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Top Frozen Pizza Brands In 2023


While frozen pizzas aren’t necessarily the first thing that pops into your mind once you get that delicious cheesy goodness craving, such frozen food products are dependable alternatives, especially after a tiring day’s work. 

In fact, some may now prefer frozen pizzas over their fresh-from-the-oven counterparts – and we just couldn’t blame them. Frozen pizza products today have evolved to the point that they can stand par-to-par with even the freshest pizzas from your favorite joints.

According to, over 200 million Americans eat frozen pizza. Some always, others occasionally. That being said, that is still over half of the total US population, speaking volumes to how popular frozen pizzas have become over the past few years.

The freezer aisles at the grocery store are now filled to the brim with various styles of frozen pizzas, including thin crust, thick crust, cheese-loaded, vegan, and meat-filled options. This got us thinking: which are the best brands today that offer high-quality frozen pizzas? Read on as we answer just that!

Our Top Pick: DiGiorno

It is estimated that nearly 63 million Americans eat one or two DiGiorno pizzas per month. We, too, are guilty of that. Moreover, the brand has been constantly voted as one of the best-frozen pizza brands in the world. That is how much DiGiorno’s products appeal to consumers, especially pizza lovers.

Admirably, despite their sizable hold in the frozen pizza market, DiGiorno never became complicit. Like a fine wine, the brand gets better with time. Today, there are several different DiGiorno frozen pizza products to choose from, and frankly speaking, they all have a spot on the list of the best available frozen pizzas.

No matter how many pizzas we have already consumed from this brand, we are still rendered speechless by how delicious they taste. We can even go as far as stating that their frozen pizza products are better than most delivery chains. It has a sweet tomato sauce, a soft dough that is satisfying to bite into, and a galore of cheese that will make you constantly return for more.

Without a doubt, DiGiorno is at the top of the food chain when it comes to frozen pizza products. It is the quintessential grocery store frozen pizza, and it would just be outrageous not to give it a chance.

Summary Tables

Here are two tables summarizing our findings after observing several frozen pizza brands to formulate our list. 

The first one highlights the most budget-friendly, the healthiest option, and the best overall frozen meatball brand, while the other is a straightforward table indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the brands we chose to include in our list. Have a look:

Top Choices

Most Budget-FriendlyHealthiest OptionBest Overall
Despite its low price point relative to conventional frozen foods products you see almost every day, it does not lack in quality – in fact, it can proudly stand par-to-par with today’s more costly products in terms of taste and overall quality. Amy’s does not only want to provide consumers with top-of-the-line frozen pizza offerings; they also emphasize on making them more healthier. They offer various products that appeal to both meat lovers and vegetarians. DiGiorno is at the top of the food chain when it comes to frozen pizza products. It is the quintessential grocery store frozen pizza, and it would just be outrageous not to give it a chance. It has everything you could ever wish for in a top-quality frozen delight. Every frozen pizza brand should observe how DiGiorno does its business, that is how much we are impressed with them.

Comparison Table: Pros and Cons

Brand NameProsCons
DiGiorno (our top pick/ best overall)American Favorite
The king of frozen pizzas
Has fantastic dough
Amazingly delicious
Savory and a delight in the mouth
Wasn’t soggy in the slightest
Some may have already grown tired of the brand because of how popular it is
Elio’sNot to cheesy
Perfect for those that just want a modest amount of pizza
Has a pleasing texture
Has three slabs of pizzas
The amount of pizza may prove insufficient to some
Cheese lovers may find its lack of cheese discouraging
Amy’s (healthiest option)Offers healthier alternatives
Excellent value for money
Deliciously chewy
Fun to eat and look at
The pizza is slightly smaller than most frozen pizza products
Red BaronCheap yet large in size
Has that lovingly New York-style pizza going for it
Its expertly seasoned sauce do not drown out the other flavors
Excellent value for money
Some may find its flavors too powerful
Newman’s OwnExcellent tasting pepperoni
Better than your average frozen pizza variety
King of thin crust frozen pizzas
Its pie has a slight spicy taste
Flavorful for a frozen pizza
Good at almost every category but rarely excels
May not be an enticing option for those that prefer thicker crust
Tony’s (most budget-friendly) The most affordable choice in our list
Delivers excellent value for money
Keeps everything basic
Tastes great relative to its price point
Some may find it aesthetically unpleasing
Some may find its basic nature unappealing
Screamin’ SicilianPerfect for cheese lovers
Its sauce tastes great as well
Amazingly flavorful
Overflowing with cheese
The brand isn’t widely trusted just yet
Trader Joe’sA well-respected brand in the frozen foods industry
Perfect for those that prefer thin-crust pizzas
Tastes amazing
Offers aesthetically-pleasing products
Some may find its frozen pizzas lacking meat
Frozen pizzas aren’t the brand’s specialty

With that out of the way, let us now get a more comprehensive look at the frozen pizza brands we decided to include in our list.

