Top 26 Best Microwave Under 100 Review 2020

For fast reheating or cooking, a microwave is a vital kitchen appliance. The very best microwaves below $100 provide at least 700 to 1,100 watts of electricity and are the ideal size for your area. Remember that a budget-friendly pick in this price range will be a counter microwave that can be conveniently portable and easy to install; however, it will not free up counter space or provide venting as pricier over the range versions can. Are you search for the best microwaves under 100. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best microwave under 100.

Microwave Under 100

Microwave under $100 buying guide


Your family’s size and your available space can allow you to figure out how large of a microwave you will want. Ensure that you measure your accessible kitchen property to guarantee a microwave’s measurements will function for your area. Next, consider the unit’s inherent capability. A compact size microwave toaster (0.5 to 1.3 cubic feet) should serve a couple of individuals, even though a household of four or even more could probably require a bigger microwave oven (approximately 1.4 to 2 cubic feet).


Additionally, it is essential to be aware that microwaves with higher wattage may cook food faster to save much more time. Microwave wattage ranges from approximately 600 to 1,200 g, but look for people with 700 watts to make sure your food is cooked evenly. Larger and higher-wattage microwaves are far expensive.


Microwaves can include many features, but in case you are mainly reheating food and producing java, you may be happy with a more straightforward appliance that lacks bells and whistles. As much as ten energy levels are typical, and a few microwaves will also have handy buttons using automatic presets for popular choices like pizza, popcorn, or fast adding 30 minutes of cooking time.

With this in mind, here would be the most excellent cheap microwave oven, and there is one for every sort of kitchen area. Each choice is highly rated on Amazon with thousands of testimonials.

Top best microwave under 100 brands

Top best microwave under 100 brands 2020

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS 1.2 Cu. Ft

Closer to the 100 marks, the EM131A5C-BS is somewhat more spacious than any other choice on this listing. Just sitting in 1.2 cu. Ft. of pit volume, the microwave greater homes bigger dinner plate. Corresponding to more excellent capability, the turntable diameter inside this unit steps 12.4 inches.

Farberware Classic 1.1 Cubic 

Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB is just one of the highest-rated Microwave Ovens on Amazon that sells under $100. Combining a compact footprint using an appropriately big cooking pit, this unit brings together the very best of both worlds. The microwave includes a generous 1.2 Cu. Ft. cooking cavity having a satisfactorily large 12.4-inch glass turntable inside.

AmazonBasics 0.7 cu. Ft. Countertop 

If you are short on counter space or want to get a microwave for some other reason, this device out of AmazonBasics has you covered. Having a tight footprint of 17.3″ x 14.1″, the microwave hardly requires bothers you to readjust your countertop appliances.

Black+Decker EM031MB11 1.1 Cu. Ft. 

Coming in at number 4, take a look at this elegant, sleek and practical microwave out of Black+Decker. Priced just under $100, this microwave includes mild steel chastity outside, reasonably ample cooking pit of 1.1 Cu. Ft. and an adequate power output of 1000 watts. This microwave includes layout criteria usually found at the very best wall mount and wall oven microwave combos.

Panasonic 0.9 Cu. Ft. Countertop

The Panasonic NN-SB458S is a decorative microwave oven acceptable for smaller kitchens. As a result of the appropriate size, the microwave matches virtually anywhere with complete simplicity. Also, the highly effective 900-Watt cooker can quickly defrost large suspended parts of edibles.

Toshiba 0.9 Cu. Ft. 

Elegant, streamlined, and virtuous; this countertop microwave out of Toshiba is possibly the most effective rated for everyday use. With suitable one-touch features such as pizza, bread, and popcorn, you don’t need to program the appliance every time for such regular meals.

Daewoo 0.7 Cu. Ft. Retro 

For those folks who are into retro appearing appliances, this 1 form Daewoo may only please you like no other with this listing. This microwave is quite pretty to look at, and although marginally more compact than many microwaves, it readily matches a normal-sized plate. If you’re prepared to sacrifice some performance and capacity for aesthetics, we urge you to this particular model.

Magic Chef 0.9 Cu. Ft. 

This microwave variant Magic Chef is ideal for smaller countertops a perfect choice for those searching for a pointed microwave oven for everyday usage. The oven includes a 900-Watt energy rating that lets it cook dishes at a considerably faster rate. The toaster is provided with detector cooking quality that allows the machine to precisely adjust the temperature and time settings. The user interface is also very convenient, with eight one-touch buttons.

