Best Trader Joes Frozen Food 2020: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Trader Joes Frozen Food Review 2020

Trader Joe’s is famous for having exceptional seasonal offerings and several aisles of frozen foods.

To help you determine what to add to your shopping list next time you struck this up famed grocery-store series, Insider talked to some chefs regarding what they often pick up out of the freezer aisles.

Here are just 20 of the Best Trader Joes Frozen Food, based on chefs.

Top Rated Best Trader Joes Frozen Food

Top Rated Best Trader Joes Frozen Food

1. Maître Pierre Tarte d’Alsace

This very excellent spin in an Alsatian tarte flambée or a flammkuchen will make you feel as though you’re a child in southern France, becoming annexed around again. It is a crispy, buttery dough foundation coating garnished with crème fraîche and sprinkled with Gruyere cheese and small batons of ham.

This was a staple of this T.J. frozen food pantheon for so long as I can recall, and for a good reason: The flaky crust unites impeccably with all the delicate blossoms, nutty cheese, and sweet-smoky ham. Additionally: Maître Pierre? Where is Trader Jacques? This the best-frozen food you can choose.

2. Korma fish curry

Hey. That is a winner. Are these mustard seeds in rice? Is your fish a swai (a freshwater shark catfish) fillet tender and flaky? Is that just the ideal balance of warmth in the creamy, coconut-ty, tamarind-tinged sauce? The reply to everyone is a resounding yes, as is my reaction to the question if I buy this?

3. Korean-style beef short ribs

These marinated flaps of L.A. galbi (so-named since Koreans who transferred to Los Angeles needed to adapt to the meat was butchered from the U.S. and attracted that flanken-style across-the-bone cut back into Korea) compellingly balance of sweet and salty.

The brown sugar in the marinade helps with all the caramelization into the beef, offsetting the excellent rice and garlicky push without getting into tacky teriyaki land. The cleanup and prepare somewhat challenging, but it is well worth it to feel as if you have landed a chair in an entirely decent Hawaiian lunch counter someplace.

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4. Cauliflower gnocchi

Slow clap. Count me as a part of this Sarcastic Clapping Family of Southampton since I am duly impressed. I had my doubts about this product due to its popularity (among the bestselling items, according to Trader Joe’s team leader I talked to in my regional shop ). However, I was amazed at how great these are.

Contrary to the prep of additional suspended T.J. gnocchi, wherein you throw the small suckers into a hot pan, then this cauliflower gnocchi are steamed back to life at first until they get crisped up from the pan. The additional measure ends in a mouthfeel, which may almost convince one that they were not in the freezer.

If you are usually a fan of those sour pepperiness of Brassica oleracea, including cabbage and Brussels sprouts, you are going to enjoy these. Served with cheese sprinkled on top, they exude broccoli, but you will probably be happier dousing them T.J.’s Jarred Arabia or its frozen turkey bolognese are not bad choices.

5. Butter chicken with basmati rice

Butter chicken is not as complicated or exciting as a few Other Indian dishes, but it has broad appeal, such as kung pao chicken. And this is an earthy, gratifying, loyal representation of this dish.

Butter chicken was allegedly created from the kitchen of Moti Mahal, a Delhi restaurant that started in 1947. The sauce in this rendition includes a tomato-inflected creaminess plus a few little smokiness to give it thickness. Would I like it if the sauce wasn’t so lean? I would, however, I can not care about the taste. The rice stays nicely, even following half an hour from the oven.

6. Chicken & mushroom pelmeni

I liked these, but I’m a lover of pelmeni. These adorable, aural Russian dumplings pelmeni comes from a phrase that translates to ear bread and is filled with a bouncy-textured filling that nearly crosses the line to rubbery but manages not to move too far. There is a wonderful dill taste to the dish, which blows off both the salt and imam of this mushroom and chicken filling.

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7. Fiery chicken curry

Described as a Goan-inspired recipe using garlic rice, the noodle mainly produces. The sour and sweet tomato-based sauce, flavored with tamarind, lulls you to satiation before a sneaky warmth comes over and backhands you. It is marginally more bitter and herbal than many other T.J. curries and great if you would like a little additional kick.

8. Chicken cilantro mini wontons

Cute is an operable descriptor for all these tiny, cute small meat pockets. They are not that different from the majority of the additional T.J. dumpling offerings, but there is an extra herbal tanginess into the cilantro’s filling imparted. You do not have to be among those men and women who think cilantro tastes like soap.

9. Palak paneer

What is with all the Indian food at Trader Joe’s? It is far better than every other category of food frozen at the shop by, for example, a metric ton. This palak paneer, spiced with fenugreek and turmeric, has the ideal amount of warmth in the creamy, slightly grassy salmon. Cheese cubes, swimming at the ocean of green, include a pleasant glow.

10. Burrata, prosciutto & arugula flatbread

In an intriguing prep encounter, you eliminate the prosciutto bundle before financing the flatbread and then putting in the somewhat lean meat part into the finished product. The cheese mix is sharp and tangy.

However, after sitting in a hot oven, the arugula has all of the lettuce’s oomph, completely lacking some peppery sharpness. The ham imparts required salt, and the general taste is excellent, using an above-average crust. However, Tombstone is not quaking in their boots on it.

