Best Butter Dish 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Butter Dish

Purchasing a butter dish might help streamline your encounter with the milk product. Giving it a simple, fresh house in a designated tray can help regulate the warmth, enabling you to spread quickly onto a bagel or toast without breaking the bread into shreds or, even worse yet, fumbling a rock-hard pat (or even the entire stick) on the ground.

Beyond maintaining it creamy, it also protects your butter from air, light, and germs that can cause spoilage beyond the refrigerator. Some folks might be wondering, “Well, is butter safe at room temperature” According to the USDA, it is; however, you can maintain a butter dish in the refrigerator if you would like, also. So, without further ado, the best butter dish.

How to Pick the Ideal Butter Dish?

Below are a few product specifications to consider while searching for the very best butter dish.

Size: Each butter keeper includes different storage capabilities. Based on your needs, you have to start looking into what dimensions will probably be acceptable for you and your loved ones.

Construction material: Steak dishes are made from plastic, glass, stainless steel, ceramic, bamboo, etc. You have to go with the substance that’s durable, free of health risks, and simple to wash.

Layout: Butter keepers come in different designs, ranging from classic to modern and decorative to functional. Select the one which matches your kitchen insides.

Ease of managing: Always select a butter dish that’s convenient to manage and simple to wash to conserve your efforts and time.

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Top Rated Butter Dish

Le Creuset Heritage Butter Dish

Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Dish, 6.75' x 5' x 3.5', White
189 Reviews
Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Dish, 6.75" x 5" x 3.5", White
  • Dense stoneware blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling
  • Impermeable exterior enamel resists stains and scratches from metal utensils

Most butter dishes work precisely the same way: They provide a clean and fuss-free storage place for, well, your butter. Nevertheless, the very best butter dishes have a couple of practical features others do not, namely, they’re made out of sturdy material that may keep butter colder and fresher for longer.

This butter dish Le Creuset is popular among consumers as it marries that performance with an appealing aesthetic. The stoneware construction comes in a range of yellow hues but functions to maintain butter chilled on an outside table. Reviewers love the appearance, mentioning that it is appropriate for storing in the fridge but attractive enough to keep on the countertop for lengthy intervals.

It is a sensible pick, also. Regardless of the high-quality and fanciful substance, this butter dish is dishwasher safe.

OXO Good Grips Butter Dish

There is nothing that stands out about this butter dish, but that is not the significant draw. Instead, reviewers have been attracted to the specific butter dish due to the purchase price point. Despite becoming more economical than most other possibilities, it is convenient.

This specific butter dish, which is constructed from BPA-free plastic, includes a nonslip grip underside to keep the butter from slipping around while cutting or into storage, handy tbsp measurement markers, so there is no guesswork involved with food preparation and a transparent lid that rests on cubes to stop it from slipping off during transportation.

Over 10,000 reviewers provide the butter dish a collective 4.7 celebrities, mentioning the high-performance construction, lightweight texture, and ease of cleanup as standout features.

Pillivuyt Large Covered Butter Dish with Cover

If you are the kind that retains the butter dish outside on the counter for extended intervals, it is well worth considering a plain white ceramic butter dish. This is an excellent alternative since its layout does not enable prying eyes to see in the boat. This is perfect for the conclusion of the butter rod when things necessarily look somewhat cluttered.

Though simple enough to be appropriate for everyday use in a broad range of kitchens with a vast range of aesthetics, the ceramic butter dish will not have some visual attention. It is also more practical than lots of the real alternatives due to a handle and increased base that prevents the butter from slipping during transportation. Like many alternatives, this one can be dishwasher safe.

Rubbermaid Standard Butter Dish

Rubbermaid naaa Standard Butter Dish - 7.8'x3.1'x2.1', Holds 1/4 lb, 2 Pack, 2-Pack, Red
2,131 Reviews

If you are okay with an entirely no-frills choice, this butter dish might be for you. It is a perfect option for families with young children who like to assist in the kitchen as it is virtually indestructible. The dish and lid are constructed of durable, thick vinyl. This makes it lightweight and effortless portability, even for small hands. Additionally, it means it will not shatter or crack if dropped. Another bonus? As a result of this construction, it is also an excellent alternative for backyard barbecues and picnics at the park.

It is not pretty, but it does not stop over 2,000 reviewers from providing a collective 4.7 celebrities. They say that it earns top marks as it keeps butter clean, is easy to wash (it is dishwasher safe), and is of fantastic price.