Top Frozen Pizza Brands 2023


Elio’s frozen pizza options are straightforward pizza delights that leave everything to how delicious they taste. It is a no-frill choice that solely focuses on giving consumers satisfaction. Each package contains three frozen pizza slabs, making it a tempting choice for those that only want to eat a modest amount.

To those who do not necessarily want their pizzas overflowing with cheese, you’d certainly appreciate Elio’s incorporation of just small amounts. The crust has a pleasing texture, and the tomato sauce that tops it all is lovingly sweet. All in all, Elio’s frozen pizzas are respectable snack options that are perfect for a cozy night watching movies.


Amy’s belongs to the list of cheap frozen pizza brands that deliver excellent value for money. Despite its low price point and slightly smaller size, Amy’s frozen pizzas are flavorful and satisfying to indulge in – you’d absolutely get your money’s worth with this brand!

Amy’s frozen pizzas have that thick tomato sauce and deliciously chewy crust that makes them not only fun to eat but also a delight to look at. Another interesting factor why Amy’s is regarded as one of the top brands that offer frozen pizzas today is its venture into healthier alternatives. They now offer various products that appeal to both meat lovers and vegetarians. 

Red Baron

Like the previous entry, Red Baron, as a brand, falls into the category of unassuming, affordable, and simple frozen pizza brands that focus more on giving consumers excellent value for money rather than grandeur. Because of their simplicity and powerful flavors, Red Baron frozen pizzas are loved by many.

It gives off that New York pizza style we just can’t get enough of. It oozes with delicious cheese, has a moderately-thin crust, and an expertly seasoned sauce, making for a one-of-a-kind frozen pizza delight. Furthermore, despite its powerful taste, the seasoned sauce does not drown out the pizza’s other flavors, which is a usual expectation on frozen pizzas.

Newman’s Own

While mostly recognized for its excellent pasta sauce offerings, Newman’s Own also has an amazing selection of frozen pizzas that you can easily purchase from virtually every grocery store around the country today. 

We instantly fell in love with its uncured thin crust and excellent pepperoni – Newman’s Own pizzas are delicious and undoubtedly much better than your average variety. In fact, we are naming it as the best brand to offer thin-crust frozen pizzas today.

Furthermore, the toppings taste super fresh for a frozen pizza, and the pie itself has a little spicy taste, making for a wonderful pizza experience. Its pepperoni is also made from real pork and beef with no added nitrites. If you love pepperoni, you’d absolutely love Newman’s Own.


Tony’s enters our list of the top frozen pizza brands for 2023 as the most affordable option. More often than not, the cheaper the product is, the lesser its quality. However, that isn’t the case with Tony’s frozen pizza delights. Most reviewers agree that Tony’s offers consistently good pizza that can compete against today’s more costly alternatives.

This brand keeps everything basic while still keeping in line with the competitive world of frozen pizzas. Tony’s may not be your first choice for a gourmet pizza that you’d proudly serve at your dining table, but it is undeniably delicious – it won’t let you off of its grip until there’s nothing left to munch at anymore.

Screamin’ Sicilian

Screamin’ Sicilian may be a lesser-known brand in the world of frozen pizzas, but they are quietly moving up with their excellent offerings that provide serious flavor with every box. If you love cheese, you’d certainly appreciate how Screamin’ Sicilian incorporates it with their frozen delights – in fact; it may just be the brand’s main selling point!

It has massive amounts of shredded mozzarella and white cheddar cheese that is further enhanced by the brand’s signature crust and secret tomato sauce. As impressive as how the brand uses cheese in its amazingly good-tasting products, it is also worth noting that the sauce also has a robust, tangy tomato taste that we just couldn’t get enough of.

We are so impressed with the offerings of Screamin’ Sicilian that we can confidently say that sooner or later, it will be among the most recognized brands in the frozen pizza industry.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has the formula of the frozen food on point; you’d almost always see them in top frozen brand lists such as this. Their frozen pizza offerings do not disappoint as well. Take, for example, its Cheese and Tomato Pizza offering. Despite its non-standard size measurements, being ultra-thin but still wide in size, this frozen pizza continues to be among the most sought-after frozen pizza options today.

While this particular frozen pizza felt a bit more upscale than the other selections from Trader Joe’s, it may not appeal that much to those that prefer their pizzas filled with meat. Nevertheless, we love this pizza’s overall flavor and aesthetics.


Although the competition did become tougher, with every brand elevating its game and further enhancing its already-impressive frozen pizza products, DiGiorno is just on a tier on its own! It is the quintessential frozen pizza brand today, and it certainly has no plans to release its hold on the industry anytime soon. 

So, if you love frozen pizzas, you can always go right with DiGiorno. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that you’d do yourself a service by purchasing a frozen pizza from DiGiorno right now! And while you are at it, why not pair your pizza with an excellent frozen fries product as well?

Wondering about the top frozen food companies in the US today and their best-selling products? We got you covered! Click the link here.

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