Best Frozen Breakfast Sandwich

Top Frozen Breakfast Sandwich Brands for 2023


We spent the last year scouring countless convenience stores and groceries, searching for the top brand offering top-of-the-line frozen breakfast sandwiches, and here are our findings. 

Jimmy Dean is just in a tier of its own. It is a favorite for just about anyone for a reason, and we honestly believe that no other brand has even come close to the goodness Jimmy Dean’s frozen breakfast sandwiches can provide.

Please remember that such lists are significantly impacted by personal preference. While we may put a brand that you don’t like that much in here, it does not necessarily mean that your tastes are bad or vice versa. It’s how things go, and no one could ever be the same towards everything.

Nevertheless, we consistently reevaluate our top lists and food product guides to keep up with the ever-changing market. 

Looking for the best brands offering frozen breakfast sandwiches? Look no further than the list we have compiled below.

Our Top Pick: Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean’s frozen breakfast sandwich offerings are just on a different level. It sticks to the things that captured the people’s hearts in the first place. It does not mix things up just for the sake of it. 

Take, for example, the brand’s sausage, egg, & cheese on a biscuit offering. It is a frozen sandwich through and through. It’s no-frills in the best way possible. What it lacks in extravagance, it makes up for in taste and overall satisfaction. 

You can add spice and different types of cheese or even switch up the type of bread if you want, but where Jimmy Dean’s excels the most is that its delights are just straightforward and delicious breakfast sandwiches. It does not rely on other gimmicks or enticing claims to lure consumers.

When warmed up, the biscuit remains nice and soft, the egg is satisfyingly fluffy, and the cheese deliciously melts on the sausage patty. One bite of it, and you’d automatically fall in love – we swear.

Jimmy Dean’s frozen breakfast sandwiches are classics. And it would be on your own demerit not to at least try them out.

Summary Tables

Here are two tables summarizing our findings after observing several frozen breakfast sandwich brands to formulate our list. 

The first one highlights the most top-heavy, the healthiest option, and the best overall frozen breakfast sandwich brand, while the other is a straightforward table briefly describing the brands we chose to include in our list. Have a look:

Top Choices

Most Top-HeavyHealthiest OptionBest Overall 
Trader Joe’sMorningStar FarmsJimmy Dean
Packed to the brim with carbohydrates that could fuel you throughout the day. It uses two pieces of the egg as its main buns and the sausage patty is actually turkey.The only vegetarian-friendly brand in our list. It has the right amount of goodness that will satiate your early morning cravings while also providing you with the proper nutrients to keep you in tip-top shape. Meat-lovers would also appreciate its tastiness.Jimmy Dean keeps everything basic yet remains at the top of almost every category. Its offerings are delicious to the point of irresistibility. Eating Jimmy Dean’s frozen breakfast sandwich offerings is just an experience you have to try at least once in your life. That is how great this brand is at what it does.

Comparison Table

Jimmy Dean (our top pick/ best overall)Jimmy Dean’s frozen breakfast sandwich offerings are just on a different level. It sticks to the things that captured the hearts of the people in the first place. It does not mix things up just for the sake of it. 
Evol Provides a much simpler yet tasty experience on early mornings. Comforts you with every bite. Comparable to homemade breakfast meals.
KelloggIrresistibly delicious. While the brand is mostly known for its cereal offerings, it did a mighty good job with their frozen breakfast sandwiches.
JohnsonvillePerfect for sausage lovers. Has a slight spiciness that elevates the overall pleasure and satisfaction by another level entirely.
Trader Joe’s (most top-heavy)Their frozen breakfast sandwich may leave you full throughout the day. Perfect for gym goers and fans of carbohydrates-filled meals.
MorningStar FarmsVegetarian-friendly. The healthiest option in our list. This brand’s frozen breakfast sandwich entices both vegetarians and meat lovers.
Mason DixieRelatively unknown brand in the world of frozen breakfast delights but did an excellent job with their offering. May caught most by surprise because of how tasty their sandwich is. Much like Jimmy Dean, it attracts consumers by way of its taste alone.

With that out of the way, let us now take a deeper look at each of the brands we decided to include in our list barring our top pick, Jimmy Dean.

Top Frozen Breakfast Sandwich Brands for 2023


To those that aren’t a fan of eating sausages and meat early in the morning, Evol got you covered! If you desire something simpler on your breakfasts, the Evol egg and smoked Gouda breakfast sandwich may just be for you. It gives a straightforward rendition with egg and cheese as its main components.

