Best French Door Refrigerator 2021: Top Brands Review

Top 15 Best French Door Refrigerators Brand 2020

Selecting from the very best French door refrigerators of 2021 is a significant choice, as it is one of the centerpieces of your kitchen. Our guide includes reviews of GE refrigerators, LG and, Electrolux fridges, covering all the notable brands worth considering. However, how can you know that the fridge is ideal for you?

French door(FD) openers are super easy for viewing everything you have on your refrigerator, and all at eye level. Some of the most excellent models have helpful features like gliding drawers to have a peek at your meals without difficulty.

Smudge-proof finishes and numerous storage options can also be available in lots of FD openers. Additionally, start looking for an ice and water dispenser built into the door, too, if vital for you.

If you would like to go all out, consider a refrigerator with intelligent features or functionalities that automatically fill water pitchers and infuse the water for your preference.

The very greatest French door fridges also need to have numerous storage mixes, together with the flexibility to maneuver around the door and shelving bins to fit almost any sized meals in your freezer.

Last, consider the cost. FD fridges may be costly, so you will need to get maximum value for the bucks when you invest them. Does our manual feature the Best French door versions, but also highlights the lowest prices on such refrigerators at the moment.

Things To Search For When Purchasing A Refrigerator

Things To Search For When Purchasing A Refrigerator

If your fridge just expired, the odds are that you are in a rush to replace it. If you’re searching for a new or replacement fridge, consider these topics carefully before purchase.

Food Preservation

Nobody wants to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars on a fridge that can not keep your food cold. Maintaining your meals is the main aspect of our fridge testing approach; we collect temperature information in the refrigerator and freezer and humidity information in the bean bin to ensure every refrigerator can reach and preserve humidity and temperatures worth best suited to keeping your food fresh.

If you are shopping for a fridge in a shop, make sure you ask the sales associate about the refrigerator’s cooking skills. Moreover, you may look through our fridge reviews and our fridge roundups to determine which refrigerators did the best regarding keeping the proper atmosphere for your cold meals and drinks.

Your Refrigerator Cutout

If you are replacing a refrigerator with a precise cutout (generally surrounded by cabinetry or countertops), quantify your sticker attentively. It is not unheard of for consumers to purchase a gorgeous brand new refrigerator have to return it as it’s too big for your cutout.

Assess the height, width, and thickness of this cutout on multiple occasions. Make sure you leave one to two inches between the refrigerator’s surface and above-fridge cabinetry and a few inches between the back of the fridge the wall. Leaving those additional inches on the other side of the refrigerator is particularly beneficial for the refrigerator’s airflow.

Finally, when considering your cutout’s thickness, make sure you account for their refrigerator doors’ depths. In case of space, your refrigerator sticks out from the cabinetry isn’t quite as broad as the depth of the fridge doors, then you may be unable to open the refrigerator doors all of the ways.

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Through-Door Water and Ice Dispensers

If you’re searching for through-door water and ice heaters, make sure you take a look at the number of ice types out there in that refrigerator. If you are an ice connoisseur, you might want more than cubed ice hockey.

Additional nice options consist of crushed ice and high-quality ice hockey. Furthermore, many more expensive refrigerators possess added dispensing options, including water heaters or even a built-in Keurig pod coffee maker.

Instead of all through-door water dispensing, a few fridges offer you built-in water pitchers that match mechanically or inside water heaters, along with inside ice manufacturers.

Storage Options

The most elementary storage choices include built-in closets in the refrigerator, two or one crisper bin, and a few shelving choices on the refrigerator’s doors. If it comes to additional storage, even however, the options are infinite. Along with moving shelves into various heights in the fridge, some shelves may reverse up or down; a few door bins may slide and enlarge.

A few fridges have door storage, which lets you get popular refrigerator items without opening the entire refrigerator door.

Fridges frequently have the most additional storage choices, such as an excess drawer, temperature-controlled deli/pantry drawers which could be set for particular refrigerator temperatures, pocket storage in the base of the refrigerator which makes for simple accessibility for children, or even a fourth compartment/drawer which may be set to refrigerator or freezer temperatures.


