Best Rated Appliances 2021: Top Brands Review


It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Appliances, which were once innovative and brand new, are now the necessities for everyday life. These brands are everywhere. We find washing machines, dryers, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators all around us. Our ideas of how we make and store foods, wash and dry clothes, have all changed with these appliances becoming a part of our day to day lives. The question we face as users is, which brand to select? What specific features to consider and what to not consider? How to find out which brand’s appliance is the perfect fit for you and your home?

This is why we have created a list of the top rated appliance brands which are creating the best quality appliances for users. Not only do we mention these brands, we look into what criteria you should probably keep in mind to select the perfect brand and appliance model for you.


Top Rated Appliance Brands

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1. Whirlpool

Whirlpool corporation was founded way back in 1911, and it has become one of the most well known brands for buying top rated appliances. Whirlpool is enjoyed by users for the exceptional quality and durability of their appliances, especially for kitchens. The company brand has been repeatedly marked among the top rated across multiple surveys. It is better known for the products and appliances in the affordable price tag range. The quality for less money makes many users loyal to the brand and its appliances only. Not only users, but experts of the field have also lauded the Whirlpool corporation for their designs, durability, quality of service and the customer service experience.

For customers who care about the ethics a corporation has, Whirlpool is one which stands tall. It is also known for its social activism and diversity in the multinational corporation’s employment rules. They have also worked on energy conservation being a significant part of their contribution along with reducing waste material during production process. Whirlpool falls a bit short on innovative ideas compared to other companies. However, they make up for it by the quality of appliances and service that they provide, making it one of the most popular appliance companies among surveys and research.

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2. LG

When talking of the best rated appliances brands, LG is one of the top names which is always brought up. And for good reason, as well. LG Electronics Inc, a South Korean multinational company, had its beginning in 1958, earlier named GoldStar.

LG is known for its reliability and recognized for the premium quality it provides, making it a high ranking and constant favorite among users and experts alike. The multinational company has four divisions of products and creates home appliances. They create appliances for mobile communications and air solutions, home entertainment, vehicles and other such components as well. LG has been repeatedly ranked among the top for appliances such as dryers, dishwashers, washers, oven ranges, French door refrigerators, and top-mount freezer-fridge setups.

It has won multiple awards, including multiple JD awards for its quality and performance. LG is  a more luxury oriented brand, with more high-end prices. However, it is worth the budget and does not fall short of customer satisfaction and expectations. Additionally, LG is known for unique and classy designs for home electronics and appliances. The appliances are enjoyed by users for its aesthetic appeal as well.

3. Samsung

Another South Korean venture, the Samsung group is a multinational conglomerate which was founded as a trading company in 1938. Since 1990s Samsung’s global outreach has created a stir in business world and rightly so. With multiple ventures and topping almost all lists in different technological spaces, Samsung is an important company seen among the top ten of the top rated brands.

Samsung is now one of the top luxury appliance brands in the world. If you are willing to increase your budget a little, Samsung is a good choice, with its large appliances, up to date and high technology design and innovations. With smart features which connects all Samsung appliances, from phones to kitchen supplies, Samsung becomes a good choice for home appliances, especially for kitchen. Samsung’s refrigerators are lauded for their designs, with the added smart technology making them one of the top popular appliances. Samsung is best known for the futuristic innovation and importance given to smart technology. It places at the top five of almost all surveys and lists, which is not a surprise considering their accessible technology is now a huge part of our daily lives.

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4. Frigidaire

Frigidaire has a vast and interesting history as a brand. At one point in the 1900s, all refrigerators were called Frigidaire by users in America, as they were so well known for their refrigerators and kitchen appliances. In fact, many users in France and Canada still do so. Even calling the refrigerator “freeze” which occurs today is due to the company’s name itself.

Founded in 1918, Frigidaire remains a consistently well reviewed company, with its specialization and simplicity winning over the users. It is well known and popular for the side by side refrigerators, without being too expensive, yet doing its job well. While they also create other home appliances such as air conditioners and home food freezers, the refrigerators remain one of the best appliances even today. Frigidaire is historical and its influence persists on the market due to this very middle ground simplicity it portrays.

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5. KitchenAid

KitchenAid, now a part of the Whirlpool Corporation, is an American company founded in 1919. It was initially created to sell stand mixer appliance as a product for mixing dough in the kitchen. The model H-5 was the first stand mixer created. KitchenAid still sells mixers along with other kitchen appliances as well.

