Best Garlic Press Review 2020 ( Top 18)

Best Garlic Press Review 2020

Garlic is often sold in or loses bunches. Each bulb consists of individual cloves included in white paper-like skin.

If raw, the flavor is strong, and they feel crispy and contains many beneficial health effects. After it’s baked, the taste mellows out with tsp creamy enough to be dispersed on top of a crusty bread slice. So, What is the Best Garlic Press?

Should You Invest In a Garlic Press?

If you are still feeling cynical about if or not a garlic press is a fantastic investment, then we are here to convince you that it will, in reality, make your life simpler. Without culinary school-grade knife skills, the ordinary home cook is not likely to have the ability to achieve their desired minced garlic feel without the support of a garlic press. A garlic press not just provides you an extremely fine mince, but additionally, it evenly minces garlic so its taste will be uniformly dispersed through your dish.

Some garlic presses allow you to bypass the peeling step entirely, by putting an unpeeled clove right into the press. Not to mention, when you change to one of those top-rated garlic presses, stinky garlic palms won’t ever be something. And cleansing contemporary garlic presses is a cinch with dishwasher-safe components and even built-in cleansers which eject the residual garlic bits. Fundamentally a garlic press makes obtaining meals on the table quicker and simpler, which is not such a terrible thing.

Dozens of garlic cloves afterward, and our testing is complete. Continue reading for the listing of the greatest garlic presses to purchase in 2020.

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Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Garlic Press

Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Garlic Press

When you’re investing your hard-earned cash into buying something, you’d want it to last. For this, you have to choose stainless steel or metallic alloy garlic press versions like the Orblue stainless steel garlic press. Irrespective of the amount of pressure you apply on those versions, they’ve been designed to survive.

You can have a look at models that serve a plethora of functions if you would like something more than simply pressing. Single service versions can only mince garlic. But, there are other multi-service versions which could enable you to chop and mince different components besides garlic cloves. It is possible to press ginger roots from such garlic media versions.

Peeling garlic isn’t a simple endeavor. If you’d like just a bit of assistance with the peeling job, it is possible to elect for versions, including peelers. Two types of models are readily available. One that presses and additives garlic in precisely the same time, and then there’s another version that has different compartments for peeling garlic plus another compartment for pressing.

If you’re cooking for many individuals, you’d need to press more than one garlic clove. This is if you have to appear in the versions that contain an extra-large compartment like the Orblue stainless steel garlic press.

You have to bear in mind that not all versions of garlic press are dishwasher safe. Some versions must be cleaned manually. Then you will find versions that include a cleaning kit for shoving stuck garlic residues in the sieve. The OXO steel garlic press is accompanied by an in-built cleaner to provide an advantage to the consumers.

The best garlic media versions offered on the marketplace now feature a secure and comfortable grip. This suggests that the garlic press would not slide as you’re attempting to press a garlic clove. Be certain that you check into this attribute if this is what you’re searching for.

Top Rated Best Garlic Press

Top Rated Best Garlic Press

1. Alpha Grillers Garlic Press

Depending on the purchase price, you would not anticipate this cheap garlic press to come out on top. However, for only $14, this garlic press includes an intelligent design comparable to the most expensive brands.

This media involves a roller for effortless elimination of skin, plus a little cleaning brush. The bits fit effortlessly inside each other for simple storage. The garlic media consists of polished, dishwasher safe stainless steel that is more resistant to dents that lingering garlic odor than other substances.

Rachel discovered the minced garlic out of this media to be smooth and uniform, a happy medium between a glue consistency and a chunky, minced consistency. She said a little spoon or knife has to be utilized to eliminate any surplus garlic in the room. For the cost, this garlic media out of Alpha Grillers produces.

2. Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press

The garlic press from Kuhn Rikon is, on the other hand, using an industrial-looking stainless steel end. Rachel says this media doesn’t have any flashy parts or additional features; it only pushes garlic into a nice, uniform glue.

To wash this garlic press, flush the room with water and set it completely extended in the dishwasher’s upper rack. This is a good alternative if you’re trying to find a garlic press that produces a very fine, nearly paste-like effect. It’s easy to design, and appealing end makes a flexible tool that will look and work great in any kitchen.

3. OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press

With a garlic press can be difficult on your hands, this media out of OXO has rubberized handles for extra comfort. This media is on the heavier side, but with the capability to press on a few cloves simultaneously.

This media has bigger, square-shaped holes which produce little, uniform cubes of garlic once pressed. Additionally, it boasts a built-in cleanser. Flip the grips around to push any undesirable garlic or skin from the media, then fully extend and set in the dishwasher for simple cleanup.

The practical and easy layout of the product paired with all the non-slip handles makes this garlic press large. It is a wonderful alternative, especially for anybody seeking to acquire bigger, minced garlic bits instead of glue.

4. Dreamfarm Garject

For those willing to devote a bit more cash to find top of the line layout, this Dreamfarm garlic media is the thing to do. Rachel says this garlic press can’t be beaten concerning efficiency. Blend one garlic clove to the room, press using a fair quantity of force, and the top handle scratches the side of this media blank, dropping any surplus garlic on the outer board.

The eject function with this garlic press employs a little lever to push the peel from the room. Rachel discovered it took a couple of attempts to find all the skin from the room, but it is also dishwasher safe for simple cleanup. The garlic produced out of this media is uniform and paste-like, ideal for flavoring practically any dish. This garlic press lives up to its price with an adorable chrome-plated zinc body and BPA-free vinyl bits.

5. Joseph Joseph Helix Garlic Press

At only $10, this top-rated garlic media from Joseph Joseph is a complete bargain. The entire body is made from BPA-free nylon plastic, using a light feel for an easy grip. The room or basket is made from stainless steel, together with the capability to simultaneously hold several garlic cloves. This garlic press applies a twisting action where both manage to move towards one another to press garlic.

Though Rachel discovered this media to require some scratching to get rid of extra garlic and use the hands to run it, the garlic produced has been well uniform and invisibly. For the cost, this is a really useful tool for making mealtime quicker.

6. OXO SteeL Garlic Press

OXO finds itself on the record another time using this durable garlic media. The body is made of dishwasher safe cast zinc, with rubberized grips to get a gentle grasp (OXO’s specialization ). This media may hold around three small cloves or a single big clove at a time, pressing them in a nice, uniform glue.

Another quality of this media is how it can maintain the skin from this pressed product, using a detachable lever that may be washed individually. Although, this might require taking some additional caution when cleaning to ensure no garlic residue stays. The timeless black and steel colors will match any kitchen. This garlic press receives high marks for purpose, appearances, and efficacy.

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7. Fu Store 304 Stainless Steel Garlic Press Mincer

As it happens, there are numerous methods to mince your garlic, rather than all they require a garlic room and two handles which you press on together. Instead, additionally, there are rocker versions. Most importantly, there is the Fu Store 304 Stainless Steel Garlic Press Mincer, which has a bonus food-grade silicone peeler.

While most garlic presses have numerous moving components, the rocker layout is a lot more straight ahead, and, some might argue, simpler to use. Consider it like an apple product, but you are cutting off garlic bulbs rather than slicing fruit.

Put your clove (or pops ) beneath the carefully put string of holes, and stone the stainless steel Fu Store Mincer forth and back. You are going to wind up beating your garlic without needing to touch it. You may, nevertheless, have to move your minced garlic in the cutting board into your pan.

While I have discovered this rocker works perfectly well without peeling off your garlic, this bundle deal does have a bonus silicone peeler. Pop some garlic in the small pink tubing, roll it around for a little, and you will be peeling off your garlic without the fear of having any stink beneath your nails.

More than 300 clients on Amazon have given this collection an impressive 4.3 from five stars, and considering the very low cost and the excellent performance, it’s easy to see why.

Pros: Cheap, exceptionally Simple to Use, includes a bonus garlic peeler.

