Best La Croix Flavor Review 2020 (Top 18)

Are you search for The best La Croix flavor. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the greatest La Croix flavor. If you can not resist the sweet, bubbly flavor of seltzer, you probably have strong opinions about what flavor and brand will be best. Whether you are a lemon-lime purist or you are to the more daring berry tastes, you have got no shortage of choices to select from. And while everybody has their favorite seltzer brands, few of our tasters acknowledged tastes for brands such as Spindrift and PolarLaCroix are potentially the most famous on the market. So we decided to locate the ideal LaCroix taste, once and for all.

Our team tasted 14 tastes of LaCroix seltzer and rated all of them. We did not get to try out the brand new Limoncello and Pastèque tastes, which started this season, since they were not available in our regional grocery stores just yet. But we tried every one of the classics, such as lime, lemon, and Pamplemousse, and grapefruit. Here is how every Lacroix flavor fails, rated from worst to best from our group of tasters.

Top Best La Croix Flavor

Top Best La Croix Flavor


Smell played a substantial part in this taste test, as it influenced how our tasters saw each seltzer. If you are drinking LaCroix directly from the can, you may not smell every flavor just as much. However, when you’re sipping it from a cup, then the aromas are extremely powerful with these fruit tastes. And while a number of them were flavorful, our editors were not lovers of this Passionfruit odor.

1 taster said this seltzer smelled and tasted just like fruit slice candies, while the other editor compared the odor to”a Bath & Body Works scent I enjoyed in eighth grade.” The taste did not fare far better, using the same editor comparing it to cough syrup.


True to form, this seltzer smelled just like dried apricots. However, our tasters believed this taste tasted artificial, which explains why it landed in the bottom of the list. “The artificial taste jumps outside,” one editor said. “You can practically taste the syrup,” one editor wrote of this apricot, LaCroix. “I don’t like apricots, but I could imagine if you would, you’d enjoy this beverage,” a different taster said.


While one editor rated this as her shirt favorite, it dropped at the lower half of the additional editors’ lists. 1 grapefruit fan noted that she enjoyed the smell but wished it had more grapefruit taste, while the other found the odor off-putting. “We can all thank LaCroix for instructing us how to say grapefruit’ in French, even though many people don’t understand how to state LaCroix,” one editor said of the seltzer. “That is the only nice thing I must mention about this fan-favorite.”


The seltzer’s odor attracted our tasters back at the beach, relaxing using scented sunblock and a tropical beverage. But unless you truly love the flavor of coconut, then you may rather not try this taste. “This one tastes just like the first alcoholic drink you had in high school as you thought it would be just like a piña cold,” one editor said. “Regrettably, it wasn’t, and neither is that.”


The orange LaCroix taste fared worse than tangerine within our taste test. Our tasters loved the seltzer’s odor, with a single editor stating it”smells just like a Creamsicle.” Nevertheless, the overall consensus was that the taste was too powerful, which left an unpleasant aftertaste. 1 taster even than some vitamin, rather than in a positive manner. “This smells like orange soda, that can be a fantastic thing,” one editor said. “However, it sure does not taste gloomy.”


Not right into fruit? There is always the first, unadulterated”pure” taste of LaCroix. It succeeds at the center of our preference test, with a few editors stating they wanted more taste and others stating they loved it for what it was. “A very elegant canned seltzer,” one editor wrote of this”pure” LaCroix. “Not overly bubbly, which I favor, but only enough to give it a few pizzazz.”


“I have a tendency not to like seltzer that is too sour, but that is very gentle,” one editor wrote of this tangerine LaCroix. Others commended the taste’s fresh odor, with numerous tasters stating that it reminds them of eating oranges after enjoying outside sports. This seltzer had an extremely sweet taste, so if you’re searching for a beverage with a little more fruit taste, it might be a fantastic alternative.


Amid a range of rather specific LaCroix tastes, the obscure”berry” is a small puzzle. However, our testers loved this seltzer, even when they did not know precisely what was inside. “This one produces on its title, in that exact additional Lip Smackers type of manner,” one editor said. Another taster about the berry seltzer into”Fun Dip mix stirred with water.”


The seltzer’s taste had our editors considering cocktails, with several tasters saying they would use this taste for a mixer. “I would make a low-cal holiday beverage with this,” one editor said. “If that were spiked, it’d be a good deal better,” the other taster wrote. The odor of this cran-raspberry Lacroix also resembled the odor of Sprite Remix, a berry-flavored soda in the early 2000s that has been discontinued. While nothing can substitute the overdue pop-up, this LaCroix taste is a yummy, healthy substitute.