KitchenAid faced a lot of competition with many new companies which were developing and selling similar appliances. However, the company managed to reinvent and redesign itself, developing better designs and adding faster technological improvements in their appliances, making it popular and among the top appliances’ brands. It is now known for its appliances like dishwashers, oven ranges, refrigerators and is considered a high end brand. The company also sells appliances like wall ovens, microwaves, cook tops, hoods and vents, water filters, warming drawers etc.

KitchenAid works best for traditional controls, durability and high performance. It is suitable for those who do not wish to look for highly recent technological features and prefer a more traditional make which remains suitable for use.

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6. Bosch

Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company, which began in 1886. Bosch’s appliances have a far and wide outreach. The company has branches which include hardware and software products, industrial technology, consumer goods, home based appliances, energy and building technology. It follows LG as the second highest ranking company for receiving the prestigious JD awards.

Bosch’s kitchen appliance products include dishwashers, wall ovens, coffee machines, refrigerators, microwaves, washers, dryers, mixers, cook tops and ventilation appliances. It’s best appliance products however, include all the heating appliances, and consistently rank among top appliances to own. Bosch is well known for providing the German quality and technology into its appliances at a low price as compared to many other companies selling appliances with similar features. If a user is looking for a well performing appliance product however has lower budget, Bosch is the ultimate go-to company. The customer service and good warranties make it an overall ideal brand for buying appliance products.

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7. Miele

Miele is another German based company which was founded in 1899 and is one of the biggest family owned and run businesses. The company originally sold products such as tub washing machines, butter churners and cream separators. They added vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and became global by 1980s. Miele manufactures domestic and home appliances along with equipment for commercial purposes.

Miele is a high-end manufacturer, so the cost of their appliances is also for those buyers who have a higher budget. Miele currently offers home appliances such as ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, coffee machines, washers, dryers, dishwashers and ranges. Miele is known for innovative technology. The company launched automatic cooking ovens, advanced technology vacuum cleaners and built-in steam ovens. If a user wishes to look for high end technology in their kitchen appliances, Miele is one of the best rated appliances to consider for their kitchens. If the criteria is to have quality technological and innovative products, Miele is one of the biggest winners.

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8. La Cornue

La Cornue is a French company which was established in 1908 by a Parisian herbalist and perfumer named Albert Dupuy. The company is known for its ovens and three specific types of ovens which it sells. These are – Château, CornuFé, and CornuChef. It is known for its Lucury French Ranges and Hoods. The company also has a “build your own” feature which helps buyers and potential users create their own appliance based on the features they wish for their products.

La Cornue uses specific designs which look vintage, portraying a more French, Romantic appearance for their products as a basis of their appeal. By the 1950s, the company was modernized to include recent technologies and remain a worthy competitor in the global market of kitchen appliances. However, La Cornue is for those who prefer a traditional technological appliance without brand-new technology. The company does so while maintaining a more vintage look and feel to the appearance, making it high end in price range. Their interactive user experience along with package deals on appliances makes La Cornue a well known brand for appliances even in 2021. This brand is definitely for the stylish.

9. Gaggenau

Gaggenau Hausgeräte, which is German for Gaggenau Home Appliances, is one of the oldest companies with German origin. It was founded by an aristocrat named Louis William around the early 1680s, and was originally formed in the Black Forest regions for extracting metallurgy. The company’s roots also included working on smelting metal from ore and forging nails and hammers. Currently, the company is a subsidiary to the Bosch-Siemens Home Appliances corporation. Gaggenau is known for selling appliances such as convection ovens, combination ovens, coffee machines, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, cook tops, kitchen hoods, warming drawers and wine cabinets.

Known for mixing traditional technology with sleek and smart innovative technology, Gaggenau remains a worthy competitor. The brand is among the best rated appliances in 2021 for its German promised high quality branding along with well liked designing, craftsmanship. Gaggenau provides a high-end range of products on the international market and enjoyed for its durability as well.

The company has won multiple awards for its design techniques and brilliance. It is often a popular company brand for professional kitchen work due to the quality and technology it brings to the table. Gaggenau can be a consideration for users who want the classy modern designs with old school performance with the promise of durability, and have a bigger budget for their appliances.