Danby 1.1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave

Here is another good-looking, adequately sized countertop microwave within this budget section this 1.1 Cu. Ft. (31 L) countertop microwave has been outfitted with 1000 watts of cooking power. This provision equates to rapid defrosting, reheating, and cooking styles. Coming into the cooking versatility, it’s ten different power amounts; significance, it is possible to fine-tune your dishes just how you like them.

RCA 0.9 Cu. Ft. 

This microwave variant RCA is a very cost-efficient version. Being priced below $100, it’s the features that may be compared with all other toaster ovens overpriced. It’s a compact version and fits in tiny countertops. It includes a power rating of 900 watts that makes it a little model together with the power equal to bigger versions.

Sharp ZSMC0710BB 

If you adore sleek appliances in your kitchen, you may love the toaster. It has several features you will find crucial while cooking or defrosting yesterday’s lunch. This product can be simple to utilize and preserve, which adds to its advantages. All this is topped by an outstanding cost, making it our pick for the ideal value microwave. This compact microwave toaster takes up hardly any space, which is perfect if you’re low on the kitchen space. The carousel isn’t the greatest, but considering its cost, it’s relatively negligible.

Emerson Radio MW1338SB 

This oven is as big as it’s powerful. It’s the best appliance which will match your kitchen. The oven’s energy output is 1100W and can be packed with features that produce cooking easy and professional grade. To be honest, this toaster has a cost of over $100. However, it’s always accessible provides, making it a fantastic thing. This microwave oven is an excellent addition to your house or the workplace. It warms up reasonably fast, which is extremely convenient. It’s also simple to use, and also the energy choices are fantastic.

Hamilton Beach Copper Finishes Microwave

This toaster is a slick and fantastic looking appliance. It’ll complement modern kitchens perfectly. The aluminum finish appears visually elegant, but this isn’t all. With pre-programmed menus and LED screens and weight and time reduction, this oven will cook and defrost your meals right away. It’s an output of 1000W and distinct power levels, making it a fantastic purchase. This oven combines exceptional performance with fantastic layouts and will increase the total appearance of your kitchen. If you enjoy the aluminum end, this may be the best microwave beneath 100.

HB-101 White Microwave

This oven is for all those who prefer their appliances to be slick and simple with no frills. It’s a stark white layout and compact but very strong. Having the output of 1000W in addition to several other features, it is going to improve your cooking abilities in the kitchen. This oven is small and efficient. It’s a no-nonsense layout that’s ideal for homes, offices, and dorms also.

Kenmore Elite Black 70719 

Though this microwave oven is promoted as a countertop microwave version, it can easily match any little kitchen rather effortlessly. You may cook, heat, and defrost utilizing this oven in your home or at your dorm. With numerous power settings in addition to preset menus for popular foods, you’ll not have a problem working with this oven. This oven is as simple as they come. It’s not a fancy appliance, but it works well, and that’s what matters.

Magic Chef Countertop Oven

This 900W countertop is constructed from steel chastity using a silver-colored cupboard. It’s simple but has many features that make it a fantastic performer. This countertop microwave may be the ideal solution if you’re low in the kitchen area. It has all of the required features, and we frankly did not find any fault with it.

Nostalgia RMO7RR Retro Microwave

Are you seeking a retro countertop for your kitchen? Look no further than the RMO7RR Retro out of Nostalgia. It’s a metallic red oven with chrome accents, which makes a fantastic statement. It’s the settings among all of the ovens on our listing. Additionally, it includes different features, including an electronic clock. The buttons with this toaster are too large, which makes them simple to use. This streamlined counter toaster won’t get just warmth and cook your dishes. This will cause a statement appliance in your kitchen.

Magic Chef MCD770CW 

This retro-looking countertop has a lot of features you will enjoy. It’s quite compact and takes up minimum space in the kitchen. Different power settings permit you to maximize cooking, whereas both rotary dials provide it an old-world appearance. If you’re somebody who enjoys the retro-looking appliances, then you need to consider this microwave. It’s compact, stylish, and does precisely the task of heating and cooking perfectly.

Nostalgia RMO7AQ Retro 0.7 cu ft 700-Watt Countertop Oven

Nostalgia RMO7AQ Microwave Oven includes 12 pre-programmed cooking preferences, delay timer, and state cooking choices to get handy control and cooking. Together with the management alternatives and 700 watts of cooking power, it provides optimum heating and energy required to cook and reheat your meals.

Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven

This Panasonic’s product includes the mixture of innovation and power to provide you exceptional cooking functionality. The 900-volt electricity system will nourish your meals faster and offer you food completing. You’ll have the ability to cook a broad assortment of food on this particular machine readily.

