Best Low Calorie Beer Review 2020 (Top 29)

Best Low Calorie Beer

Are you search for The best low calorie beer. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the greatest low calorie beer. Sure, low-calorie beer is excellent for your waist, but a lot of brews often taste just like they have been watered down, and that wishes to sip that? Luckily, there are ways to select a health-conscious beverage without sacrificing the taste you love. As a rule of thumb, the more complex the ABV, the greater the calorie count (most beers do not disclose their calories), so the sort of beer style does not matter just as much as the percentage alcohol by volume.

“In case you’re searching for a lower-calorie beer, start looking for ones which are between 4 and 5% alcohol by volume (ABV),” Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, nutrition, and wellness specialist, beer enthusiast, and writer of Eating in Color. Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, LDN, CPT, author of this 2-Day Diabetes Diet, recommends sticking with mild beer not as 4 percent ABV since anything lower will flavor overly watered down. “You can normally find a couple of excellent tasting beers about 95 to 120 calories a 12-ounce serving at the ABV degree,” she states.

But make sure you continue serving size in your mind, also. Just as beer is reduced calories, it does not mean that you can eliminate a six-pack. “If you’ll be drinking beer, keep in mind that the average size is about 20 ounce. Deciding on a jar over a draft can help adhere to an actual portion size, which means you understand how many calories you’re becoming,” Palinski-Wade states. Besides, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends girls stick to no more than one alcoholic drink every day and men around 2.

Whether you adore the floral notes within an IPA or enjoy the fruitiness at a sour, we piled up the best-tasting, low-calorie beers out there that’ll provide you a healthy buzz and will not give you a beer gut.

Top Best Low Calorie Beer

Top Best Low Calorie Beer

26.2 Brew Beer

26.2 Brew was created for runners. In reality, it’s the beer of the Boston Marathon. Produced by Shelley Smith, a brewer and marathon runner, 26.2 is brewed with salt water, sea salt, and coriander, making it a fantastic choice for Belgian wheat beer fans. It is golden, hazy, and so refreshing, especially after a very long term you have made it! Largeman-Roth states, “I attempted 26.2 Brew from Marathon Brewing and enjoyed it. It had enough taste and did not leave me feeling drunk, only relaxed.”

Allagash Hoppy Table Beer

If you adore the hoppy flavors in an IPA but do not need the additional calories, this dining table beer is the best way to go. Table beers normally have a very low ABV, and also this particular one from Allagash is not any different. Brewed with coriander and four distinct kinds of jumps (Chinook, Cascade, Comet, and Azacca), this light-bodied beverage is exploding with a citrus taste. Additionally, it is made with some oats to give you that smooth, creamy finish. Yum! Largeman-Roth states, “It is intended to be enjoyed during a meal without even placing you under the table.”

Southern Tier Brewing Co. 8 Days per Week Blonde Ale

Dubbed as”infinitely drinkable,” this blonde ale is ideal for beer fans who love a brew with sour notes and a bitter finish. Centennial hops give this mild brew a punch of flavor while maintaining the ABV low. Packaged in 12-ounce headphones, they are an excellent way to maintain your portion sizes in check. Have a package with you on camping trips, hikes, and cookouts.

Miller Lite

Since the all-time, calorie-friendly pilsner, Miller Lite is made for easy drinking. It is brewed with barley malt to balance the floral, fruity tastes in hops and provide a deep golden color. Refreshingly crisp rather than overly yeasty, that calorie-conscious brew assesses all our boxes.

Yuengling Light Lager

At 99 calories a 12-ounce serving, this mild beer has all of the bells and whistles you would expect in an American lager, minus the whooping calories. And since it has a gentle caramel malt taste, this mild Lager is also perfect for cooking with beer. Yuengling proposes using it to earn a hot salad dressing even since the sauce in baked beans.

Corona Light

Corona’s distinctive fruity, the hoppy taste, makes it great for pairing with hot and citrus-infused dishes. And since it is low in carbs, besides, it creates a fantastic base for cocktails. Love it with a dash of lemon juice and garnish it with a piece of lime with some salt around the borders, and you have got a yummy drink.

Guinness Draught

If you are craving a stout but do not need the added sugar and calories, Guinness has the same rich, bold chocolate and coffee taste. As one of the very first nitro beers on the current market, Guinness’s draught beers have that smooth, velvety texture you love at a beer.

Anderson Valley Framboise Rose

Inspired by increased, this gose (pronounced Goza) is brewed with rose hips and raspberry puree to get a boil brimming with a sweet and sour taste. It has also got a hibiscus sign, which makes it great for pairing with mild salads, cheeses, and fish dishes.

Founders’ All Day IPA

IPA fans will love this yummy session beer, with an assortment of malts, grains, and hops that encircle it with floral and fruity notes. With such a minimal ABV for an IPA, this light-bodied brew is a good reward for a day outside.