If the prospect of using less energy and water is more attractive for you, consider the Energy Star score for a fridge to get a concept about exactly what your utility bills may look like. Usually, the more complex your refrigerator (in features and layout), the more energy it uses.

It is not a good deal more than the more fundamental fridges, but it can accumulate over time. Only you can decide whether the extra advantage is well worth the gain in running costs.

Fit and Finish

While white and black refrigerators’ finishes continue to be accessible, most refrigerators nowadays arrive in some form of stainless steel choices. You ought to be able to discover a fridge that fits with your kitchen installation and your appliances.

It would help if you still were prepared to pay more income for virtually any complete, more complicated than black, white, white, or fundamental stainless steel.


Do not worry: Whether you are on a budget or have a blank check, you can discover a refrigerator that will store your meals and drinks at the perfect temperature. Mostly, the cost difference between high-end freezers and cheaper fridges is generally to the number of accessible features, storage choices, and finishes.

Best French Door Refrigerators Review

Top Rated Best French Door Fridge Brand


To get an FD fridge that marries functionality and style, the GE GFD28GSL is not easy to conquer and earns high marks for its quality construction and functional layout. At first glance, this fridge stands out with its slick appearance accessible timeless stainless steel, black stainless steel, or 2 colors of the slate end.

An ice and water dispenser is readily accessible on the front of the refrigerator, which isn’t a feature found on most FD openers. Some may get the outside water dispenser for a benefit, though some may see it as a disruption to the refrigerator’s aesthetics.

The water dispenser employs an innovative water filtration system that an optional instant icemaker simplifies insufficient ice production familiar to many door openers.

Although this fridge isn’t Energy Star rated and is not the very energy-efficient model accessible, GE added door technologies to minimize temperature reduction.

This intelligent feature that aids the refrigerator stay colder by putting commonly-used items within near reach. The GE GFD28GSL also comprises TwinChill evaporators to maintain the refrigerator and freezer safe temperatures.

People today rave about the ease of this door-in-door attribute and its durable construction compared to the layout of another door layout. This refrigerator also has ample space for gallon-size containers of juice, milk, and much more frequent criticism with a few other refrigerator door versions.

The 27.8 cubic distance of feet in the fridge is abundant for many families. Ultimately, folks locate the compressor to be silent as it retains the GE GFD28GSL running cold. Having a midrange cost and high-end appearances and performance, this fridge is an excellent purchase. This is the best refrigerators you can choose.

2. LG 21.8-cu ft

To get an FD fridge that will not break the bank, LG creates an entry-level version that looks fantastic and makes few sacrifices.

The LG LFCS22520S is much more streamlined than a few of those mega-sized FD openers accessible; however, if you’re able to live with 21.8 cubic distance of feet in the fridge and freezer, this stainless-steel refrigerator supplies a lot of perks.

An inner icemaker removes the requirement for ice cube trays, and also, the freezer 7.1 cubic feet of space is surprisingly big for a refrigerator with a more compact footprint.

You will find six adjustable gallon-size door bins within the fridge and a sizable gliding drawer people adore for its flexibility and ability to maintain a whole cookie sheet. However, please note that you’re going to be passing up a built-in water dispenser and filter.

The LG LFCS22520S has a linear compressor, also considered a benefit due to a decrease in moving components and smoother operation. LG stands contrary to the compressor using a ten guarantee. Hovering around the $1,000 price point, this fridge is the ideal choice if your budget is limited or if you’ve got a little space but desire the look and performance of a refrigerator.

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3. LG InstaView Door-in-Door 29.7 Cu.

Add functionality and flexibility into a French door refrigerator with another refrigerated drawer, as though you will find about the LG InstaView 4-Door. An extra refrigerated drawer with adjustable temperature settings may be employed to keep fast snacks, meat or milk, or chilled milk bottles.

Push a button to choose the pipes mode. This may be an excellent spot to store kid-friendly snacks because the drawer can be opened independently of their doorways on top of conserving chilly energy and air. This version from LG also comprises an external ice and water dispenser, providing additional advantages.

The ice capacity might be inadequate to fulfill dinner celebration requirements, but that’s a frequent criticism for residential ice makers, which means that you can not hold it from this particular model.

