How Long Does A Refrigerator Last?


While a refrigerator from a reputed brand can last for many years, there is a point when all these appliances start becoming burdensome or break down. It is up to you to decide whether it is time to replace your refrigerator or not as it depends on multiple factors. These include the impact on the environment, your personal needs, and the amount spent on repairs. The article covers topics such as how long do refrigerators last and signs of them dying.

Check the age of your fridge

Typically, a fridge has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. Some experts point out that the possibility of its repair expenses is directly proportional to the number of years you have it with you. In case your fridge is less than 8-years-old, you may contemplate repairing it. However, when the fridge is over 15-years-old, you may start thinking of replacing it. When your refrigerator is around 10-years-old or more, it is time for you to begin budgeting as it may soon stop functioning.

Performance deterioration

As the years pass, a fridge, for that matter, will require more repairs and continue to deteriorate. Usually, breakdowns include broken defrost timers, failed door gaskets, as well as, malfunctioning dispensers and ice makers. If the compressor stops functioning, it is a definitive symptom that your cost of repair will be mounting up. It is time for you to decide whether you want to keep on spending hundreds of bucks on your old, malfunctioning refrigerator or want to purchase a new one.

Replace or repair?

In case your refrigerator has started giving you trouble, do not plan to retire it yet. It is true that even the best refrigerator has to be replaced someday. However, it is also not uncommon to hear that a fridge has had a lifespan between 14 and 27 years. A reputed fridge mechanic could extend the life span of your old fridge considerably.

While you are contemplating repair versus replace, you have to take into account the cost of both. In case your fridge needs repairs at frequent intervals or the cost of fixing it are expensive, you may have to start looking for a new refrigerator. Availability of parts also plays an important role in your decision-making. Introspect on how much you are fond of your old fridge. Features and styles are not static and so you may not be able to get an identical replacement. However, if you are in love with your fridge or got it for an affordable price tag, you might feel bearing the repairing cost is better than parting from it.

Refrigerator types

Certain kinds of fridges are costlier and tougher to repair as compared to other types. For example, built-in fridges are typically less costly to repair. On the other hand, side-by-side fridges can be better qualified for being replaced when they have crossed 5 years. If your refrigerator has a faulty top freezer, it should be repaired within 7 years. After that, you should consider replacing it.

Keep in mind to consider the finest refrigerator brands when you are planning to replace your old one. When you opt for a well-known brand that has earned a reputation for manufacturing superior-quality appliances, you can save costs in the long run.

Energy efficiency is an important consideration

Based on the age of your fridge, you may make a smart choice by replacing it, although it is still functioning. Fridges today are much more energy-efficient than they were some time back. If you replace your old refrigerator, it can bring down your electric bill drastically.

It means that your old fridge can cost you money in various other ways apart from just repair expenses. It could be utilizing unnecessary power, making you pay a lot of money for high electric bills. Did you know a ten-year-old refrigerator uses double the energy as compared to a refrigerator, which is rated by Energy Star?

The kind of refrigerator can also make a distinction with respect to energy usage. For example, automatic defrost units are known to consume more energy as compared to manual defrost units. This is provided if maintain the units properly. Also, fridges with side freezers and bottom freezers use more energy as compared to top-mounted freezers.

How to carry out an overall assessment of your refrigerator?

You must also take into consideration the amount of damage caused to the current unit. When a fridge has several faulty parts i.e., you find signs of the compressor not functioning properly, it is time for you to replace your old fridge. The same logic is applicable if your fridge is quite old.

In case you are covered under an extended warranty or service plan, it makes sense to make a claim even before you decide to throw out your refrigerator. On the other hand, if the unit is at your place for at least a decade, it is possible there will be no warranties attached to it.

Symptoms that your fridge is dying

At times, appliances stop functioning without even issuing a warning. However, your fridge can offer some hints when its lifespan is about to end. You are already aware now of how long do refrigerators last. Check out some of the top signs to indicate that it is time to dispose of your fridge and get a new one:

1. The food you keep inside the fridge is getting spoilt earlier than it should

The key function of a refrigerator is to ensure that food is cold. Do you find that it is getting spoilt quicker than it should or a bottle of beer is taking a long time to chill? It indicates that there could be an issue. The refrigerator could be consuming higher energy than it should typically do. That also indicated there is wastage of energy and you have to pay a higher electricity bill. It is true that taking out cash to purchase a new refrigerator can be painful in the beginning. However, you will at least stop shelling out a ridiculous amount of time on high electricity bills or spoiled food.

2. The fridge becomes too hot for you to touch

You will find that heat is coming from your refrigerator’s back. That is usual as it is an indication that the ventilation system is functioning. However, too much heat is not normal at all. You may call a professional to get your unit checked and find out whether new coils can solve the problem or there is a more serious issue.

3. You can hear the motor running constantly

The motor of your refrigerator should be running at maximum speed always. The reason is there is no justification for it to re-regulate and regulate temperatures. The only exception is when the door of the fridge is being closed and opened a lot. When its motor is always running, make sure to call a pro to have a look at it.

Increase the longevity of your fridge

Although there is an inevitability of your fridge dying one day, you can increase its life span by taking certain corrective actions. First, always keep your freezer and fridge well-stocked. When the fridge is full, the food items try to keep other items cold too. As such, the unit does not have to put on an extra effort to work. However, make sure that it is not overstaffed and block airflow.

You should pull the fridge away from the wall once a year. Vacuum clean or brush off the dust and dirt off the coils. After you are done, check the rubber seals placed around the doors of the appliance. Try replacing them when they are deteriorating and dried out.

Now that you have answers to the question – how long do refrigerators last? – you also know when you need to replace your unit. Brands keep encouraging their potential customers to buy new refrigerator models. They do so by adding new features constantly.