Sierra Nevada Sierra Veza

Whether you are lounging poolside or enjoying a picnic at the park, this Cerveza-inspired beer is light and easy to drink. It is created with Sterling jumps and caramelized malts to give it this happy daring flavor you enjoy.

Dogfish Head Brewery Slightly Mighty Low-Cal IPA

In 95 calories, you’re going to be impressed at how far hoppy taste this IPA has. To create their beverage somewhat sweeter, Dogfish Head brews with monk fruit, a no-calorie sweetener, to balance hops’ bitterness. The outcome is a hazy IPA, which has traces of lemon coconut, mango, and citrus.

Evil Twin Bikini Beer

It may seem like a sweet beer, but this beverage is anything but. Super light and easy to drink, this IPA-style beer includes a pinch of citrus taste you do not know what hit you. Even craft beer fans will guarantee a can of the stuff when it is too hot to consume anything thicker.

Saranac Brewery 100 Series

Saranac could be a classic school craft brewery, however using flaked oats and the jump mixture of Citra, Centennial, Cascade, and Columbus provides this Session IPA an identical profile to ordinary IPAs (minus the additional calories).

Firestone Walker Brewing Flies Jack

Firestone Walker implemented exactly what it learned by producing its shelf-stable New England-Style IPA (Mind Haze) to Fly Jack, Mind Haze’s reduced-calorie sibling. Dry-hopping Fly Jack using six jump varieties and utilizing wheat malts and oats disguise the beer for a NEIPA that only happens to get the advantage of calories.

Deschutes Brewery Wowza

Still another Lo-Cal Hazy, Deschutes used chicory root to greatly cut back on the malt bill while continuing to balance the jump mixture of Simcoe, Citra, and Cashmere. Much less full-bodied since a few of the other people on this listing, Wowza nevertheless does a tremendous job of departure like a Session Pale Ale because of its tropical notes and capacity to refresh a hot day.

Bell’s Brewery Light-Hearted Ale

It would be an honest error to believe that Bell’s Light-Hearted Ale is just a milder version of this mythical Two-Hearted Ale. Rather, Light-Hearted is similar to a cousin who packs its hop character (with the inclusion of Galaxy to proceed together with Centennial) yet still provides a complete body. The 8.7 g of carbohydrates is the third-highest on this listing, but mild Hearted also tastes the most like an excellent IPA.

Wallenpaupack Brewing Smallmouth Session IPA

Wallenpaupack Brewing might function as 1 brewery on this listing you have not heard of before. But that does not mean they are not creating some strong beers outside in Pennsylvania. Its latest offering is Little Mouth Session IPA, an extremely clean Session IPA that is a refreshing welcome at the ocean of Hazy IPAs nowadays.

New Belgium Brewing The Purist

For my money, I don’t think there is a more sterile beer to be published in 2020 compared to Purist in New Belgium. Concerning mind retention and mouthfeel, it is almost like if sparkling beer and water had a baby. It’s a musty white wine odor to it (and even resembles white wine); however, it’s delightful. Crappy light lagers must bow down to the Certified Organic crispy on.

Night Shift Brewing Nite Lite

Many regional and local craft breweries have begun brewing Light Lagers recently, which we are very much in favor of as a fad. However, Night Shift’s Nite Lite has been an inspiration for many others (having been published in 2016) and has been a pioneer in a restored commitment to mild sippers. The malt invoice is balanced with an adequate jump character to get a Light Lager, providing a clean and crisp finish.

Harpoon Brewery Rec League

Harpoon recognized the development of two tendencies and was among the first breweries to place a Local NEIPA as it published Rec League in ancient 2019. Being ahead of this curve is part of why it has the most calories and many carbohydrates of any beer within this listing. Nonetheless, it’s very much comparable to some NEIPA (largely ) pillowy-soft mouthfeel and tropical juiciness using the faintest little watered-down caliber as you proceed through it. However, at 3% ABV, this isn’t a dealbreaker for me.

Goose Island Beer Co. So-Lo

Off the bat, Goose Island’s So-Lo provides a full-bodied IPA flavor as a result of a mix of three jumps and usage of malts such as oat flakes, Carafoam, Pilsen, and much more. It’s a pleasant, consistently balanced bitterness that matches nicely with the jumping character and can be a beer you can drink a couple of in short order. Halfway through, the mouthfeel begins to split up, leaving you with a more recognizable beer since Lo-Cal. The same as Rec League, however, comes with the land for a few Local offerings.

Sufferfest Beer Co. Gut Check

Please leave it to the people at Sufferfest Beer Company, which is dedicated to creating beers for athletes to create an IPA using apple cider vinegar. It is a really clear and clean Gluten-Free IPA. The mouthfeel is only a bit off, but there’s no sour apple cider vinegar to taste or perhaps odor. It tasted and smelled like an IPA, and should you place this in front of somebody who did not know it’d apple cider vinegar, they would not have any clue.