What steals the show about the LG InstaView is your see-through panel, which lets you take inventory of the refrigerator’s contents without opening the doorway. Knock double on the board, and an LED light beams to show you precisely what is inside only on the side of the refrigerator, naturally.

This can conserve energy since you debate your snack and drink options or think about what to make for supper. Popular opinion is divided on if the InstaView attribute is a clear and or well-designed gimmick, so that is personal taste.

With or with a specially designed window, the LG InstaView 4-Door French Refrigerator provides flexibility and practicality with its added refrigerated drawer.

4. GE Profile French Door Refrigerator

For a broad feel in your kitchen, elect an FD fridge such as this GE Profile version. The GE Profile FD Refrigerator is only a smidge of 30 inches deep and will sit nearly flush with most counters and counters. Many men and women who’ve installed this refrigerator in their kitchen to find the thinner profile leave the kitchen feel much larger and more spacious.

As you may pay slightly more to get a ​countertop depth FD refrigerator and shed just a tiny space, the overall consensus is that the consequent appearance is well worth the sacrifice. Furthermore, various individuals discovered the configuration of drawers and shelves to make great use of their 22.1 cubic feet of distance.

Adding to the high-end texture is the simple fact that this GE Profile refrigerator can be found in four different finishes to fit your kitchen’s appearance. Pick from black and timeless stainless steel or two distinct slate finishes.

5. KitchenAid Built-In Panel-Ready

Hide your refrigerator in plain sight using a panel-ready FD fridge, such as the KitchenAid Built-In FD Refrigerator. This fridge arrives prepared to be completed with custom cupboard hardware and panels to meet your cabinetry. There’s no more excellent way to finish your kitchen look than with a custom made cabinet fridge.

On the other hand, the appearance does not come cheap among the priciest FD openers. Indoors, KitchenAid gave this version an upscale feel using a platinum-look inside, rather than the conventional white end you are utilized to viewing.

The refrigerator comprises a Preserva Food Care System equipped with another cooling system for the fridge and freezer for performance. One thing to remember is that the refrigerator has a total of 20.8 cubic feet of space, which can be little for a French door refrigerator.

However, an assortment of flexible shelves and bins will help make the most of the decreased area. For the large custom appearance possible, pick the KitchenAid Built-In Panel-Ready FD fridge.

6. Kenmore Elite 74013 Door Refrigerator

FD openers are famous because of their grace, but the Kenmore Elite 74013 Refrigerator requires it to an entirely new level. This considerable French door fridge includes 30.6 cubic feet of space, just over ten cubic feet of freezer space.

This is a significant benefit to prominent families or regular entertainers, and also, the generously-sized freezer is the best place to stock up on frozen products.

Kenmore also built the front of the freezer with a tilting mechanism, making it much easier to reach inside and grab things from the heavy drawer.

This Elite version from Kenmore does not have a water or ice dispenser, but these mechanisms often occupy precious storage and shelf space. Therefore, if you are following maximum room for markets, you won’t overlook the built-in toaster too much.

The linear compressor is designed to respond quickly to temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator. The recessed LED light makes it a lot easier to see everything at a glance. If you’re trying to find an FD refrigerator with supreme capacity, you have found it at the Kenmore Elite 74013.

7. Samsung Family Hub 22.2 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth 4-Door French Door

Make your refrigerator part of your smart home family and all the Samsung Family Hub 4-Door French Door Refrigerator. This smart fridge intends to maintain your family entertained and connected on the refrigerator’s exterior while retaining the contents inside chilly!

Equipped with Wi-Fi, the Samsung Family Hub comprises Food Management, Family Connection, Entertainment, and Connected residing tech.

The refrigerator has a 21.5″ touchscreen, which will keep tabs on where household members move, play audio or flow tv shows, allow you to view what’s within your refrigerator via three cameras, and join with different programs for much more performance.

While other French door openers might be outfitted with Wi-Fi, the Samsung Family Hub is the most multi-faceted smart appliance system presently in the marketplace. And though the wise appliance features alone make this refrigerator a favorite option, it will also function well as a freezer and refrigerator.