While our tasters were perplexed as to why a mango-flavored beverage was at a green could, they appreciated the seltzer’s fruity flavor. 1 taster mentioned that the strawberry LaCroix has been”loaded with taste,” yet another editor said it smelled like candies. Even among those choosiest testers, who confessed to being a Spindrift enthusiast, this taste” rather agreeable.”

Lemon & Lime

These traditional tastes are tied for the third position in our hunt for the very best LaCroix taste. “I’m biased as a lemon-lime seltzer purist, however, that one is top-notch,” one editor wrote of this lemon taste. “Refreshing and natural-tasting. Enjoy it.” In terms of the lime taste, one editor said it tasted”just like a lime peel,” while the other man preferred Sprite. Nonetheless, the lime taste could not compare with all our second-favorite LaCroix taste: Essential Lime.

Key Lime

“I like key lime flavored items, so this is a beautiful reminder of desserts I enjoy,” one taster said of this important lime seltzer. Another editor said this taste had a”lovely pie odor” and has been”sweeter than others,” that she appreciated. In case you’ve got a sweet tooth, this seltzer taste is a must-try.


As the editor that rated this seltzer in the first location clarified, the pear is an “underrated flavor” that many people forget when searching for sweet treats. But within such a taste test, pear took its rightful place on the very top. Other editors agreed that this seltzer tasted much like sausage than peaches, which was not a terrible thing. Though some tasters believed there ought to be a standalone cherry taste, this one was tasty in its own right.

Melón Pomelo

I like La Croix a lot, yet this taste was debilitating to drink. The only real way I will explain this taste is because of dirty dishwater with a hint of soggy melon or even some type of soggy vegetable. I wouldn’t ever drink this again. This is the absolute final for all my buddies and me.

Piña Phrase

I am not certain why, but minus the above La Croix Curaté taste, the Curaté La Croix tastes appear to be my favorite. This flavor tastes just like a combo of white gummy bears and virgin piña coladas, and I loved every moment of it.

Kiwi Sandía

This was the very first La Croix taste I had, so it holds a very special spot within my heart, which might be a part of the reason it’s so high in my list. Yet, I like this flavor, and it reminds me of Jolly Ranchers and the tropics.

Muare Pepino

This beverage scents and tastes to be fair such as a Lush bath bomb. I mean that in the very best way possible. Even though many of my friends thought this tasted like soap opera, I thought it was refreshing and made me feel elegant since just classy men and women put cucumbers within their beverages.

Cerise Limón

That is my family’s favorite taste together with mine. Though many of my friends didn’t like this flavor, they also clarified they don’t enjoy cherry… or lime, which is an unbiased explanation as to why this taste did not resonate together. However, what matters is that it resonated with me… correct?

Things You Didn't Know About LaCroix

25 Things You Didn’t Know About LaCroix

1. It is pronounced”Lah-Croy.”

The imitation Frenchy title is a cross between the St. Croix, a lake that runs across Wisconsin’s western boundary, and LaCrosse, the drink’s Wisconsin hometown. However, you already knew that, didn’t you?

2. It has got more in common with beer than you might think

The bubbly Bev got its start back in 1981 in GE Heileman, a tiny family-run Wisconsin brewery (although it was constantly alcohol-free). A bigger national company afterward acquired it, but it never left its modest mom-and-pop roots.

3. Its parent company, National Beverage Corp., is no Tiny potatoes

According to a trade magazine named Beverage Digest, the national pop powerhouse that bought LC in 1996 has become the fifth-largest from the nation. Not bad for a company whose stock symbol is “FIZZ.”

4. LaCroix is all-natural, but a few of its fellow manufacturers? Not so much

National Beverage Corp. is also the mastermind behind beloved regional sugar-bombs Shasta and Faygo (however, the Corp. enjoys LaCroix the maximum ).

5. But wait, is it truly all-natural??

A law firm named Beaumont Costales sure does not think so. It is currently nearing National Beverage Corp. over incorrect tagging, asserting that LaCroix includes lots of artificial additives, most densely linalool, a compound used in cockroach insecticide. Do not sweat it! Many experts concur that these ingredients are benign and may be derived naturally from fruit vapor. Phew.

6. Those fair cans sure cover a Great Deal of ground

Twelve different bottling plants disperse across the nation mean you may get your sparkling fix from sea to shining sea.

7. The largest force behind America’s current LaCraze is… carbonated soft drinks?

Or, actually, the absence thereof. Growing disinterest in standard soda in both a legislative and cultural amount coupled with a huge upsurge in bottled water consumption set the stage for LaCroix’s LaCoup (sorry/not sorry).

