Best Dishwashers by Consumer Reports 2021: Top Brands Review


The world of kitchen appliances is vast. In this category, thousands of companies sell their products. Some of these appliances are expensive and we expect reliable service from them. The dishwasher is one such appliance that we all need in our kitchen. However, choosing the right kind of dishwasher can be a puzzling task. We often get confused by their features and don’t realize how much we need them in our daily life.

You must be wondering why you should trust consumer report review over others. It is because the world of internet reviews can be deceiving. Many branded companies hire fake people for positive reviews. On the other hand, Consumer report is a non-profit organization. It collects data from the real users and makes their review on this factual database. For this reason, if you are in the market for a dishwasher, you should check the best dishwashers by consumer reports first.

4 Best Dishwasher Consumer Reports [ NEW 2021]

Top 7 Dishwashers by Consumer Reports [ NEW 2021]

Frigidaire FGID2479SF 24″ Built-In Fully Integrated

It is a premium dishwasher for under $1000. This dishwasher has powerful jets, which are capable to blast off any dirt from the plates. As a result, this kitchen appliance ranked very high among the top dishwasher brands. Compared to other dishwashers, it cleans very fast. You can do all your dishes within 30 minutes. Along with cleaning, the dishwasher dries the dishes at the end. The interior of this dishwasher is made from stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and last for years without any maintenance.

Loading large dishes and other cookware in this dishwasher is very easy. It has a removable 3rd rack, where you can fit small kitchen utensils. For large pots and pans, you can remove this rack and make extra room inside the dishwasher. This dishwasher automatically adjusts wash cycles according to the dirt level. Compared to other dishwashers, it uses 15 % less water and energy. As a result, it is certified with energy stars. For safety, the company has decided to put the control system on the door panel. It also indicates a blue beam when running and the light turns green when the cleaning is done.

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Frigidaire FGCD2444SA 24″ Built-In

It is a front panel dishwasher suitable for any type of modern kitchen. The door of this dishwasher is smudge-proof and cleaning it is super easy. For its budget price and simplicity, it is definitely one of the best brands. In this dishwasher, you will find five levels of wash. The jets of this washer expel water at 120 PSI pressure. This high pressure can easily peel off sticky food from any cookware. With just 8.5 gallons of water, you can wash all your dirty dishes in one go.

You will find 14 place settings for different types of dishes. On the upper rack, there is a dedicated shelf for cups, glasses, and small bowls. This dishwasher, utilize a heated aeration method and static vent system drying the dishes. The best part of this dishwasher is reliability and the brand Frigidaire is well recognized as one of the top brands. Even with all of these positive aspects, a few things are missing in this dishwasher model. This dishwasher does not have an LED light inside. The dishwasher also does not feature any Wi-Fi connectivity.

SPT SD-9241W Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

It is a portable dishwasher for those kitchens, where free space is an expensive commodity. The dishwasher has in-built wheels. It helps you move the dishwasher around the kitchen when necessary. For its small size do not underestimate this dishwasher. It can hold many dishes thanks to its smart agronomic design inside. This dishwasher features much functionality that you only find in high-end dishwashers, including time delay mode, rinse aid warning indicator, and error alarm. For easy installation, it is very easy to connect with the kitchen faucet.

Inside of this dishwasher, you will find 8 place settings for different types of kitchen utensils. Place large pots and plates on the According to the dirt level on the dish; you can set 6 types of wash programs. The dishwasher heats the water 154°F before cleaning the dishes. It successfully kills more than 99.99% of bacteria during the wash. This dishwasher also does not consume much electricity or water for cleaning. For this level of efficiency, it got certified with positive star energy ratings.

EdgeStar DWP62BL 6 Place Setting Energy Star Rated Portable Countertop Dishwasher

In the list of portable dishwashers for the best dishwasher by consumer reports, this one ranked very well. It is so portable that you can put it on a countertop. People who have a movable job and live with a small family can purchase this dishwasher. With only $269 it is very affordable for most people. This dishwasher features six standard place settings, where you can wash any type of kitchen utensils. Along with this dishwasher, you will find a quick connect to the faucet and five-foot hose for drainage. Installing this dishwasher in any kitchen takes only a couple of minutes of work.

