Best Rum Brands Review 2020: Top 20+

Are you search for The Best Rum Brands. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the greatest rum brands. Rum is a staple when it comes to putting together your home pub. It is good for mixing beverages such as piña coladas, mojitos, dim, and stories, so many more. Like many liquors, many varieties are best for making into beverages, and many others that are better for appreciating the stones.

It comes down to the aging and purification process. Before we enter all of the finest bottles you can purchase, let us break down the various types of rum and exactly what they are used for, whether redeemed or as a base for rum cocktails.

What's Rum Produced

What’s Rum Produced?

Rum is produced by fermenting and distilling molasses or pure sugarcane. That is about the only real criteria for making rum. Unlike many spirits, there are no strict limitations and not many production requirements on the invention of rum.

However, most rums (and the best beers ) come in the areas where sugarcane and molasses are produced, like the Caribbean and South American nations, the Philippines, and India. The trick to good rum is quality sugarcane and proper aging at a hot, humid climate. These tropical regions provide equally.

The first step into rum production would be to combine sugarcane juice or molasses with yeast and water. This mix is then dried in a pot or column. But, pot distillation generally produces fuller-tasting rums (thus the reason pot stills can also be employed for whiskey and Cognac).

After distillation includes aging, although very few important rum-producing nations have prerequisites for aging processes, many rums are aged at least a year. This aging generally occurs in oak bourbon casks, providing rum that slight brown hue. And since rum is generally produced in hot tropical places, it evolves much quicker than alcohol produced in different planet fields.

Once properly obsolete, rum is generally blended to guarantee superior taste. Some milder rums are filtered to get a much lighter shade, whereas darker runs occasionally receive a caramel dash to deepen the shade.

Types Of Rum

Types Of Rum

White or Clear Rum

White or apparent rums are aged a couple of years and then filtered to eliminate any shade they might acquire through the aging process. Hence, they seem clear in the jar. All these rums have a light, mild body, which makes them great for mixing into beverages where you do not need to have the liquor taste to be too overpowering, including a monitor.

Gold Rum

While rum is obsolete, usually in oak barrels, it takes on different colors. Gold or moderate rums possess a darker color than apparent rums and also have traces of vanilla, almond, and citrus notes due to the aging process. This rum is best utilized in cocktails that need a more conspicuous rum flavor or baking recipes such as rum cake.

Dark Rum

Dark rum is aged the longest of all of the kinds of rum. The process occurs in wooden casks, that gives it a dark color and a smokey taste. This rum is excellent for sipping due to its complex tastes.

Spiced Rum

Spiced rums are aged for roughly precisely the same period as dark rum, but spices have been inserted into the barrels to provide them with a special taste. These rums are ordinarily flavored with various seeds, dried fruits, edible flora, ginger, and cinnamon, one of the other spices.

How To Eliminate Rum

How To Eliminate Rum

Rum is a flexible soul when it comes down to ingesting. Since rum fluctuates so much, the preferred way of jelqing depends on the rum you are drinking. Nicer rums, specifically dark and gold rums, are good on the stones or even directly. Navy rum may likewise be sipped from the strong-souled, but honestly, it is just plain fun, so we recommend leaning back shots when you are in the mood for a crazy night (crazy and accountable, of course).

If you do not need to drink rum right, you will find some of the rum-based cocktails, which can undoubtedly be the most popular way to enjoy rum. You’ve got loads of alternatives, from the timeless Rum and Coke to tropical beaches. White and golden rums are perfect for many cocktails, but outdated rums can bring some elegance to craft cocktails too. Mix them up at a Mai tai, a daiquiri, a mojito, or some of those wonderful rum cocktails your brain can conjure up.