With 22.2 cubic feet of distance, you will have tons of space for groceries and frozen products though you will find bigger capacity versions out there. This FD fridge comes equipped with a through-the-door ice and water dispenser.

Within the refrigerator, auto water fills the pitcher with infuser increases the performance of this water dispenser yet another wise feature not found in other versions of French door openers.

Much like additional high-end refrigerators, this unit has been outfitted with two evaporators to independently keep the fridge and freezer humidity levels. One last issue to notice is that this version is Energy Star Certified.

Even the Samsung Family Hub 4-Door FD Refrigerator comes with plenty of features that make it well worth the investment if you’re looking for a wise home appliance.

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8. Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF

The Frigidaire FG4H2272UF has everything. Along with readily keeping cold temperatures through testing, this attractively designed French door refrigerator has numerous storage options that will blow your mind. While most fridges make you feel as if you’d to give up storage space so that its searchable profile will fit in with your cabinetry, the more FG4H2272UF makes each cubic foot of room count.

Does it have adjustable-width sliding bins in the doorway, but the refrigerator itself includes a retractable shelf, a pocket “bite zone” which live only beneath the crisper (and allow simple accessibility for the briefer humans on life), along with a complete fourth compartment which may be utilized as either extra refrigerator or freezer.

In case your food storage needs change considerably, or if you only need a refrigerator that keeps your meals and looks great doing this, the Frigidaire FG4H2272UF is a simple decision to make for your house.


  • Can maintain consistent temperatures
  • Flexible storage Choices


  • Nothing we can find

9. Kenmore Elite 72483

Besides slick design, ergonomic design, flexible shelves, and superb food preservation functionality, the 29.9-cubic-foot Kenmore Elite 72483 adds a different temperature-controlled center drawer for keeping everything from snacks and deli meats for wine.

Even though it comes with an external ice and water dispenser, the refrigerator hides all its controllers on the other side of the doorway, which provides the 72483 a compact and modern appearance.

With a vast array of additional storage choices (like recessed pockets in the base of the refrigerator and several sliding drawers in the freezer), the Kenmore Elite 72483 will be a blessing too big families anyone who favors a packed fridge.


  • Can maintain consistent temperatures
  • Deli drawer
  • Through-door water and ice dispensers


  • Nothing we can find

10. Samsung RF260BEAESR

The Samsung RF260BEAESR is the best counter depth refrigerator that’s really punching outside its weight category. This 25.5-cubic-foot refrigerator impressed us since it is comparable in virtually every method to fridges that cost twice as much.

Behind its slick, elegant exterior lies a refrigerator with leading food preservation capacities and a couple of useful features such as an inner ice maker and an enclosed drawer with three configurations: Deli for deli meats, Brand New for veggies and fruits, and Chilled to your favorite cold drinks.

If you are looking to redesign and are interested in having your refrigerator-themed cake and eating it, take a look at the Samsung RF260BEAESR.


  • Can maintain consistent temperatures
  • Deli drawer


  • No through-door water or ice dispensers

11. LG LMXS30776S

With refrigerators, availability is actually the title of this sport. Your refrigerator can be enormous, but if you can’t really get at some of the meals fast, then the fridge is not doing its job. The LG LMXS30776S is doing its job and doing it well.

Together with three crisper drawers, two recessed storage pockets in the base of the refrigerator, door-in-door shelves on the ideal door panel which may be retrieved from both sides of the doorway, along with the CustomChill center drawer (that have four configurations: Meat & Seafood, Cold Drink, Deli Snack, along with Chilled Wine), this elastic, easily-customizable refrigerator needs to have the ability to take care of whatever you can (metaphorically) throw in it.

Like many of those additional LG fridges we have examined, the LG LMXS30776S also runs a little hot temperature-wise. Still, it is rather simple to cancel that reality by bumping the refrigerator temperature down by a degree.

The incredible variety of storage options from the LG LMXS30776S should serve a huge family nicely and tidier individuals with strong preferences about what foodstuffs need to go where.


  • Three crisper drawers
  • Temperature-controlled drawer
  • Recessed storage pockets in the bottom of the refrigerator


  • Fridge temperatures operate a bit warm.