10. Sub-Zero / Wolf

Sub-Zero and Wolf International is an American company which works with kitchen appliances. It was earlier known as the Sub-Zero Freezer Company and was founded in 1945 in Wisconsin. By 2000, the Wolf Range corporation was acquired by them, making it Sub-Zero and Wolf International. Sub-Zero manufactures kitchen products such as kitchen stoves, cook tops, warming drawers, ventilation products and wall ovens.

The Sub-Zero refrigerators are known to be heavier than other company refrigerators, making them ideal for professional use. They are durable and quality products. The brand sells their products as “full-size” because of its large capacity, size and heaviness. These are luxury products which are high-end in terms of budgetary range.

Known historically for claiming innovations such as of stand-alone freezers and built in refrigerators, Sub-Zero remains popular due to the quality it provides, along with specialization for those with wine collections.

They have specific appliances ideal for storing wine, and have modernized themselves and added new forms of technology to provide a secure system. Sub-Zero wine storage refrigeration comes with a security system. It is one of the best appliance brands for those who are definitely more luxurious and have bigger spaces to keep such storage appliances.

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11. Thermador

Founded in 1916 with the first invented wall oven and cook top under its claim, Thermador is now a part of the Bosch-Siemens Home Appliances corporation. Also known for introducing stainless steel into home and kitchenware appliances, Thermador is now a well known brand. The company specialize in cooking and kitchen appliances like dishwashers, cook tops, ovens, ranges, refrigerators.

Thermador was highly popular in the 1970s, especially since many famous chefs such as Julia Child used Thermador oven for cooking. It is known for its consistent innovations with warming drawers, ovens, cook tops. Thermador remains a highly recommended brand for its appliances’ durability, a highly cultivated brand name associated with durability and an expensive feel.

The quality of the appliances definitely makes it worthy for consideration. The appliances are high-end, yet the prices fall towards the lower part of the high ranges. This makes it comparably affordable for those who seek a high-end performance with a slightly smaller bill.

Thermador is also known for its incredible customer service, making it one of the best companies with high ratings among users for customer satisfaction when faced with issues. For those who wish to buy appliances from a company offering good customer service even after buying their products, Thermador is a name which should not be skipped.

12. Viking

Viking Range Corporation is an American company founded in 1987 by Fred Carl, Jr. The company manufactures kitchen appliances which are not only for individual, but also commercial uses. The company has a professional range and offers premium standard kitchen appliances like ranges, refrigerators, ventilation equipment, microwaves, warming drawers, cook tops, ovens, and dishwashers. Known for its design and aesthetic appeal, Viking Range Corporation is popular due to the adaptability of the company and its maintenance of one of the top brands in the markets.

The brand focuses on cultivating a culinary lifestyle. This is depicted by the equal importance given to the professional use of its appliances. They even have provisions of high-end quality and performance for individual users. Despite the high-end appearance of the appliances, the ranges of different models for appliances for different purposes makes it a brand to consider even for residential purposes. They are also known for their customer service and provisions to make information accessible to all.

As of 2021, the company even has an online consultation and calling service for those who wish to know more about their products. This is done for potential buyers who may not be able to go physically to a store, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Viking is a company which is very client and culinary oriented. This makes their appliances attractive for those who are interested in or part of the culinary world. Their designs have been merited and are part of the charm.

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13. BlueStar

Blue Star Limited is a multinational company based in India. It was founded in 1943 by Mohan T Advani and originally worked as a reconditioning company. Soon it included manufacturing coolers, air conditioners and also ventured into electronics, plumbing equipment. Blue Star has multiple appliances. While it is most popular for air conditioning, Blue Star cooking is another branch which deals with appliances part of kitchen. These are cooking appliances such as wall ovens, refrigerators, cook tops, and ranges.

Blue Star is known for providing exceptional customer service and durability for those with different budget ranges. The quality is exceptional, making it a top rated appliance brand for its performance and price range. It is also known for its exceptional variety and range of models and choices based on color, make and price. Blue Star also provides for customization if buyers have a specific look or concept in mind for their appliances. Users can go for this if they want something with a large variety of options and ranges. If you want professional quality in an appliance which works well for private use, Blue Star should be on your list.

14. Dacor

Dacor is an American company which is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. The company manufactures appliances such as wall ovens, ranges, cook tops, microwaves, ventilation hoods, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine dispensers etc. Dacor was founded in 1965 by Stanley M. Joseph and sold to Samsung in 2016 as a subsidiary.