Cons: Utilizing the rocking process occasionally bruises the garlic, retains away the stink out of the hands, but maybe not your cutting board

8. Chef’n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper

You might not think a lot of the Chef’n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper when you take a look at it. After all, it is made from plastic and seems somewhat like a Happy Meal toy. However, before going passing conclusions, you might choose to place this innovative little device to the evaluation.

As its name implies, this Garlic Chopper does not moisturize your garlic by smashing it through tiny holes, but rather passes your tsp through miniature blades which cut the bulbs up, so the piecework seems a whole lot more like you did it with an actual knife.

The GarlicZoom might be among the simplest gadgets to use. Put peeled garlic at the chamber and start rolling. This movement will place the blades within the apparatus in movement, and the more you roll, the nicer the mince. Conversely, if you only roll it a few times, you will get a more demanding chop.

This is excellent for people who wish to change the sizes of the consequent garlic pieces. While most garlic presses provide you with just one choice in regards to the sort of cut you will receive in conclusion, the GarlicZoom provides you some control over the final product, making it ideal for a broad assortment of recipes.

The most recent edition of this GarlicZoom comes with much more gearing up, which promises to make rolling easier, in addition to bigger finger holds, so you don’t need to be worried about cutting yourself once you take the blades out to get a spin in the dishwasher.

Additionally, the GarlicZoom may also mince ginger and some other herbs, with sufficient accuracy to prevent bruising.

Pros: Simple to Use, Good control over the mince dimensions, dishwasher safe, cheap

Cons: Some might not enjoy the toy-like Look of this GarlicZoom, more Challenging to wash than presses

9. NexTrend 3rd Generation Clear Garlic Twist

Another sort of garlic media, this version made entirely out of clear polycarbonate, utilizes a twisting action instead of a squeezing movement. You merely set the garlic in the bowl, then place the shirt on and twist back and forth to smash and then mince the garlic just as much as you’d like. Since the boat is clear, it is possible to see how coarse or fine the garlic is without opening it to assess.

Apart from garlic, the Garlic Twist may be used for ginger, shallots, little peppers, and much more. This is the next generation of the layout, so improvements are made over the first, making it better to distribute garlic perfectly. It’s also dishwasher safe.

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10. Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

Unlike a conventional garlic peel, the garlic rocker does not have any moving components. That makes it perfect for people who do not have the hand strength for squeezing the grips of a media, and much better for people who don’t possess a great deal of storage space in their kitchen.

All you will need to do is set the peeled garlic clove in your work surface, set the press top, and apply a little pressure to rock it back and forth to squeeze the garlic through the pockets. Then scoop out the garlic to use in recipes.

This instrument is created of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe, but should you like to hand clean, the stainless steel can help eliminate the garlic odor from the hands as you wash out the press.

11. Orblue stainless steel garlic press

The Orblue stainless steel garlic press features an ergonomic design to guarantee powerful and speedy processing with minimal attempts. This mincer and garlic crusher was equipped with smooth lever mechanics. The huge press room significantly lessens the food prep time so you can concentrate on more producing your dishes instead of spending a great deal of time on training.

Orblue garlic mincer serves multiple functions. You may use this to not merely mincing but also for chopping nuts and peanuts that are crushing at an instant. The oleophobic and heavy-duty construction lets you unpeel garlic in addition to mince it. The very best thing is you can peel ginger origin as nicely with this particular kitchen tool.

The minimum waste layout lets you wash out the garlic press readily. All you will need to do is to wash it with water or wash it in a dishwasher. After pressing the deal, the minced garlic comes out, leaving the peel. Furthermore, this instrument is rust or rustproof.


  • Does not bend, rust, weaken or split
  • Benefits of storage
  • Simple to wash
  • Has a peeler
  • Is dishwasher safe


  • Garlic cloves occasionally get trapped at the corner
  • Few users Might Not Be able to handle the extra-large model

12. Zyliss Susi Garlic Press

There is an abundance of reasons why you can’t resist incorporating Zyliss Susi garlic press to your own collection. It’s mild in weight, that makes it a lot easier for you to run it using one hand.

You do not need to apply much pressure for mincing your garlic cloves. The very best thing is you don’t need to peel the cloves before pressing on them, utilizing the Zyliss Susi garlic press. This version does a wonderful job even in the event you have not guessed the garlic.