7. Additionally, people enjoy them some seltzer.

In the event the International Bottled Water Association is talking about the truth, the national sparkling water economy rose by a whopping 27 percent in 2017 alone. I knew I was on to something.

8. And LaCroix is seltzer, maybe not Club Soda and certainly not vitamin water

As if the title LaCroix Sparkling Water was not a dead giveaway, these lively bubbles within your car are, in actuality, sparkling water, that is only a fancier term for seltzer (or even “seltzer” if you are my cousins from Queens). Club Soda, on the other hand, is artificially-injected with sodium while vitamin water packs organic fortifiers like magnesium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Knowledge is power.

9. As demand skyrocketed, the taste range exploded

Back in 2004, LaCroix just offered six tastes. Nowadays, however, it is up to a healthful 21. #blessed

10. Remember when I said LC’s ticker symbol? Yeah, that popped its top

In 2010, older FIZZ was trading for $12 a share. Now it is up to $74. I wish I knew finances well enough to earn a witty joke, but I am at a loss. But Dad.11. An IRL angel called Rakeem composed this tribute rap, and it is Wonderful.

12. Its underground cred and surprising hipster standing has been likened to PBR

Reputable product, very low cost, retro design, and not any annoying, mind-numbing advertisements? Yeah, the concept checks out.

13. Brooklyn can not get enough of this P-A-M-P

A staffer in Whole Foods’ friggin’ ginormous Williamsburg place recently divulged that the choosy hipsters must pick the grapefruit-tinged Pamplemousse. I mean, duh, however.

14. One of these Pamp fiends made a meme account relating to this

Please read it, weep, and crack open another can.

15. Nevertheless, when it comes to Super Pamp lovers, this woman takes the cake

16. The Royal Family can not get enough

In January 2019, Glamour reported that Prince Harry gave up caffeine and alcohol in solidarity with elderly spouse and American comedian Meghan Markle (whaddup). Based on Glamour’s insider supply, the famed ginger is filling the emptiness with none other than”a crispy LaCroix.”

17. Prefer glass? Proceed to Wisconsin or Illinois.

Though today primarily made and marketed in 100% recyclable cans, it’s still possible to cop sixers of throwback 12-ounce glass bottles in pick Midwestern outposts.

18. When it comes to health, this soda is a pro

LaCroix now counts Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist Barbara Ruhs among its own, so it is pretty much the very health-conscious drink available in the industry and drinking two instances of Cran-Raspberry per day is completely great for you.

19. Whole30 gave LaCroix the official thumbs up

Jumping headfirst to a month-long elimination diet? Rest assured, you will not need to deprive yourself of yummy canned sparkling water. LaCroix is among a mere couple of drinks proudly sporting the program’s stamp of approval.

20. Even though it can nevertheless booze it up with all the finest of rem…

Believe it or not, the official site has a whole section dedicated to LaCroix-spiked cocktail recipes. It is not normal sparkling water; it is a pleasure sparkling water.

21. … and we have an all-star bartender to prove it

If you believed LaCroix microbiology a ridiculous new gimmick, consider again. We have kept Maggie Eckl of this multi-award-winning Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog in NYC to whip up eleven originals. It is simple to recreate in your home. Cheers.

22. There is another La Croix on the market, and it is as French as it seems

La Croix that translates into”The Cross” at Franco-talk, is a tiny Parisian paper catering to the Roman Catholic audience. But I am pretty certain it is not about sacred water, perhaps not only, at the least.

23. Contrary to popular belief, Joe Mande is 1,000% maybe not, and never was, LaCroix’s spokesperson

The writer-comedian tweeted all kinds of humorous crap in the coveted pop manufacturer from 2012 to 2014, hoping it would eventually take him as a formal cover boy. In early 2014, the dream died when National Beverage Corp. functioned as the Parks and Rec celebrity cease-and-desist purchase. Mande no more beverages, LaCroix.

24. Really like those completely tubular, nasty sweater-esque headphones?

LaCroix underwent a significant brand overhaul in prep because of its own mid -’90s relaunch. Its approachable, cheery, neon-hued, and adorably small ratty appearance was intended to stand in direct opposition to the institution’s perceived snobbishness.

25. It is (soda ) artwork

No joke. In 2017, dear San Francisco street artist french picked up a paintbrush and altered wild crazy can get into bonafide art for his gallery series”9 Cans of LaCroix.” Sure beats tomato soup.

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