How to Remove Glass from Refrigerator Shelf


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Today, refrigerators have become an essential appliance in our regular lives. However, their importance is often underestimated unless it requires to be cleaned or breaks. A tough aspect of cleaning a refrigerator is to remove its shelves, particularly if they are made of glass. The process can be tricky as there is a way of doing it properly. We will not only cover the things to follow to remove a glass from the fridge shelf but also know how to remove glass shelf from Samsung refrigerator.

Be ready for the task

It can be quite frustrating when you realize that there are some tools missing and you need them for this project. As you will be involved in a project, which might lead to an injury, if god forbid, the glass cuts you, it makes sense to be prepared. Get all the necessary tools such as the owner’s manual, required cleaning solutions, and paper towels and put them in an accessible and convenient area.

Make sure of your safety first

Glass shelves in a refrigerator can be thick-however, there is a chance that they can still break. It can also be tricky to remove the glass in case it is slippery because of being sticky from drink or food spilled or the cleaner. Be sure to apply caution while taking out a glass from the border or frame. Make sure the temperature is similar to room temperature before putting it into a dishwasher. Else the glass can break or crack.

Steps for removal of glass from a fridge shelf

1. Go through the Owner’s Manual properly

You need to do this as every refrigerator is different. However, each one of them comes with a helpful owner’s manual. Make sure you go through this manual thoroughly. There will be a specific procedure related to your fridge, as well as some handy tips related to the removal of latches or clips holding a shelf in place.

2. All contents should be removed

It is now time to begin action. All your refrigerator’s content has to be removed first. If any perishable items exist, put them in a cooler with ice. Your fridge has to be entirely empty. You should be able to view the shelves without any hindrances.

3. Scrubbing

Although it may not be the most important step in this process, it could be easier to remove the shelves when you clean and dry them. After all, spills are natural though they could be sticky and gross. These spills can also prevent you from getting a firm grip on the shelves. So, wipe a bit and then dry the shelves off before you try to remove them.

4. Inspect well

We have already mentioned the importance of reading the owner’s manual. Your refrigerator is now spotlessly clean and empty. The shelves, as well as the glass panel, can be seen uninterrupted. Go through the manual to find details about latching devices, if any. These devices are used to prevent sliding and it is crucial that they are taken out intact.

5. Undo clasps, clips, or latches, if any

After you have already identified these latches, clips, or clasps, you have to now remove them safely. You need to do this with great caution too. Each of these clips has a specific purpose, and if not handled with care, can damage the glass panel or shelf.

6. Pull the shelf from the fridge gently

Shelves in a refrigerator are made to facilitate snug fitting. After you have unlatched locks, if any, it is time to slide out the shelf. In case you feel the shelf has got stuck, avoid pulling or yanking it. At times, food particles can get stuck, making the shelf stick.

7. Pop the glass from its border or frame delicately

A plastic or metal frame or border can surround the glass. You need to complete this step very delicately. Not only is it a costly part to replace, but it can also be a bit of a challenge to store your food until you complete this. So, be careful not to break anything. For any clarification or difficulty, refer to the manual once again.

How to remove glass shelf from Samsung refrigerator

Over time, your Samsung fridge’s glass shelves can gather residue from different products stored inside. To make sure that your Samsung fridge has a clean and crisp look, follow the below-mentioned steps based on its model type.

1. Vegetable shelf

  • The left side drawer for vegetables has to be slid.
  • Support this shelf with one hand. Meanwhile, slide the shelf out with your other hand.

2. Foldable shelf

  • Slide up the shelf’s front so that it can be folded to remove it
  • Lift the shelf up carefully and then pull out. For reinserting the shelf, the shelf has to be placed in the main unit’s angles shelf first. Thereafter, press it down to unfold.

Side-by-side refrigerator

1. Refrigerator shelves

  • The glass shelf has to be removed by pulling it out the maximum. Carefully lift the shelf up and then gently remove.
  • The fruit and veggie drawer can be removed by applying pressure on the indentations available inside both sides of the vegetable box cover. Then, remove it by pulling forward. Hold the drawer with one hand and then lift it slightly. Pull it forward at the same time to remove it from your refrigerator.

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Bottom Mount Freezer

1. Foldable shelf for select models only

  • Lift up the shelf’s front side slightly and then slide it out.
  • Twist it diagonally for removing it.

2. Fridge Shelves

  • Lift up the shelf’s rear side a little bit and then slide out.

Top mount freezer

1. Freeze shelves and freezer

  • You need to open the refrigerator door completely to remove a shelf. Then, pull a shelf forward and lift it up. Then pull it out.
  • For reinserting this shelf, ensure that the shelf’s front label is facing forward.

The shelf should not be tilted at all to put it back into position.

Remove glass shelf from a Samsung French Door Fridge

In case you have to take out the fridge’s bottom glass shelf, which is placed above the veggie and fruit drawer, you should follow these steps:

1. First, remove both veggie and fruit drawers. Angle them marginally towards the fridge’s center to remove these drawers while sliding them out.

2. Try to figure out where the tables of these drawers are.

3. Apply pressure on these tabs and then remove the shelf from the housing of the water filter.

4. Finally, remove the shelf marginally, lifting it up while pulling it out.

5. Try locating the glass retainer clips of the fridge’s shelf. You will find these clips placed in the right corners and the back left where the glass and the white plastic meet.

6. Turn the shelf over carefully and place it on a well-cleaned flat surface. Find the tables, which put the retainer clips of the shelf in place.

7. You have to now lift the shelf’s back corner but do it just one at a time. Slowly apply pressure on the tab, which is holding the retainer clips in place.

8. After removing both retainer clips, raise the shelf gently. The glass has to be separated from the frame of the shelf.

9. Use water to clean these glass panes properly. You should use a glass cleaner or a mild detergent. Wipe dry the surface of the panes with a clean cloth.

10. Repeat the earlier steps but in reverse order for reinstalling the glass shelf.

Now that you know how to remove glass shelf from Samsung refrigerator, you can try it out. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for any queries or doubts. Make sure to not apply too much pressure on these glass shelves while taking them out.

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