12. Haier HRF15N3AGS

Can you adore the look and performance of FD refrigerators but do not have the room to really fit one in your kitchen? We’ve got only the refrigerator for you: the Haier HRF15N3AGS.

This refrigerator is considerably thinner and more expensive than many fridges. However, this usually means you’re going to have the ability to match it in a more compact kitchen that also means you’re going to have the ability to excellent food from the refrigerator in the first location.

As it is compact, the refrigerator itself is relatively bare-bones. There is no ice maker or water dispenser, and the shelves are not very flexible. However, the cooling with this refrigerator is topnotch, and it readily preserved freezer refrigerator temperatures of 37°F and 0°F during our week of testing.

If you do not require any additional features and need to take advantage of a rather compact kitchen, then the Haier HRF15N3AGS compact is a fantastic choice for the best counter depth.


  • Slimmer profile to get non-standard cutouts
  • Consistent fridge temperatures


  • No through-door water or ice dispensers
  • Limited shelf adjustability

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13. Samsung RF23J9011SR

The Samsung RF23J9011SR is about customizability. Its exceptional four-door design is certain to be a fantastic conversation piece when guests go into your kitchen.

The top two doors open to show the typical shelf configuration, including a French door fridge, but the base two doorways are more reminiscent of a side-by-side refrigerator, with different compartments for each doorway. The bottom left doorway is a freezer, and based upon your food preservation requirements; the bottom right area can be a refrigerator or a fridge.

Along with all those helpful features, this fridge also runs economically and will maintain cold temperatures and where you want them. Between its intriguing looks and robust functionality, you won’t regret purchasing the Samsung RF23J9011SR.


  • The unique four-door design
  • Flexible temperature area


  • Limited freezer space


The slate completed 24.8-cubic-foot GE GNE25JMKES fridge is a well-sized, well-priced FD refrigerator. Its clean lines and glossy exterior actually draw the attention, but it is what is inside that really impressed us. This refrigerator actually blew us away with its accurate temperature controller along with its energy efficiency.

Although this refrigerator does not have through-door water or ice heaters, it will have any retractable shelves, crisper bins using different humidity controllers, a temperature-controlled deli drawer, a discreet inside water dispenser, as well as an ice maker in the freezer.

We enjoy the GE GNE25JMKES because it resembles a stripped-down FD fridge, but it has a few of the handiest features you find on more expensive French door choices.


  • Can maintain consistent temperatures
  • Temperature-controlled drawer
  • Retractable shelves


  • No through-door water or ice dispenser

15. Cafe CVE28DM5NS5

The GE Café CVE28DM5NS5 is an FD fridge that doubles as a statement piece. Using its shiny gold glass complete, shelves with rose gold accents, and a beautiful backlit LED wall at the refrigerator’s inside, and you might begin to believe this refrigerator emphasizes function over shape, and you would be incorrect.

This refrigerator has a spot-on temperature controller, a handy crisper drawer, and a vast array of flexible and flexible storage choices.

For all those who invest a good deal of time hosting celebrations, you will enjoy the additional temperature-controlled drawer (with both freezer and refrigerator settings) and the excess rack at the freezer that is ideal for apartment foods such as pizzas.

One other fantastic attribute is Autofill, the water dispenser, which automatically senses the elevation of your water container, fills it up without repainting, and reports (in oz) just how much water has been dispersed.

Yes, this refrigerator costs a few times what you would pay for a more fundamental refrigerator, but if you’ve got a huge budget, you will enjoy the appearance and the usefulness of this GE CVE28DM5NS5.


  • Consistent temperatures
  • Backlit inside
  • Custom-temp drawer


  • Less capacity than we had to expect

French Door Refrigerator FAQs


1. Why are French Door refrigerators more expensive?

The cost gap is principal because of the rise in capacity compared to other fashions and greater demand.

2. Do French Door refrigerators have more problems?

French Door refrigerators are not as reliable as conventional top-freezer or side-by-side fashions.

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3. Is Samsung or LG fridge better?

Together, their refrigerators are a few of the most dependable on the marketplace. As a result of their popularity, it’s also easier to resolve an LG or Samsung refrigerator. But, LG refrigerators are a Bit More dependable than Samsung refrigerators.

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