Best Gluten Free Frozen Dinner Brands

Top Gluten-Free Frozen Dinner Brands In 2023


Frozen dinners have come a long way. Not only do they provide the excellent convenience that made us fall in love with them in the first place, but they can now also cater to specific diets, making them more inclusive than ever. 

To those with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, you may now enjoy ready-to-eat frozen dinners just like most people, thanks to the growing number of gluten-free frozen dinners brought to us by these excellent brands.

In this article, we intend to look at the top frozen dinner brands offering gluten-free options in 2023. If you want the cream of the crop of gluten-free frozen foods, look no further than the brands we will discuss below.

Our Top Pick: Amy’s Kitchen

You’d almost always see the Amy’s Kitchen brand among the lists of top brands offering healthy frozen delights – that is how focused they are on delivering healthy yet very delicious frozen meals. Amy’s Kitchen is well-recognized for natural and organic foods and has long produced gluten-free products.

The brand’s gluten-free frozen dinner options are vast and spread out to various global cuisines. This includes Mexican casserole bowls, baked ziti, Asian noodle stir fry, and even Pad Thai. Not to mention, it also has meal-sized gluten-free macaroni and cheese in two varieties – regular, which has cheese, and dairy-free, for our lactose intolerant friends.

Truly, it may just have a gluten-free option for just about everything! With that being said, Amy’s Kitchen isn’t just put on a high standard because of its wide-ranging options; it is also among the top brands today because everything that they offer tastes great. 

Despite leaning more on the health benefits rather than what ultimately makes food delicious, Amy’s frozen dinners are a blast to eat!

Here are the most notable gluten-free offerings from Amy’s Kitchen:

  • Mac and 3 Cheese with Cauliflower Bowl
  • Gluten-free Pizza (with cheese, dairy-free, margherita, and many more varieties)
  • Black Bean Vegetable Enchiladas
  • Pad Thai
  • Tortilla Casserole and Black Beans Bowl
  • Broccoli & Cheddar Bake Bowl
  • Chinese Noodles & Veggies
  • General Tso’s Bowl
  • Greek-inspired Red Rice and VEggies
  • Indian Mattar Paneer

With all those factors combined, we are giving our top pick for the best gluten-free frozen dinner brand this 2023 to Amy’s Kitchen. You only have to give their offerings a try to instantly fall in love with them just as much.

Summary Table

Here is a simple table detailing the brands we decided to include in our list of top gluten-free frozen dinner brands this 2023 along with their notable qualities that made them stand out from the rest and possible weaknesses that may deter some from choosing them.

Brand NameStrengthsWeaknesses
Amy’s Kitchen (our top pick)Has its focus on delivering healthier frozen dinner options
Has a wide array of gluten-free products to enjoy
Has dishes taken from various parts of the world
Incredibly tasty
US FDA-approved
Their gluten-free products aren’t certified by a third-party
Lean CuisineHas its focus on delivering healthier frozen dinner options
Perfect brand for chicken-lovers
Tastes great
Offers heavy yet healthy meals
US FDA-approved
Their gluten-free products aren’t certified by a third-party
Saffron RoadCertified by the GFCO
Certified Halal products
Perfect brand for chicken-lovers
Captures the taste of Indian and Southeast Asian foods
Not very diverse with its offerings
Some may find its products overwhelming with spices
Smart OnesHas a wide variety of gluten-free breakfast meals
Energizing and tasty
Found in almost all stores
US FDA-approved
Not all labeled gluten-free frozen dinners are actually gluten-free
Udi’s Gluten-FreeFocused on making gluten-free products
Certified by the GFCO
Well-recognized by the gluten-free community
Not very diverse with its offerings
Not always available
Red’s Natural FoodsPerfect brand for chicken-lovers
Perfect brand for burrito enthusiasts
Has a wide selection of breakfast meals
Neatly packaged and tastes good
US FDA-approved
Not so focused with gluten-free offerings compared to the other brands in our list
Their gluten-free offerings feels limited
Too reliant on burritos and chicken entrees
Healthy ChoiceHas its focus on delivering healthier frozen dinner options
Neatly packaged and tastes good
Breaks down its offerings into two distinct types
US FDA-approved
Their gluten-free offerings are very limited
Not as accessible as most of the brands in our list