Top Best Rum Brands

Top Best Rum Brands

Mount Gay

Barbados’s Mount Gay has existed in 1 form or another for about 300 decades, but master blender Trudiann Branker has just held her name in the distillery for a bit more than a year. However, she has made a large impact upon a number of those core expressions from the portfolio. The ages of the rum from the Dark Barrel blend have grown from two-to-seven decades to three-to-seven decades, and the end time in greatly charred bourbon barrels was radically expanded from four months to six months, actually amping up the tastes.

For XO, the mix’s age range has changed too, and rum aged in cognac barrels has become contained. This past year, Branker donated her initial Master Blender Collection saying named Mount Gay Pot Still Rum, dried in pot stills, rather than the regular mixture of column and pot stills. We need to see more particular releases in this way in the next several years.

The Real McCoy

Foursquare is just another Barbados distillery famous for creating great rum, a few of which can be sold under other names. The Real McCoy is just one of those, and creator Bailey Pryor was attracted to learn distiller Richard Seale’s no-bullshit approach, no sugar or flavor added. There are now three chief expressions, aged three decades, five decades, and 12 years in bourbon barrels. Most recently, a 14-year-old rum combined the household in a discharge of merely six million bottles. That dedication to transparency appeals to a lot of committed drinkers.

Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate master blender Joy Spence, the first woman to hold that job name, considers there must be two sorts of rum: flavored rum (with sugar) and accurate rum (no sugar added). In Fred Minnick’s publication Rum Curious, she’s quoted as stating, “You wish to include sugar? It’s possible. However, both should be split.” By legislation, Jamaican rum isn’t permitted to have sugar added, and also, the standard of Appleton Estate’s earthy rums reveals why it is not needed.

The 12 and 21 years old expressions are exceptional (and the latter is comparatively cheap, considering its age), and you will find even older bottles such as the 25th old Joy Anniversary Blend, that includes rum aged around approximately 35 decades and was produced to commemorate Spence’s 20 years in the distillery. This can be high-end rum for both severe sippers and individuals who wish to produce a great cocktail.


Alexandre Gabriel, the owner of Maison Ferrand, takes a cue from his native France because of his Plantation Rum brand. Sugar is occasionally added to the rum, and Gabriel contrasts it to the java production dose. The business is upfront about it (the site includes detailed advice ), which goes a very long way from the spirits sector. A variety of bottlings are sourced from nations around the Caribbean, most of which are obsolete for another period in French cognac casks.

And there are several bottles to research from Plantation, such as a variety of only cask expressions and classic releases from Fiji, Panama, and Peru. Two new releases coming out this summer will be the Isle of Fiji rum, a permanent accession to the portfolio that is dated for two to three years at ex-bourbon casks and yet another year at Ferrand Cognac casks, and the Fiji 2005 limited-edition classic, aged for 14 years in bourbon barrels and yet another year at cognac casks.

Holmes Cay

Holmes Cay is concentrated on something: releasing the most effective single cask rum, it could detect, with no glucose or adulterants added. These bottles are fairly high-octane, with ABVs ranging from about 55 percent to some hefty 64 percent. But add a little water if this sounds a little extreme, and the tastes begin to glow. You will find two new releases on the brand.

The first is that a 2004 vintage from Fiji will be 100 percent pot still rum aged for 12 years at ex-bourbon barrels, then a second four years in American oak casks in Britain. The next launch is Guyana Port Mourant Demerara 2005, which can be distilled in a dual wooden pot still (the manufacturer states this is the only one presently in use) in Demerara Distillers, before being aged for 15 years in used American oak barrels in the United kingdom. These are rugs you ought to take your time with, how you have a complex scotch whisky.


Diplomático is produced from Venezuela from molasses and sugarcane honey. The distillery explains as “the syrup leftover after the initial boiling of sugarcane,” using a high sugar content molasses. Reserva Exclusiva is a steadfast spirit to get in your house pub, made in many different still forms, and aged for up to 12 years in oak casks. The higher-end Ambassador is also rather fine, a rum aged for no less than 12 years in pine before being completed for a couple of years at PX sherry casks.

