Best Frozen French Fries

Top Frozen French Fries Brand For 2023


Frozen french fries are universally loved – some would even argue that it is the ultimate finger food. It is convenient, yummy, and just downright irresistible. 

With that in mind, we wondered: which brand offers the best frozen french fries this 2023? Read on below as we share our findings.

While still relatively unknown in the world of frozen foods, Alexia takes our pick for the best brand to offer frozen french fries this 2023! Tasting what they have to offer completely changed our perspective about the leading brands today, and that is just unheard of.

Please remember that such lists are significantly impacted by personal preference. While we may put a brand/product that you don’t like that much in here, it does not necessarily mean that your tastes are bad or vice versa. It’s how things go, and no one could ever be the same towards everything.

Nevertheless, we consistently reevaluate our top lists and food product guides to keep up with the ever-changing market. With that out of the way, let us begin detailing our findings.

Our Top Pick: Alexia

To be perfectly honest, Alexia caught us by surprise. After all, they aren’t all that well-known in the world of frozen french fries. However, with the Alexia Sweet Potato Fries, that could quickly change. 

This frozen french fries product will capture your heart and turn what you know about the best frozen french fries brands inside out.

The brand prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and ensuring that all of its seasonings are on point. The result is a line of frozen products sure to give your taste buds an experience they won’t forget anytime soon. And arguably, the best they have to offer this 2023 is the Sweet Potato Fries.

These fries are the ultimate mixture of sweetness, saltiness, and savoriness. You won’t be able to stop yourself from grabbing for more. Moreover, the texture of every fry is perfect. 

After tasting what these frozen french fries have to offer, you may find yourself never wanting to go back to the ‘more well-known’ brands. 

That is how good this frozen product is, which is precisely why we chose it as our top pick for 2023.

Summary Tables

Here are two tables summarizing our findings after observing several frozen french fries brands to formulate our list. 

The first one highlights the brand that produced the crispiest, healthiest option, and the best overall frozen french fries, while the other is a straightforward table highlighting the strengths of the brands we chose to include in our list. Have a look:

Top Choices

CrispiestHealthiest OptionBest Overall
Ore-IdaWhole Foods 365Alexia
Crispiness is at the very root of Ore-Ida’s frozen french fries. This product will appeal the most to french fries lovers that prefer their fries extra crispy. One downside, however, is that the product isn’t that accessible. Sometimes, finding them can be a challenge.Whole Foods 365 offers an organic version of their critically-acclaimed frozen french fries offering, the Crinkle Cut French Fries. Although it has a much higher price point compared to the other products in the list, it is by far the healthiest option. Not to mention, they are also just as delicious.These fries are the ultimate mixture of sweetness, saltiness, and savoriness. You won’t be able to stop yourself grabbing for more. Moreover, the texture of each and every fry is perfect. You only have to give this brand a chance to instantly fall in love with them. They have a bright future in this industry.

Comparison Table

Alexia (our top pick/ best overall)A relatively unknown brand but is worth your every attention. Their frozen fries offering proves to be better compared even to the most popular brands out in the market today. After tasting what these frozen french fries have to offer, you may find yourself never wanting to go back to the ‘more well-known’ brands.
Checker’s/Rally’s  Many would say that Checker’s/Rally’s has the best tasting fast food fries, and their frozen version is no exception.
Trader Joe’sProvides a comforting, ‘homemade’ feeling with every bite. Has the only frozen french fries in our list that kept its skin on, making for a vegetal and earthy fries experience.
Ore-Ida (crispiest)Produces perhaps the crispiest frozen french fries in the industry. While grabbing a package or two may sometimes prove challenging, getting them should be a no-brainer for crispy food lovers.
Whole Foods 365 (healthiest option)Their products are a tad more expensive but are worth every penny. The brand also offers an organic version of its highly-acclaimed frozen french fries product to appeal to health-conscious consumers.
Arby’sIts frozen french fries did the unthinkable. They are more delicious compared to their non-frozen counterparts. No fry out of the warmer at an actual Arby’s joining can compete with what their frozen product has to offer.
McCainThe brand is extremely trustworthy for a reason. It rarely disappoints and always lives up to the hype. 

And with that, let us now take a deeper look at each of the brands we decided to include in our list. 

Top Frozen French Fries Brand for 2023


Many people would agree that Checker’s/Rally’s has the best-tasting fast food fries. While we don’t necessarily agree 100%, we fully understand where their opinions are coming from. Their fries are superb, making it worthwhile to drive even for miles just to get a lick of it. 

The good news is, you don’t really have to do that anymore! You can now just get the brand’s frozen version of its famous french fries. 

