What Is Edam Cheese? – What Is the Best Alternative?

Edam cheese
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Edam cheese is a complex, salty, crumbly cheese made with curdled milk. It comes out of the Dutch province of Friesland and the city of Edam. Edam cheese has a creamy consistency but also a flaky texture.

If you want to make your edam cheese at home, you must curdle a mixture of milk and cream at precisely 56-60 degrees Celsius (135-140 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 30 minutes. The process is similar to how buttermilk is made in the United States.

If you can’t find Adam cheese, many alternatives taste great and are easier to buy. Here are some popular options for Edam cheese that you might enjoy!

What are the alternatives to Edam cheese?

Many alternatives taste great and are easier to buy. Here are some popular options for Edam cheese that you might enjoy!

Mozzarella cheese

It is a soft, cakey cheese that comes in many different varieties. You can buy it on its own or cooked as an ingredient in certain Italian dishes.  You can slice it thinly and melt it to make a delicious appetizer or add shredded mozzarella to a pizza for added flavor.  

Since its creation, mozzarella cheese has been associated with the Italian culture, making it a popular ‘choice’ in food. You can buy mozzarella in most grocery stores and pre-sliced packages.  It freezes well, so you don’t have to worry about using it right away!

Ricotta cheese

It is made from sheep, cow, or goat’s milk and is high in calcium. Almost any type of cheese can be used in place of Edam cheese, and ricotta cheese is no different. Easy to find in grocery stores, ricotta makes an excellent substitute for meals.

It’s often whipped into dessert dishes or breakfast pastries. Ricotta can be added to anything from baking recipes to cheesecakes, and it has a ‘cheesy’ flavor and texture!  Ricotta tastes excellent without the need for additional ingredients!

Jarlsburg cheese

This is a spiced, creamy cheese from The Netherlands. Jarlsberg cheese will fit into any dish or meal, whether making a cheese board or looking for a ‘cheesy’ snack. This creamy and flavorful cheese can be grated or melted for use in any baking recipe or on top of any dish. If you can’t find this brand, many other kinds of cheese like parmesan and Edam cheese have similar consistency and flavor and taste great!  

Parmesan cheese

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This is also used more frequently than Edam cheese owing to its strong flavor and because it tends to be used in meals such as pasta, where it adds extra flavor (and works well with practically anything).

While it may not appeal as appetizingly as Edam does, it is still an excellent alternative for Edam cheese for those who don’t care for its bulk or texture. Parmesan grates well and melts quickly, fitting into soup recipes and pasta dishes.

Gouda cheese

is a thick creamy cheese with a firm ball that has mozzarella cheesiness but marbled with different flavors and tastes (due to its variety of textures, due to this and being able to grate it). Some types have mixed curd or enrobed, making the gouda delicious.

Gouda cheese comes in various types. Some types of Gouda will have just one taste while others have 2 or 3 or even more likes, each one interfering and mingling with another. This makes Gouda cheese very diverse in flavor.

Gouda cheeses are essential to any spread, especially on light sifting bread.  The soft texture can be contrasted by the hard stale crust giving a new feel experience to people around you.

The intense but mild taste makes it all the more interesting for everyone around you, be it party lovers or someone willing to indulge themselves in a simple two-course meal at home.  It is slightly sharp but doesn’t leave any traces to harm your stomach.

Hence you can easily relish it regularly and enjoy its taste throughout the day.


Why do people eat Edam cheese?

People eat Edam cheese because it is creamy, salty, and crumbly cheese. Its texture is great for sandwiches, pasta dishes, and burgers. It goes well with different flavors such as spinach, tomato, or poultry.

When is a small amount of Edam cheese eaten?

Edam cheese is eaten in small amounts for breakfast and lunch and as hours-d’œuvres. They are crumbled over a salad or soup and served in a tiny bowl as an appetizer. Most people don’t use packaging to store Edam; they cover the cutting board with plastic to prevent air from getting in the stainless steel or ceramic cutting board.   

You can buy it sliced, the whole block, or shredded. If you are looking for a cheese you won’t need an entire block of, then parmesan or herb-crusted feta cheese would be good options if not Edam.

How do people store Edam?

To avoid excess air from entering the cheese, thus causing it to lose its flavor, try setting it out on the countertop.

There, however, must be ideal room temperatures and humidity levels to avoid spoilage, so make sure the place you keep your cheese has these conditions required before setting it out. The perfect consistency at which Edam cheese can be enjoyed is at room temperature and not heated, as this brings out the solid nutty flavor it’s known for.

What does it taste like?

Some people eat it as a snack with bread or crackers or appetizer with fruit. If you want to make your edam cheese at home, you must curdle a mixture of milk and cream at precisely 56-60 degrees Celsius (135-140 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 30 minutes.

What is the difference between Edam and Gouda?

The difference between these two types of cheeses is their production process. Edam cheese is made with pasteurized milk, while gouda uses unpasteurized dairy. This is because it takes longer for bacteria in unpasteurized milk to growing, making it less likely for the bacteria to produce listeria toxins in your food during its aging process.

Is there any nutritional value in Edam cheese?

Yes, Edam cheese contains calcium and protein, which are essential for our body’s health development.


To enjoy it warm, you would have to melt it in a microwave first and then serve warm; however, this changes the unique flavor it’s known for, so only do it in small amounts whenever you feel like it.

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