The Most Recent launch, Pot Still Rum, is the third in Diplomático’s Distillery Collection. The trilogy is intended to showcase the various procedures of distillation. Therefore this one focuses independently on copper pot stills. Venezuelan legislation allowed some sugar to be added into the rum through aging, but the sweetness matches a palate filled with walnut, banana, and vanilla.

Rhum JM

On the island of Martinique, the rum produced is called Rhum Agricole, indicating a significant differentiation. Rather than using molasses to create the soul, sugarcane juice is dried and fermented into something which is somewhat recognizable but decidedly distinct. Attempt Rhum JM’s white rum to experience how exceptional the soul is, with earthy and mountainous notes matching this dry, aged rum.

The newest take Cognac’s cues concerning era designations, VO, VSOP (aged three decades ), and XO expressions. Additionally, some superb classic releases to attempt range from 10 to 15 years of age and bottled at cask strength.

Don Q

Bacardi is the largest rum distillery in Puerto Rico. Still, Destileria Serralles creates the most popular so much as the locals are worried: Don Q. This cheap rum is called after Don Quixote and has existed since the end of Prohibition.

The brand includes a ton of unique expressions, such as an añejo consisting of a mix of rum aged from three to five decades, a few single barrel discharges, along with an intriguing Vermouth Cask End that spending four to six months in Italian walnut vermouth barrels following aging in American oak for five to eight decades. Among the latest releases was the Dual Aged Sherry Cask Finished rum, which adds yet another layer of dried fruit sweetness into the soul.


When you consider a Dark and Stormy, Goslings wants you to consider its rum, and its rum alone. In reality, the manufacturer has trademarked the cocktail’s name, insisting that it has to be produced out of Gosling’s Black Seal rum and Gosling’s ginger beer. You will (probably) be secure, which makes it together with anything rum you fancy in the home.

But there is a motive: Goslings is as popular as it is: It is inexpensive and goes down simply. Goslings do not have a distillery; rather, the Bermuda-based business sources barrel from some other nations, ages, mixes in Bermuda, and ships the rum into Kentucky for bottling.

The rum in Black Seal is aged in bourbon barrels for many decades. However, that dark color is amplified by molasses from among those distillates from the final mix, based on Malcolm Gosling. If you’re searching for something more complicated, have a look at Papa Seal Single Bit, a tasty 15-year-old rum that’s published in very limited amounts.

Rhum Barbancourt

Much like Martinique, Haiti produces Rhum Agricole generated from sugarcane juice rather than molasses. Rhum Barbancourt is the biggest and finest known rum producer on the island, using an affordable and accessible range with different age announcements.

It provides solid possibilities for sipping on its putting to use in an intriguing cocktail. Included in these are the high-end Estate Reserve, a 15-year-old soul that’s best enjoyed neat or possibly with a massive ice block; 3 Star, that is aged for four years regardless of the title; and Pango Rhum, an aged rum that’s flavored with macerated pineapples and mangos.

Ron Zacapa

Founded in Guatemala, Ron Zacapa distills its rum in 2,300 meters above sea level from Quetzaltenango’s highlands to make sure it has a unique-tasting soul. It is a well-known brand that unites the richness, mastery, and quality to make a range of flavorful bottles.

Unlike its title, Ron Zacapa 23 Year Centenario is not entirely obsolete for 23 decades. It is a jar that unites rums aged for between six and 23 decades. It won the award for”best rum in the world” for five years running in earlier times. It is a genuine work of art that is wonderfully complicated, offering honeyed butterscotch and spiced fruit one of several other subtle notes.

Sip it neat or with just one big ice block to bring other tastes of oak, vanilla, dried fruits, and a hot touch of cinnamon and ginger. The smooth and long finish delivers a hint of smoky marzipan. It is a great all-rounder jar for rum pros and beginners alike, providing an experience on the palate and tons of complex scents.