Daewoo KOR-7LREW Retro 

Although this product includes relatively less auto cook menu alternatives, it’s enriched with other useful choices. This super functionality microwave oven can provide you results better than several different larger microwave oven available on the marketplace. It appears to heat things very quickly and evenly.

COSTWAY Retro Countertop Oven

COSTWAY Retro Countertop Oven stands out from the marketplace with outstanding viewing window, five microwave power settings and 360°equally heating purposes, etc.. The energy level is adjustable from 100% to 20 percent which permits you to correct the energy following your different demands during heating or cooking your meals.

COMFEE’ AM720C2RA-G Retro Style Countertop Oven

Featuring with a 700-volt grid with ten power levels placing choices, COMFEE’ AM720C2RA-G Microwave Oven lets you cook all kinds of food in a shorter period. Also, it includes a clock and kitchen timer to create your cooking enjoyable and smooth. At precisely the same time, you can conserve energy by employing the energy-saving alternative.

Toshiba EM925A5A-SS Microwave Oven

Toshiba’s product is the very best choice if you prefer more electricity. With 900 watts power capacity, ten energy setting choices, and pre-programmed menus, you’ll have the ability to cook and reheat your food with finishing relatively faster than most other microwave ovens available on the industry nowadays.

Farberware FMO11AHTBKB 1.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Oven

Farberware FMO11AHTBKB Microwave Oven is the most effective microwave concerning wattage at listing our very best microwave below $100 review. We’ve included this microwave among the list since we believed that many you want more wattage, including all the essential features you need in the kitchen.

BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

This BLACK+DECKER’s product has a broadly used 700-volt grid using ten power settings. Therefore it’s effective at providing you quicker cooking outcomes. With distinct power setting choices, you’ll also enjoy versatile cooking and reheating all kinds of foods.

Microwave Beneath 100

Microwave Beneath 100 FAQs

How do I select a microwave oven?

Deciding on a microwave oven comes down to your own needs and financial plan. Once you take careful consideration of everything you require, there are three forms of microwave ovens that you may pick from.

They can be: (a) Countertop microwave ovens. All these are all compact, portable, and reasonably priced.

They also don’t require any setup and may be used directly from the box. (b) Built-In microwave ovens. As its name implies, they need a professional to install it.

They have a good deal of features. However, they’re more costly and can also be challenging to transport. (c) Over the range, microwave ovens. These kinds of microwaves are even more useful, have more features but are even more expensive, rather than take friendly. Another facet is that the baking capacity of a microwave. If you’re into baking, convection microwave is precisely what you ought to receive.

What’s the smallest product when buying a microwave?

The microwave that’s compact yet functional is roughly 0.5 cubic feet. Its small size won’t occupy a great deal of counter space. However, you may also match a 10-inch dinner plate. You’ll also have the ability to eat many meals, defrost cook a few food things. If you’re planning to obtain the smallest microwave, it needs to be compact with a slick design. But it shouldn’t be too small you can’t cook inside because it defeats the appliance purpose.

What’s the ideal wattage to get a microwave?

The wattage of the microwave will change based on the microwave’s kind and dimensions. The ideal wattage to get a compact countertop toaster is from 900W into 1000W. This won’t just nourish your meals a good deal quicker but more evenly too.

< strong>Just how long can microwaves last?

Many microwaves have a life span of five to eight decades. Some will last more, but you probably will need to substitute a microwave every ten decades. But this duration will depend on how many times you use the appliance and how you utilize it. Should you apply the oven every day and subject it to rough handling and likewise don’t keep it frequently, do not be shocked if the device goes from the sequence in a couple of years. Additionally, the microwave oven has to be operated utilizing a proper electric socket. Microwaves are heavy-duty appliances and can lead to a fire hazard when used on extension cords.

Do microwaves want a port?

The solution is, it depends. Some microwaves are equipped with built-in venting, so it eliminates the cooking aromas and cools the gadget. This is very true when you’ve got smaller microwave components. But in case you’ve got a large-sized oven in the kitchen and cook a good deal of food frequently, then it’s a great idea to put in another port for your furnace. This is vital so that your house does not get clogged with food odor, which can be very uncomfortable.


Microwave ovens have revolutionized contemporary kitchens. This appliance saves time, energy, and fuel to facilitate a much better quality of life. But recent versions are priced way too large in exchange for a few wise features. If you’re searching for something that may be used for microwave and ventilation smoke out of the gas cooktops, check out our listing of Over that the Range Microwave Ovens.

The industry, however, has each variant. Some are rather priced, while some priced higher. We’ve tried our very best to decide on the most reasonably priced microwave ovens and all vital features in this guide. We compiled this listing of microwave toaster accessible under 100$ to assist families searching for a microwave oven perfect for everyday use.

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