Top Gluten-free Frozen Dinner Brands

Lean Cuisine

Much like Amy’s Kitchen, Lean Cuisine made a name for itself in the booming frozen foods industry by leaning more on producing healthier options and steering away from the typical top-heavy offerings people have grown accustomed to with the frozen dinners of the old. This brand, which is virtually found in every convenience store or grocery’s frozen food section, has over a dozen gluten-free frozen meals that are all well-crafted and very delicious. 

These gluten-free options range from so-called ‘comfort foods,’ such as chicken in sweet BBQ sauce and cheddar bacon chicken, to the brand’s top sellers, including chicken fried rice, ranchero braised beef, etc.). All these products are labeled gluten-free in the very front of their packaging.

It is worth noting, however, that these products aren’t tested by any third-party organization to prove that they are indeed 100% gluten-free, as the brand says they are. Nevertheless, Lean Cuisine swears that they all contain less than 20 ppm of gluten, which adheres to the FDA’s gluten-free labeling requirements.

Here are the brand’s most noteworthy products:

  • Buffalo Style Chicken
  • Chicken marsala
  • Herb-Roasted Chicken
  • Sweet & Spicy Korean Style-Beef
  • Unwrapped Chicken Burrito
  • Sticky Ginger Chicken
  • Roasted Turkey & Vegetables

Saffron Road

Saffron Road specializes in making top-quality frozen dinners inspired by dishes outside the United States, mainly from India and Southeast Asia. On top of that, the brand also makes a wide variety of simmer sauces, snack foods, chips, broths, and, of course, the topic of this very article, gluten-free frozen entrees.

Saffron Road’s offerings are so highly-regarded that you’d typically see them stocked alongside natural foods in most supermarkets despite being frozen foods. That speaks volumes to how appealing their products are to more health-conscious individuals.

Unlike the two previous brands, Saffron Road’s gluten-free products are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), the leading organization certifying gluten-free products. Notably, Saffron Road’s products are also certified Halal.

Here are the brand’s most noteworthy products:

  • Chicken Biryani
  • Chicken Pad Thai
  • Coconut Chicken Curry
  • Enchilada Al Chipotle
  • Chicken Enchiladas Poblano
  • Lamb Saag
  • Madras Curry and Chicken Meatballs

Smart Ones

If you love gluten-free frozen breakfasts, then Smart Ones should be your go-to brand! It has gluten-free cheesy scrambles, hash browns, three cheese omelets, and much more. Starting the day off munching on one of these goodies is just an experience everyone should at least try.

This brand’s gluten-free offerings all meet the US FDA standards; they all have less than 20 parts gluten per million. Furthermore, Smart Ones are also a staple in virtually every supermarket or grocery nationwide. Go to the frozen food section, and chances are you’d see a Smart Ones offering right then and there.

However, remember that there may be a handful of frozen entrees from Smart Ones labeled gluten-free but not certified as such. That being said, it’s best that you always read the product’s label carefully to determine whether it is safe for consumption when on a gluten-free diet.

Here are the brand’s most noteworthy products:

  • Chicken Enchiladas Suiza
  • Chicken Santa Fe
  • Cheesy Scramble with Hash Browns
  • Three Cheese Omelet
  • Michken Mesquite
  • Santa Fe Rice and Beans

Udi’s Gluten-Free

With the term ‘gluten-free’ plastered on its very name, you can expect top-quality gluten-free products from Udi’s Gluten-Free. Unlike the previous entries, which also offer other frozen entrees that aren’t necessarily gluten-free, Udi’s focus is solely on delivering gluten-free products, making for a more focused approach.

Most people who follow the gluten-free diet should be familiar with this brand; that is how impactful Udi’s have been for such a niche over the past few years. They make high-quality gluten-free bread, cookies, snacks, tortillas, and muffins in addition to their top-notch frozen offerings.

