Best Buffalo Sauce 2021: Top Brands Review


We have put together the best Buffalo Sauces of 2021 that is going to blow your mind. They are all reminiscent of the best flavors of restaurants that you may have experienced. The ideal Buffalo Sauce is the admixture of vinegar, hot sauces, butter and Worcestershire sauce. Ironically the name in itself is not connected to buffaloes at all. This sauce was popularised by a very small family-owned food joint at Buffalo, New York.

Best Buffalo Sauces

Best Buffalo Sauces

1. Bulliard’s Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Sauce

Bulliard makes the product with real liquefied margarine. This brand has does not use any powdered substitutes as per claims which is what draws our attention to it. You can have it straight from the bottle, and it will still taste as good as ever. We recommend coating the chicken wings with this sauce. You can also cook the chicken in the sauce or use it as a dip. Bulliard has made it to our list as it ranks high in terms of taste. The business is as old as 100 years and they started with a bottle of Cayenne Pepper Sauce. This home business has grown ever since to create worldwide recommended buffalo sauces.

2. Stubb’s Wicked Habanero Pepper Wing Sauce

We are swamped with recipes that include this sauce in particular and tastes spectacular. We just had to give it a spot among our Best Buffalo Sauce 2021 list. Originally the makers of barbecue sauces, this company has made sure they leave a personal touch in their sauces. This sauce is a must for any barbecue party as it is made with real Habanero pepper. Add the sauce to turn the heat! The best part about this sauce is that the calorie count is within 15.

This sauce is known to be the best of all wing sauces. One would find it appropriate to baste the roasted wings of chicken for the ideal taste. For many, this is the best sauce they can get on a store shelf. This sauce is also free from gluten and verified of having no GMOs. Just 2 tablespoons are enough to spice up your barbecue evening.

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3. Wing-Time Medium Buffalo Wing Sauce

This sauce recipe is known for being the best blend of tastefulness and hotness. This is why it has made it to our Best Buffalo Sauce Brands list. We have tried to keep it as concise as possible so that only the best brands are in the limelight. Just in case anyone is wondering, this product does contain soy. However, almost all other ingredient is purely natural. They include hot sauces created with salt, vinegar and cayenne peppers. The sauce also contains soybean oil, tomato puree and the natural flavors of butter. The thickener used is also all-natural and is a substance derived from nature, known as Xanthan Gum. It comes in a variety of flavours to choose from. They include taste-enhancing varieties like garlic and mild. It is best to get it through Amazon Prime for quickest delivery.

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4. Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce

This delicious sauce is another top favourite for chicken wing lovers. Made especially for buffalo wing lovers this contains the right mix of flavour and heat. The recipe can be the classic Buffalo Ranch Chicken wings or the more experimental Red Hot Brain Fondue. This sauce can amplify the taste to a whole new level as per the best of food bloggers worldwide. This is why it is widely recommended and is making it to our select few Buffalo Sauce 2021 list. The company may have let out its secret to making this classic tasting sauce, though that has not affected its sales in any way. This speaks a lot about how far they have been able to serve quality products till date. Though the online recipe is ridiculously simple the buyers know that they can get the real taste by buying it.

5. Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce Hotter Recipe

Available anywhere in the US, this is another cult favourite among sauce aficionados. The shipping time as per most websites is just about 24-48 hours that is ridiculously fast. It costs under 5 US dollars which also makes it a steal deal. 12 ounces of the product can be made by anyone and does not contain any margarine like other buffalo sauces.

This product is made with cayenne pepper and also contains the right amounts of other ingredients such as garlic, salt and a dash of distilled vinegar. The cayenne pepper in an increased ratio makes it hotter than the original version as well. Half a cup of this sauce is enough to spice up 12-16 whole chicken wings. One may also go by the measure of 2.5 pounds of chicken for the same. The recipe is just the same as the standard Buffalo wings sauce but minor tweaks can make it even better. For instance, you can mix it with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and red or white vinegar. This is a good measure to keep the taste intact as the original.

6. Moore’s Buffalo Wing Sauce

This sauce is definitely one of the more lauded of the ones in the Best Buffalo Sauce 2021 category. This is a versatile sauce since it can be used for other purposes apart from just being traditional dips and sauces. The main flavour is enhanced thanks to quality Cayenne pepper being used. Prepared keeping in mind Kosher norms, this sauce is a rarity and is also gluten-free. It does not contain any added MSG and the flavour has literally won awards. The only downside is that the official website has closed taking direct orders due to the Covid situation. There is however enough incentive on our parts to find a retailer nearby since the sauce is that good. The quality justifies it being featured on the list. The marinate recipe online if followed can improve the taste like no other to be sure.

