Best Girl Scout Cookies Review 2020 ( Top 15)

Best Girl Scout Cookies Review 2020

Best Girl Scout Cookies season is pretty much its very own vacation. When the green table-clothed tables hit supermarkets and big-box stores nationally, it can become an all-out struggle for the last box of Samoas, er, Caramel DeLites.

No matter your country’s area, the culty biscuits are so hot that the company generated online ordering, as even though creating your own might be fun, it is simply different. And while we figured out that cookies are ideal for the signal, everybody knows a hierarchy. Here’s the objective standing of the worst Girl Scout cookiecutter… .to the finest.

Only a note, this is an all-time position, rather than these cookies are available each year.

Top Rated Best Girl Scout Cookies

Top Rated Best Girl Scout Cookies

1. Thin Mints

Stick them in the freezer, bit off two ends, and sip them straight-up wolf down them; however, you opt to indulge in those minty chocolate snacks, they are undeniably the finest of the crowd.

2. Samoa / Caramel Delites

Anything you need to call those chocolate-caramel amounts, there is no denying they are second only to (spoiler alert on) the iconic Thin Mint. The crispy coconut and flaky wafer cookie increase its special, ringed allure.

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3. Tagalongs / Peanut Butter Patties

Peanut butter and chocolate are a no-brainer. It is a pairing made Reese’s famous and place dessert hacks such as Oreos in peanut butter to the pop-culture map. We can not get enough of the tried-and-true cookiecutter.

4. Trefoil / Shortbread

Do not you dare mention shortbread is dull. This buttery soft yet crispy cookie would be the best in classic desserts.

5. S’mores

These cookies will seem somewhat different based on where you reside, but there’s not any denying that this yummy combination of Graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow is a winner.

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6. Savannah Smiles

These lemon drop-like biscuits have a wonderful zing to those who remind us of lemonade compared to those named after the sweet-and-tangy beverage. They are completely snackable year-round, although Chrissy Teigen may beg to disagree.

7. Thanks-A-Lot

All these chocolate-dipped treats may! Provide Pepperidge Farm’s Milano cookie a run for the money. They are mild but decadent, making it effortless to put half a box throughout one Netflix binge.

8. Caramel Chocolate Chip

These get some props for how yummy they’re (I suggest you can not go wrong with caramel and chocolate). However, that is somewhat like every other cookie you may get out there on earth. They are great but not super-special. However, we will happily eat the entire box.

9. Toffee-tastic

Toffee is next only to caramel from the carbonated brown group. It is pleasant and crunchy and pairs nicely with a large, slightly sweet cookie similar to this one.

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10. Peanut Butter Sandwich

Rivaling the Nutter Butter, these peanut-y amounts are salty and sweet with a solid crispy-to-creamy ratio. Occasionally we like to spin them open just like an Oreo but to each her own.

11. Trios

This gluten-free cookie pits with its peanut butter and oatmeal mashup. Nonetheless, it’s the large chunks of chocolate that place it on a different level.

12. Rah-Rah Raisins

Frankly, oatmeal biscuits are entirely underrated. However, these poor boys ought to be filled with chocolate chips, not raisins, and chocolate. So while they are not the worst, there is absolutely room for improvement.

13. Lemon-Ups

These substituted Savannah Smiles in 2020; therefore, it is only reasonable to add them on the record this season. They get props for their inspirational messaging and the simple fact they’re super light and crispy. But nothing could substitute the OG.

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14. Lemonades

It is difficult to admit, but there is just space for one lemon-zested cookie at the upper ten, and those shortbread hybrids simply can not beat their counterparts out. You knew that was the situation. You are aware that you understood. Which brings us to our next choice…

15. Cranberry Citrus Crisps

These are far too beneficial to be appreciated in bulk consumption, including Girl Scout cookies should (and deserve) to be. You are better off purchasing an expensive granola bar and calling it a day. Not sorry. We are just trying to be fair.

Girl Scout Cookies FAQs

Girl Scout Cookies FAQs

1. Are any of the Girl Scout cookies sugar-free?

The Girl Scouts hadn’t provided a sugar-free cookie because of the 1990s when they stopped because of reduced earnings. But in the previous two decades, food science has found several healthy, better-tasting artificial sweeteners and new strategies to earn low-sugar and sugar-free treats.

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2. Can you buy Girl Scout cookies in bulk?

The fantastic news is that you can now online store for Girl Scout cookies at your leisure, in the majority, with no valid link to a Girl Scout or moving out of your way to attempt and locate cookie tables beyond grocery stores. But wait! … Consider it: Girl Scouts love to sell those biscuits.

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3. Should you buy Girl Scout cookies?

The very best reason to warrant purchasing cookies is that you are helping small women attain their dreams. Girl Scouts takes a good deal in the cookie-selling encounter. They know about sales, advertising, teamwork, branding, and duty.


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