setting the original organic food standards we stand by today.Contains excellent-quality ingredients and tastes very well. Statiates anyone’s cravings for Mexican food. Lacks variety but is truly top notch in everything else.Has the best frozen burrito we have tasted. We genuinely believe that its frozen offerings can stand par to par with restaurant quality foods. We found ourselves delighted with everything it offers, its attention to dietary preferences, its quality of ingredients, and especially its overall taste. 

Comparison Table

Evol FoodsPrioritizes the quality of ingredients it uses.
Tastes a bit bland – needs the help of condiments to be more enjoyable.
Lilly B’sThe brand makes sure that consumers know it uses 100% whole ingredients.
While the ingredients are top quality, the taste isn’t.
Daiya100% plant-based. Perhaps the healthiest option in our list.
Certified to not contain any major allergens.
Don MiguelLacking in health benefits, but more than makes up for it in deliciousness.
Red’sHas fresh and wholesome ingredients.
The ingredients it uses in its frozen burritos mix well with each other beautifully.
Alpha FoodsAppeals to meat-lovers even if its products are totally plant-based.
Its fillings taste just like meat.
El MontereyRestaurant-quality taste.
Its frozen burrito offerings have a variety of sizes you can choose from.
Sweet Earth’sHighlights unique flavors instead of focusing on Mexican foods.
Experimental but truly delicious.
Tina’sFocuses on bringing tasty burritos while also ensuring that its consumers meet their daily nutritional needs.
May need a bit more flavor additives to have a more delightful Mexican cuisine experience.
Jose Ole’sContains excellent-quality ingredients and tastes very well.
Satiates anyone’s cravings for Mexican food.
Lacks variety but is truly top notch in everything else.
Amy’s KitchenOffers a wholesome frozen burrito that packs flavor and fills anyone up.
The brand carries organic and vegetarian products but impressively appeals to meat lovers.
It prides itself in assisting the USDA with setting the original organic food standards we stand by today.

Now, let us get a more detailed look at each frozen burrito brand we included in our list.

Top Frozen Burrito Brands for 2023

Evol Foods

When we talk about prioritizing the quality of the ingredients, only a few can match Evol Foods. Evol genuinely cares about food, where it is produced, where it originated, and how it ultimately tastes. These things mean the most to Evol, and we certainly appreciate that.

However, this dedication to the quality of their ingredients came with a price. Their frozen burrito offerings taste rather bland. Some may need a few more pinches of salt, seasoning, or even a spray of hot sauce to be enjoyed. Nevertheless, you are safe with the Evol burritos. It needs a bit of tweaking to be more enjoyable.


Daiya’s products are mainly dairy-free – made entirely with plants, including their frozen burrito offerings. Healthy options for frozen meals are tough to find, so Daiya gets a nice point here. 

You don’t need to worry about harmful ingredients when purchasing Daiya burritos. Their tasty dairy-free offerings are certified to not contain any major allergens.

The flavor of Daiya frozen burritos comes through with every bite. Despite being mainly marketed as a healthier alternative to conventional burritos, Daiya contains a ton of flavor and is sure to pull you back for more.

Don Miguel

Don Miguel may not be the healthiest option, but it is certainly one of the most delicious. What it lacks in health benefits, it makes up with restaurant-quality deliciousness. 

The Don Miguel Brand made a name for itself in the streets of Anaheim, California, to now being one of the top brands around the world that serves authentic Mexican food.

Don Miguel has an extensive selection of burritos you can bite on, but what caught our attention the most is the ‘Bomb Burritos.’ It is a 3 to 4-pound burrito of pure beef deliciousness that is sure to fill your stomach to its limits.


This brand has a solid organic line with plenty of burrito fillings that have tons of good ingredients nicely mixed. In our genuine opinion, Red’s delivers on its promise to find fresh and wholesome ingredients for its food. 

Red’s All Natural ingredients contain beans, cheese, and, of course, real meat. They are far removed from the factory-concocted ball of flavors you find in most frozen delights.

In our personal experience, we recommend the All Natural Steak Burrito the most. The beans, cheese, rice, and real steak harmonize with one another so well that it packs a robust punch. 

The ingredients’ richness and excellent quality made us think this frozen burrito should be a proper meal rather than a late-night grub.

Lilly B’s

Much like Red’s, Lilly B’s prioritizes using whole ingredients most in its food offerings. They go as far as labeling them right on the front of the packaging itself. 

While we appreciate the transparency and the dedication to bringing consumers natural and organic ingredients, we found Lilly B’s frozen burritos overhyped.

For one, the flavor does not match the standard of the ingredients, which is common to brands that prioritize the quality of their ingredients rather than the taste of their products. 

That being said, if you want a clean, organic product that you can bet on, you can never go wrong with Lilly B’s.

Alpha Foods

Alpha foods sought to create plant-based food products that would appeal to everyone. While it certainly has vegetarians and pescatarians as its main audience, it also tries to get the carnivores in the mix. 

Their products may not contain meat, but Alpha is adamant about delivering food that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their dietary preferences.

With that in mind, we tried comparing their Chik’n Fajita All Day Burrito with the conventional meaty chicken burrito you can find in the grocery nearest you. 