This media isn’t hard to operate because of this ergonomic design. This garlic press is dishwasher safe. It’s been made from anodized aluminum. The maker, however, recommends that the users wash this garlic peel by hand. This is because, if you keep placing it into a dishwasher regularly, the coating will peel off. The media includes a cleanup tool, which perfectly eliminates the residues out of the holes.


  • You do not need to peel off your garlic cloves before crushing
  • Gourmet kitchen instrument created from cast aluminum
  • Features an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to utilize the media
  • Large-sized version for lodging several cloves
  • Features a built-in cleaning instrument


  • Hand wash recommended by producer regardless of being dishwasher safe
  • Need to apply more power when pressing cloves Which Have Been unpeeled

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13. ​ Alpha Grillers Garlic Press

You would not fail if you elect for this garlic press if you would like to peel and then press the two garlic cloves and ginger. The Alpha Griller garlic media set includes a stainless steel mincer in addition to a silicone tube rollercoaster. This garlic press features heavy-duty construction and an ergonomic design which enables one to peel in addition to mince both garlic cloves and ginger root.

Alpha Griller garlic media collection features sturdy construction, so you don’t need to bother about its durability. You’d not need to consider replacing or fixing this media for many decades. The press’s big comfortable handles make it a lot easier for the customers to manage it easily.

This garlic press is rather simple to wash. You want to set it into a dishwasher for cleaning. You may even wash it under the tap or warm water. The lifetime warranty provided by the producer hints your spent money would not go to waste.


  • Made from stainless steel, that ensures Your product will last for a longer period
  • Multifunction kitchen instrument May Be Used for both pressing and peeling
  • Dishwasher safe which ensures easy cleaning
  • Money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty


  • There were reports relating to this version not Having the Ability to press fresh ginger

14. Kuhn Rikon Epicurean garlic media

When there’s any garlic press that appears visually attractive, then it has to function as Kuhn Rikon Epicurean garlic press. This garlic press functions fast and efficiently as it comes to pressing garlic cloves and ginger root. You may even put unpeeled garlic cloves inside.

Kuhn Rikon garlic media was made to fit in the hands of their users with much simplicity. It’s been engineered, so you don’t need to pressure the media to accomplish the job. The BSieve hinges guarantee you don’t need to set up a battle while cleansing this garlic press. This can be dishwasher safe.

This sound, the fundamental tool, includes a 2-year guarantee from the manufacturer. This supreme garlic media was ergonomically designed to supply results with only minimal attempts. Compared to other garlic media, this media features beveled holes that finely cut a spoonful of garlic instead of bruising it. This brings out the best taste in the spoonful which you’re using while creating a dish.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Simple to work with minimal attempts
  • Sleek handles provide Decent leverage
  • Simple to wash


  • Can press 1 garlic at a time
  • Hand wash provides better outcomes Instead of putting in a dishwasher

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15. UberChef stainless steel garlic press

Everyone from amateur to professional chefs will concur the UberChef stainless steel garlic press is among the best garlic media accessible on the marketplace. This media was produced out of the finest materials. Using stainless steel makes this media hard. It features a silicone substance that’s been approved by the FDA.

The UberChef stainless steel press is thought to be produced from 18/10 rust-resistant stainless steel. This makes it safe for cleaning in a dishwasher. The end of the garlic press is almost extraordinary. This multifunctional and flexible garlic media features a chef-inspired layout. The solid construction ensures that this kitchen tool will endure for several years. Aside from the brilliant conclusion, this garlic press does its job with much precision.

You would not be let down if you utilized this garlic press to crafting a number of the best dishes in the world’s best cuisines. Garlic is, after all, an integral part of French, Italian, Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. A spoonful of garlic may add a different flavor to a dish. It’s no wonder if you will need a garlic press for producing desserts in the cuisines mentioned above.

UberChef garlic media includes a 100% lifetime warranty due to the press’s high-quality designing with superior materials. The manufacturer will replace or repay the whole amount you invested in this garlic press should there be a problem with the tool.