The dishwasher has a beautiful LED digital control panel in the front. It also has a child lock function for safety. The lock doesn’t let anyone open the dishwasher during operation. In this dishwasher, you can select 7 different wash cycles. These cycles are light, normal, heavy, rinse, speed, and baby care. In the field of the dishwasher, EdgeStar is one of the top dishwasher brands. You can trust their product with your eyes close. This dishwasher is capable of running for years without much maintenance.

EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18 Inch Wide 8 Position

If your kitchen lack a big space and you need a slim dishwasher, then you can try this dishwasher model. This dishwasher is just 18 inches wide and it will easily fit in tight places. Although it is slim, it can hold a lot of kitchen utensils. In this dishwasher, you get 8 place settings for dishes. The dishwasher includes an automatic leakage sensor that cuts the water supply if it detects any water leakage in the dishwasher.

In this dishwasher, you will have simple control switches in the front. These switches allow you 6 different wash settings. These wash cycles are eco, normal, heavy, rinse, glass, and rapid. This dishwasher works very quietly and produces only 52dBA noise. In a normal kitchen, it is an acceptable limit.

Frigidaire FFID426TS 24″ Built-In Fully Integrated Dishwasher

This dishwasher includes most of the features of high-tech dishwashers. The dishwasher is available in three different colors including black, white, and black stainless steel. From every angle, this dishwasher looks modern and high-tech. Here you will find a high-tech DishSense™ Technology. It automatically detects how much time dishes require according to dirt levels. Here the user can also select different wash-cycles according to their preference. The interior of this dishwasher is made from high-grade polymer. This durable material can withstand heat and water for years. Thanks to this polymer interior the dishes dry faster in this dishwasher.

In this dishwasher, you will find Ready-Select® Controls. These buttons are touch-sensitive and your simple touch can start them effectively. These switches are present on top of the door panel. They are tucked away in the dishwasher when you close the door. As a result, you find a sleek seamless look in the front. Here you will also find a 2 to 6-hour delay start button. The functionality allows you dishes in the off-peak time. It also has a low-rinse assist indicator light. The lights stay on during its operation time. The dishwasher is very silent and makes only 54 dB noise. So, an indicating light easily helps you spot when the dishwasher is in operation. This dishwasher is very energy conscious and uses a very little amount of electricity and water for cleaning.

hOmeLabs Compact & Portable Countertop Stainless Steel Dishwasher

The dishwasher is just 17.2 inches high and only takes 19.6 X 21.6 inches area. For this reason, you can place it anywhere in the kitchen. This dishwasher even fits on any table. As important accessories, the company sends you a water inlet and drain hose with this dishwasher. Installing it is very easy, and you can do it on your own by just reading the installation guide. Although it has a small appearance, it can do a lot of dishes at a time. The dishwasher has 6 different place holders for cookware. You can easily wash small and medium-sized kitchen utensils in it.

The dishwasher makes the dishes squeaky clean. It has a streak-free option, which works as a rinse assist dispenser and makes the dishes spotless. It is very useful for glass items, where you don’t want any water spots on them. In this dishwasher, you will get 6 different wash cycle options. These options are heavy, normal, speed, ECO, rinse, and glass. The user can easily set these options from the sleek control panel in the front. In this dishwasher, you can wash a load of dishes with just 3.1 gallons of water. It runs on 120 volts current and you don’t need to install any special electrical point for this dishwasher. The dishwasher is certified with positive energy star ratings for its efficiency.

Guide of dishwasher manufacturers

Currently, in the market, various companies are selling kitchen appliances. Some of these companies are branded and they are producing dishwashers for decades. Let’s check out more details about these companies.


In the world of engineering Bosch is a trusted brand. This company originated in Europe. Now this company sells kitchen utilities around the world. People know their dishwashers for excellent quality and their reliable performance. Most dishwashers of this brand are very silent and operate with high efficiency. They were some of the first few companies that introduced stainless-steel wash-tub in the dishwashers.


