Best McDonalds Sauce 2021: Top Brands Review


Is dipping every piece of your chicken snacks in some sauce or the other your favorite thing to do? Well, most people enjoy some accompaniment with food that considerably adds an interesting taste to what’s on the plate! How boring it would be to eat fried chicken, fries, McNuggets at McDonald’s without some of their interesting dips. Have you tried out most of McDonald’s dipping sauces if not all?

So which one would you crown the best McDonald’s sauce of 2021? We are going will tell you our take on the best McDonald’s sauce after reviewing their taste and what they best accompany. Waiting to see whether our taste matches yours? Read on to discover the top McDonalds sauces.

A dipping sauce makes all the difference when it comes to fried snacks, sandwiches, and even nachos! The relationship between a sauce and a snack brings a heavenly delight inside the mouth when the tangy, sweet, sour, or pungent sauce meets the taste buds. It’s sort of difficult to pinpoint what’s the best McDonald’s sauce, but it’s worth a try. No matter which is your best Mcdonald’s sauce, but most of their dipping sauce options have the power to transform a McNugget, Mc wings, or everyone’s favorite French fries into something super delish!

Several McDonald’s dip sauces have existed before and have been discontinued as they did not strike the right cord with foodies. However, these 7 best McDonald’s sauces still thrive because they are prepared with a burst of wonderful flavors that make you ask for more.

Wondering what’s the big deal about knowing the top McDonald’s sauces? Trust us! There’s a perfectly good reason. It will help you decide which one you want to ask for while placing your order for your favorite snacks or meal.

Best Mcdonalds Sauces

Top 7 Mcdonalds Sauces

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1. Honey Mustard

That’s easy to choose, isn’t it? The two most obvious ingredients are right there- honey and mustard which makes it tangy with a hint of sweetness. It’s a burst of flavor, or call it a ‘flavor bomb’! With a slight peppery note, this sauce goes well for those who do not mind a slightly spicy and tangy taste. No, it’s not hot like chilies but a tingling heat with soothing sweet notes lingering inside the mouth. To add a sweet surprise tiny chunks of pineapple offer an added flavor. The balanced salt and vinegar maintain a good equilibrium of all the flavors.

This sauce combines well with McNuggets, onion rings, fries, and the scrumptious McBites. To round it up, the honey mustard sauce makes food even more lip-smacking. For people who love little surprise flavors in their food, this could be their best McDonald’s sauce of the year!

If you are bold enough to try new things, mix this sauce with your homemade shrimp recipes or add a dash to eggs to elevate their flavor to a new high!

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2. Spicy Buffalo

The consistency of the spicy buffalo sauce is neither too thin nor too dense for a dipping sauce. If the name spicy buffalo makes you think of too much heat…relax! It surely has a touch of cayenne but that’s balanced with the sourness of vinegar. Neither too tangy nor too spicy, this sauce has the secret of making even bland food interesting within minutes. A small pack of this sauce can add a strong punch to your food. The peppery sauce seasoned with salt, garlic powder, natural flavor, and butter, best complements McNuggets, chicken McPieces, and even the onion rings.

For those who like mild, spicy sauces as their go-to accompaniment for fried snacks, Spicy Buffalo sauce can be easily called their best sauce for its subtle heat and lingering flavor.

3. Hot Mustard

Let’s agree…mustard is not everyone’s favorite. For those who like pungent punch and mild heat, the hot mustard sauce makes a good dipping sauce. It goes well with fried chicken or any other fried snacks, sandwiches, and burgers.

If you are expecting something really hot to come out of the pack then do not keep your expectations too high. It will not set fire on your tongue but will not leave you completely disappointed in the spicy quotient. You may not realize it instantly at the very first bite, but gradually the sauce will make it more potent giving out what it’s supposed to…. ‘A tingling flavor’! It’s one of the best sauces for any savory dish. The McDonald’s hot mustard takes the taste level of any food to a notch higher.

The reason for McDonald’s offering their hot mustard sauce only in selected markets may be the sharp taste added to the sauce by the zesty Dijon. Tolerating and enjoying the sudden surprise that mustard offers to the taste buds is not everyone’s cup of tea! What you need to remember before adding it to your food is that it is mustard….but the catchword is – hot mustard!

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4. Sweet ‘N Sour

Neither too sweet, nor too sour…well there isn’t an exact word to express the taste! What we want to say is that the sweet and sour sauce at McDonalds is a good balance of flavors. There is a mild lingering heat, a slight note of savory, peach, and apricot is recognizable if you look closely….sorry….taste closely enough.

A hint of red pepper, that’s where this sauce gets its tanginess. It has a kind of syrupy consistency like most sweet and sour sauces from other brands. The sweetness comes from caramel puree and fruity note that can be recognized easily is a gift from the wisely added peach. Moreover, it has got a unique flavor most people enjoy.