Udi’s Gluten-Free is certified by the GFCO, meaning its products are tested to ensure that they all have below 10 parts per million gluten. Unfortunately, Udi’s Gluten-Free isn’t as accessible compared to most of the brands in our list – they aren’t always necessarily available.

Here are the brand’s most noteworthy products:

  • Single Serve Chicken Florentine
  • Three Cheese Ravioli Skillet Meal
  • Chicken Penne Alfredo Skillet Meal
  • Chicken Parmesan Penne Skillet Meal
  • Lasagna with Meat Sauce Bakeable Meal
  • Italian Sausage Lasagna Frozen Entree

Red’s Natural Foods

Red’s Natural Foods have a sweet story behind its brand name. Red’s is a small company named after the owner’s dog, ‘Red,’ that started with a focused goal in mind – to deliver high-quality, all-natural frozen burritos in the market. Red’s Natural Foods did exactly that, and now they are one of the most recognized brands offering gluten-free frozen foods in the United States.

Along with their patented frozen burritos, Red’s also offers other delicious frozen meals, four of which are labeled 100% gluten-free: namely their chicken bowl, veggie burrito bowl, carnitas burrito bowl, and steak & rice bowl. While most still revolve around the concept of burritos, they all taste distinct and are well worth the time and money to get them.

Moreover, Red’s Natural Foods also meets the US FDA gluten-free standards of less than 20 parts per million. Look for the ‘gluten-free’ banner on the lower left-hand side of the package. They are either colored green or red.

Here are the brand’s most noteworthy products:

  • Gluten-Free Macaroni and Cheese
  • Chicken, Cilantro, and Lime
  • Chicken, Cilantro, and Lime with Riced Cauliflower
  • Veggie Burrito Bowl
  • Carnitas Burrito Bowl
  • Steak & Rice Bowl

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice is a subsidiary of Conagra Brands Inc. alongside Marie Callender’s, another widely-recognized frozen foods brand. As its very name implies, Healthy Choice offers a wide variety of frozen goods, all aiming to be the healthiest in the particular market. This includes the company-branded ‘complete meals’ and ‘cafe streamer’ varieties.

The cafe streamer line of products includes three gluten-free frozen dinner options, particularly beef-merlot, Cajun-style chicken & shrimp, and homestyle chicken and potatoes. All of them adhere to the requirements set by the US FDA. They all have gluten of fewer than 20 parts per million.

While admittedly limited in their gluten-free offerings, Healthy Choice makes up for it by ensuring that all of them taste incredibly delicious. Furthermore, they are also all very aesthetically pleasing, making for a wonderful and superbly healthy dining experience.

Here are the brand’s most noteworthy products:

  • Homestyle Chicken & Potatoes
  • Cajun-Style Chicken & Shrimp
  • Beef Merlot

These are the top frozen dinner brands that offer gluten-free products that caught our attention the most. Although the number of gluten-free products are indeed on the rise in the world of frozen foods, the majority of products the industry has to offer will always be the less gluten-free-friendly variety. 

With that in mind, we have also compiled a very short list of brands you should avoid when under a gluten-free diet.

Frozen Food Brands to Avoid when Following a Gluten-Free Diet

Here is a short list of frozen food brands that you may as well just avoid if you are currently following a gluten-free diet:

  • Banquet – no gluten-free options whatsoever
  • Marie Callender – despite offering healthy frozen foods, the brand has no gluten-free options whatsoever
  • Stouffer’s – expect for its gluten-free mac and cheese, the brand offers no other gluten-free product
  • Hungry Man – this brand is well-known for delivering top-heavy frozen meals that lean more on satisfaction rather than ensuring consumers are kept healthy


While the competition was admittedly tough, with every brand having a noteworthy quality that makes them stand out from the pack, we sincerely believe that Amy’s Kitchen should be your number-one brand when it comes to gluten-free frozen dinner options. 

Not only are their products lean more on the healthier side, but they are also incredibly delicious and would most likely appeal to everyone. Amy’s Kitchen isn’t hard to fall in love with, and we are admittedly under its spell.

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