Best Chicken Sausage 2021: Top Brands Review


The mere mention of Chicken sausage can have us salivating and longing to taste some of it. Many of us know chicken sausage as the healthier alternative to pork, as it provides the same amount of protein without the excess fat.

With a pandemic on the loose, many of us still opt to cook at home. Given that there are new brands every year, deciding on the best chicken sausage is not easy. It takes some probing to find chicken sausage that tastes good and is good bang for your buck, but it does exist. Let’s take a look at the top chicken sausage brands of 2021 and see what the best are:

Best Chicken Sausage Brand

Best Chicken Sausage Brands

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1. Bilinski’s

Bilinski’s is a company that focuses on keeping their ingredients simple and clean. This minimalistic approach also makes their sausages taste better. Their natural and organic chicken sausages only include sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Being a company committed to animal welfare, Bilinski’s raises all their poultry antibiotic-free and in a humane manner.

Bilinski’s offers a large variety in terms of different flavors of chicken sausage to choose from. Their flavors include everything from ‘Organic Cilantro Lime’ and ‘Wild Mushroom’, to ‘All-Natural Italian Bell Peppers’ and ‘All-Natural Spinach’. With their easy availability, even their less traditional flavors like ‘Quinoa’ and ‘Spicy Mango Cajun’ are bound to leave you satisfied.

2. Trader Joe’s

Being one of the better-known brands on this list, it is definitely worth looking into Trader Joe’s as an option for your sausage needs. For what it lacks in availability, Trader Joe’s makes up for in quantity.

Tarder Joe’s offers the best portions, with 5 large pieces of chicken sausage for round about $4, which is a healthy percentage of protein.

Their many flavors range from their famed ‘Spicy Jalepeño’ to ‘Bavarian Bratwurst’. Their new flavor, ‘Organic Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage’ is also a quality option that bridges a gap in the market with flavorful taste and style.

3. Economy Made at Whole Foods

Unlike many other brands of chicken sausage, with Economy Made at Whole Foods, you know exactly how your food has been processed. Whole Foods even lets you know exactly where the sausage is processed. The fact that their chicken sausages are made in-house, ensures that a standard of hygiene is maintained in the packaging process. However, your options for flavor may vary based on your regional Whole Foods outlets.

Economy Made at Whole Foods is the perfect alternative to pork sausage. These chicken sausages are perfect for grilling as they are not precooked. Their low-fat content can also appeal to the more health-conscious consumer.

4. Applegate Organics

Applegate Organics stands out from other chicken sausage brands because of its availability. You can find Applegate Organics’ Chicken sausage in just about any regional shop. You can find it in your regional Whole Foods, Kroger and even Harris Teeter.

Applegate is committed to processing its products without any genetic engineering whatsoever. This means that none of the ingredients in their product are synthetic or genetically engineered. This ensures the most natural of sausages. They offer a great variety of proteins in their chicken sausages.

Although the Applegate Organics’ chicken sausages have mild spices as compared to its competitors, this somehow makes it taste better. The mild nature of its spices means it is perfect to complement with other side dishes or as a stuffing. These are the best chicken sausages to use for simple dishes like omelets and burritos.

5. Al Fresco

Just like Applegate Organics, Al Fresco is also available in a variety of regional shops including Wegmans, Kroger and food Lion. What makes Al Fresco a contender is this availability and its variety. It has a world of flavors to choose from for both precooked and fresh sausages.

Al Fresco offers over 15 different styles and flavors of chicken sausages to choose from. Although their flavors aren’t quite as dynamic as Bilinski’s, they still have a good variety of options to choose from. Their options ensure that they cater to every type of consumer with their various styles. Some of the most notable ones being ‘Roasted Pepper and Asiago’, ‘Sundried Tomato’ and ‘Buffalo Style’.

6. Premio

Premio are one of the best chicken sausages because of the quantity they provide. Not only this, but Premio’s sausages are available at almost any wholesale food store such as Walmart, Sam’s club and even Costco.

Premio’s chicken sausages take the cake for most affordable. The sheer quantity they offer at that price makes it the best pick for a party or get together. Their raw sausages that aren’t precooked also make them ideal for grilling.

For what they lack in flavors they make up for in taste. The few flavors they do offer are both delicious and light on the pocket. In this day and age when a lot of companies are focusing on other aspects, Premio does the basics right.

7. GreenWise

If you’re a fan of Publix, GreenWise is a brand you’ve probably heard of. It is a new brand emphasizing on its organic components. GreenWise have one of the best chicken sausages of 2021 because their products are free of synthetic ingredients and antibiotic-free.

GreenWise chicken sausage usually means that the meat is antibiotic-free, processed minimally and not frozen and not genetically engineered. Their sausages come in a few Italian sausage-based flavors, and make for a perfect way to add flavor to soups.

Since the sausages can easily be remoulded into anything from patties to meatballs, these sausages have a lot of versatility. The meat can be reshaped into any form, meaning the options are infinite and are only limited by the imagination.

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Chicken Sausage FAQs


1. Is eating chicken sausages healthy?

Although chicken is considered a source of lean meat, chicken sausage is high in fat. That being said, it is still a much healthier option than its other sausage counterparts such as pork. Ultimately, how healthy it is depends on how it is cooked.

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2. Do you cook chicken sausage with the casing?

Removing the casting while cooking isn’t necessary as it is edible. However, if you only want the meat, you can opt for it. Frying or roasting the sausage a bit will add flavor to the casting. You can cook it either way, according to your preference.

3. How long can you keep raw chicken sausages in the fridge?

Although it is recommended that you eat the chicken sausages as soon as you can, raw sausage can be refrigerated for 1 to 2 days. It can last for twice the amount of time given that the sausage is cooked.

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4. Are eggs bad for cholesterol?

Chicken eggs are an excellent source of protein and numerous other nutritional supplements. Although they do have high cholesterol content, eggs do not to raise cholesterol levels to the highs other cholesterol-containing foods do, such as fats and saturated fats. As with most foods, as long as you don’t have too much, it won’t have any adverse effects.

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5. Are Sausages bad for cholesterol?

Unfortunately, as good as they taste, processed meats are high in cholesterol. Sausages, bacon, salami and other processed meats should be had in moderation. Excessive consumption of sausages can lead to a number of heart diseases, colon cancer and a few other types of cancer.

There are even more options to choose from than last year. Choosing the best chicken sausages was no easy task. New brands coming up on the daily, give you more options, but they also make the purchase decisions a harder one.

That being said, you now have a general idea of what the top chicken sausage brands in the market have to offer. The bright side is there are a lot of excellent options to choose from. However, finding what works for you is the most important thing.

Some chicken sausages are better suited for a certain recipe or diet plan than others are. Once you know what you want, you can pick any of the chicken sausages mentioned above and you’ll be golden.

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