Best Mozzarella Sticks 2021: Top Brands Review


To give any details on Mozzarella Sticks, one will have to go back a bit. Mozzarella sticks are rather famous for being part of the European hors d’oeuvre (appetiser). The place of origin is France and is most likely to be served hot. They have been served in a variety of ways hitherto including with marinara, plum sauces etc and tomato ketchup. They can also come with a serving of barbecue sauces, jalapeno jelly, ranch dressing or honey mustard sauce varieties. There are other varieties of cheeses too that can be fried. They include varieties such as Edam, American, Cheddar and Provolone. In the Capital District of New York, one might still get it served with raspberry sauce.

The first recipe for this popular dish dates back to 1393 Medieval France. It appeared in the Le Menagier de Paris and has been carried on ever since. Mozarella itself is a variety of Italian cheese from its southern parts that is turned into Mozzarella Sticks. It has been made by the milk of an Italian buffalo by the method of pasta filata. One might be surmised to know that the yellow colouring is due to the animal’s diet regime. It is otherwise more of a whitish substance traditionally. The texture is mostly semi-soft upon being made.

Top Best Mozzarella Sticks

Top Mozzarella Sticks

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These contain about 370-740 calories for the calorie-conscious and taste best with literally anything. The fat content is 44 and the carbohydrates content is 41 per cent. Although they contain milk, gluten, wheat and soy they are ideal as snacks. This is because the recipe does not compromise on the taste factor. On the plus side despite calories, this snack is purely vegetarian.


These fries are hands down the most cheesy, melty and stretchy ones. It is clear that they have been made in the traditional procedure by frying and battering. This is best enjoyed when served with a side of marinara dip. The taste that is delivered is the absolute best the reason why it features on our Best Mozzarella Sticks list. Our Top Mozzarella Sticks Brands 2021 list was definitely incomplete without this cult classic.

Culver’s Wisconsin Cheese Curds

These have often been compared to fried cheese curds. Like who even knew that was a thing (but they are scared in Wisconsin)? However, we beg to differ. The taste may be a little different but it falls nothing short of amazing. The cheese and its texture are absolutely delectable and will catch the fancy of regular dyspeptics as well. The debate about whether these cheese curds are actually mozzarella or not are endless. The best thing to do is try one yourself to judge. This brand definitely deserved a mention amongst other Best Mozzarella Sticks brands if one were to ask me personally.

Dairy Queen Fried Cheese Curds

The Best Mozzarella Sticks list is incomplete without mentioning this brand that has a fan following of its own. One might live in denial about cheese curds packaged as mozzarella sticks but the tastefulness is undeniable. The brand does a neat job keeping the taste of mozzarella cheese intact and is creamy and flavourful. Food critics find that the crispiness is just about right as is the size. It is definitely one of the products that are lauded by one and all.

Captain D’s

This brand though mostly popular as a seafood restaurant surprisingly has Mozarella sticks which are good. It is crispy with the right amount of smoothness on the inside. The melt in one’s mouth quality is so appetising and enticing for foodies all over the globe. Marinara sauce’s best buddy has finally made it to our Top Mozzarella Sticks Brands 2021 list.

Burger King

We don’t mind being fat for these types of finger foods and we mean it. Burger King’s cheesy offering is covered with exotic Italian seasoning before frying. That gives us another reason to rave about the same apart from the fact that it is incredibly pocket-friendly. One is eligible to say that they love it since the breadcrumbs are not over salted. It’s highly specific so people mostly get that part wrong but not this brand. They have done everything right and thus deserve to be a part of the Best Mozzarella Sticks 2021 batch.


One of the most popular side dishes by A&W. Their cheese curd pops melt right into our mouths and they claim to be made with white cheddar. I am still trying to wrap my brains around the fact that they are sourced from Wisconsin itself. With a taste that makes our hearts swoon the brand is committed to honouring the source of the so-called cheese curds.

