Top 22 Best Things To Buy At Costco

Best Food To Buy At Costco 2021: Top Brands Review


Supermarket stores are the lifeline of any region. People flock to these shops in expectation of quality product at cheaper prices. Costco is a major super store that caters to all sections of population. The impressive product variety and large network chain makes it a leader in the retail industry. Apart from multiple brands, Costco 2021 offers in-house brands also. Kirkland is one of the best Costco brands when it comes to food items. With the availability of multiple products customers often get confused while doing a price comparison with other shops. In this blog, we will help you with our recommendations for the best food to buy at Costco.

Best Things To Buy At Costco

Best Food To Buy At Costco

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1. Shelled Pistachios

Costco provides premium quality shelled peanuts from the brand ‘Kirkland’. It comes on in standard 1.5 lb (0.68 kg). These pistachios are already shelled and ready to eat. The pistachios are dry roasted and has salt seasoning. The brand uses kosher compliant salt for the seasoning. It is a great snack that packs essential vitamins and Potassium.

2. Turkey Jerky

Procuring organic and genuine meat from market is a real challenge. The unique ingredients in the Kirkland turkey jerky makes it one of the best foods to buy at Costco. This premium gluten –free product is made from high quality turkey breast meat. It is a super tasty snack that is rich in protein.

3. Animal Crackers

Animal crackers are an all-time favorite of both children and adults. It comes in a 64 oz (2.42 kg) container. This organic product is a great snack for parties. It is also a great topping for desserts.

4. Rotisserie Chicken

Costco’s rotisserie chicken is special both in quantity and quality compare to normal stores. The rotisserie chicken from Costco is a complete gluten-free product that is healthy. It is offered at a price that other stores can never match. This makes it one of the best foods to buy at Costco. It is prepared with around 10 ingredients that includes a secret spice mix. Rich in proteins, it is one of the healthiest and tastiest product you can get in the market.

5. Raw Honey

Kirkland is undoubtedly the best Costco brand when it comes to organic foods. Organic raw honey is a product that is always in high demand. But customers are often misled by adulterated honey brands in the market. The Kirkland organic honey sourced from Brazil is USDA certified. It is 100% grade A in terms of quality standards. The product is available in 680g air tight plastic jars.

6. Bacon Crumbles

Bacon crumbles are a must-have in any kitchen. It is a prefect addition to most of your home preparations. The Kirkland bacon crumbles are made from 100% real bacon. These are naturally smoked in a hygienic environment. The 20 oz (0.76 kg) resealable pouch has a fresh-lock zipper that allows multiple use.

7. Bagels

Multiple branded companies and local shops have their own version of bagels. But Kirkland bagels are among our recommendations for the best food to buy at Costco. This tasty bagels have crispy outer layer and are soft inside. It goes well with all types of spreads and are perfect for breakfast. They are comparatively large and value for money.

8. Maple Syrup

Costco offers high quality products under Kirkland, the best Costco brand for food items. Maple syrups are often adulterated with sugar syrup and similar low quality additives. Kirkland’s signature maple syrup is made from pure grade ‘A’amber. It is gluten-free and 100% organic product. It comes on airtight plastic jug with flip cap for long shelf life.

9. Muffins

Muffins from Costco stores are exceptional. The size, taste and quality stands out from the rest. That too at a cheaper price compared to any other shop. These flavored muffins are enjoyed by most people for their breakfast. Kirkland offers them with a generous amount of Choco chips and is rich in flavor.

10. Peanut Butter Pretzels

Premium pretzels nuggets filled with peanut butter is among the best foods to buy at Costco. Rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients, it is the perfect breakfast dish. An energy rich starter for your day. This trans-fat free product comes in a 55oz (ca. 2 kg) plastic jar for storage.

11. Pre-Cooked Bacon

The precooked bacon offering by Costco is a value deal that you can’t resist. This naturally wood smoked bacon slices are cooked to perfection. You can use it straight out of the packet as it is. It comes in a 500 g. resealable packaging. This helps in proper storage and allows easy handling. The product is trans-fat free making it a perfect choice for a healthy breakfast.