Godinger Dublin Mini Butter Parfait Dish

Do not allow the cost fool you. Regardless of the minimal decal, this collection of crystal dishes make a fantastic addition to some formal vacation unique event dining tables, such as Thanksgiving or even Christmas. The tasteful design is classic, which means you will not ever need to think about it going out of fashion. What is more? It is a simple game for the remainder of your China and crystal clear. Additionally, if you are still constructing your stash, the business has several fitting bits to enhance your set.

Though small, it is a beautiful selection for a family meal. Put a hefty patty of butter in every dish, then put one at each end of this table. This provides each individual with easy accessibility into the butter.

Butter Bell The Original Butter Bell Crock

A butter crock also called a butter bell, or even butter, is another butter dish. It is an option with French roots that are still widely utilized in Europe. Its claim to fame? Butter crocks are believed to maintain butter fresher for more as a result of an airtight seal.

The drawback? It requires just a bit of effort to establish your butter crock. Rather than just plopping the stick of butter onto a dish, then you need to allow the butter to soften, then block it, and then smash down it to the lid of this butter crock. After that’s been filled, you fill out the contrary foundation with cold water to help make that airtight seal.

Most elect to put away their butter crock on the countertop. However, you can wash it if you would like. In any event, make sure you replace the water every couple of days to prevent bacteria growth.

Butter Bell - The Original Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain, French Ceramic Butter Dish, Antique Collection, Rouge Red
693 Reviews
Butter Bell - The Original Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain, French Ceramic Butter Dish, Antique Collection, Rouge Red
  • A TOUCH OF RUSTIC CHARM – This collection of Butter Bell crocks draw inspiration from a French country kitchen, with intricate embossing on each butter keeper that resembles the leaves and crawling vines of a French vineyard, giving the container a well-worn antique appearance. Bring a bit of vintage style to your kitchen with this beautiful butter pot
  • DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY CERAMICS – The Butter Bell crocks are made from new bone china, a high grade, durable ceramic mixture. Liquid new bone china clay is poured into pre-cast plaster molds, then allowed to set for several hours. When dry, the butter bells are carefully removed from their molds, glazed and fired at 2200 degrees to create a beautiful, scratch resistant finish. Dishwasher safe; crocks contain NO lead or cadmium. Each purchase is back by a limited 2 year warranty

butter dish for holding the butter


Can a pumpkin Dish Keep Butter Soft?

The response to this question revolves around two facets of this butter dish: Just how airtight the lid is and just how much butter you need to put inside the dish.

Bear in mind that butter is a milk product. In case it comes in contact with the atmosphere, a great deal of the nutrition of the butter will be eliminated, and it won’t be too soft as it had been in its original package.

A butter dish will maintain butter tender; however, to allow your dish to keep the butter tender, the lid has to have the ability to prevent the butter from coming in contact with as much air as you can.

Some butter dishes include lids that are airtight, meaning they can maintain all atmosphere outside the dish while the butter inside stays soft for as long as you can.

Remember, the more butter you depart in a dish, the more air it could come in touch with.

This atmosphere will be the dish’s interior, and if the lid isn’t airtight, air from out the dish will enter it, drying whatever butter is indoors.

Thus, be sure that you add up to as possible in a dish when planning to utilize said dish to store butter.

How Can You Use a Pumpkin Dish?

There are various applications for a butter dish.

Butter dishes may be employed to keep the butter. They are sometimes utilized as a measuring apparatus when using butter for cooking. They may also be utilized as an accessory dish of types at the dinner table.

When using a butter dish to store butter, it’s a fantastic idea to be sure the lid of this dish can stop as much air as possible from coming inside the dish.

Remember that butter may dry up or go wrong regarding a lot of contact with the atmosphere, and only because you’ve got it in a dish doesn’t signify it is protected from the atmosphere. This is particularly true when you want to use a skillet dish to store butter in the long run.

Some butter dishes can be utilized as a measuring apparatus when using it. A number of them include lines on the floor, which you could use to find out just how much of it you need to reduce.

Butter dishes that seem like that won’t appear impressive at the dinner table in any way, and that’s the place where the previous intention of a butter dish comes from.

In case the dinner you’re serving needs butter for any reason, you can place butter in a dish and then deliver a dish to the dinner table.

Particular butter dishes are made for precisely this purpose since many of them are extremely impressive looking and may match any dish to the table.


It’s somewhat a battle to take care of butter that’s difficult and hard to disperse. To be able to keep it soft and fresh, you might keep it in a skillet dish. Using various alternatives available, it’s common to get confused. However, the listing of butter dishes mentioned previously, may conveniently pick one and enjoy tender and fresh butter daily.

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