This company has an excellent track record for manufacturing some of the best kitchen appliances. This company prioritizes innovation and always tries to find a solution to our everyday problems. The history of this company is quite interesting. In the earlier time, General Motors used to own this company. However, in recent time European kitchen appliance maker Electrolux holds its majority of the share. This company has a good reputation for innovating smart solutions for dishwashers.

Fisher & Paykel

It is a New Zealand based company. Currently, a Chinese kitchen appliance manufacturing company Haier owns this brand. This company has learned a lot from its Chinese parent company. In this brand of dishwasher, you will find various features that will make the dishwashing task effortless.


The full form of GE is General Electric. It is an American multinational company that holds huge expertise in the engineering division. This company was founded 128 years ago and the great scientist Thomas Edison was the founding father of this company. Along with other engineering masterpieces, this company has produced many reliable kitchen appliances. Dishwashers manufactured by GE are very reliable and they rarely break down. You can continually use them day after day with zero maintenance. These dishwashers make sanitation their priority. It doesn’t matter how sticky the dirt is, the dishwasher will remove it from plates easily.

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It is an American home appliance company that has a legacy of over 108 years. This company has a base in Chicago. This company works with various other suppliers for their appliance manufacturing process. These suppliers are located in different parts of the world. Kenmore sources various components of the dishwasher from these suppliers and assembles them in their plant. Besides manufacturing, the strongest point of this company is design elements and aesthetics. Kenmore got the highest score consumer reports ranked various companies for design. Beautiful and stylish dishwashers from this company can uplift the status of any kitchen.


KitchenAid is a renowned American home appliance maker. This brand was originated over 100 years ago. They have lots of expertise and experience in kitchen appliance making. Currently, another American home appliance maker Whirlpool Corporation holds majorette of this companies share. Under the leadership of its parent company, this brand is doing lots of innovation. KitchenAid uses a very high-tech manufacturing system for dishwashers making process. They test every dishwasher stringently before shipping them to the customer. Thanks to this higher level of quality control, only a rare few people complain against this brand.

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It is an American brand that specializes in kitchen appliances. The primary objectivity of this company is to manufacture quality products at an affordable price. In the market of kitchen appliances, they are among some of the top dishwashers. Every dishwasher produced by this company goes through rigid testing. They only allow these dishwashers for shipping when they pass these tests. This highest control in quality ensures that you don’t have to face any problems with these dishwashers in your kitchen.

These dishwashers also work very silently. Most of them produce a little sound in-between 40 to 50 dB. During your normal kitchen activity, you won’t be able to hear them at all. This company also has a concern about the environment. For this reason, most dishwashers from Maytag have star energy ratings. They consume less water and detergent and uses less amount of electricity. Their dishwashers save you a lot on your utility bills.

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It is a German kitchen appliance brand that was founded 121 years back. In the early days, they used to make cream separators. However, they were the first few companies that manufactured vacuum cleaners for European houses. Over the years this company gained huge experience and expertise in kitchen appliance making. Manufacturing dishwashers is their specialty. Miele uses various smart sensors in their dishwashers. These sensors can automatically detect the level of dirt in the dishwasher and automatically adjust its wash cycle. Miele dishwashers are way smarter than other dishwashers.


In the world of home and kitchen appliances, Whirlpool is the undisputed king. This company also has many American and European subsidiary brands. This company is famous for making reliable dishwashers. These dishwashers are filled with high-tech features. This company has produced many affordable dishwashers. These dishwashers look very sleek in the kitchen and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen. Most Whirlpool dishwashers are certified with energy ratings. It means, in the long run, these machines will lower down your utility bills. As one of the top dishwasher brands, you can trust their appliances.

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Cleaning dishes by hand is labor intensity and boring work. For this reason, buying a dishwasher is a good decision. Unlike grocery items, a dishwasher is not a simple item. This machine incorporates various technologies and various companies are producing them in different forms. For this reason, knowing the difference between each brand and different models of the dishwasher can help you pick the right machine for your kitchen. You can put your faith in some of the top dishwasher brands. But not knowing the difference between two different dishwashers can mislead you to buy the wrong type of dishwasher for your kitchen. Hence, you should study a little bit about different dishwashers and their brand. Understanding features and their usefulness will help you decide better.

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