Best Dietitian Approved Frozen Meals

Top Dietitian-Approved Frozen Meals This 2023


The landscape of frozen foods has significantly changed these past years. Long gone are the days when they were seen as glorified junk foods. Today, they are viable, healthy meal alternatives to fresh goods – in fact, some are now being recommended by dietitians themselves!

Did you know that it is now widely believed that frozen foods can get people back to a much healthier lifestyle? To the surprise of some, there are now also several accessible diet programs revolving around frozen foods.

This got us thinking, which are the best frozen meals that have the ‘blessing’ of dietitians worldwide? Do they really have the nutritional content to keep our bodies healthy with regular consumption? 

We encourage you to read on to find out. Here are our picks for the top dietitian-approved frozen meals this 2023.

Our Top Pick: Trader Joe’s Chicken Quinoa Bowl

In our attempt to find the best dietitian-approved frozen meal, none caught our attention and hearts better than Trader Joe’s Chicken Quinoa Bowl. Not only is it filled to the brim with tasty veggies that could certainly keep your body healthy and well-kept, but it also contains deliciously seasoned chicken breast that you would find very hard to put down.

That being said, its sodium content is a bit high. It contains a total of 670 milligrams of sodium, which is 27% of your daily recommended value. While some may see this as too salty, dietitians say that the sodium content of this frozen food isn’t too bad for a frozen meal.

This whole grain meal also covers 15% of your daily potassium needs and has 9 grams of protein. For those that may find its protein content lacking, it is recommended to add an egg. This would bump up the calorie count to about 440 and the protein content to about 15 grams, making for a very protein-potent meal that is very affordable and ultra-accessible.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Quinoa Bowl takes the cake as our top pick for the best dietitian-approved frozen meal this 2023 because it isn’t just one of the most healthy frozen meals in the market today; it is also atop the list of the most delicious ones. Give it a shot, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Summary Tables

Below is a quick run down of the dietitian-approved frozen meals we included in our list.

Product NameCaloriesSodium Content (milligrams)Protein (grams)Fiber (grams)Price
Trader Joe’s Chicken Quinoa Bowl370 per bowl6709—–$3.49
Tattooed Chef Frozen Buddha Bowl320 per bowl310109$4.99
Amy’s Bean and Cheese Frozen Burrito 300 per burrito56085$2.99
Banza Margherita Pizza390 per portion710166$2.70 per half pizza
Kashi Plant-Powered Bowl Chimichurri Quinoa240 per bowl3301210$3.99
Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry 50 calories per cup190—–—–$2.99 per 16- ounce

Here they are again with their strengths and unique characteristics.

Product NameStrengths
Trader Joe’s Chicken Quinoa BowlA protein-strong meal; can be a great frozen meal option to gym goers.
Aesthetically-pleasing and delight to eat
Tattooed Chef Frozen Buddha BowlHigh in protein and low in sodium
Amy’s Bean and Cheese Frozen Burrito Uses 100% organic ingredients
HIgh in protein and low in sodium
Very affordable
Banza Margherita PizzaHas that high-quality pizza taste
Overflowing with protein
Gluten-free and pleasing to the eyes
Kashi Plant-Powered Bowl Chimichurri QuinoaHigh in protein and fiber while still low in sodium
Even hardcore meat lovers can find this meal appealing
Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry Has extremely low sodium as a frozen meal
Pairs well with other protein-heavy foods

With that out of the way, let us now take a deeper look at each of the entries.

Top Dietitian-Approved Frozen Meals 2023

Tattooed Chef Frozen Buddha Bowl

This dietitian-approved frozen meal is completely free of animal products and gluten, making it a vegan-friendly dish. It features sweet potatoes and chili-dusted chickpeas peppered with delicious tahini-sauce cauliflower rice. The dish is colorful and pleasing to the eyes, but most of all, it is incredible to munch at.

It is worth noting that the Tattooed Chef Frozen Buddha Bowl only packs 320 calories per bowl, which is a tad lower than most would probably expect. Nevertheless, it contains low amounts of sodium relative to frozen dishes. It only has about 310 milligrams.

While this excellent dietitian-approved frozen food product wouldn’t appeal that much to people who do not enjoy too many spices in their meals, it can be a great source of protein and fiber – containing 10 grams and 9 grams, respectively. 

Amy’s Bean and Cheese Frozen Burrito

To fans of burritos that love the taste of Mexican foods, Amy’s Bean and Cheese Frozen Burrito has you covered! This vegetarian bean burrito is made with an impressive amount of whole grains, including a whole-wheat wrap. Better yet, 100% of the ingredients used in making this dietitian-approved frozen meal are organic, making it all the more appealing to our health-conscious brethren.

On top of that, dietitians recommend this frozen food product because of its inclusion of brown rice and pinto beans, which mixes well to provide a complete protein-packed meal that our bodies can easily absorb. Each Amy’s Bean and Cheese Frozen Burrito wrap contains 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. 

Banza Margherita Pizza

As long as you don’t overindulge and eat the whole pizza pack of Banza Margherita Pizza, then you are good health-wise, according to dietitians. This excellent dietitian-approved frozen meal has its delicious crust made out of chickpeas, filling it with extra protein and fiber that you cannot easily find in conventional frozen meals. Furthermore, it is gluten-free.

Half of the Banza Margherita Pizza contains 16 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and 390 calories per portion. However, be aware that each serving has around 710 milligrams – the highest on our list. That is about 30% of your recommended daily sodium limit! We love adding a side salad while eating Banza Margherita Pizza to simulate a pizzeria-like experience.

Kashi Plant-Powered Bowl Chimichurri Quinoa

The Kashi Plant-Powered Bowl Chimichurri Quinoa is a plant-based lentil and black bean bowl fully-loaded with whole grains and amazing flavors. While 100% made with high-quality plants (specifically targeting vegans), chances are, even meat lovers will love the taste of this hearty meal!

This dietitian-approved frozen meal is spiked with red bell peppers and zucchini, then layered with a tasty chimichurri made with fresh cilantro, jalapenos, and parsley. All these make for one complete-feeling meal that most won’t probably just pass by.

Each bowl has about 240 calories with just 330 milligrams of sodium. In addition, it also has 12 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein. As you may observe, this frozen meal lacks calories, so adding fruits as complementary foods are recommended. Perhaps an avocado and a piece of other fruit.

Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry

Yet another amazing frozen dish from the excellent frozen meal manufacturer Trader Joe’s. While not advisable to treat as a meal in its lonesome, Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry can make for an ideal complimentary meal. Dietitians recommend adding protein-heavy foods to this frozen dish, such as chicken strips, shrimp, salmon, tofu, or lean beef, making for a perfect, easy meal.

Each cup of the Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry has only about 50 calories. It has green peas, red bell peppers, and corn. Seeing as it is not a complete meal by itself, unlike most in our list, it contains the lowest sodium compared to the rest, clocking in at about only 190 milligrams per serving.


Who knew the day would come when dietitians would recommend frozen foods as healthy alternatives to fresh foods itself? Well, that is where we are at right now. Among the many dietitian-approved frozen meals we encountered and tasted this past year, we felt the most satisfaction with the Trader Joe’s Chicken Quinoa Bowl. 

Not only is it pleasing to almost every sense (taste, smell, and sight), but it is also filled to the brim with nutritional benefits that can even put top-quality fresh goods to shame. Try it out now and see it for yourself!

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