Facundo supplies a variety of lavish, high-end flying rums that stand tall over several different brands. It is a brand that appeals to people that have a palate for extra-aged spirits that tell a story. No part of this process is hurried with all the Facundo brand, from choosing only the maximum quality sugarcane to optimizing the fermenting and distilling. Each offering also includes a different flavor profile, a bold blend of rums, plus a promise of pleasure.

Facundo’s Paraiso is possibly the band’s greatest: Paraiso is Latin for”heaven,” This bottle does not fall short of this name. It is the priciest in the brand’s rum collection and contains the maximum depth. XA or even”extra green” provides an unparalleled mix of dark rums aged around 23 years with a deep amber color. It combines a few of the earliest, most enviable rums to produce a remarkably smooth and simmer jar ideal for sipping. Take pleasure in the tasting notes of chocolate, dark caramel, and toasted walnuts. It is the finest top-shelf rum on the list.

Flor de Caña

Despite its low price point, Flor de Caña is famous for being a premium brand with some excellent rum offerings. It is a sustainable and organic brand that prides itself on assisting the environment and utilizing renewable energy resources to produce its soul. The brand continues to be distilling rum for at least 130 decades and includes a portfolio of exceptional quality rugs for each event.

The 4-Year-Old rum is a white rum out of Nicaragua. Aged with no extra sugar, it is light-bodied and ideal for cocktails. It’s a sweet odor of vanilla and almonds with notes of chocolate and orange onto the palate. Fairtrade certified it is a jar with intense innocence that is a fantastic”go-to” white rum. It is typically utilized in Daiquiris and has a superb flavor because of its cost.

Don Papa

Don Papa is a superior old, single-island rum in the Philippines, offering richly comprehensive bottles with lots of tastes to match. It is a distillery that does not shy away from showing its personality, with bold branding and high-quality components.

It is a comparatively youthful brand, starting in 2012, but one that’s slowly working its way up the positions in the realm of rum. Don Papa distills sugarcane in the Philippines’ sugar funding, Negros, before adding the liquid for two years in American oak barrels. The result was that the nation’s first sipping rum.

Don Papa’s 10 Year is a limited edition release. It offers a similar flavor profile into the first seven-year but uses a slightly higher ABV and a deeper, richer, and darker flavor. The 10-year is obsolete for three years in re-charred barrels and contains dried fruits, cacao, and a hint of walnut. Sip it neat or on the stones for optimum flavor possible.


As a new Banks is about exploration. From its title, which comes in the 18th-century explorer and botanist Sir Joseph Banks, to its offering, which unites over 20 rums of ages from Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, and Indonesia. It firmly believes that this way of mixing rums from various areas is a fantastic way to give a complicated and characterful rum and its bottles concur.

Banks’ 5 Isle Blend Rum does exactly this: taking a mix of five rums aged between three and 12 years in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana before incorporating Batavia Arrack out of Java. The result is an intensely flavorful beverage: stuffed with creamy, spicy, vanilla, and cinnamon notes. It is an interesting, comprehensive rum with loads of depth.


A family name, it is difficult to go wrong with a jar of Diplomatico. The newest originate from Venezuela and is now among the largest rum producers in the nation. Diplomatico intends to encourage its home nation through its rum production by providing sustainable projects and maintaining the environment’s health at its core. The brand employs an ecological therapy process to convert residual water to fertilizer because of its sugarcane.

Its achievement is continuing by its rum production, with lots of awards under its belt. Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva is among its brand’s mid-range offerings, combining a reasonable price with a massive mouthful of flavor. The jar alone has won over 20 awards, making it among the planet’s most awarded rums This jar is aged for up to 12 decades and unites mostly sweet flavors such as fruit cake, rum, raisin ice cream, ginger, ginger, cinnamon, and clove. It is a dark, golden rum that is flavorful and smooth.


Hailing from Georgia, United States, Richland is an award-winning property distillery and retains the title of being the sole single estate distillery from the States. The title comes from the city where the rum is produced. Richland also utilizes submerged land, natural waters, and hot sunshine to make its offerings.