  • Highly durable garlic media
  • Produced from 100% stainless steel
  • Stylish designing with strong construction
  • The free cookbook is offered with this garlic press


  • Garlic bits get stuck in the pockets sometimes that can Be Hard to wash

16. Rösle mincing garlic/ginger media

What’s exceptional about the Rösle garlic media is the fact that it’s been made to extract maximum flavor in the pressed cloves. It’s available with or without a wiping blade and was provided by the major producer of professional cooking utensils in Europe. This garlic press may press tsp which were unpeeled so you don’t need to manage the messy undertaking.

The amount of mechanics used while designing Rösle garlic media helps ensure that you can extract the pulp and juice with minimal work. The papery skin of the garlic cloves utilized in the media is kept in a basket. This garlic press features a hanging loop in addition to a clip-together handle for expressed the pressed garlic clove.

It is possible to press not simply garlic however also ginger root from the Rösle garlic press. Made from 18/10 stainless steel, this tool includes a fold-out sieve for simple cleaning under running tap water. This media is dishwasher safe also.


  • Sports an appealing hanging ring
  • Reputable and comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • A bit pricey compared to other garlic media at the Exact Same Budget
  • You Have to apply a little effort while cleansing since the garlic residue gets trapped at the sieve

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17. Culina Garlic Press and Potato Ricer

Packed in a fashionable box, the Culina garlic media and potato ricer may earn a fantastic addition to your kitchen gear. This deluxe set includes a garlic press in addition to a potato ricer. We’ll be focusing on the efficacy of this garlic press longer. The garlic press has a pair of interchangeable blades that have been produced from stainless steel. Heavy-duty plastic was utilized to provide long-lasting support to its customers.

This garlic press is perfect for both the home and professional use. The appealing packaging additionally makes it a perfect gift item for budding chefs. The garlic media features sharp interchangeable blades. It’s user friendly and accomplishes this job very quickly. The additional perforation ensures you could crush, mince, dice and cut the garlic cloves with much simplicity.

The design of this Culina garlic media is what sets it apart. It’s been produced from the highest quality products, and attention was paid into the finest details while designing this garlic press.


  • Mince and diced garlic cloves and ginger efficiently
  • The smart design of this garlic press derive abundant taste
  • Ergonomic design with grip-control


  • It’s slightly Tough to change the stainless steel blades
  • Difficult to clean

18. Ekco garlic press

Ekco is a renowned brand that’s been offering dependable kitchenware for consumers. It will not disappoint when we have a peek at the garlic press provided by it. This media features proprietary layout handles with modern stylish. This garlic press is dishwasher safe and can be very durable. Aluminum has been used at design.

This garlic media also features a noninvasive coating that permits the users to wash this garlic press readily. It works perfectly for the cost it’s being offered at.


  • Fantastic Price and dependable functionality
  • Simple to clean manually


  • Turmeric spreads while pressing that Can Be Very messy if you are not careful

Should you use a garlic press


1. Should you use a garlic press?

In its favor, a garlic press is quite useful for providing you with minced garlic that is considerably more compact than we can get by hand. … And if you are worried about mincing something really modest with a knife, then it is equally as simple to crush it with a dinner fork because it’s to use a garlic press.

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2. Do you need to peel garlic before using a garlic press?

Should you have to peel the garlic before crushing it, then use the horizontal edge of a huge knife, and push back on a clove till you hear it crack. After that, peel off the skin. To acquire the garlic smell off your hands, wash them with water and soap, then rub them on a stainless steel thing, like a soup spoon or your faucet.

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3. Is it better to crush or chop garlic?

If you’d like a milder taste, then smash the… crushing garlic produces considerably stronger garlic taste then only chopping it. If you’d like a milder taste, crush the garlic with the knife’s back or slice it into larger bits. … When I need the garlic to become crunchier, I chop it.

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We’ve carefully reviewed the very best garlic press versions available, so you may pick the model that matches your requirement. It’s ideal to go through the critical features, pros, and cons before actually buying a garlic press to your kitchen requirements.

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