While a tad lower in quality, it is still no joke. It is seasoned perfectly and steeped in a beautiful auburn color that will make you reach for another piece immediately after swallowing the previous one. 

The crunch you feel on every fry is just divine. To get the best out of the Checker’s/Rally’s Famous Seasoned Fries, leave it in your oven or air fryer a bit longer than the recommended time.

Trader Joe’s 

Say that you prefer homemade tasting to restaurant quality in frozen french fries. Look no further than Trader Joe’s Handsome Cut Potato Fries. 

From the lot we tasted over the past few weeks and months, these frozen french fries were the only ones to keep their skins on, making them feel more homemade than the lot.

This also resulted in a flavor that was by far the most vegetal and earthy. Every fry that hits your mouth makes you feel like you are in a quiet town enjoying the breeze with your family. It comforts you. It somehow makes you feel at home wherever you decide to consume it.

While the cut of the fries is admittedly inconsistent, they are still visually appealing. We recommend cooking these frozen french fries a bit longer than their packaging suggests and adding a little more salt.


Do you want your french fries extra crispy? Are you looking for a frozen french fries product that provides the most crispiness? Don’t you worry no more; we got you! Ore-Ida’s Crispers are by far the crispiest frozen fry out there. 

Taking it a bit further, we believe it is the best crispy frozen fry product today!

Much like the two previous entries, we tend to leave these frozen french fries a bit longer in the oven than what their packaging suggests. Doing so would render the fries perfectly crispy on the outside and satisfyingly soft on the inside. 

The fries’ ridged edges, while some may find them undesirable, make them great for dipping in ranch or ketchup since it tends to hold more of the sauce.

With all that being said, it is worth noting that finding Ore-Ida Crispers can sometimes prove to be a challenge. It is not that accessible compared to most of the entries in our list. 

So if you see a bag or two in the grocery near you, don’t let the chance pass by. Grab them then and there!

Whole Foods 365

Whole Foods 365 is well known for its top-of-the-line frozen products. You know exactly what you are getting from them, and they rarely disappoint. 

However, this consistency in the products they pump out comes with a price – literally. Whole Foods 365, as trustworthy as they are, is also famous for having high prices. 

That said, their products are worth the additional penny. Take, for example, their amazing Crinkle Cut French Fries. You can eat these frozen french fries straight from the oven, which would taste just as amazing without any salt. 

Honestly, these french fries are so delicious you don’t necessarily need to prepare any condiments to go with them as well!

In addition, the brand also sells an organic version of the same fries that is, of course, a bit more expensive but are significantly healthier and equally as delightful. 


To those who haven’t yet tasted the goodness Arby’s Seasoned Curly Fries offer, rush to the nearest store and pick one or two bags of these bad boys now! It is very rare to see a frozen product be better than actual non-frozen delights – this frozen french fries did just that!

Arby’s Seasoned Curly Fries are crispy, perfectly seasoned, hot, and ultimately delicious. Better yet, it also comes in the best shape a fry can ever be, curly. You seriously wouldn’t be satisfied with just a couple of pieces. 

With how tasty these fries are, you’d soon realize your hand is going back and forth into the bowl where you placed them to reach out for more.

If you love Arby’s, you shouldn’t let this product pass by. It is perfect for movie nights, small parties, or picnics. 

For the best experience, dip the Arby’s Seasoned Frozen Curly Fries in a deep fryer if you have one. Believe us; it would save you from a trip to the nearest Arby’s.


Contrary to our top pick, Alexia, McCain is an extremely trustworthy and recognizable brand with decades of experience in the frozen french fries industry. As a matter of fact, this brand has been making frozen french fries in Canada as early as 1957. 

They’ve had so much success and countless satisfied customers already that it feels like a disservice to not at least include them in lists just like this.

That being said, we don’t include McCain in ours just because of their reputation. Their Classic Cut Fries are just as, if not more, wonderful than the products we already highlighted above. These fries look just like McDonald’s fries but are ultimately more delightful on the tongue.

McCain also has great options for those who are constantly on the go or are currently short on time. Their 5 Minute Fries and their Quick Waffle Fries will allow you to speed up the process without the risk of losing any of the deliciousness that you can expect out of a McCain product.


Sometimes, you must look past the usual suspects to find the best. And that is precisely what happened here in our list. While a relative newcomer to the scene, Alexia swept us off our feet with how delicious and satisfying their frozen french fries were. 

In the next few years, we expect this brand to be even better and, as a result, continue to pump out excellent-quality products just like the Alexia Sweet Potato Fries. Give this brand a try. We promise you won’t regret it.

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