“Single Estate” implies that the rum is completely produced at precisely the same place: you will find not any external products, bits, or components used. Richland’s Single Estate Old Georgia Rum is a sleek rum with a clean flavor and a first caramel flavor. It balances sweetness and dryness in a single sip having a tasty smell of cane syrup. Anticipate mellow aged tastes of butterscotch and almonds. It is a rich rum that is ideal for sipping. Love it gradually to pick out all these tasting notes.

Havana Club

Havana Club is a renowned brand, and it is famous for a reason: it is a fantastic all-rounder with spirits for each event. The Arechabala family began their rum-making company in 1878 and enrolled in the Havana Club title in Cuba in 1934. It is a true brand that takes the name of”most awarded Cuban rum” with 27 awards in the past couple of decades. Havana Club utilizes Cuban culture to affect its rum, and it is a firm favorite for Americans and Europeans alike. It is a basic brand that is found in several bars throughout the world.

Havana Club’s Primer Maestro Romero, Don José Navarro, clarifies the brand’s Añejo Blanco as”The whitest of aged rums, the most elderly of white rums”. The Havana Club Añejo Blanco is outdated and dried in Puerto Rico for a year. Then, the elderly rums are mixed and aged for the following two months. It is clear on the nose with tastes of vanilla spices, dark chocolate, and tangy fruit. It’s a long, citrus end with much more crisp, fruity notes. It is a great mixing rum, ideal for a Daiquiri or a Mojito.

Brinley Gold Shipwreck

Brinley Gold Shipwreck rum is handmade on the gorgeous island of Saint Kitts. It is a little, family-run company that prides itself on producing some of the greatest tasting spirits on the planet. It is a different brand which won awards because of its offerings, by mixing only the best ingredients to make deliciously smooth rum. The newest is a popular option known for the tropical spices used in its rum.

The Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced Rum is a four-year-old aged rum with vanilla, orange, peppermint, clove, and island spices. The recipe is committed to a British troop ship that sank off the shore of this island in 1782, and the jar had been released in 2011. The welcoming mix of spices in this jar makes it a powerful selection for all those seeking to step into the area of rum.


Privateer keeps things easy in the simplest way possible. The newest disregards many clinics favored by bigger businesses, such as sweetening, flavoring, filtering, and spicing its rum, for the favor of maintaining innocence and honesty at the forefront of its offerings. Privateer also does not hurry the process of fermenting and distilling its rum. Particularly true because of the Navy Yard rum, the mix is left to ferment for six days to bring out the soul’s richness and intricacy.

The brand’s Navy Yard rum comes in at 55 percent ABV or 110 proof. While greater than normal rum, its comparatively low ABV (compared to Navy power rums) signifies the bottle includes a gentle infusion of walnut without overpowering the abundant flavors of their soul. It is dried in Massachusetts, United States, on a salty marsh close to the sea, which provides a slightly salty border to the soul. Anticipate notes of apricot, cinnamon, fig, and tobacco since you like this beverage.

Santa Teresa

Supper clubs do not always have to concentrate on tequila or even whiskey; a few of the very best food mixtures are perfected using a sampling of rum. And Santa Teresa, using a very low-cost point but a vast assortment of aged rums is an excellent addition to almost any dinner party. Santa Teresa was the initial rum distillery in Venezuela, dating back to 1796. It is a family-run company that’s been passed down through generations straight up until the modern-day.

The brand’s Añejo Gran Reserva Rum is aged for up to five decades and provides a flavor profile of blended fruit peels, hay, and pepper. Having a strong fruity odor, it’s a sweet and long end with many woody spices and Demerara sugar levels. When picking food to match with the soul, go for choices with intense flavors. Believe Mexican favorites such as caramelized plantain, jerk chicken, blackened fish, for dessert, Bajan black cake.

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