Best Hollandaise Sauce To Buy 2021: Top Full Guide


Hollandaise sauce is a mixture of lemon juice, egg yolk, and melted butter, traditionally called Dutch sauce. White or cayenne pepper and salt are typically flavored with it. In French cuisine, it is deemed to be one of the five mother sauces. Sometimes eaten on veggies such as sautéed asparagus, it is mostly known as the main component in Eggs Benedict. This sauce is a rich classic that is great for lunch or breakfast. It’s a simple recipe and takes only a couple of minutes to prepare in a mixer.

In the French cooking collection, this classic sauce is considered one of the most technically demanding. It takes a decent 10 to 15 minutes of intense whisking. It was historically created with only a whisk and bowl set over a double boiler. You may wind up with scrambled eggs if the temperature is too high. However, if it is too low, the sauce would never thicken. It will separate if the butter cools too fast. And if you’re not whisking quickly enough, the sauce will never emulsify.

One can agree that there is a sense of achievement in making Hollandaise Sauce the conventional way. But technical innovations have provided us the opportunity to use faster methods that deliver outputs of almost the same consistency as hand-whisked. If you intend to use a sauce mix, I have a review of the best hollandaise sauce brands in the latter part of this guide.

This sauce has the tastiest consistency, and components such as asparagus, salmon, and eggs combine seamlessly with it. Step by step, I’m going to guide you on how to create the best hollandaise sauce at home.

The Way To Make Best Hollandaise Sauce

How To Make Best Hollandaise Sauce

Usually, a strong hollandaise sauce relies on good forearms and a whisk. A blender becomes useful if you lack bicep abilities. While reading the recipe, you won’t believe how simple it is: mix lemon juice, flavorings, and yolk in a blender. Stream it in hot melted butter. The result would be rich and fluffy hollandaise sauce.

For around 1 minute, the butter needs to be melted in a microwave until it becomes hot.

In a high-powered mixer-grinder- mix the Dijon, egg yolks, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and salt. Blend it for five seconds.

When the blender is working, gently stream the hot butter into the solution.

Through a little mug, add the sauce and sprinkle over your dinner. It’s easy to make this Hollandaise sauce, so make sure it’s the last thing you’re cooking to serve it warm and fresh for your dinner.



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Six items are all that you shall need for this sauce. Since most of these are common items, there is no need to go shopping separately for them.

  • Egg yolks from three eggs
  • One tablespoon of Lemon Juice
  • One teaspoon of Dijon
  • One-Fourth teaspoon of salt
  • A pinch of Cayenne Pepper
  • Half a cup of molten butter


The trick to having the proper texture boils down to the molten hot butter. The recipe combines butter with a mixture of egg yolk and lemon juice. So you would want to ensure that it’s hot enough to stream in butter (melted will not do).

But don’t panic in the event that the sauce splits and creates a mottled mess. Two strategies to use that will help get your sauce get back together again are as follows:

  • Blend 1-2 teaspoons of boiling hot water: slowly apply the hot water as they mix and combine until the thickness is right.
  • Add an additional egg yolk: add an extra egg yolk with a teaspoon of hot water to the blender as the blender is on and mix until it becomes fully creamy.


Oh, totally! Add all the ingredients except the hot butter if you have an immersion blender. Switch the blender on (with it tightly planted on the bottom of the cup or jar) and gently drizzle in the butter. It will appear to combine and you’re finished when you’ve poured in all the butter!


You have the luxury of reheating it, but this sauce is better eaten fresh. But bear in mind that there may be a chance to cook the eggs a little. Here are two reheating solutions – please be careful during the process!

Microwave: In a glass cup, put the hollandaise sauce and microwave in fifteen-second intervals. Repeat this step until you are thoroughly warmed up with your sauce.

Stove Top: On low heat, add the hollandaise sauce into a cup. To re-emulsify to make it a smooth feel, throw in a smidgen of melted butter and water. Load the sauce back into a serving dish until it has warmed up.

Usually, the sauce may not thicken if the butter was not hot enough when it was being streamed into the yolks. To fix this, you should heat it for five seconds at a time in the microwave, whisking between cooking, until fairly thick to your taste. Be extremely careful not to keep it in the microwave for too long, otherwise, the eggs in the butter will melt and scramble.

You can read more:


  • There’s a need for your butter to be hot and not molten. The formula need not be emulsified with hot butter.
  • Only add another yolk and up to another half a cup of melted butter if you’d like more sauce.


This sauce is heavy on calories, as seen in its nutritional values listed below:

CARBOHYDRATES: 1g, CALORIES: 249 kcal, PROTEIN: 2g. SATURATED FAT: 16g, FAT: 27g. CHOLESTEROL: 207 mg, POTASSIUM: 15 mg, IRON: 1 mg, SUGAR: 1g. VITAMIN C: 1 mg, VITAMIN A: 904iu, CALCIUM: 24 mg, SODIUM: 369 mg


The best hollandaise sauce brands are Knorr, Concord Foods, and Delouis Fills, as per the bestsellers list on Amazon. If you’re planning on making some sauce for yourself, these top brands are the ones you should consider for mixes. They range from 10 to 37 dollars on average, depending upon quality and quantity. I don’t have any particular favorites, so you can go with either brand.

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