Boulevard Brewing Easy Sport

The only Blond Ale with this listing, Boulevard calls this one a Rally Ale. It is an easy-drinking Blonde Ale that only exudes the garden summer vibe. Adding tangerine peel and electrolytes throughout distinct moments in the brewing process provides Easy Sport a somewhat sour, subtly salty twist over the previously mid-afternoon summertime beer fashion.

Lagunitas Brewing Co. DayTime

Tied at least quantity of carbohydrates on this listing, DayTime punches above its weight. That is thanks to the usage of Centennial and Citra hops, in addition to oats at the malt bill, most of which give this one a close-to-normal-IPA flavor. Its straw color look is somewhat deceiving in this respect, as it is a tropical leap forward beer which you could pound all day.

Ballast Point Brewing Co. Lager

Can there be a more contemporary fall-from-grace narrative in craft beer compared to this of Ballast Point? The cautionary tale of selling aside, Lager from Ballast Point, is among its beers, which have stayed unchanged. This mild Lager packs more flavor and taste than others in the class and does not provide you with the impression that you are drinking something low in calories or carbohydrates. And in the close of the afternoon, that is exactly what a fantastic Low-Calorie beer does.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold has the fewest calories of any beer within this listing. However, the refreshing flavor means that you may drink it and feel like you’re enjoying a beer. It is also USDA certified organic and free from artificial colors and flavors.

Michelob ULTRA

Additionally, Michelob Ultra brewed with no artificial flavors or colors, including a mild malty flavor and vibrant citrus odor.

Natural Light

Natural Light is also an American-style light lager. It tastes like beer but is super light and smooth in the body. It does not hurt that it is also rather inexpensive, which makes it a favorite celebration choice.

Lagunitas DayTime IPA

Here is another fantastic low-calorie IPA. Daytime scents of fruit, cherry, citrus, as well as foliage. Easy to drink and hop-forward in flavor, it is Fantastic for a day to get together.

Heineken Light

Heineken Light asserts the tastes we have come to understand in the first refreshing, clean, and sweet with a subtle bitterness using a lighter texture and fewer calories.

Drink Beer Tips



The container will impact your beverage, and these 3 firms have various processes and attributes, which may alter the taste. Your favorite beer in the jar, at a can, or on the draft may taste just a tiny bit different every way. Here is how these three kinds are different from each other:

  • Draft: When a beer is on the draft, it is probably getting used immediately and replaced regularly. Consequently, draft beers normally have the freshest flavor.
  • Bottle: Bottled beers have a great appearance, but the crystal clear glass container may influence the beer inside. When beer is exposed to oxygen and light, it loses a number of its freshness.
  • Can: Canned beer normally includes a more healthy taste than brewed. Since light can not penetrate the can, it does not have exactly the identical impact on brewed beer. Additionally, it is packed with carbon dioxide, which helps to maintain that fresh taste.

If you are grabbing a beer at a party, you may not consider how the container may influence taste. Now, the second time you are outside, you can consider this advice.


Some people do not like beer, but many have not found the ideal beer. You will find many different types, and a few might not be to everyone’s liking. Below are the main Kinds of beer:

  • Ale: this kind of beer includes a darker, cloudier look. It’s high alcohol content and a powerful, fruity, strong flavor. Additionally, it includes more bitter tones due to the greater volume of jumps in a fast, detailed fermentation. A favorite new ale is a Blue Moon.
  • Lager: Lager generally has a lighter, clearer look. It’s lower alcohol content and a pleasant, sleek, crisp taste come in the high sugar content, slow rhythmic, and cold therapy. Frequent examples of the form of beer are Heineken and Stella Artois.
  • Porter: This beer is dark, nearly black. Guinness is just one popular porter.

With so many distinct beers on the market, you can most likely find one that you’ll like if you provide various choices of opportunities. As soon as you locate your favorite beer, then you’ll get a better comprehension of these meals, which matches best with your favorite beer.


Even after you have found a beer that you love its flavor, it’s still possible to take a few actions to improve the flavor and your expertise drinking it.

When you are storing an instance of beer, maintain it in a place that’s from sunlight. Like we mentioned previously, sunlight may affect the freshness of any beer. Maintaining it in the refrigerator for a prolonged quantity of time may also alter the flavor. Ideally, you need to keep it in the fridge for approximately ten minutes before drinking it. At length, bottles must be kept standing up rather than their sides.

When you are ready to wash your beer, pour it in the middle of the glass at room temperature from approximately an inch over the glass. Frosted glasses kill the carbonation in the beer. When you have poured it, await the foam to settle, then wash it in tiny sips to enjoy the taste.

Next time you are sitting down having a fantastic beer, we all hope these tips help you appreciate it more. If you’re seeking some help picking the perfect beer, then visit Forklift & Palate to enjoy a beer out of our menu.

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