Evol uses flatbread to keep the egg and cheese together. The egg is fluffy, while the smoked Gouda provides some hints of creaminess punctuated by caramel and nutty notes. As for the multigrain flatbread, it has a satisfyingly earthy taste that holds everything together.

All in all, Evol’s frozen breakfast sandwich offers a sense of comfort that we thought was exclusive to homemade breakfast meals.


While many recognize Kellogg’s for its extensive cereal offerings and impressive granola bars, they don’t know that the brand also has its hands full in the frozen food industry. And to their credit, they are doing one hell of a good job at that.

Kellogg’s frozen breakfast sandwich is made with flatbread as the bread component, and in the middle goes the bacon, scrambled eggs, and Gouda. While it looks packed and heavy in terms of calories, their sandwich falls on the lighter side regarding carbohydrate content.

When heated, the strong aroma of bacon, scrambled eggs, and Gouda makes for a truly inviting scent. The savoriness of the bacon also goes extremely well with the fluffiness and creaminess of the scrambled eggs. 

One bite of the Kellogg special K flatbread breakfast sandwich is just not enough. Before you know it, you are already on the last bite. That is how inviting its taste is.


Johnsonville has made its name as an excellent go-to brand for top-quality sausages, so it certainly makes sense that they also dabble in frozen breakfast sandwiches. 

Their offering is best for individuals who prefer a little heat in their meals and who want to rouse their appetite in the best possible way they know.

The sausage trapped between the sesame seed-filled bagel bun is the Johnsonville trademarked smokehouse jalapeno bacon cheddar split sausage link. It is made with 100% premium pork. 

You can taste the savory smokiness from within while the jalapeno peppers provide a subtle sting throughout the meal that just adds to the overall experience.

Topping all of that are the scrambled eggs and provolone cheese that balances everything out with its creaminess.

Trader Joe’s

To those that are looking for a delicious breakfast meal packed with carbohydrates that would fuel them throughout the day, Trader Joe’s has your back! 

Their breadless frozen breakfast delight is made using two pieces of egg as the main buns itself. It does not end there; the sausage patty is actually turkey.

Trader Joe’s puts this all together using high-quality American cheese that melts between the egg and the turkey patty. 

All in all, this makes for a protein-filled breakfast delight that is ready to power your whole day. It has 16 grams of protein per serving.

That being said, due to it being an admittedly heavy breakfast meal, not everyone may find it suitable for consumption in the early hours of the day.

MorningStar Farms

Of course, we couldn’t just let this list end without including a frozen breakfast sandwich perfect for our vegetable-loving friends. MorningStar Farms’ veggie sausage, egg & cheese sandwich is delicious to the point that even meat enthusiasts would not hesitate to take a bite of it. 

On those days when you are starving and in need of something a bit more substantial yet nutritious, this would do well.

Admittedly, there aren’t many vegetarian-friendly breakfast sandwiches in the market. In the few that we had the chance to indulge in this past year, we sincerely believe that MorningStar’s is the best. 

While some may complain that its bread may get a bit hard and dried out after a trip on the microwave, there is just no denying that the frozen breakfast sandwich from MorningStar is tasty – perhaps even tastier than other more meat-heavy delights out today.

Mason Dixie

With so many trusted brands within the frozen breakfast goodies industry, we figured, why not try something new? Mason Dixie did not disappoint us. In fact, it exceeded even our loftiest expectations out of an unheard brand. 

Mason Dixie’s Cheddar breakfast sandwich is the real deal! It would be well worth your time and effort to give it a shot this 2023. It has the right combination of proportions and right flavors. It is not overly powerful, yet not lacking in anything. 

Much like our top pick, Jimmy Dean, Mason Dixie’s frozen breakfast offering leaves everything to how tasty it is. And that is just how we like our breakfast sandwiches – simple, no frills, just delicious.


Keeping yourself well-fed and healthy is crucial as you go through the trials and tribulations of every day. By storing one of these excellent frozen breakfast sandwiches in your freezer, you are sure to never miss out on the most important meal of the day. 

However, as satisfying in the mouths are the offerings of the several brands we highlighted above, there is just no denying that Jimmy Dean’s frozen breakfast sandwiches are still the best in the market. This 2023, treat yourself with one, and soon enough, you’ll be returning to it for more. 

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