Thermador vs Sub Zero 2021: Top Full Guide

Thermador vs Sub Zero – Who’s Win

Thermador vs Sub Zero French Door Counter Depth Refrigerators – Who’s Win? Granite columns are incredibly common in the present high-end kitchen renovations. You will surely consider a column versus a pro-built-in fridge for the renovation. Thermador vs Sub Zero dominates this market.

Sub-Zero had improved features, but Thermador was expensive with better promotions such as a free lid and hood.

Currently, Thermador has introduced a new series at comparable costs as Sub-Zero with brand new features, making them a worthy competition. We’ll compare their most unique features versus Sub-Zero, but we will look at columns.

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Should you want a fast recap of the gaps between counter thickness, professional, and incorporated grills, look at our 2-minute video below, or feel free to snap with it for our Column Advantages section.

Column advantages

Column advantages

There are several significant benefits of considering columns. Gently sit flush with your cabinetry and concealed hinges so that your fridge and freezer could be wholly indistinguishable from your cabinets. Even if you would like to decide on a modular door, columns provide an extremely slick, high-end appearance.

The second benefit to freezer and refrigerator columns is the customization of ability. Refrigerator and freezer columns have been purchased as two distinct appliances and are generally merged. You may customize how much distance you would like to devote toward a fridge and a freezer.

If you appreciate refrigerator space and do not require much freezer space, you can purchase columns to fit your requirements.

The third benefit is the customization of the place. Since freezer and refrigerator columns are offered as different appliances, there’s no rule stating that you want to place your fridge and freezer side-by-side.

Though the side-by-side configuration remains common, columns allow you to place your fridge on one side of this space, along with your freezer on the other.



Sub-Zero was the first sector pioneer for built-in pipes about fifty decades back. Nowadays, they’re a pioneer in fabricating high-quality wine and pipe preservation. Sub-Zero specializes in pipes and possesses the cooking firm, Wolf.

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Over the last several decades, Sub-Zero and Wolf introduced many products in several sizes and aesthetics. There’s some promotional packing when blending Sub-Zero pipes with Wolf cooking products.


  • Produced in the USA
  • Nano-coated spill-proof shelving is lasting and will stop spills from spreading.
  • Soft-on LED internal lighting.
  • Tested in US center for 20 Decades of heavy usage
  • Soft-close doors and doors
  • Touch controls to regulate temperature.
  • Air purification method to remove ethylene gas to help keep food fresher longer
  • The choice for internal filtered water dispenser at the refrigerator
  • The automatically filtered ice maker in the freezer using max-ice attribute



Thermador is a superior appliance manufacturer owned by the BSH Corporation. Thermador is primarily famous for producing professional-style ranges. Their refrigeration consists of Turkey, along with Gaggenau, Bosch Benchmark, and Miele versions.

Thermador was among the earliest companies to present columns in the united states, and since that time, it’s turned into a significant trend. Thermador was also among the first brands to have a “Freedom Hinge” for their cooling could incorporate utterly flush with your cabinetry.

Several decades back, Sub-Zero introduced flush grills using another sort of concealed hinge. Thermador just established a brand new and improved cooling lineup.


  • Made in Turkey
  • Half-gallon produce bins to the door for the much more new food area.
  • Door shelves and produce bins could be adjusted to any amount on the door for much more versatility.
  • The door may open door assistance using a light drive to the board, excellent for complete integration with handless kitchen cabinets.
  • Humidity controlled crisper drawers.
  • A super cool feature in the fridge permits you to temporarily lower temp to cool foods immediately.
  • LED inner cinema lighting
  • Soft-close doors and doors
  • TFT touch controls to regulate temperature
  • The choice for filtered outside ice/water dispenser 18″ and 24″ freezer columns
  • The automatically filtered diamond ice maker in the freezer

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Thermador vs Sub Zero – What's better

Thermador vs Sub Zero – What’s better?

It could be too soon to tell since most of this Thermador series will probably be out in 2018. We have a screen version in Dorchester and Framingham, so my synopsis broke down with key facets.

The Door

Thermador includes a new kind of door. Now you can push to start with no handle assist. Even though you will set a grip on the fridge to match the cabinets, it might benefit together with your hands full.

You may prefer the storage on the Thermadors door. You’ll have bins to the door for veggies, mushrooms, and other more delicate foods. It’s also customizable.

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Both of them are fairly strong, but Thermador has upgraded many user manual functions right into the controls, such as panel ready refrigerator. You’ve got tracking and improved analytical abilities with Thermador.


Ever spill anything on your fridge? You’re still discovering it days, months, and weeks after. Sub-Zero gets the nanotechnology movie, so spills don’t propagate. They congeal.

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Air Cleaning

I’m surprised Thermador didn’t replicate. Sub-Zero comes with an air scrubber. Therefore it scrubs ethylene portions of meals reducing spoilage and cross-contamination.

Sub-Zero is still constructed with magnetic crispers and a layout to keep air from the fridge. Thermador is quite cool, and I enjoy the bins and much more flexible storage.

But, Sub-Zero stays the option, but the brand new Thermador, particularly with the heavy promotion, has closed the gap and can be well worth considering.

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