Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer – Who’s Win? [ NEW 2020]

Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer - Which One’s Better

Your fridge is among the most significant appliances since you use it daily to maintain your food at a safe temperature. When searching for a new refrigerator, you will immediately notice several main types available including Top and Bottom freezer. Today, DADONG will present you with Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer refrigerator reviews.

Bottom freezer fridges are a more contemporary fashion that features a freezer on the floor. This sort of refrigerator comes with various advantages and drawbacks to consider.

The Pros and Cons of a Best Hostels

Top Freezer

A top-freezer is the conventional alternative. It is also the less costly option as well as also the more energetic-efficient alternative. The most important drawback? It will not win you some design awards, and you are going to need to lean over for whatever is hiding behind the cheese on your refrigerator.


  • It is more energy-efficient.

The appliances Energy Star ratings and special use will vary depending on make and design. Still, it is a safe wager that a top-freezer refrigerator is significantly more energetic-efficient. As stated by the U.S. Department of Energy, refrigerators with high manufacturers utilize 10 to 25 percent less electricity than those with underside freezers.

That does not add up to a lot of money on your electricity bill (you may save approximately $10 to $15 per year), but you’ll feel great about reducing consumption of energy.

  • It is cheaper.

Along with all those energy savings, the true appliance is more economical when purchasing the traditional model with a freezer at the top. Based on your general funding, the gap could be three or four hundred dollars or nearly a thousand.

  • There is more usable space.

This is similar to one of those mathematics problems we despised in high school, but for some reason, comparable-sized refrigerators have more usable space once the freezer is still on the surface.

It might be that drawers are carrying the broad open area of this bottom-freezer variant or that there is somewhat more insulation necessary to get a freezer that sits closer into the vents that blow warm air in a house heating is on. Still, the most important thing is that: Top-freezer fridges provide more space that you utilize.


  • It probably will not win any awards.

If you prefer to consider your own home an Instagram-worthy design masterpiece, the more conventional design of a freezer-on-top design is merely that conventional. More contemporary designers prefer French doors or even a bottom-freezer and consider them chicer options (if only since they’re more pricey and denote you splurged in your appliances).

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The Pros and Cons of a Bottom Freezer

Bottom Freezer


  • It places the refrigerator at eye level.

Having a freezer, the refrigerator that you probably use longer is at eye level. You do not need to bend and invisibly observe the things you use daily, such as the products you’ve got from the crisper, or whatever is behind all this cheese. Having a high freezer, that valuable space directly in front of your face is consumed with all the useless stuff.

  • It includes built-in organizers!

After the freezer is on the floor, while it is a swing-door or a pull-drawer design, you will often find organizing shelves or baskets that will help you keep everything in order and shelves in the doorway. Who knows why, but most high freezers are only open space.


  • It is more expensive.

As mentioned above, bottom-freezer fridges are often pricier than their top-freezer counterparts. For basic variations of a Whirlpool refrigerator, as an instance, the difference could be $100 to $200, but if you begin adding French doors and ice manufacturers, the gap could be like $500 to $600.

Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer

Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer

Do bottom and top freezers operate otherwise?

While they may both maintain your freezer things suspended, they do this in various ways. Top-freezer performance is relatively uniform across producers, states Kennet Johansson, an appliance retailer in The Home Depot. These components feature one compressor, which cools the freezer with cold air hauled to the pipes compartment using a collection of vents or baffles.

Bottom freezers, though, can do the job differently depending upon the manufacturer. Bottom freezers usually move air in the freezer compartment around the refrigeration area using a fan ducting set, Johansson describes.

Some double evaporator systems individually cool the freezer and refrigerator parts without a crossover atmosphere. Do not overlook these surprising approaches. You are shortening the life span of your fridge.

Which kind of freezer has become the most energy-efficient easily?

Concerning energy efficiency, there’s a clear winner. Based on Orion Creamer, creator of the appliance firm Big Chill, top freezers offer you a more energetic-efficient alternative for minimizing their ecological footprint.

Is a base freezer expensive to operate?

Because a high freezer uses less electricity, the operating costs will also be reduced. The average yearly cost to run [a high freezer] is between $37 and $94, states Johannson. Bottom freezers cost marginally more to function, with typical yearly energy consumption between $64 and $104. Below are a few other smart techniques to slash your house energy bills.

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Which kind of freezer gets the greatest storage?

The majority of the time, underside freezers have storage. Bottom freezers normally offer larger sizes, better company pull-out baskets, and diverse configurations and colors. Some go as many as five doors, says Johansson.

Consequently, if you’ve got a large family or like to maintain a fantastic supply of frozen foods available, a freezer is your very best option.

Does the bottom freezer refrigerator have more technological features?

Bottom-freezer refrigerators are in which the most type of innovation is happening. New appliances provide [features such as] the fourth drawer with soft-freeze versatility, along with many others have light improvements like an entire back wall of LED lighting, says Johansson. Other freezers feature clever technologies.

But, all of this tends to improve the price of an appliance. Thus, if you want to spend less and the technician does not matter that much to you, decide on a fridge with a top one. So, how smart will be smart refrigerators, and so are they worthwhile?

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Is a leading freezer a lot easier to achieve?

Considering availability is important when making this purchase. Ideal freezer place is dependent upon how individual homeowners use their kitchens, says Creamer.

The house chef who’d like to have clean ingredients readily accessible is more suitable for the fridge to be at the top and the freezer beneath. On the flip side, top ones are more available for those that store heavy things (such as 30-pound Thanksgiving turkey) from the freezer.

Which kind of freezer is ideal for smaller spaces?

A high freezer is a much better option, hands down, for a flat or even more streamlined kitchen. Even if you don’t reside in a little area, a more compact unit is much more than sufficient for men and women that do not cook or invest too much time in the kitchen.

Those seeking to keep food clean with fewer bells and whistles are a sound, traditional option that clarifies Johansson. Worried about food security?

What is the very best alternative for families?

In case you’ve got a household, a freezer is probably a better choice for many reasons. There’re lots of storage, in addition to other common features that could provide useful comforts such as chilling a bottle of wine in only a couple of minutes. (This might be invaluable for parents) Some underside freezers have a locking purpose, preventing small ones from grabbing snacks such as ice cream by themselves.

The best-selling upper freezer refrigerator

And for the question on everybody’s head: Now I understand which kind of refrigerator is ideal for me, which version should I select? Among Home Depot’s best-selling toaster with a high freezer is your 20.4-cubic-foot Frigidaire version.

It is not packed with a ton of bells and whistles, and its own $648 price tag surely reflects that, which makes it an inexpensive alternative. But even better, it’s well equipped, features lots of internal shelving, and includes a door installed on either the left or right side.

The best-selling bottom freezer refrigerator

If you’d like a refrigerator with a freezer, the 26.2-cubic-foot French Door Smart Refrigerator from LG Electronics is one of Home Depot’s hottest. It’s the all-important Energy Star seal for energy efficiency, and it is WiFi-enabled. Therefore this version could be controlled remotely via a program.

It also features an outer ice/water dispenser and is offered in either a dark or light stainless steel end. Additionally, though it has double ice manufacturers, you will still have a lot of space to store things in the refrigerator. Do not overlook these additional smart home devices, which are worth every cent.

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