This is not a very popular McDonald’s sauce so we won’t call it the best McDonald’s sauce but would surely include it in the list of the top McDonald’s sauces.

For those who believe in having their food adventures…mix this sauce with hummus, spread it on bread, or mix a teeny-tiny bit to your salad to add an exciting new flavor.

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5. Tangy BBQ

Let’s be honest…it’s more BBQ and less tangy! It’s got that smoky note that you expect from anything with a name BBQ. Tangy…well it is with a hint of sweetness that mellows down the extreme heat but keeps it spicy enough to be enjoyable.

Tomato, red wine, and vinegar with dried chili peppers are the most recognizable ingredients in this McDonald’s sauce. It is one of the most popular sauces and goes extremely well with fries, fried chicken snacks, burgers, or any food that can be paired with the lingering smokiness of barbeque.

Onion powder, garlic powder, and some secret spices make the tangy BBQ flavorful. There’s nothing not to like in this sauce.

Well, go for it if you can handle the sharp tanginess or just stay clear of it!

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6. Creamy ranch

This sauce is just as expected! Creamy and fluffy… aren’t those the words that define ranch sauce the best? It’s super creamy with the right mix of herbs with the most prominent one being parsley.

Onion powder, garlic, and pepper make it more flavorful. It’s got the right sweetness paired with just a hint of tanginess. The thickness is just right for a ranch dip that you would love to dip your McNuggets in.

It contains milk and egg so you can strike it out of your list if you are vegan. You can try some of their other sauces instead.

Hugely popular, the creamy ranch sauce can be called one of the best Mcdonalds Sauces to be tried with chicken tenders and sandwiches.

7. Signature Sauce

The McDonald’s signature sauce has a sophisticated combination of tastes that’s difficult to define. Did you know this sauce was initially designed to go together with McDonald’s crispy buttermilk chicken tenders? There’s no sauce that can’t compliment other food.

This mildly sweet, strong-flavored, thousand island-style sauce pairs well with fries, Mc Nuggets, or you can use it to add a burst of flavors to your sandwiches too. Without trying out the McDonald’s signature sauce the adventure of exploring their sauces is quite incomplete we would say.

Some people who are looking for a creamier, flavor-packed, punchy sauce often find it rather bland. However, it is a must-try sauce with McNuggets, and the crispy battered chicken to find out if it’s your go-to sauce from the top Mcdonald’s sauces.

Homemade Best Mcdonalds Sauces

Finest Homemade Mcdonalds Dipping Sauce

No matter what the best McDonald’s Sauce is for the others, if the signature sauce impresses you a lot, you can always dish out your very best right in your home kitchen. We have a recipe that’s closest to the signature sauce. Of course, you have all the freedom to make modifications to suit your palate. Balance the sweetness, heat, or tangy touch as you like but if you want the exact taste stick close to our recipe.

Nah! It’s not a difficult task at all to make your signature dipping sauce at home that tastes quite like something you would pick up at Mcdonald’s to dip your fried chicken. It’s a quick recipe that you can churn out and keep in your refrigerator for a while to accompany your homemade chicken snacks, sandwiches, fried beans, burgers, tempura, and more.

If you are one of those who do not fret from trying out new ways of adding sauce to your recipes – you could also add a dash of this clone of McDonald’s dipping sauce to your eggs, salads, rice, soups, to accelerate the flavor. Better still, it’s a great way to make your movie night snacks and burgers tastier. Have it your way….Here comes the recipe!

Get this

  • Cherry preserves – 1/4 cup
  • Apricot preserves – 1/4 cup
  • Yellow mustard – 1/2 tsp
  • White vinegar – 5 tsp
  • Cornstarch – 1/2 tsp
  • Soy sauce – 1/2 tsp
  • Light corn syrup – 2 tbsp
  • Garlic powder – 1/8 tsp
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp
  • Water – 2 tbsp
Do this

Do this

  1. Pour all the mentioned ingredients except water in a blender or a food processor.
  2. Keep churning till you get a smooth mixture and a semi-thick consistency.
  3. Pour out the mixture in a small saucepan and place it on moderate heat. Add water and keep stirring at regular intervals till the mixture comes to a boil.
  4. Keep stirring often and allow it to boil for five minutes. When the sauce looks thick enough remove it from the heat. Allow it to sit and cool naturally.
  5. Store the sauce in a dry container with a lid in the refrigerator.

This recipe makes approximately 3/4 cups of signature sauce.

That sounds easy, doesn’t it? Once you try it out, it’s going to be the go-to sauce that you would like to add to almost anything. If your taste buds ask for more heat drop some red chilies or pepper to elevate the sharp, heat note by a notch! If you relish a tangy zing, add a splash of extra vinegar to make your taste buds happy!

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