12. Rotisserie Chicken Meat

When it comes to meat products, freshness and safety is always the priority. The rotisserie chicken meat from Costco offers trans-fat free breast portions. The meat is from USDA ‘grade A’ poultry and is fully cooked.

13. Salmon with Herbed Butter

This ready to cook product is from farm raised salmon that is fed organic food. It is seasoned with fresh herbs and has a unique flavor.

14. Milk Chocolate Almonds

Milk chocolate almonds is surely one of our recommendations for the best things to buy at Costco. It is made from high quality almonds and cocoa beans. These chocolate balls are rich in dietary fiber, proteins and vitamins. This high quality product comes in an air tight jar that is easy to store.

15. Sheet Cake

Costco sheet cakes are a special treat for every cake lover. It is simple yet tasty and low cost. You have basic options readily available but can choose customized options with a lead time. The plain sheet cakes are good for home bakers to try different toppings and cake art. This is also a good option for home parties and birthday celebrations.

16. Alcohol Beverages

Costco stores are a heaven for low cost booze. But at this cheap prices you get premium products that are high quality. Prominent breweries across the country brings in the Kirkland signature range of spirits.

From vodka, scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey there is a wide choice of spirits available in these stores. You can buy their 20 and 18 years aged single malt that is a value deal at the price offered. Additionally, the Kirkland brand ‘XO’ cognac is special due to its signature craft. At a very low price, this cognac is full of flavor. Costco ensures that all their brews are made through the traditional process using oak barrels and original ingredients. Apart from this, this Kirkland signature brand has collection of gourmet wines.

17. Basil Pesto

Costco brands ensures that each product is authentic. Keeping the ingredients authentic and fresh is evident in their quest for sourcing products from the country of origin. The 100% organic basil pesto is made from imported basil from Italy. It uses the authentic Genovese basil. It also packs the nutrients from olive oil and pine nuts making it a healthy choice.

18. Brownie Brittle

At Costco stores, there is a huge collection of healthy breakfast options. Brownie brittle offered by Sheila G is among the best things to buy at Costco 2021. This crispy treat is made from enriched wheat flour and other natural additives. It is low in calories and safe for children. The brownie brittle collection comes in multiple flavors.

19. Black Bean & Cotija Cheese 6-Layer Dip

Rojo’s is among the best Costco brands when it comes to authentic dips and sauces. This Mexican style dip is a treat for your taste buds. It is rich in black beans, guacamole and cheese layers. The multiple layers blend so well and produce a rich creamy flavor. It is a perfect dip for nachos and tacos.

20. Protein Bars

The popularity of post workout foods are rising daily. Protein bars often a perfect companion for athletes for a balanced diet. Kirkland brand of protein bars are completely healthy and organic. It is made with real chocolate and is devoid of any artificial flavors. These protein bars pack the energy from milk and cashews also. This gluten-free product has very less sugar content.

21. Colombian Cold Brew Coffee

This low calorie cold coffee is among the best Costco brands. It is quite mild in flavor but has a unique taste profile. It is made from high quality coffee beans extract. A 100% real Colombian flavor, it is ready to drink.

Costco FAQs

Costco FAQs

1. Does Costco offer grocery pickup?

In the current scenario, Costco offers direct store purchase and online delivery. Initially there was facility for order online and offline pickup. Now, it is available for only certain products such as electronics. Costco is trying to make this facility available for groceries also in the long run.

2. Is Costco cheaper than Walmart?

Costco and Walmart offers almost similar services. But Costco is much cheaper compared to Walmart in almost all departments. The member only model of Costco offers a variety of discounts that makes it cheaper. The Costco brand ‘Kirkland’ also covers most of the products in-house. These are good quality products at very low cost compared to the competitors. Costco model is cost–effective for bulk procurement also.

3. Why is Costco the best store?

Costco opens up a new world of shopping opportunities for the customer. It is undoubtedly the best super market store that caters to all types of consumers. Quality products at cheap prices is the major advantage of Costco store. It is the best store due to the following reasons.

  • Wide range of products across multiple segments
  • Attractive price discounts
  • Genuine and organic products at low price
  • Excellent customer service
  • Customer-friendly product return policy