While tasting, we were surprised that Alpha’s burrito provided more flavor. It is as if it was the real-meat alternative.

El Monterey

El Monterey markets its products as made with love for family and authentic Mexican cuisine. El Monterey ensures that even their frozen burrito offerings have that unique deliciousness only Mexican food can bring, and we truly appreciate that. 

The brand offers an extensive selection of burritos, such as Bean and Cheese, Beef and Bean Red Chili, and Beef and Bean Green Chili Burritos.

On top of that, you can purchase these flavors in the size you choose, either XL sizes or single signatures. It’s as if El Monterey has everything you could ever want and is surely a plus for us. 

El Monterey burritos do not disappoint in the taste department as well. We suggest pan-frying them straight out of your freezer to achieve that ultimate crispy outer shell.

Sweet Earth’s

Sweet Earth successfully found that sweet spot in our hearts for convenient and flavorful food. Even more impressive is that they have created frozen food delights in truly unique variations, including the cheeseburger burrito, the plant-based Buffalo Style Chik’n, and the Peruvian Burrito.

We were immediately attracted to the Awesome Cheeseburger Burrito and are certainly glad we did. Unlike the previous entries in our list, which promise to deliver the authentic taste of Mexico, Sweet Earth’s cheeseburger burrito offering is inspired by – you guessed it – American cheeseburgers.

We are eager to say that it tastes pleasant as well. Despite being plant-based, we truly felt like it was an authentic American cheeseburger in our mouths.


Tina’s frozen burritos focus on taste and helping customers meet their daily nutritional needs while maintaining the convenience of a single-serving burrito. 

It offers single and multi-pack frozen burritos to satisfy customers no matter their appetite and group size. And good news to bean lovers, most of their burritos contain beans.

Furthermore, Tina’s puts great care into their products’ preparation. The tortillas are baked from scratch and then nicely wrapped around the mixture of beans and cheese. 

As great as Tina’s frozen burritos are, we recommend adding more cheese, hot sauce, or salsa for a more delightful Mexican cuisine experience.

Jose Ole’s

Jose Ole burritos can satiate anyone who craves Mexican food. It stands on top of the frozen Mexican food scene and has since been serving up one favorite to another for decades. While Jose Ole’s burritos lack variety, it makes up for them in quality. 

Jose Ole only sells Beef and Cheese and Beef Jalapeno regular burritos, and they are arguably two of the best in the market today.

All in all, Jose Ole satisfied our cravings, contained excellent-quality ingredients, and left us wanting more. If you are looking for a solid and authentic frozen burrito, you can never go wrong with Jose Ole.

How We Chose the Best Frozen Burritos

Frozen burritos are the very definition of comfort foods. They are the perfect after-work snack, the go-to late-night nibble, and the ideal meal to cure hangovers. 

The flavorful and nostalgia-driven taste of frozen burritos can put us in a sweet spot. With that being said, many would also understandably have strong varying opinions about them.

While ready-made frozen foods, such as frozen burritos, will never be truly healthy, that is their nature. There are two ends of the spectrum for such products. 

First is the reasonably-sized burritos with passable calorie count and a decent nutritional panel – these are the healthier alternatives that can be integrated into nutritional meals whenever in a pinch. 

And the other is the massive monster-sized burritos that store overwhelming amounts of calories, fat, and sodium.

In picking our favorite frozen burritos for 2023, we classified several brands using their size, sodium content, and what it packs inside.

Size of the Burrito

Some frozen burritos are reasonably sized, 5 or 6 ounces, while some are pushed on the market for their size, which can go up to 10 ounces or higher. No matter how you look at it, these BIG or XXL burrito variants will always be high in calories, fat, and sodium. 

The bigger the burrito, the less balanced the meal is. With that in mind, picking a reasonably sized frozen burrito is the way to go, and that is what we did for this list.

Sodium Content

By nature alone, burritos are filled with sodium, considering the sauces, the cheese, and the tortilla used to make them. Regardless, some products have much higher sodium levels that will easily get you to your daily sodium allowance, perhaps even higher. 

For our list, we looked at frozen burrito brands with sodium levels in the 300 to 500-milligram range. While not healthy per se, it is the lesser evil if you would.

What is inside of it

To find the best frozen burrito for 2023, we looked for burritos with fillings such as beans, meat, and veggies. These ingredients create a nutrient balance while also upping your satiety level. While the more the ingredients you see inside may sound better, it isn’t always the case. 

Look for burritos with the right mix of fillings that will satisfy you and prove healthy all the same.


Burrito is a meal perfect for any time of the day. It can be an ideal choice for a quick bite before running late for work, a delightful companion as you watch your favorite movie, or a tasty side dish as you throw bottles back with your trusty mates.

With how popular they are, long queues at burrito joints are to be expected. Thankfully, there are frozen alternatives. It gets ready in minutes and can be prepared and eaten in the comfort of your own home. Above are the best frozen burritos we can find, and we certainly hope you find your favorites on the list as well.

For more lists like this and everything about frozen foods, read our article titled: Definitive Guide to Frozen Foods or visit our website by following the link here.

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