Homemade Best Buffalo Sauce

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

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  • 1 and 1/3rd cups of Frank’s red hot Sauce
  • 2 sticks or 1 cup of butter (unsalted)
  • 3 tblsp of vinegar (white)
  • ½ tsp of Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ tsp of Cayenne pepper
  • ¼ tsp of garlic (powdered)
  • ¼ tsp of paprika
  • Salt as per taste


As per Julie Clark, the recipe is amazingly simple even for the ones who are absolute dummies in the kitchen. The ingredients are fairly simple and nothing too lavish. One may download the video or simply follow this simple recipe. This will guarantee that the sauce will taste just as delicious as the sauces featuring under Best Buffalo Sauce Brands.

To begin you have to place a saucepan over medium flame. Make sure to combine the butter, vinegar, hot sauces, pepper, garlic and paprika. Do not forget to add the Worcestershire sauce too at this stage. The mixture is to be whisked so that the butter would melt. This would let the mixture reach a point of being simmered under heat. Once the sauce is simmering remove the pan from flame. Allow the sauce to be cooled slightly. Salt is to be added to it as per taste preferences. The sauce should thicken as it gradually starts cooling. The sauce is to be whisked before you serve them over wings.

This sauce is ideal for having with pulled pork or just as a dip. The leftovers can be refrigerated which might cause the butter to separate. Reheating the mixture will make the butter soft and the sauce smooth as before. Reheating may be done in a microwave or a stovetop. The total mixture is supposed to be enough and more for chicken wings for 5 pounds.

It is supposed to be yielding 3 whole cups of sauce leaving more for the dip as well. Nutrition charts show that the total calories to be gained are 104 kilocalories. The fat yielded is a modest 11 grams. The saturated fat content is 7 grams. The cholesterol is 30 milligrams in total with sodium being 532 grams. The potassium yielded is 32 milligrams. Vitamin A-amount is 415 International Units or IU. Vitamin C yield is 14.9 milligrams. Calcium yield is 5 milligrams and Iron content is 0.1 milligrams.

Buffalo Sauce FAQs

Buffalo Sauce FAQs

1. Where Does Buffalo Sauce Get Its Name From?

There are many different renditions regarding the origin of the name of the Buffalo wings sauce. The name is kind of misleading since it actually has zilch to do with a bison or a buffalo. The name is a way of remembering the small family-owned restaurant in Buffalo, New York. They were the ones who had come up with the sauce, to begin with.

Its popularity rose by the day and there was no looking back. It is said to be the result of a mistake as per Teressa and Frank Bellissimo. They were the buyers of the small restaurant in 1939 and made it even more popular.

The restaurant has become a landmark spot for being known as the place where original chicken wings came to life. There can be no better haven for a foodie than this. This couple made the sauce from scratch and served it with celery and blue cheese. Nobody could suspect that they were just trying to be done with the excess delivery of chicken wings. The wings were also broiled using the same spicy sauce that made it so much more delicious.

The couple’s son Dominic took it to another level by marketing this snack to Catholics after Friday midnight. The son knew that the Catholics could only eat vegetables and fish till Friday lasted. This is why the place would serve this dish to them especially after midnight. The Buffalo Football Team, however, got selected in 1990-1993 that pushed the popularity of the dish beyond its national boundary.

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2. What’s Buffalo Sauce Made Of?

It is traditionally nothing more than butter, vinegar and hot sauces in the right amounts. The vinegar should be pungent and the butter should be unsalted as per experts to achieve exceptional taste. The Cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce combination are supposed to be the secret ingredients.

3. How is Buffalo Sauce Produced?

Making this marinade is dumbfounding easy. One just has to choose their preferred hot sauce and add Worcestershire sauce to it. The mixture will also have to have butter making sure the ratios are not thrown off-balance. This will make sure that the capsaicin does not burn one’s mouth. One may or may not add garlic as per personal preference.

4. How Do you Store Homemade Wing Sauce?

One is in luck since the storage is not a big deal at all. The mixture is to be refrigerated for future use with ease.. It may be stored in an air-tight space or container for about a month if necessary.

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