11. Spanikopita

It is still important to admit when something is done correctly from the difficult to mess up class. Frozen phyllo dough crisps up awesomely from the oven. Along the glossy, searchable spinach filling isn’t any worse or better than we want it to be.

Serve up these in a small dinner party for your friends and also make them believe you are fancier and more proficient at the kitchen than you are. (Really, they will not be duped and will 100% understand you got them from Trader Joe’s, but hey, it is not like they encouraged you !)

12. Joe’s Diner Mac ‘N Cheese

This does not seem like much moving to the oven, and it does not seem like much coming out, possibly: a tray of lumpy, alabaster slop. However, it’s the gratifying graininess that just thiamine mononitrate has, in addition to satisfying gooey stretchiness. It is a souped-up cafeteria fare, even better than Kraft or Velveeta, but maybe not very Diner in its quality or evocation of heat and relaxation.

13. Trader Giotto’s gnocchi al Gorgonzola

To Trader Giotto, I request this: Perché? Perché nondai più sapore? This gnocchi has a passing grade since the combo of cheesy-creamy-salty is seldom a poor one. Nonetheless, it lacks teeth and the punch and funk, which the term gorgonzola promises.

Speaking of teeth, the sting on this suspended gnocchi is away. They’re bouncy and squeaky, like a puppy chew toy or a racquetball. Happily, the prep on those, like lots of this pasta, is simple: Dump the bag’s contents in a bowl and stir fry.

14. Channa masala

This edition of this Indian chickpea dish is heavy-handed using the cumin and a bit too sweet, but it is satisfying and robustly spiced. It is one of the weaker entries in the (potent) Indian food lineup in T.J., although the chickpeas do not reconstitute as well as they need to.

Rather than tender, the feel is mealy and grainy, such as a classic French fry. Opt instead for a few of those most excellent fish or chicken curries.

15. Trader Giotto’s genuine Italian penne arrabiata

In case your foodie dreams are generally hot, then read the packing. Trader Giotto’s Italian penne arrabbiata might be the pasta of your dreams! May is the operative word, and it is doing an awful lot of lifting in this paragraph.

Are we so idle as a society we can not boil rice, start a jar of marinara and toss a few Chile flakes inside? So. The sauce is bright and somewhat hot, but I am slightly frightened of the frozen dinner’s broader social consequences.

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16. Chicken gyoza potstickers

The La Brea Tar Pits translates to The The Tar Tar Pits. I mention this since gyoza is dumplings, and potstickers are dumplings, and thus the title of the product is, efficiently, poultry dumplings. Why the redundancy? Are they attempting to pay their search engine optimization foundations by name-checking both Chinese and Japanese foodstuffs?

Like the Beatles record Yellow Submarine, they aren’t likely to be anybody’s favorite, but they will do in a pinch when nothing else is about. And they remain together from the pan, and it is a triumph for almost any bag of frozen dumplings—Fry for the best outcomes.

17. Yellow jackfruit curry with jasmine rice

An affordable vegetarian choice coconut-ty, creamy, and slightly spicy, although the eggplant from the combination dominates, and it can use a bit more of this meaty jackfruit.

18. Trader Giotto’s linguine with pesto & berries

I am somewhat shocked by the appearance of the majority of T.J.’s pasta dishes whenever they are still in suspended type: The sauce is suspended individually into approximately a dozen silver-dollar-sized disks and sprinkled through the frosty pasta. The result is that it appears to play meals scattered around the ground of a kid’s toy kitchen.

The pesto comes with an aggressive lemonade taste and a small grassiness. It requires more of the following ingredient to balance out that cheese? Butter? Pine nuts? Giotto might have done much better with this one, but it’ll do in a pinch.

19. Empura shrimp with soy dipping sauce

Ten small shrimp soldiers arrive wrapped up side-by-side in vinyl foam packs. They lack the delicate, complicated structure and lightness of better-battered tempura. The sauce is too gloppy and candy.

Is it unrealistic to expect more from Trader Joe’s freezer case? Probably, but when we can not set high standards on our multibillion-dollar conglomerates, where do we?

20. Trader Giotto’s linguine with clam sauce

While not eloquent or garlicky enough, it does not overtly offend. Like most T.J. pasta, they arrive in frozen pasta nests that are cooked and gradually unravel in the pan.

There are many springy clams in the marketplace, but this pasta, all vongole, misses some of that wealthy brininess you need in the dish. If the linguini strikes your plate and it doesn’t taste too good, that is a disappointment!

Trader Joes Frozen Food FAQs

Trader Joe’s Frozen Food FAQs

1. Is frozen food from Trader Joes healthy?

Fortunately, Trader Joe’s is among the greatest places to locate frozen food choices, which are not bad for you. These frozen dishes all contain some creature or plant-based protein, plus many different veggies and grains. With these choices, you may come home and cook a simple dinner, which will not make you feel awful.

2. Does Trader Joe’s frozen food have preservatives?

Many T.J. eats are organic, and all are GMO-free, but that does not mean you should throw them into your cart. Trusting Trader Joe’s is simple. They market products from their label and hold them to a certain standard, no artificial flavors, preservatives, MSG, or trans fat, which we certainly approve of.

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3. Can you return frozen food to Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s has a generous return policy. You can bring just about any product back to the shop for a complete refund, either with or without a reception. Including food items you’ve opened and eaten in addition to nonedible products that didn’t fulfill your expectations.

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