Dacor is known for having multiple partnerships over time and using expert advice and reviews to ensure users of its premium quality and performance. It has been a popular brand for its simple yet durable appliances. However, if a user is interested in design, Dacor’s design and aesthetic isn’t the selling point. It is the simplicity with the addition of modern technology which makes it highly popular. However, recent models have come up with smart technology. The addition of Bluetooth, email and an app for oven control makes the appliances highly functional despite how simple it may aesthetically look. Those who want a simple yet smart appliances for their kitchen, should consider Dacor.

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Rated Appliances

Buying Guide

Wondering what features to look for and how to shop the perfect appliances for your requirements? Here is a list of things to consider before planning to buy your appliances.

Consider the Size

The most important feature should be size of the product. If you plan to buy a refrigerator, for example, you should not simply choose one based on the technology and other features. The size of your kitchen and space matters. If your space is small, bringing large appliances will be unhelpful. So how can you check for size? Find information about the spaces and the measurements for the appliance. Many houses have particular spaces created for certain appliances, so that should help a user gauge how big a size can be adjusted in the particular area. Once you have the size, take the measurements of the space. Then, compare it with the different appliances you will check before buying.

Additionally, the size also depends on the use and how many people will be using the appliances. Whether it is a few people, or a large family, this will help determine the size of your appliance. Larger sizes are meant for bigger households where many people are living together. Size consideration will help you find you perfect fit!

Be Skeptical of Marketing Phrases

We have all fallen for consumerism tactics and had a beautiful advertisement or tagline make useful for the gimmicks of companies selling their products. It is essential you do not simply fall for the phrases used to explain features. Often, companies try to sell us their products by talking of certain “innovative” features. These may not be genuinely helpful and might be a method of adding extra bucks to the appliance’s price instead.

Users have to ensure they research such claims and features and whether they truly work. Find out what they truly mean and what benefits they provide. Check reviews online, research the company, model and make properly. See if it suits your requirements. This is the best way to choose a brand or company’s products. Seeking other people’s opinions who have used it is also another easy way of figuring out if the appliance is suitable for your necessities.

Check Your Doors

Check the doors and how wide they open, what is the sizing, where it is placed and how to work it properly. Sometimes such simple things may not cross our minds, but as users who will be using an appliance on a daily basis. It will be essential to see which way it opens and how to make sure it fits and works in the space you plan to keep such an appliance. Doors can also change the suitability and impact of the appliance itself.

For example, washers which have doors on top tend to be cheaper, making them more budget friendly than washers which have doors on the front. However, the front opening washers tend to be faster and better in their drying of the clothes, while top door washers are not as quick. Such a difference in door placement on a washer appliance can impact your budget and requirement, and can help alter your decision accordingly as well.

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Check for Package Deals

Many appliances require extra expenditure at certain times. Sometimes it is for changing certain parts of the appliances itself for proper functioning, or else it could be some additional feature and tool requirement. Make sure that such additional costs and requirements are kept in mind while buying the product. Upgrades are quite common. For this, a buyer should also keep in mind customer service and the additional features an appliance company offers. Many companies can help upgrade, complete certain servicing procedures for low costs or added to the guarantees which come with the buying the appliance. A user should research the requirements as well as reviews of such additional work to make sure it is satisfactory for them.

Energy Usage

Energy conservation is an important part of an appliance. This is not simply for the larger eco-friendly benefits, but also due to the amount of power an appliance draws to function can impact a user’s bills and use as well. Check how many gallons of water, watts or BTU’s the appliance uses for its functioning. If it uses more energy it is likely to help better functioning, however the energy impact remains. It is important to ascertain these points for use of the appliances to make sure it fits the user’s bills.

The Appearance

Sometimes the attraction of a product is also because of the aesthetic appeal that it provides. Often users may want a specific look for the appliance to fit the theme of their kitchens or homes, or preferred designs. However, it is important to note that one should not be distracted by the look of the appliance. Do not consider it as more important than other features, which are part of its actual functions. Many companies develop different looks for their products. It shouldn’t be tough to find one which suits your theme or aesthetic design the best. However, it should not be at the cost of durability, performance or quality. A simple tip is to choose the simplest designs when in doubt, which provide more benefits in functioning. Simple is often sleek and classy. It is likely to be easier to clean and reuse on a daily basis as well.