White Castle

This is yet another cult classic as the restaurant has been making consumers happy since 1921. They have sliders in every variety one could possibly imagine and the mozzarella sticks make it a boon. If self-induced food coma was a thing, we wouldn’t mind since this brand really knows their Mozarella sticks in and out. It would have been totally unjustified to keep this from our Top Mozzarella Sticks Brands 2021 list.


We are absolutely in awe of the cheddar bites that could turn non-believers into worshippers of Mozarella. They are so tiny yet so perfect they don’t even have to come with a dip I would say. Best enjoyed with ketchup alone the name does justice to how creamy and crispy it is. I would say 790 calories is worth the risk for the sake of taste. The marinara seems like a Godsent with this.

Farm Rich

The perfectly seasoned breading is unlike any other. This is often regarded as the favourite after-school snacking idea. My favourite are the ones with jalapeño peppers stuffed in them. This brand again has been able to make it something that does not need a separate dip. Many restaurants have had customers coming back to them after trying Mozarella sticks from this brand. The cheese smelling fresh is what does it for the consumers mostly. However, for us, it is the crispy golden outer coating too that is its top draw.

Keys To Buying The Best Mozzarella

Key To Buying The Best Mozzarella

Food blogger Simone Gie has a few tips when it comes to buying products that are worth your penny. Mozzarella is supposed to be distinct from the industrial quality of cheese. However, stores are often using industrially processed cheese to be Mozarella. One is to check for the protected name that is Mozarella di Bufala Campana. This is supposed to indicate that the cheese is authentically sourced. Mozarella is supposed to be made exclusively from buffalo milk entails the farm owners to follow strict regulations.

Buffalo’s milk is supposed to be more nutritious and calorific than cows’ hence used. They will have to belong to the region of Campania for starters. They are not even supposed to be having cows on the farm. This ensures that the cheese is free from being adulterated with cow’s milk. It is worth noting that not all buffalo milk Mozarella is good in quality. The companies use preservatives to beat the enemy which is the time which changes its flavour and authentic composition.

The dry yellowish cheese that is used for grating is not the real deal either as per experts. There is nothing wrong with mozzarella made from cow milk but that makes it inauthentic in a way. The ones on the shelves that claim to be smoked are often made with flavours that are artificial. This is another red flag since one should only buy cheese that is smoked naturally using hay. Once someone is familiar with the real thing they will not settle for a Domino’s or the shoddier string cheese.


Not all Mozarella cheese is the same and experts it from its colour. As mentioned earlier the yellowing grating cheese is definitely inauthentic. Food is always the result of carefully made years of experimentation even if it is just Mozarella. The way this cheese blisters tells you just how authentic it is. If it fails while blistering it is just a piece of industrial cheese that is being unethically marketed as Mozarella. Real mozzarella is supposed to be whitish as indicated earlier. However, the buffalo’s diet may have an effect on it making it yellow as well. Real mozzarella is indicated by being milk-white as per food scientists and experts. Larger balls may have a skin-like film wrapped around it.


Food expert and blogger Lisa Kaminski says that the best in quality Mozarella is smooth in texture. The block versions are also supposed to be kind of firm. Take for example, the texture of Good & Gather, it is more or less firm with a touch of springiness. This is how one determines if it’s good cheese or just another bland industrial block marketed as Mozarella.

It is too bad that this brand is available only at Target. This is why the Asians for example will not be having ready access to it which is downright unfair. This brand ensures that the texture is good for either rating or slicing as per preferences and tastes. The texture is supposed to be just right with it being kind of like the mild cheddar cheese.

Trader Joe’s Mozzarella that comes in a block form is another great option. This brand makes cheese with a really creamy texture that is just ideal. They are also inexpensive compared to other brands as they are firm.


Porosity along with colour and texture of Mozarellas is no less than rocket science and experimentation. One is definitely acquainted with how Margaret Thatcher added to the creation of the soft-serve ice-cream. It may not have been a gross exaggeration for the sake of marketing or publicity as recipes are often science. News had been circulated that she changed the ratio of whipped cream and air for creating the soft-serve ice-cream. The moot point is that Mozarella and its porosity (perfect microstructure) is no mean feat if one gets it right.

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